Find picture?

Greetings, i have only one part of picture, i tried like 7-8 picture finders even google, can someone help me to find whole picture ? Full picture size is 800x452

Asked by PlkT 1 year ago

How to watch large pictures? Answered

How to watch large pictures? In some steps the pictures are small, when I click the small picture, the system asks me to log in. But I cannot watch the large picture after log in.

Asked by skyxin 7 years ago

how to insert picture in instructables ?

I want to insert my craft also with pictures but i'v tried many times still not able to insert it

Asked by meowthecutecat 6 years ago

You want you picture on money (closed)

Im done do it your self at ok? ok! OK!!! seriously

Posted by goeon 9 years ago

How do you change your status picture? Answered

I have been a member for a few months and I can't figure out how to change my picture. It's really been bugging me. If you now please help.

Asked by Kruegem 8 years ago

How can I make a picture in picture effect?

I need to make a picture-in-picture effect to my video creation? Is there any method to recommend? Or Does someone know a software which can do this easily. Because I am really an amateur.

Asked by AlinaKK 1 year ago

I cannot view instructable PIctures!

For some reason I cant view ible pictures!

Posted by strato96 9 years ago

Picture removed without my consent.

A picture was removed without my consent or knowledge. There ws a comment that the picture was removed because of obnoxious comments.   There was nothing wrong with the picture. Now I can not edit the instructable as it will not save or update. Guess I will not be renewing.

Posted by Computothought 2 years ago

Change the header picture for a Group [SOLVED]

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to change the header picture on our Group page? We have moved and we want to put a picture of the new location up. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Posted by Hack42 2 years ago

can i use pictures from the internet on an instructable? Answered

i was jsut wondering if im allowed to use pictures from the internet on an instructabl im working on.

Asked by andyweigl 7 years ago

how can a sandisk picture viewer be wired straight to the ribbon cable of an lcd screen for a picture frame?

I love the laptop picture frames but the pc's i have are real junk. the lcd's i have are good. so how can i connect a sandisk picture viewer to the ribbon cable of a 15" lcd.

Asked by eparker 8 years ago

Picture comments

Last time I added pictures to an 'ible I'm still writing, I put comments on the pictures, but the yellow boxes don't stay in the same place if I comment more than one picture - every time I look back at what I've done, the boxes have moved! Saving the instructable is unpredictable in terms of where the comment boxes will end up.

Posted by throbscottle 6 years ago

Instructables profile picture spreading across all my profiles EVERYWHERE

Hi, I have uploaded a profile picture to Instructables that is a bit humorous.  However, now this picture is spreading across all of my accounts on the internet!  I know that the ONLY site to which I uploaded this picture is Instructables.  The picture was appropriate for Instructables but is inappropriate for many of my other accounts. Somehow, my image has "escaped" and is being automatically captured by other websites. I am attempting to stop this profile picture from spreading any further. Can you PLEASE let me know how this picture could be spreading across all of my accounts!? Thanks in advance, Nathan.

Posted by njkeng 2 years ago

Profile picture? Answered

Hi! I'm new and i keep trying to change my profile picture but it wont let me change it to any images. What do I do to pick my own image? Thanks!  ~<3 fritz707

Asked by fritz707 2 years ago

One of my pictures has suddenly quit working

Could someone take a look into this and find out why some of the pictures spontaneously stopped working?

Posted by Javin007 5 years ago

how to make this type of pictures? Answered

Some pictures have box like line structure on the things in the picture which if we take the cursor on shows some sentences on the tp make that type of is a link to a instructable which contain many of such type of pictures: takt a look and tell me how to make.

Asked by aninda13 4 years ago

how can I rotate a picture taken with my iphone?

Hi, I already had this problem before, and I have no idea how to solve it - I took this picture with my iphone. It rotates the picture automatically on the phone, but when I try to upload it to the website it's not rotated. When I try to rotate it again before uploading it doesn't work either.  Thanks! Merav 

Posted by nemalim 5 years ago

Picture bug!!!Very annonying! it happens alot!

There is this bug when people tag outside of the picture and you cant see the other pictures. I guess you can reproduce the bug. All I did to get the bug is go on the instructable. I usually refresh and just dont go on the picture. Before the bug I browse on instructables. My computer is a windows 7 computer. I use Google chrome beta , but I tried on other browsers and experienced the same thing. It also happens on my friends house. 

Posted by OrIsIt 6 years ago

Posting a picture

What does it mean when it says "main image is required to publish"? Also, how do i do it? I thought it would be in the "attach a thumbnail" segment but i have no idea how to attach an image...

Posted by jlocker 6 years ago

How do you insert a profile pic on this?

Idk how to put a picture for my profile on this.

Asked by miinecraftfreak44 6 years ago

What's a better background for pictures?

What does every body think about different background colors for picture taking? I made up a black one but I'm thinking about a white / cream one as well. Pictures are of a bottle with a jug knot tied (great instructable, look it up) while the other is from jessyratfink's Instructable "Sew a Where Things are Hat + Pattern!" with a white backdrop. What do you prefer? By the way, the black back drop is mine, I have it hung up on a curtain rod with a stool in front with the cloth draping over, then with the item placed on top. Still new at photography but I think it's an ok picture.

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago

100% uploaded picture is no seen

I found this problem during a step by step Instructables: I uploaded all pictures in one batch. When I got to step 1 of the Instructables, I found one of pictures was not in the library. I clicked on "upload" tab, it showed 100% uploaded but it didn't show up in the library or the instructables, nor the specific step. I refreshed browser. It didn't help.  I tried "select files", "upload" a few times, it didn't help. I logged out my account, logged in and tried the above tricks, still didn't work. What's problem? How to fix it? How to add that picture to the step?  

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago

I haven't got those picture tags/yellow boxes?

Hi everyone, I'm just writing to say that when I'm using Instructables and I'm logged and everything, I don't get those yellow boxes around particular places in a picture. I know they exist, because my brother (Kryptonite) gets them in most of his pictures (those which he sees and those which he posts). Does anyone know how to fix this? Could it be that there's an availabe Java update? Thanks, Moofish.

Asked by Moofish 6 years ago

Unsymmetrical Picture Frame

So I was given these really cool, very colorful tree bark paintings that I cannot wait to get up on the walls!  They have lots of funky neon colors and designs with edges that aren't even which gives them a lot of character!  The only thing though I don't want to put holes in them and stick them on the wall like that.  I bought a regular picture frame just to see how it would look.  Doesn't really work.  There's space between the edge of the picture and the picture frame and just takes away the natural feel to it.  I've been wanting to make picture frames out of sticks or something but just can't figure out how to make them "trap" the picture.  Not really looking to have glass in front of it either.  Any wear on them would just make them look more natural.  Maybe I should seal them so they don't fade if I don't want glass in front of it.... Hmm.... Anywho, if anyone has any suggestions, they are all greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Posted by MosaicM0n5t3r 7 years ago

Picture Problem

Hey, I'm trying to make my 2nd instructable but i am having a HUGE picture problem. I loaded all my pics into my library, and when i click and drag them into the image slot, they stay there. I can even write captions for them. The problem comes, when i want to save. I have tried saving and previewing, and saving and going to the next step. It seems that my images get deleted every time i go to a different page. Please help

Posted by KevinSaw 10 years ago

Picture Bug

When I try to click on a photo after the first people provide to show the steps, it continues to show the first photo and none of the ones I click. It's almost like a broken link but it has to do with a setting on my computer and have tried to fix it but can't figure it out. I'm running a windows 7 machine and Firefox 9.0.1.

Posted by mdstb 6 years ago

Inserting a picture into an instructable in progress make it freeze

I've written quite  few instructables and I'd never run into this problem. Whenever I uploaded a certain picture into my latest instructable, the whole thing would freeze. I couldn't delete the picture, save the work in progress, create or delete steps or do anything! I thought my file must be corrupt and recreated the photo but I continued to have the same problem regardless of what browser I was using (Firefox or Safari). I can't delete the uploaded pictures from my library either because they are "in use" by unfinished instructables I can't change, publish or delete. Finally I tried to change the file name of my picture. It's original name was quite long, so I changed it to muff.jpeg. This solution worked! But I still had to recreate a new instructable from scratch. Even if this is just a parameter which all users need to be aware of when uploading their files I think it could be improved on the website end... it should not be possible to upload pictures unless their filenames are compatible with the site. Now I've no idea how I'll get rid of those useless draft instructables, and the photos with the bad file names in my library....

Posted by belsey 8 years ago

Picture uploaded to title page keeps being removed after about 3 days

I have had an instructable up for about a year here: The picture I upload and attach to the title page keeps working for about 3 days then is removed. Consequently my Instructable has no title page picture. I keep re attaching the image and it works OK for about 3 days then is automatically removed. It is my photograph, not taken from anyone elses website so not a copyright issue. What is the problem? I have just reattached the image again now but within 3 days it will have gone again. Best wishes Xenon John

Posted by XenonJohn 6 years ago

Having Trouble adding picture notes

I'm working on my first instructable, and I'm having trouble adding notes to one particular image. It seems that no matter what I try, I can't get any more than 3 notes saved. I can add them, but when I save and preview, they do not show up. I've tried to do it on two different computers with the same results.

Posted by lustreking 10 years ago

i'm a nub

How do i make my pic my icon

Posted by guitarHEROSlash 10 years ago

How do I tag a photo so that the yellow text box shows up

So when i upload a picture, how do i tag specific areas of that image so that when scrolling the cursor over the yellow box, additional text appears?

Posted by schnurrbart 9 years ago

Picture Quiz 2!

I PMd Lemonie a load of ideas for his next picture quiz, to follow on from the last one. It appears that it has fallen to me to make this one, with patches as prizes to be awarded by me, or by Lemonie if I run out. So.... Here are the pictures, they spell out the names of active instructablers. Post below if you think you've worked one or more out, see the previous thread if you're unsure how this works! 1)Dinner Jacket + Radioactive + Ronnie James Dio m/ - (congrats NachoMahma) 2)Fungus under a microscope + (a) + Mung Beans + Universal Studios - (congrats Hiyadudez) 3)Lithiography + Podium + Grain = Lithium Rain 4) Jeff Hardy + Cherios - (congrats Lemonie) 5) Nacho + Mother Teresa (Mahma) - (congrats Thermoelectric) 6) G-Wizz + Michael Jackson + Lord Howe Islan - (congrats gmjhowe) 7) Sun in a Jar + Snowbanks - (congrats Nachomahma) 8) Fake Troll = Froll + Yard Sale - (congrats gmjhowe) 9) Nine Inch Nails (NIN) + Zirconia + Mr Bean - (congrats NachoMahma) 10)

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

My gun drawings.

Ive recently started to draw some guns. if you have any ideas of what gun for me to draw next, just post a comment. also, tell me what you think! (sorry for the blurry images, they look way better in the real picture) 1: l96a1 2: l85a2 3: Ak47 4: M14

Posted by ~KGB~ 6 years ago

Help! Need to make an **easy** picture frame...

Hey y'all! So I need a bit of help here. I just finished this puzzle and I want to frame it (something I've never done before). I've looked around here and there aren't any frames that would fit a 20.5 inch X 28.5 inch puzzle. I refuse to pay the outrageous costs of custom framing, so unless something magically pops up, I will be building a frame for it. Building frames, building anything for that matter, is not my fortay and I would appreciate any and all tips y'all can provide. Thanks!!

Posted by Stercus Fit 10 years ago

What can you do thats funny in MS Piant?

I just made this!

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

main image doesn't look as it is supposed to be?

I have publish 1 instructable whose main image was 3MP (2048*1536) and of 738 kb, but when i see into recent instructables only corner portion is visible ( instructable was food item but only some part of dish is visible) can you help?? now through edit option i can't change main pics view (though in instructable pic is full)

Asked by prachilele 4 years ago

"Please add more images before publishing!"???

Ok, colour me confused.  I have a 3 step 'ible, it has two pics and one video and I get the following when I try to publish: Please add more images before publishing! Have you taken photographs of each step for your Instructable? Clear well taken photos are the most important part of your Instructable. Please make sure you have included all of your images prior to publishing your Instructable. Submissions without necessary photos will not be published. Am I missing something? This is my 'ible url, not sure how useful it is:

Posted by DragonDon 4 years ago

What is the correct picture size ?

Hi, just wondering what is the correct picture size for Instructables ? I'm uploading 700 x 519 pix pictures.  Also, since all my pictures on Instructables look wrinkled, I was wondering if it's possible to choose to show pictures in static means ( simply list all pictures in line, so visitors can scroll down instead of click for the next picture ). Static pictures may provide much better image quality. -- My poor suggestion.

Posted by 7PLAIN 6 years ago

What are those funny pictures called with the text under neath a fail picture? Answered

 What do you call the pictures that people make like this one?

Asked by bobert610 8 years ago

how to enter a insructable picture on ur profile

How to post a instructables picture on ur account?

Posted by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

I need to find a picture. I only have a little part of the original picture Answered

I need to find a picture. I only have a little part of the original picture and i know the original is somewhere on the internet. Tineye can only find full pictures not if u have a part of the original.

Asked by la-main 6 years ago

Which is the better picture to use for a title image?

I have a new instructable in the works after a long hiatus :) I have some options for the title image for my next instructable and I don't know which one to choose.  So picture 1 (jar with green napkin), picture 2 (jar with wooden background), picture 3 (close up), or picture 4 (jar with green background)?

Posted by jen7714 6 years ago

How did you wind up with your current picture?

For example, I got my avatar by deciding to do something to the normal "no picture" picture. So I used GIMP to add a pasted picture of fire in another layer, did some strategic cutting, then used the Pen set on fade to add shadow behind our poor immolated bemowhawk'd "no picture" fellow. What did you do to arrive at yours?

Posted by Rishnai 10 years ago

How do I post a profile picture

I am a beginner with instructables.  How do I post a picture to my profile?  The picture is in my library, but I can't seem to link it.  Is this a resolution based problem?  If so what resolution do I need to use?

Posted by Ernest Olsen 6 years ago

Intro picture too dark

My instructable is published now but the picture I see when I click on Explore=>Recent is very dark. When I open the instructable the picture is right. Here is the URL: Thank you JRV31

Posted by JRV31 2 years ago

When I upload pictures to a slideshow, it says the file size is too big. Is there any way to fix this? Answered

I can't make slideshows or Instructables, because it won't let me upload pictures

Asked by xadevox 8 years ago