What does #-#-# in a knitting pattern mean? Answered

I found a knitting pattern I'd love to make real, but I have never knitted off of a pattern. I was able to get the bread and butter of it down, but I'm confused by the #-#-# format I'm seeing all over.  This is the pattern I am using: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/22-23-1-cashmere-dress Thanks in advance! 

Asked by DoctorWoo 3 years ago

Cannot download patterns without putting a bug in my computer?

I have tried to download a couple of patterns and when I hit "PDF Download" and another site pops up that says to download pattern, you have to download this other program. I tried to download the program because I REALLY wanted this pattern. It really screwed up my computers- and I STILL could not download the pattern. Is there any other way to print these patterns without messing up my computer?Thank you for your help! June Hearn

Asked by junehearn 4 years ago

How to enlarge a pattern???

I have a pattern of a stuffed penguin that I want to make larger but I dont want to take it to kinko or staples. My printer will not let me make it any larger, How can I do this?

Asked by anmlovr 8 years ago

I need a cake pattern for a 3-D human skull cake Answered

I am getting married on halloween & would like to make a bleeding human skull cake. I have searched all over the Internet & can't find anything on how to make the 3-D skull. I all ready have the bleeding part worked out. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Asked by myevilqueen 8 years ago

The Madylight 2.0

Hello everybody, I have added a step 8 to my instructable: The Madylight 2.0What the Madylight 2.0? It is YOUR Madylight ! Show your creativity on this support. Create your pattern in black and white according to the following dimensions: 1181px x 1181px in 150 dpi.Contact me by private message and I will take care of the rest (ZIP file, simulation of the final result in 3D and credits)What do you think of this idea?Who is interested?(There are already two new patterns available at your disposal!)

Posted by Greg Madison 10 years ago

Flight Patterns

This is a video of all of the flight traffic in sky. It is very beautiful. VideoHome Page of the site.Thanks

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

where do I get the pattern for the pink lady bag??

Where is the pattern for the pink lady bag?? Sorry, I know it must be obvious to 1000,s but me!?

Asked by 9 years ago

Dougal The Dog knitted toy from TV's The Magic Roundabout

Hi Crayzee here, has anyone found a pattern for a Dougal the dog toy out of the TV Show "The Magic Roundabout" My youngest has juuuust discovered the show and loves him. Help!!!?

Asked by crayzee 9 years ago

For Sale Adorable and Beautiful Hand Made Items

I have two online shops that I think you might be interested in seeing..the sell handmade baby items and home decor items and pdf crochet patterns.http://www.capecodconsignments.etsy.com andhttp://www.thecraftsboutique.com I am under the shop name Sandy's Cape Cod Originalsplease go check us out and maybe sign up for an online shop for yourself at the crafts boutique..thanks for lookingsandy

Posted by capecodcrochet 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find "No-Sew Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns"?

When I was a girl, in the 1970's, my Mom found a series of patterns for making Barbie clothes that didn't require sewing. Now I have several little girls around who want lots of Barbie clothes but they can't afford the prices. It would mean a lot to me if I could find these patterns to help them make their own clothes. As I recall there were dresses, pants, tops, etc. The clothing was tied on in various ways and the items were just cut out and ready for Barbie to wear. If you happen to know where I can find these patterns, please let me know as soon as possible. I would also be interested in really simple patterns for Barbie clothes. It needs to be something that a young girl can make with little or no adult assistance.

Asked by auntwrenny 8 years ago

Anyone have a tutorial, or good advice for Creating my own Crochet patterns on paper/computer?

I've been designing and crocheting my own items-sweaters, shawls, purses, backpacks, scarves, gloves etc for over 15 years now. I just never thought to write them down. I need help. If anyone knows of a free program, free template, or a free tutorial for how to put a crochet pattern down on paper, I'd be SUPER Grateful! Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!  I'd be happy to crochet for anyone who would like something.  At this point I only sell by word of mouth, which in my way of doing something is that I make the first item for whomever (usually a friend or casual acquaintence) asked me to do it-usually for free.  If someone whom That Person knows now wants the same item in a different color or texture, size, etc...that one I charge for.  I have never used someone else's pattern for sale items.  And, believe it or not, In my 25+ years of Crochet, Knitting, and all other crafting I've yet to make anything for me.  I'm my worst customer, I guess...lol. The list of things I've made for others, just for them to have, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby showers, bridal showers, and a bunch of other reasons for crafting, is Super Long.  Probably in the mid 5,000's.

Asked by AnniedoesFiberCrafting 5 years ago

calculating yardage bench cushions?

I have four slabs of foam about 3" thick,  each: L 32 5/8" X W 14 5/8"  I plan to sew  box-type cushion slip-covers for each. How much yardage should I buy? I figure I should add about an extra yard for errors? Any advice in this regard would be greatly appreciated. blessings

Asked by seth310 8 years ago

What's a good design program for making clothing patterns?

I was looking for some time and couldn't find anything I liked. I tried google sketch up but that was poopy for what I'm trying to do. I also saw Wild Things (or something like that) but it looked like it only does like hats and stuff. It also needs to be free if at all possible. Thanks!

Asked by jtp139 8 years ago

Has anyone used old nylon stockings as crochet yarn such as plastic grocery bags are used.

I was thinking that old nylon stockings could be used as crochet yarn such as plastic grocery bags are used. Has anyone tried it? If so, how did you prepare them and what did you crochet (or make)?

Asked by jacaja 8 years ago


Http://www.etsy.com/shop/Hectanooga Copy and paste  the above link to see lots of knitting and crochet patterns available in my ETSY SHOP!!

Posted by Emiemi 5 years ago

how to print a full color pattern on fabric inexpensively?

Where can I have my personally created art designs, printed on fabric, to sell by the yard. I need a price that will allow me to sell retail and make a profit.

Asked by 9 years ago

Where is the Pattern? Answered

Probably a noob question, but where is the pattern for the wallet?

Asked by Unframeofmind 10 months ago

Patterns for basketball jersey?

Does anyone have a pattern to make a basketball jersey?

Asked by Quiksilver2693 9 years ago

Woodcarving Patterns

Sometimes woodcarvers will work off of patterns, if you have any patterns you've created and would like to share you can post it here!!!! You can also post an idea for a pattern (including roughly what size you would want it to be) for a woodcarving project, and maybe one of the members of the group can create the pattern for you.

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Cottuy pants sewing tutorial or pattern? anyone!?

Cottuy pants, usually associated with pirates.... I'm dying to try and make a pair of this kind of pants, but every time I've tried they haven't come out quite right. Should be a fun project for anyone who is willing to take up the challenge. Enlarge Picture

Asked by nowwhatway 7 years ago

Biker/long wallet pattern? Answered

Looking to build a biker wallet, diificult to find actual patterns

Asked by bakdrft 1 year ago

Transfer pattern? Answered

How can you transfer a pattern to dark fabric such as denim? A light box doesn't work with this

Asked by VeronicaC46 7 months ago

How do you read crease patterns?

Recently,  I saw a website by Robert J. Lang.  I really like origami,  so I looked up some of his diagrams, and, guess what?  They were all a bunch of crease patterns.  Right now those are pretty dang useless to me.  I was reading some of the entries to the site and i saw this: "A reasonable number of people now have the skill to “read” a crease pattern and fold the encoded form."  The second I saw that, I thought, "Are you mocking me?"   So, in other words, how do you "read" CP's as the great (just kidding) Robert J. Lang said?

Asked by eulaliaaaa! 8 years ago

Can't locate the pattern for these section ? Answered

Please i cant find the pattern for the curve cut u did in this section

Asked by Maryam18 8 months ago

Soccer Ball Afghan Pattern

I'm looking for a crochet pattern for a soccer ball afghan.  Anyone? 

Asked by Luny 3 years ago

downloading patterns?

I would like to download the fleece shark hat pattern but it keeps telling me that downloading is a premium feature. What more do I need to do beyond joining?

Asked by DLODOMS 11 months ago

Crochet keychain patterns

Does anybody know where i can find some really nice patterns for crochet keychains?

Asked by crochetfreak2004 6 weeks ago

download a pattern?

I'm trying to download a pattern but it's not working.  can someone tell me how come it's not working and what am I suppose to do to get my pattern.  thanks

Asked by maryjo65 5 years ago

Looking for a Crochet wolf hat pattern for teen, anyone have one?

Looking for a wolf hat pattern for crochet, I have searched everywhere. For teen boy. Thanks

Posted by Connorscorner 5 years ago

pattern for hat scarf & mitten? Answered

I am looking for a pattern that is a hat with a scarf wuth mittens on bottom of scarf......Birdi B

Asked by birdi b 6 years ago

Knitted pattern for beard hat/mask.

I love the crocheted beard hat/mask. Anyone have a knitted pattern for it?

Asked by jokittens 8 years ago

labeling patterns... Answered

When you are labeling the pieces on your pattern and you have one that you need two cut, one the mirror image of the first how do you label it?

Asked by Alywolf 1 year ago

Origami Crease Pattern HELP!!!

I love origami... I have tried to use crease patterns to fold models but am having problems... I need a thorough explanation or tutorial explaining how to fold crease patterns. Thank You.

Posted by DELETED_PatrickSymus 5 years ago

How do I make a pattern from an existing piece of clothing?

I have a wrap skirt I love, but can't find a pattern that replicates it. How do I make the pattern and determine how much yardage I'll need?

Asked by 9 years ago

altering sewing patterns: general and specific q's

I'm currently working on a hoodie using a hoodie pattern, but i'm hoping to convert the hood into an obnoxiously oversized collar. and for the future, are there any general rules in making/altering sewing patterns?( i got my pattern from http://thegreenpepper.com/adults.html #543 the hemmed hoodie. it was the closest to what i wanted)

Posted by yokotei 9 years ago

Free Knitting Patterns

If  you want some free knitting patterns, like baby booties, baby hats, lace hats and shawls; go visit this site: Knitting My Favorite Craft And by the way...soon Christmas is here...well,  at least if we want to have som knitting projects done before Christmas we might start now! On the same site we also have free Christmas Knitting Patterns for you to download. Welcome!

Posted by karennerak 4 years ago