PICAXE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Answered

In which language is picaxe programmed and in which language is the arduino and which is better!@!

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Simple picaxe robot? Answered

A simple picaxe robot controlled by a remote using picaxe 08m2

Asked by e=mc^2 6 years ago

Picaxe Programing??? Why wont my picaxe program circuit work??? Answered

I have repeatedly tried programming my picaxe with all the different schematics on the Internet and on the picaxe site but none of them have been a success would anyone be able to post a schematic that you have had success with for me? Thanks

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Help with PicAxe USB drivers? Answered

I just bought a Picaxe usb cable but im having some troubles instaling the drivers can anyone help? AndyGadget???

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buy picaxe in india? Answered

Where can i buy picaxe in india and if not where can i buy it frm the internet without using credit card

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Will the Picaxe System run on Windows Vista? Answered

On the Picaxe website, it says that the software will run on any Windows program but does not mention Windows Vista. Will it run on my Vista computer?

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

Serin command with picaxes? Answered

Well i noticed that with the serin command that if it doesn't receive anything it just hangs their on the command. and i was wondering if anyone knows how to set some sort of timeout.

Asked by wee_man 8 years ago

Picaxe 08m starts randomly blinking? Answered

I program my picaxe turn it on and it runs sweet for about ~20s and then after perfect operation the led that was on starts blinking and it then doesn't respond to any thing? The function of this program was to turn an led when the readabc from an input is under 100. when i connect the +ve to the input it makes the debugger say 255 but then it doesn't get any new debug data some times all the other variables change as well and its real erratic. Any reasons why this may be happening?

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will this code work? Answered

Q1-here is the code for picaxe 08m2 will it work or something is wrong Q2-to repeat a code what value do i have to give for the FOR loop i have assumed it to be 0 to 0 THE CODE--------- main: if pinc.4 = 1 then main2       if pinc.0 = 1 then main3       if pinc.1 = 1 then main4       goto main       main2:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,0       next b0       pause 2000       goto main       main3:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,1       next b0       pause 2000       goto main            main4:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,3       next b0       pause 2000       goto main

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Question about linux and serial port? Answered

The instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-real-world-devices-with-your-PC/ all the code is done in VB.net and im using linux nw and i need someway to set this up in linux i don't mind if it is flash for not i just need it to work

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needing a little advice on Microcontrollers Answered

Ok i am hoping someone can help me with this, i am not real new to electronics but i am to Microcontroller's i have done a lot with 555 and 4017s and transistors and so on the basic stuff. but my wife's letting me pick out what i want for my b'day and i am thinking about getting the picaxe from Sparkfun ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10803 ). and i am not sure what all i need i know i need the programing cable ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8313 ), but do i need this stuff the Ceramic Resonator ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9993 ) the PICAXE Bread Board Adapter ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8331 ) Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/114 ). also i do have a decent homemade breadboard pic included to make sure its ok for gettin started in microcontroller's provided links to make my question easyer to answer (i hope), also i dont know any programing but i am wanting to learn i am just wondering if this would be the way to get started and what i would need. Thanks in advanced for any help? William

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picaxe code help? Answered

Here is the code for a breathnalayzer using picaxe14m2  ignore the if b2= as i have to experiment and get the values and i havent done so. the code stores messages in eeprom and in the starting it operates a rgb led to create effects the code: low B.0'initialise lcd outpu pause 500'wait for lcd to initialise 'load messages in eeprom EEPROM 0,("NO ALCOHOL") EEPROM 10,("ONE OR TWO DRINKS") EEPROM 27,("BUZZED") EEPROM 33,("DRUNK") EEPROM 38,("WASTED") EEPROM 44,("BLOW ON THE SENSOR FOR 5 SEC") high b.2'red pause 2000 low b.2 high b.3'green pause 2000 low b.3 high b.4'blue pause 2000 low b.4 pause 1000 high b.3,b.4'sky blue pause 2000 low b.3,b.4 pause 1000 high b.2,b.4'pink pause 2000 low b.2,b.4 pause 1000 high b.3,b.2'yellow pause 2000 low b.3,b.2 pause 1000 high b.2,b.3,b.4'white pause 2000 low b.2,b.3,b.4 pause 1000 for b0=45 to 75 'print blow on the sensor read b0,b1 serout B.0,n2400,(254,1,b1) next b0     main:readadc B.1,b0      if b2=54 then main1      if b2=45 then main2      if b2=45 then main3      if b2=45 then main4      if b2=245 then main5      goto main      main1:high b.3'on green led       for b3= 0 to 9'print no alcohol       read b3,b4'read eeprom locations 0to10       serout b.0,n2400,(254,1,b4)       next b3       low b.3       goto main       main2:high b.4'on blue led       for b5= 11 to 27       read b5,b6       serout b.0,n2400,(254,1,b6)       next b5       low b.4       goto main       main3:high b.3'sky blue       high b.4       for b7= 28 to 33       read b7,b8       serout b.0,n2400,(254,1,b8)       next b7       low b.3       low b.4       goto main       main4:high b.3'yellow       high b.2       for b9= 34 to 38       read b9,b10       serout b.0,n2400,(254,1,b0)       next b9       low b.3       low b.2       goto main       main5:high b.2'red danger       for b11= 39 to 44       read b11,b12       serout b.0,n2400,(254,1,b12)       next b11       low b.2       goto main

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I need basic info on picaxe micro and in which language is it programmed in

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picaxe code? Answered

Sorry Rickharis for again asking a picaxe question but here it is. give me a simple program to make a simple dice with a picaxe

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Yet again PICAXE? Answered

I wanted ti make a matrix using picaxe plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP

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what is the difference between picaxe and picbasic? Answered

And which one would you advise?

Asked by selujtje 6 years ago

how can i make a picaxe 20x2 8x8 led dot matrix?

I want to make an 8x8 led matrix with the new picaxe 20x2 and i want to know if anyone has done this before with a similar picaxe chip!!!

Asked by thecookiemonster 8 years ago

How to produce frequency(100HZ) using PICAXE? Is that possible? Answered

I'm a student and programming newbie...please don't flame me.

Asked by vincent hua 8 years ago

PIcaxe servo? Answered

How to i control a servo with the picaxe can someone explain in detail i saw in the command section the servo and servopos commands but didnt quiet get it can someone plzzz explain it to me ang give a eg code for making a servo move from side to side .

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

PICAXE battery voltage monitor

Does anyone have an idea of how one could get a picaxe to monitor its own battery source and light an LED when the voltage drops below a certain value. I am thinking that there might be a way to do it using a ADC input. Perhaps a zener diode could be used and the voltage above its threshold could be measured.

Posted by biochemtronics 9 years ago

does anyone know any how to`s on how to connect a picaxe 20m to a SRF005 ultrasonic range sensor? Answered

I want to connect an ultrasonic rangefinder to my robot and my robots brain is a picaxe 20m so i need a way of interfacing it with a picaxe 20m , im pretty sure it`s an ADC input so if anyone knows an adc to cm converter i would be very grateful!!! thanks in advance if anyone answers this!!! cm

Asked by thecookiemonster 8 years ago

Running several servos off an Picaxe 18m2.

Hi there.  I recently got a Picaxe 18m2 project board and I want to run up to eight servos off it, if thats even possible. Would I need a separate servo driver/controller for that number of servos or perhaps a different microcontroller? Any examples of code for operating more than one servo at a time would be appreciated also.  By the way, apart from reading 'Robot builders bonanza', my technical experience consists of operating 'Bigtrak' when I was about 12 and changing the odd plug. Cheers.

Posted by jonnymelon 5 years ago

why won't my picaxe 18m2 project board work?

Hi there. So i connected a servo to output 4, joined the 0v lines, had the two power sources, downloaded the sample code etc. Nothing happened. I tested the system using the LED test from the picaxe manual and that was fine. I must have tried to work the servo off the project board twenty times, until I removed the 18m2, placed it on a solderless breadboard, plugged the servo into the board, joined it all together with jumpers and as soon as I connected power the servo started preforming the code I downloaded while the 18m2 was still in the project board. So why won't it work connected to the project board? I've tried using another output and a resistor on the signal line.  If anyone has experience of working servos off a picaxe project board I'd appreciate a step by step walkthrough. As usual its probably something simple. thanks.

Asked by jonnymelon 5 years ago

PICAXE Ciruit Help needed! I'm trying to figure out why my circiut is not working. Can anyone help? Answered

Note: I have attached a copy of my programming and the schematic of the circuit. As part of my school systems engineering course, I have decided to build an automated chook shed door. For the electronic side of this project i'm using a PICAXE microprocessor (PICAXE 08M - to be exact) to control the up and down operation of the door - which is done using a 12 volt linear actuator, all powered by a 12 volt battery (eventually to be rechagred by a solar panel). My theory is to basically read in the light level using an LDR and then based on this level to open the door, or close it. The is designed to work through the use of 3 relays (all with built in diode protection). The first relay is connected to the 12 volt power which supllies power to the other set of relays, and in effect the actuator, when ouput 0 is turned to high (I'm using transistors to do this as seen on the in the shematic). When I want to reverse the the motor I again turn ouput 0 to high, but also ouput 1 to high which switches the the other coupled relays (again using a tranistor) and in effect the polarities of the actuator.I'm also using two microswitchs on the bottom of the vertical sliding door as a safety mechanism, so that when the door is closing and an obstuction occurs (i.e a hand or piece of wood), its programmed to lift the door for about a second before trying to close again.  As mentioned before it acts a safety mechanism so that no little fingers can be chopped off, and the actuator it self doesn't overload and blow up (although I'm pretty sure it has inbuilt protection for this anyway). Ok anyway to the problem, I have wired everything up as to the schematic I have provided, and loaded the program onto the chip (which it does successfully do) - however its not performing as desired. I have placed the same program onto another identical PICAXE system (except it is not obviously connected to all of the stuff mine is) and it works fine. I have also tried reducing the complexity of the program and taking out the LDR readings in the code, and when I do this,  it does successfully turn on the relays as desired. For some reason it appears that the LDR is reading a full light level even when I place my finger over it, and because the IF statment in the program relies on a low LDR to operate, the code which turns on the relays never gets to execute.  At first it seems that there may have been a problem with the LDR, so I changed it  with a new one, but again it continues to read the highest value of 255 (or 1 byte) and therefore the program never executes as desired. I'm not sure why the LDR keeps reading the highest value. CAN ANYONE HELP!

Asked by Mattdog123 6 years ago

What is the difference between a picaxe 08 microcontroller and a 08M microcontroller? Answered

What is the difference between a picaxe 08 microcontroller and a 08M microcontroller? is the 08m better? If so for what reason?

Asked by Barramundi 8 years ago

PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila

PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila which of these two boards is better for a beginner?

Posted by silva_p 10 years ago

PICAXE "snap connector" kitset

Check the kids level "snap connector" PICAXE microcontroller DIY kit ! => https://www.instructables.com/id/quotSnap_connectorquot_PICAXE_microcontroller/

Posted by manuka 9 years ago

PIC & PICAXE Hardware

Hi, I have found these folks that are selling PIC & PICAXE hardware, http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Electronics-Hobby-Shop/Genie-PIC-PICAXE-Kits-and-PCBs-/_i.html?_fsub=4724566013&_lns=1&_sid=682369153&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 Laters!

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Is it safe to solder a PICAXE microcontroller directly? Answered

I wanted to use a PICAXE 08M2 in LED Throwie application so i wanted to know is it safe to solder it directly or i have to use a 8 Pin DIP socket              ?

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago

is it possible to use a picaxe 08m to drive an lcd screen of any sort? Answered

If so then can you provde a link or scematic/scource code.  i would prefer it if there were no other ics besides the picaxe

Asked by Barramundi 8 years ago

how do you program a picaxe 28x1 with a hl-340?

It is a picaxe 28x1 on a breadboard. Trying to program it with RS232-usb adapter cable. Please help.

Asked by bro12345 6 years ago

How do i program picaxe?

Is there any cheap way to program a picaxe? How do you use the usb audiojack cable with the audio jack to program the PicAXE? pls help me... If you have any extra PICAXE can you send them to me please?? I live in singapore... so email me then i can tell you my address... The PICAXE here is ridiculously expensive so Im trying to find a reliable seller...

Asked by Boppo3 7 years ago

Cheaper way to program PICAXE? Answered

The USB programming cable for a PICAXE is $25, which seems a bit high. The serial cable is only $5 but my computer doesn't have a serial port. So. This is what I propose to do. Use these the serial cable and a USB to serial cable and a cheap proto board like so: USB to serial + Serial to PICAXE + PICAXE Will this work? If it does, it can save about $12.

Asked by cowmanpoke 6 years ago

Sparkfun USB Programmer For PICAXE Not Working? Answered

I have the PICAXE USB Programmer from sparkfun but it does not work it says no hardware detected on COM 4 I have installed the drivers I am using Windows XP.how can I get it to work.I have made the download circuit correctly.

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago

Does anyone know any good picaxe 08 / 08M projects? Answered

I want to get started in microcrontoller programming and was wondering if any one knew any good picaxe projects that aren't too complicated or not THAT easy!!!

Asked by thecookiemonster 9 years ago

Is Picaxe capable of recognizing rising edge clock signals?

In other words, is the Picaxe microcontroller (any size) capable of recognizing a change from low to high (pressing a switch for instance) and acting on that change itself, not just the presence of a high?  Or is there at least a way of emulating this type of response in the code? Thanks!

Asked by Skidion 7 years ago

2f675 microchip instead of the picaxe for the magic locket DIY by Mikhalchuk ,?

I have at my disposal one 12f675 microchip ,can I use this one instead ? how will the programmer need to be changed? Can someone help ? Thank you!!

Asked by sengrath 6 years ago

PICAXE Code? Answered

I am not able to understand why is FOR loop used for the irout command can someone please tell me. Another ques can I use the serout pin for the IRout command Heres the Code: for b1 = 1 to 10    irout B.1,1,5    pause 45 next b1

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago

Can you use a usb flash drive as a memory drive with a picaxe microcontoller?

I want to know if you can store code and scripts on a flash drive and have the flash drive connected to a microcontroller and have the microcontroller load the code.

Asked by the pro 8 years ago

If I use the serin command where is the serial data stored? Answered

 I am trying to get a GPS module outputting NMEA sentences in ASCII through a serial port to to store it's once per minute output in my picaxe 18X. From here i hope to read these sentences and using a look up table assign each letter or number that has been read a morse code form. This will then be sent to a 433mhz radio module and received on a scanner. I have programmed standard pics before but only using standard inputs and don't really understand where or in what form variables are stored on the picaxe chip so am therefore a bit confused as to how to go about using the serin command. Thanks for any help!

Asked by harrier07 8 years ago

Gadget Gangster Father's Day Contest Winners

We've announced the winners of the Father's Day Contest - the challenge was to build an electronics project to help Dad around the house. The 1st place project is awesome!See the winning projectsThought I'd pass it along - a lot of the projects have the sourcecode available, and a few have instructables up, too.

Posted by Gadget Gangster 8 years ago

Why does my PICAXE 08m seem to be resetting itself half way through the program?

I am at the final stage of my automated chook door project, and have come across a problem which is proving a real headache. To begin explaning the problem first of all I must explain a bit about how it works. First of all a PICAXE 08M is used to control a linear actuator attached to a vertical sliding door. The PICAXE is fed an LDR (light reading) and based on this 'light level' is programmed to either raise or lower the door. Two relays are employed to operate the actuator in one direction and then to reverse it (that is turning ouput 1 on lowers the door, turning both output 1 & 2 on raises the door). Unfortunately I don't have any position sensors built in (something which I now realise I should have done), which means that I have to operate the door for a set period of time (meaning that the program assumes where the door is at). Anyway when it is day I want the door to raise in order to let the chooks out. First it checks through regular intervals (and I will extend these intervals when I know its operating correctly) whether it is a certain light condition, then a pause occurs aswell as another light check to ensure that it is acutally the right light level, ready to open the door. The same also occurs when the door closes HOWEVER there is a safety system fitted to the bottom of the door (an aluminum bar which is spring loaded and hangs bolow the physical door. It is hooked up to two microswitches in series which provides input to the PICAXE). It is designed to provide feedback to the PICAXE in regards to detecting an obstruction. Because this model of PICAXE 08M does not support the SETINT command, I cannot detect a obstruction while the program is paused for the duration of the doors travel to the closed position. This lead me to try and develop some code to beat the situation. ( By the way, when an obstruction is encountered the unit is programmed to raise the door for the equivalent of 4 loops worth of door travel, and then return to the closing sub to continue closing the door. If 5 or more obstructions are encountered the program ends requiring the user to remove te obstruction and reset the unit.) As seen in the code, I broke the time required to close the door into 250 ms intervals, and then created a for loop which performs each interval seperately. I did this so that within each loop (and therefore within each 250 ms interval) I could conduct a check to see if an obstruction had occurred before a certain loop number (NOTE I'm using Normally Closed microswitches: If input3 = 0 and Position CODE: 'NOTE: Not all comments may be correct Load: symbol RELAY1 = 1     'Initialise Relay1 to output 1 symbol RELAY2 = 2     'Initialise Relay2 to output 2 symbol SETIME = 26500 'Initialise the SETIME variable to 26.5 seconds symbol LIGHT = b0     'Initialise current LIGHT variable symbol DAY = b1       'Initialise DAY light variable symbol NIGHT = b2     'Initialise NIGHT light variable symbol POSITION = b4   'Initialise counter variable symbol STARTPOS = b3 symbol OBSCOUNTER = b5' DAY = 100    ' Set Day threshold equal to 100 NIGHT = 30   ' Set NIGHT light threshold equal to 30 CheckLight: '**************Check Light**************** Readadc 4, LIGHT       'Read in input4 (LDR) and store in LIGHT variable If LIGHT > DAY then    'Check if current light level is > than the day light threshold   Goto CheckDayAgain   'If condition is true go to the CheckDayAgain sub Endif If LIGHT   Goto CheckNightAgain 'If condition is true goto the CheckNightAgain sub End if 'Pause 60000           'Pause 10 seconds Goto CheckLight        'Recheck light level CheckDayAgain:'*********Check Day Light Again********* 'Pause 10000 Readadc 4, LIGHT       'Read in input4 (LDR) and store in LIGHT variable If LIGHT > DAY then    'Check again if current light level is > than the day light threshold    If input3 = 0  then     'Check if switches are open indicating door is closed (as micro switches are normally closed)       Goto OpenDoor    'If Light > day light threshold and door is closed, then go to OpenDoor sub    End if End if Goto CheckLight        'If either of the above conditions are not true, then return to CheckLight sub CheckNightAgain:'*******Check Night Light Again******* Pause 1000 Readadc 4, LIGHT       'Read in input4 (LDR) and store in LIGHT variable If LIGHT   If input3 = 1  then  'Check if switches are closed indicating door is open (as micro switches are normally closed)       Goto CloseDoor   'If Light   End if End if Goto CheckLight        'If either of the above conditions are not true, then return to CheckLight sub OpenDoor:'***************Open Door******************* High RELAY1            'Switch on relay 1 or output 1 High RELAY2            'Switch on relay 2 or output 2 Pause SETIME           'Pause 26.5 seconds to allow door to rise Low RELAY1            'Switch off relay 1 or output 1 Low RELAY2             'Switch off relay 2 or output 2 Goto CheckLight        'After opening door go back to CheckLight sub CloseDoor:'**************Close Door****************** High RELAY1                 'Switch on RElAY1 to close door For POSITION = STARTPOS to 93         'Enter a for loop representing the time needed to close the door   PAUSE 250                'Pause 250 milliseconds for each loop   If input3 = 0 and POSITION     Pause 10                'Pause 10 milliseconds to allow for switch bounce     If input3 = 0 then                'Check if switches are still closed      Gosub Obstruction      'Go to obstruction sub when switches are closed and door is not fully closed     End if   End if Next Low RELAY1                 'Switch off relay 1 or output 1 STARTPOS = 0 Goto CheckLight          'After closing door go back to CheckLight sub Obstruction: OBSCOUNTER = OBSCOUNTER + 1 'Add 1 to the obstruction counter High RELAY2                 'Activate second relay to reverse door Pause 1130                  'Pause 1010 ms. The extra 10 ms is to account for the swith bounce delay Low RELAY2                  'Deactivate seconds relay to allow door to continue travelling down If OBSCOUNTER > 4 then      'if there are 5 or more obstructions then shutdown unit. Goto Shutdown End if If POSITION > 4 then        'Prevents a negative POSITION STARTPOS = POSITION - 5     'Minus 5 is to account for the fact that program returns to the next statement before executing another loop. End if Return                      'Return back to the loop to try finish closing the door Shutdown:                   'This sub raises the door slighty before killing the program. The user is required to clear the obstruction and reset the unit. High RELAY2 Pause 1000 Low RELAY2 Low RELAY1 End

Asked by Mattdog123 6 years ago

how to use tinycad software?

I downloaded the free tinycad schematic software but i dont know how to use it, what is the symbol for a picaxe 08m?

Asked by thecookiemonster 8 years ago

How do I control a Picaxe using Cocoa?

I want to be able to control a servo connected to a picaxe connected to my computer through Cocoa. Looking through the manuals, it looks like If I want to control anything "dynamically" (dynamically meaning control it through the USB cable after the program has been downloaded to the board), I need to use a command like "serrxd," except I don't know how to use the command, the manual doesn't help, and I'm not even 100% sure that is the right command to be using. What command should I be using, and how do I implement it? Note: I am using a picaxe 28X1

Asked by A-Nony-Mus 6 years ago

help setting up picaxe 08m download circuit.

Help!... i have all my resistors set up, power set up ,drivers installed dont know what to do

Asked by tom10122 6 years ago

picaxe sensitivitį

Hi there instructables, recently I have bought a picaxe starter kit, soldered it and stuff, played with some code and leds, but now I want to make a time control, so I bought a cheepo alarm clock, desolder the piezo beeper and extended the wires so I can conect them to my picaxe, turns out its too sensitive, the pin I've set to input piks up heat fom my fingers about a centimeter away, breath too, I think it picks up grounding as a signal too, does it ment to be that sensitive or have I messed something up with soldering or the code?  heres the code I used  main: if pinc.4 = 1 then goto led goto main led: high c.1 pause 500 low c.1 pause 100 goto main

Posted by batonas 3 years ago