locate cell phone?

Asked by dcalvin4 4 years ago

motorola v. car phone kit to i phone ?

Hi i have a motorola v. car phone fitted to my bmw does any one know how i can use the phone kit in my car for a i phone i was hoping there would be a motorola to iphone adapter Regards Steve

Asked by steve_ward 8 years ago

why is my screen on my phone not lighting up?

My phone is a Samsung intensity 2 and the sreen will not light when i turn my phone on.

Asked by cfulcher18 6 years ago

Are there any AT&T phones with a full keyboard, but no camera?

I preferably would like to have a full flip or sliding phone.  My parents will not let me get a phone with a camera on it, which is kind of hard to find these days.

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

Any hacks for a Motorola Rival phone say with bluetooth or any others?

Any hacks for a Motorola Rival phone say with bluetooth or any others?

Asked by curmudge 8 years ago

what can i make out of a cobra retro phone?

I found a retro phone in my garage and want to make something out of it

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago

Trouble with my home phone.

For some reason my home phone line is having trouble. When I am talking to someone on the phone there is very bad static which makes it hard to hear, and sometimes it will drop my call or even tap me into someones conversation. I though it might have been my phone, but even with the old phone unplugged there is the same problem. My phone company has sent people to fix the problem three times, and it might work for a day but will eventually have the same problem. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

Using a wireless portable phone jack

I have dish network t.v. and I need a phone hooked up to the t.v. so I won't have to pay an extra charge each month. I have a wireless portable phone jack, which a person from dish network told me to buy. How do I make it work?

Asked by 8 years ago

can a samsung blast be paired with an h500 motorola bluetooth?

My phone simply wont find it.

Asked by 9 years ago

Can I download photos off a functioning (not broken) phone after I stop using my current carrier?

I want to change mobile phone carriers, but am afraid that if I do I won't be able to retrieve my photos off my phone (iPhone 4S) once I'm no longer with the same carrier (I'll be using a different phone, as well).  See, the thing is, I want to switch my phone and carrier NOW, but I don't have the capability to download my photos off my phone onto a computer right now.  I will have the capability in a month or so - but, not now.  So, before I switch carriers, I'd like to rest assured knowing that I merely need to just turn on the phone and I'll be able to download the photos onto my computer. (easy, right? :D) Thanks for any help! :) Bunny

Asked by PhoneBunny 3 years ago

free current

I have a current source of 50 v from a phone line can i reduce it into 12 volt to make a 12 v bulb glow?

Asked by faintedbrain_007 9 years ago

Can I convert the 2-line jack in my kitchen to 1-line?

One of the 2 lines has long since been disconnected but I never got around to paying the $200 the phone company wanted to convert the phone jack in the kitchen to a 1-line jack. Are there adapters for this?

Asked by 8 years ago

How can I connect two cordless handsets together using the 3/16 jacks?

I have a cit 310 yahoo phone and would like to connect the headset 3/16 jack to a 3/16 jack of a landline cordless phone so I can patch the yahoo call to a cordless landline.? This way someone can call me through yahoo, I can answer on the cit310 then call another friend on my home phone, patch the two together and have a 3 way conversation by using another extension in the house.

Asked by 9 years ago

What project can I do with a fairly outdated flip cell phone?

I would prefer if the project would not be too technical in terms of wiring and the like. I'm fairly poor at electricity stuff...

Asked by rhino21 8 years ago

how to transfer music video to my sony ericson k530i?

I just wanted to know on how to because when I downloaded a mv to my phone it was unknown file please give me the concrete steps

Asked by 9 years ago

hi people please help me

Ok heres what i have to say.well i read on the net that americans just throw their phones away when it breaks but in south africa we fix the phones.sn please im asLl are making south africa a safer place for your own good.i will fix the cellphone's and sell it for the price it cost me to fix it so more south africans will be able to afford to own a phone

Asked by Salesh 9 years ago

change lcd 6220

Any in detail description of changing the lcd on a nokia 6220 ?

Asked by aleafstorm 9 years ago

making a simple phone

I'm wanting to make the simplest phone ever that can play music and only receive calls, I've designed the simplest circuit but have never done it before, so far on my list i have. areal aux out charger hole battery micro sim slot micro SD slot microphone speaker 6 buttons= play button pause button skip & back up button receive call  end/ decline button i have no idea how to programme a circuit board or how to use a bread board and may need some help, but this is all i want this circuit to do and at a very small size.  can anyone help or tell me how, I'm happy to pay a bit.

Asked by JoshuaM57 2 years ago

setup of mms on a sciphone i68 ?

I am looking for some setup instructions on mms for a i68 sciphone that is on att

Asked by biggkali215 9 years ago

how to use iPhone as webcam?

How we can attach iPhone with computer and use it as webcam on Skype or yahoo messenger as i don't have webcam there must be any software or application

Asked by smitmad 7 years ago

Hi people please help me

My names salesh i live in south africa.i recently read on the internet that most people in america dont fix cellphone because for your'll the phones are cheap so your'll just throw it away.so please instead of throwing it away.please send it to me in south africa.my mail address is P.O. BOX 141 shakaskraal 4430.im not begging but instead of throwing it away your'll could just give it to somebody who needs it.thnx in advanced

Asked by Salesh 9 years ago

how do i get free apps for my env touch?

I have an lg env touch and i wanted to know how if possible to get free apps for it?

Asked by marksemail69 8 years ago

Is it possible to record incoming calls with arduino uno and GSM module?

I am doing a project to record incoming calls which are going to arduino(GSM module) as a text  file or audio file. Am new to embedded, Please anyone can explain how can i record calls automatically with arduino...!! thanks in advance.....!!

Asked by jampaiah2470 1 year ago


When i turn older what phone should i get?

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

Posted by Rotten 10 years ago

How do you adapt a phone jack to fit the phone cord?

I have a phone jack in a bedroom but have never used it. Now I want use that phone jack for my DSL line but the phone cord for the DSL line doesn't fit. The phone cord seems too big to fit into the jack. Do I have an old jack and newer cord? Can the jack be adapted to fit the phone cord?

Asked by iwiwaki 9 years ago

how to find a cell phone number?


Asked by 9 years ago

USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Can a rotary phone be hooked up to wireless phone jack system and work? Answered

I have an old retro looking rotary phone I want to hook up as simply as possible because I don't want to run a phone wire if I don't have to because the area is not that easily accessed.

Asked by BTGuy 6 years ago

Is there any way to salvage cell phone parts?

I have an old picture phone that I took apart. Is there any way to salvage the screen and camera without the whole cell phone?

Asked by Default117 9 years ago


Phone fell into the sea

Asked by 8 years ago

How is the best way to make a cup phone?

I want to make a cup phone that can go around in different bedrooms.

Asked by THECHINABOY 8 years ago

can leds be connected to a phone/phone line? Answered

i have an old red baker lite phone and would like to put some leds inside so that when the phone rings it lights up (like the bat phone) could this be worked of the voltage of the phone line or would a relay have to be involved with batteries i`v not take the phone apart yet to so have a look if any 1 has done some thing similar

Asked by andybuda 6 years ago

Have Track Phone Model LG440G and Mini USB Cable however Computer does not see the phone as a separate HD. ?

Want to down load pictures taken from phone to computer. Does this phone require some special program to download the pictures.

Asked by KarlJ2 3 years ago

How to setup IP phone network?

I want to know what is required to make IP phone network. I mean what software? what type of Phone? how to set up parameters in software. thanks

Asked by Nokia_sa 5 years ago

Can anyone help with a simple cell phone jammer?

I am a teacher and was wondering if anyone had simple cell phone jammer that I could use in the classroom to stop student phones being useable in class time.

Asked by datpete 9 years ago

prisms for phone cameras

Why are prisms not used for phone cameras (or are they) ? it seems to me that prisms may be implemented for bi-directional cameras, for lengthening the focus distance, for widening the view field and stereoscopic  images.

Asked by andreiperi 6 years ago

Own a hamburger phone as JUNO movie?

My friends, do you like to watch Juno Movie and own the same hamburger phonehamburger phone? I find a online store which both buy hamburger phone, one store is http://www.shopping-toys.com/desktop-corded-hamburger-phone-telephone-as-in-juno-p-110.html , sale price: $20.99, you also get cool JUNO hamburger phone

Posted by davidxi2008 9 years ago

how do I run a jar file on my phone?

Lg shine cu 720 moved game to phone, can't figure how to get it to run

Asked by The Ratch 9 years ago