does anyone know an easy(ish) way to engrave a guitar pick???

I have a regular guitar pick, and one i've made out of a cd, and as it is a gift I'd like to engrave something on it. Does anyone know how i might go about this? or what materials i should use? thanks!

Asked by pickupthepieces 8 years ago

Pick and Place Machine for SMD

Can someone please direct me to an instructable for building a pick & place machine for SMD chips, please & thank you.

Asked by sofiadragon1979 6 years ago

Best Pick Up Lines

Hi, Please share your funny/corny pick up lines on this forum. Thanks Joe 1.If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. That one was lame but i want to here yours.

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Lock Pick Set? Answered

I need help making a lock pick set, i can NOT use paperclips, they don"t work for me. it needs to be INEXPENSIVE, i have seen many types, but it needs to be easy to make. the materials need to be objects that i can get from an average hard ware store, any suggestions?  Be SERIOUS!

Asked by Bonar98 6 years ago


I work with a company (whose name I will omit) that works in the field of picking locks and the like. I am trained and even paid to pick locks. I only recently picked up the hobby, with the job. I have a couple sets of picks. ~I don't need to know how to make picks~ There are plenty of instructables on that, on this site and elsewhere. What I would like to see are some decent pickgun instructables. I have seen some electric models online in various places, as well as some simple mechanic models, but have been unable to find either here. If anyone has built one, or plans to, please share the experience. I intend to get started soon on at least one of the projects in my head right now. So, I don't care if your pickgun is electric, manual, or magnetic-powered. I don't care if it opens car doors, deadbolts, padlocks, wafer locks, or warlocks. I just want to see what other people are up to.

Posted by BorisTheSpider 10 years ago

skating or surfing?

Please comment ther good sports but if you would like my feedback say 5555

Posted by coopdawg 5 years ago

New 'ibles

Decided it would be a good idea to offer both sides of the discussion to the lockpick group. I'm hoping (fingers crossed here) that the community is capable of handling this entire group intelligently and maturely. As such, I figure pros and hobbyists alike can benefit not only from the opening and bypassing methods, but from more information about what's being done to prevent such things. All the information here is for educational purposes, and it helps me in my line of work to see what non-commercial solutions there may be. Also, with the shared knowledge here, it's possible we can come up with even better security options. Afterall, part of the job is getting in, another big part is keeping others out. *In my own opinion, the best security option anyone has is to install a decent security system. That way, even when the physical locks fail (I refuse to believe there is a lock that cannot be picked or bypassed), there is still an added security. Besides that, even having the alarm company's sign in your yard/window really is enough to deter most would-be intruders* So, feel free to post methods for getting in, or keeping others out.

Posted by BorisTheSpider 9 years ago

College (sigh)

Alright, so I know that I'm just 14, but hey! I don't think it's too early to think about college.Based on what I enjoy doing, I figure that my best bet would be to go into mechanical engineering. I thought about electrical and chemical engineering, but I am more of a hands-on kind of guy.Thing is, I want to go to a college that is in the SEC (Southeastern Conference). One, because I'd rather stay down South, and two, I'd like to stay fairly close to my family (i.e., not up North/out West).UA (Alabama) is the only one that offers courses in mechanical engineering. I'm not sure about other colleges, but because I am out-of-state, my education costs nearly $11,000 more than a resident of the state.Geez! I don't come from a rich family, so that seems a bit, extravagant.Now, I have and and have always had straight A's. I'm in the "advanced" classes, blah, blah, I participate in the Academic Bowl, blah, blah, ok. I'm fairly educated, so I'm sure a scholarship will come my way.In Georgia, we have the HOPE Scholarship, which will help fund students with high grades if they go to a Georgia college.I have yet to find a college in Georgia that offers courses in mechanical engineering. Now, Georgia Tech may have one, but I cannot go there, as they are a fierce rival of UGA.After writing all of this, I don't actually remember my purpose of posting this here, but will continue.Oh, that's right: Does anyone know of some scholarships that would fund out-of-state students?Any other advice, of any kind, would be appreciated.Didn't know picking a college would be this hard.P.S. What exactly is your job called, Eric? (or any of the iBles staff)

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Electric guitar pick-up / electromagnetism question? Answered

In this instructable, an electric guitar pick-up is made by winding the wire around a magnet sandwiched between two small pieces of wood to keep the coil in place. If I were to replace the wood with steel discs, would it still work as a guitar pick-up?

Asked by Kiteman 6 years ago

A primer on picking

So, judging by what I've seen so far, a lot of people have a terrible concept as far as lockpicking goes. They don't know if it's legal, if it's really possible, etc. As such, let me begin by saying the very first thing you should do if you're interested in picking is go somewhere else. I don't intend to give you a full tutorial about how to pick. You can find that online in a lot of places. A good idea is to subscribe to a forum of experienced locksmiths and search there for a while. One I highly recommend is Picking is a fun, albeit expensive hobby. It's also a living, or part of a living for a lot of people. I am not the devil for advocating lockpicking. Believe me, if someone wanted in your house to take your stuff or to cause you harm, they'd be more likely to go through a window than to take the time to pick a lock. I am not making the world any more, or less, secure with the information I post here. Owning picking tools is not illegal pretty much anywhere in the continental US, except maybe in Washington, D.C. Picking a lock you don't have a right to is illegal, and immoral, everywhere. It really can't be said enough: NEVER PICK A LOCK THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU OR THAT YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO.

Posted by BorisTheSpider 10 years ago

what is the best way to put an image on a blank guitar pick?

I have a white guitar pick and i would like to put a symbol on it, I'm a huge fan of Assassins Creed and i would like to put the assassins symbol on it, i was wondering what the best way to do that would be. Also if someone knows of a site or something that has things relating to assassins creed i would love to know, thanks in advance.

Asked by coldpsyco91 7 years ago

Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension

My TNKIT entry. Video -

Posted by GrandeSwag 8 years ago

How do I shop for high powered microscopes on a budget without getting a bad quality one?

I don't want to spend tons, (I'm thinking I can do about $250 max) and want a high-powered microscope. I would really like it to be bifocal (not stereo). I'd prefer at least a max of 1000x, if not 1600x. I want the microscope so that I can explore the world around me. Oh, and I'm considering certain biological fields for my career. Thanks guys!

Asked by ScarecrowGnome 9 years ago

How can I make a cart that lowers to slide heavy bags on and also slide them into the bed of a tall pickup truck?

Background: My yard has an incredible ability to create a forest's worth of leaves and branches despite having only a small number of trees. This has led to me developing an irrational dislike of Autumn. To make matters worse, I have no place to put the leaves and my town doesn't provide curbside pickup - I have to bring them to a recycling center. I fight this battle with a lawn suck device (leaf vacuum for those uncomfortable with technical terms) and these huge bags made of tarp material. My back is performing sub-optimally lately so I need to get creative. Issue: I'd like to build a cart that will allow me to slide these giant and often heavy bags on without lifting and roll them over to where the truck is. I'd also like to be able to slide them into the bed of a tall pickup truck. I've thought about a cart that see-saws on large wheels but the angles would be too steep. Now for the degree of difficulty...I don't have a budget for a fancy solution. Can anyone help?

Asked by mjb630 8 years ago

How can I cut vinyl records for a pickguard? Answered

I'm trying to cut a vinyl record to use as a pick guard on a guitar. I have tried to use scissors after heating it with a heat gun, but it always ends up warped. I have tried to flatten it with more heat, but have found that this is futile. It either becomes too hot and burns, or it remains warped. Any suggestions?

Asked by ComplacentBard 7 years ago

What is this tool?

Anyone have any clue what this tool was used for or what it is called?  It was found in the dirt on a farm.  I will attempt to describe as best as I can hoping that this will help after you see the pictures.  It looks like the main piece is like a large needle with an eye at the one end and a point at the other.  Then there is a curved hook sideways to the main piece (see the shadow on my leg).  The hole/open portion in the middle appears to be some sort of clamp.  When you press on the tab piece that is closer to the eye, the hole opens up, releases the pressure on whatever may be inside the hole. 

Posted by jtaylor69 5 years ago

Does anybody knows the pinout of the steering harness on a 1989 GMC SIERRA ?

Hello, "Somebody" tried to steal my truck last night. He/They broke sliding rear window and destroyed the ignition switch on my poor truck. He/They bent the rod that goes to the "Steering Switch Harness". So I can Replace the whole steering column, or make a "Hidden key-less push-button ignition switch" But I don't know the wiring pin-out of the steering harness. I desperately need help with this. Thanks for reading and Helping. Also any creative suggestion will be appreciated. Mr. Lunna Xiii

Posted by mrlunna13 8 years ago

pick a card!

Pick any card and then put it upsidedown in the middle the shuffle and look throgh it and find it.

Posted by prosaga 11 years ago

How would i harden printer ink to stand up to lots of handling (on a plastic-type substance)?

Hello fellow instructable'r,I have been trying to make my own custom guitar picks and, so far, have been extremely surprised with my results. First, i wondered if it was possible for a guitar pick to even run through my printer (regular load in front, print to front) without jamming it. I found out that i could. Then, i tried printing a NIN (Nine Inch Nails) logo on it and it worked. My only problem is that i can't get the ink to dry and become durable enough to let me touch it and not take ink off/ make fingerprints on it. For now, i have put tape over the side i printed on, but is there any way that you know of that i can make the ink more permanent? I was thinking of maybe using clear coat spray or that clear top coat for nail polish. Just so you guys know, i used a yellow dunlop tortex .73mm pick.Thanks,-Nick

Posted by tubbychick3n 9 years ago

Lockpicking, anyone?

Why the tools section? Because it's a tool for me and not for you (joke joke of course it's a tool for you). I am trying out lockpicking since recently but I am having difficulties. First off, my pick sucks like hell. I can't just go out and buy a hacksaw blade and file it down accordingly. Second, I can't find a suitable torsion wrench for my handiwork. Third, I am trying out the single-pin technique, and that involves feeling all the individual pins to know which is the binding pin, which I can't feel in the first place because my pick is too thick for the lock.  Any idea how to: Make a DIY pick Make a tension wrench without sacrificing my precious tools Feel those annoying to reach pins (Must not involve paper clips in any way imaginable) Yes, I am aware of raking/scrubbing and that all too useful snap gun. Which reminds me also how to make a snap gun without those window wiper inserts or paper clips (tried paper clips already).  Heads up on my economy: I have no bench grinders, angle grinders, or any other power tools available. I either have to do it manually with hammers, pliers, or files, or I have to make my own tools, which usually fail miserably. I have stuff that's sitting around here like a tank of acetylene (I don't know if it still is pressurized or not, either way I don't want to know), some copper pipes (don't make me file those down), a few C-clamps, random soldering equipment, and limited access to the hardware store which my mom owns (limited being no power tools or major stuff I couldn't even use like sheet metal, fiberglass and other stuff). In case you're wondering, that door to my bedroom is somehow always locked and I couldn't get in, hence my motivation to pick my way into the room.

Asked by nutsandbolts_64 7 years ago

Why you picked Arduino? Answered

Can you explain why we have to pick Arduino?

Asked by iam_maker_leo 2 years ago

How to open locks

Posted by Andromeda30 3 years ago

Clicking on "Editors Picks" Brings up page of characters

When you click on editors pick on the front page it directs you to a page full of characters

Posted by g-tech 7 years ago

How do you finger pick a guitar? Is there an easy way to learn? Answered

I've been trying to teach myself the guitar, and so far I've done pretty well with a plastic pick. I've tried finger picking, but it's just hard for me, I don't know. I've been picking the bottom four strings with my fingers, is that the way to do it?

Asked by shanghai_breezes 9 years ago

Are the admins picking best answers now? Answered

I've noticed lately that a lot of my really old answers are being picked as best answers.  Is it just a coincidence, or are the admins finally picking the best answers on the old questions?

Asked by thegeeke 5 years ago

how do u make a lock pick set? Answered

Like how do u make a tension wrench and the actual pick thingy

Asked by maliyah 9 years ago

Can anyone indentify this pick for me please and what it might be used for ..??

Antique pick head found near an old goldfield.

Asked by Barnacles56 1 year ago

Timing chain cover

I have a 97 dodge dakota and I need a new timing chain cover. On-line purchases are out of the question because I'm short on time and cash. I will be going to pick n pull to get a replacement but they currently only have years 91, 92, 93, 95, and 99. My question is this, how do i find out how similar any of these other covers are, short of driving all the way to the yard and inspecting each one. does anyone know off hand how interchangeable this piece is?

Posted by danjamesardoin 3 years ago

how to make paracord bracelet with guitar pick closure?

I want to finish the bracelet off with a pick instead of a buckle or a knot...a young guy made some on an instructable for something else but never said how to make the guitar pick one???

Asked by rockerchik050 5 years ago

how does top picks and feeds work?

I'm not sure how top picks and feeds works. Could you explain each feature, please? Thanks

Asked by LeslieLouie 2 years ago

Can a front loader be used to pick up and move an 8 X 12 shed??

Can a front loader pick up a storage shed and move it across the yard?

Asked by DonnaD120 5 months ago

How do you tame a chicken so you can pick it up without it pecking or scratching you? Answered

My family are getting chickens for our back garden and apparently chickens aren't very friendly sometimes. How do we train them to be more domesticated and tame?

Asked by harryashbee 8 years ago

as of today March 10th pick your winners for each question

If the contest were to close around now about March 10th who would you pick as a winner for each category?

Posted by EPL 9 years ago

how to make make my wireless laptop pick up signals better?

It has of course a built in antenna. I want to be able to pick up the local free signal that is brodroadcast from a point that now I pick up one or two bars and a weak signal. UNACCEPTABLE. Please help

Asked by mram 8 years ago

I want to make a big magnet to pick up nails?

I need to pick up nails in my field and I want to use my side by side hanging about 12 inches off the ground is there a way I can make a magnet that strong to pick up nails and screws that far away

Asked by cjhynum 3 years ago

in python im trying to make a program that loops but still can delete things as well.the code will be in the bottom.?

#Date:3/24/16 #creator:Ry   and    Er  #function:Equedity Sticks import random import time theNames=["Ri","Sc","Br","Jo","Ch","An","Wl",           "Ry","Ju","Gr","Me","Er","Je","Ry","De","Ga"] classRoster=random.randint(1,16)                 if classRoster==1:                 print("Ro has been picked!") if classRoster==2:                 print("Sc has been picked!") if classRoster==3:                 print("Br has been picked!") if classRoster==4:                 print("Jo has been picked!") if classRoster==5:                 print("Ch has been picked!") if classRoster==6:                 print("An has been picked!") if classRoster==7:                 print("Wi has been picked!") if classRoster==8:                 print("Ry has been picked!") if classRoster==9:                 print("Ju has been picked!") if classRoster==10:                 print("Gr has been picked!") if classRoster==11:                 print("Me has been picked!") if classRoster==12:                 print("Er has been picked!") if classRoster==13:                 print("Je has been picked!") if classRoster==14:                 print("Ry has been picked!") if classRoster==15:                 print("Ga has been picked!") if classRoster==16:                 print("De has been picked!") userNotDone=True while userNotDone:     counter=1     for things in theNames:         print(counter, things)         counter=counter+1     x=input("Which student would you like to remove?")     del theNames[int(x)-1]     theAnswer=input("Are you done removing studnets Y or N")     if theAnswer=="Y":         userNotDone=False i want it to loop where it picks the name AND where it deletes the names because i would like to have a finished program and i wont be able to get help from my teacher untill next week but this isnt really for a project grade, i just would like to have a working code and one that is just broken taking up space

Asked by RyanK84 2 years ago

how to pick up free wireless internet connection?

Whats the passwords for wireless internet connections

Asked by shotcallr 8 years ago

I'm looking for a good book to pick up. Answered

Doesn't have to be fiction, or science fiction, or about babies. Anything.

Asked by Doctor What 9 years ago

Picking s printer? Answered

Can you recommend a printer for a father and son, age 13, to get started in this exciting new world? Can you rent them?

Asked by JonS172 1 year ago

How Do I Harden This Rock-Pick ? Answered

After seasons of cracking rocks my nice rock-pick, it was rounded and dull. A grinder put a new point on it  ....   but it is Now a soft tip.... see the picture. Do I need to heat it red and stab it into the butt region of  a slave or will cow blood suffice. If there is a reasonable tip hardening method please let me know.. A

Asked by iceng 4 years ago

does anyone know a better way to pick locks than bent paperclips? Answered

They work!!!!!!!(paperclips,sometimes)

Asked by unanonymous 7 years ago

Why do Editors picks come up before Recent? Answered

I think it makes more sense for the most recent questions/answers to come up automatically because they are fresh and possibly requiring comments and answers. At the moment Editors Picks comes up (seem to stay the same ones for a long time) and may be old and already recieved many comments. Is there a reason for this?, if so it escapes me. When I log in I'm more interested in "whats new" than picking through the "old" to find something new.

Asked by craftyv 7 years ago

Where is the "pick up window" on the TI calculator website?

I am looking for the pick up window on the TI website. Does anyone know where it is?

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

Tooth Pick Bird?

I entered all of the information and pictures after every step and saved my work with your program. What happened to it or how can I find it?

Asked by don doerner 1 year ago