can any planes that are made out of knex actually fly?

Can cay of these planes actually fly, or get airbound?

Posted by knektek 9 years ago

How to make RC Plane on our own?

im intersted in RC plane alot and want to make one of my own. What will the design considerations and all the other related stuff?

Asked by Ayesha Shafi 7 years ago

how to make a rc plane transmitter?

Hi dose anyone know how to make a RC plane transmitter by either making a RC car transmitter have a longer transmitting distance or by building it from scratch thank you.

Asked by hawkeye2309 8 years ago

How do I preserve a cardboard box so that it will last as a storage container for the tool that came in it?

The box interior has a shaped cutout (also cardboard) to hold the tool in place so the blade is protected. The box is non-corrugated cylinder board.  I need to preserve both the interior and exterior

Asked by REFFI 8 years ago

Are there any planes that use both pusher and puller propellers at the same time?

Would look like 1 in the front and 1 in the back.

Asked by zjharva 9 years ago

You know how in the northern hemisphere toilets flush forward and in the southern they flush the oppposite way?

What would happen if you were in a plane and flew over the equator while flying. Would it like stop and turn around. My friend asked me this and now im curious

Asked by octopuscabbage 8 years ago

where/how can I make/buy rc plane lights for my firebird comander 2 thnx? Answered

 plz help id like bout 6 lights and my plane has an xport that id like to use for power

Asked by pilotwebb 8 years ago

Let's vote for the Lego Kne'x look a like Contest

If i am right there haven't been any of these in the past. But there are some really nice guns that really look like the real thing. Or a game inspired idea. Or planes like my one, cars and lot of other idea's. Let's how i am not the onlyone that likes this idea let's see

Posted by ferrari484 8 years ago

What software do i need to make a 2D-pattern out off a 3D-model?

 what i want to do is a pattern of my "Ranger boots", say i need to measure the whole thing, make a 3D-model of it and then need the software to make planar layers out of it. aim is to get a pattern of my boots, cut a design into the pattern, print it on adhesive foil, put the foil on the boots/cover the boots and spray it. After removin the foil again, i should have the design on the boots; the foil is simply the negative of the design. (I thought bout "solid works" (engineering software) to design my boots, but i dunno much bout softwares' availability, so i'm askin.)

Asked by Luziviech 8 years ago

would a mini rc stunt car work on a small plane?

As i have a small plane and a stunt car

Asked by rocketman217 9 years ago

Flying car idea

I was thinking about building a flying car that would have most wingspan hidden under the car (pops out when activated) and the doors would be the tips. (What used to be the back doors would roll over van-style, and the back would otherwise be covered by sheet metal) In the back, there would be two vertical rudders and the spoiler would be cut into flaps for horizontal rudders. The thing would overall be powered by two helicopter jet engines. Once the flight system is activated, the gear shift (auto trans) would turn into the throttle, and the gas/brake pedals would turn into the rudder pedals. The idea is to make a flying car that still (when wings are stowed and trunk cover is closed) looks like a normal car. The question: is this possible?

Asked by red.baron 8 years ago

R/C planes

Have any of you flown any R/C planes gas or electric?

Posted by Superninjacamper941 9 years ago

Knex plane show spot

We just make the best air planes (it doesn't have to fly)

Posted by ferrari484 10 years ago

R/c plane full guide?

Hello I want a full guide on how to build an r/c planes without a kit .. I want the plane to be simple  thanks,,

Asked by hakemsaeed 8 years ago

Old rc plane parts?

Anyone has old rc plane parts? wings, body, wheels, motors, propellers, transmitters...Anything! My m=homemade rc plane just broke and im desperate to get it flying again!

Posted by NXTHacker 5 years ago

what is the best knex plane with instructions?

I would like to make a knex plane so i need one with instructions please post.

Asked by dansdoc 7 years ago

rc planes

Looking for rcplane plans

Posted by meathead7 4 years ago

Offset Plane not working?

Hi there, When I click "offset plane" under construct, nothing seems to happen. I do not get the plane icons. Any idea what might be going wrong?

Asked by LaurenV21 1 year ago

What are the steps to ride a plane?

Will be my first time to ride a plane. Never been to an international airport. Wanted to know the step by step on how to do so from booking online. Thanks. :) - Babi

Asked by Babipapot 2 years ago

Aero Gloss Air Plane Dope

I wanted to finish my plane today and I opened up my bottle of dope and it was like hard rubber. Is there a way to get it back to a useable state?

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

selecting a plane? Answered

How does a person select a plane if the planes are not highlighting. I am following along in fusion 360 with a YouTube video "Fusion 360 for beginners 6-7-2016". At point 32:37 he picks a plane to build the next part of the component but I am unable to do this and I don't understand why.

Asked by ldubia 1 year ago

How to build the first construction Plane? Answered

I saw your Video 30 times, but still have no clue.After pushing Construct > Offset Plane I got no offset-Plane-Cube. - What I'am doing wrong?

Asked by sharky1000 1 year ago

how to craft a plane in minecraft?

I have the v1.4.7 and recently downloaded the software i need to make one i am currently building a runway behind my house in minecraft. could anyone tell me how to craft a plane. 

Asked by snoo 5 years ago

Fly Plane

I havent had enough flies buzzing around my house to catch so i can start making htis little plane maybe you guys will have better luckhere a link to the plans plane

Posted by amaze 10 years ago

long range rc spy plane?

I have a long-time dream of having a rc plane with a camera mounted on it and long-range(~30miles)control and feedback, any ideas on where to start?

Asked by hyrulianshinobi333 9 years ago

offset problem? Answered

When I clicked offset plane, the plane did not automatically pop up

Asked by YangZ13 1 year ago

How to make a rc plane recovery parachute for type firebird comander 2?(finished) Answered

Firebird comander 2 hobbyzone plz help thnx

Asked by pilotwebb 8 years ago

Guns on planes? Answered

Aight so im ganna buy a pistol in South Dakota. Then im going to move to Las Vegas. Can i take this pistol and put it in my check in bag without there being a problem?

Asked by jkellogg11 8 years ago

RC Car --- RC Plane?

Okay, so today at school, we learned about Bernoulli's principle and how wings help a plane fly. So I was wondering, if you built some good wings, attached them to an RC Car, and drove it off a ramp, would it glide for a little bit?

Asked by Frozen Twinkies 7 years ago

Plane that flies & made only out of match boxes & rubber bands

I remember reading how to make  a  plane  with rubber bands when I was a kid. Could someone help me make one now with only paper or match boxes & rubber bands ?

Asked by mytree 8 years ago

Curved planes? Answered

Here's my homework, photo and model. I'm not able to model the cutting edges... I think I need a curved plane, any suggestions? By the way: thank U very much for these useful & funny lessons!

Asked by avirelli 1 year ago

how to make a non rc plane that flies??

Pls help i wanna make it!

Asked by mohnish 8 years ago

Flying RC panes, Mustang P51-D

This is my almost new Mustang plane. It is really cool but I could use some advice as I have never flown a large plane or a plane with gears before. Anything would help and could you post a video of YOURS if you have a similar RC plane. Thanks.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

homemade rc plane

This sunday i will show everone how to make a rc plane from oround the house things. the things u will need is  1 motor 1 hanger 2 servos 1 shoe box so im am tellin you this so u will get ready to make it.                        if u are exicited about this please comment on it.

Posted by RcMaKeR 7 years ago

What are the parts needed to build an RC Plane? Answered

I am going to build a RC Plane and I didn't know all the parts I needed to build one. I have RC flying experience but I wanted to know what parts I needed to build one. Thanks

Asked by chanman789 7 years ago

Is it possible to make a flying model plane with mainly knex? Answered

I have been trying on and off with the idea that the next generation knex, which are smaller and lighter would make a great plane. I realize that it will need something to cover the wings and a propellar but I think it may be possible. Any other ideas, thoughts, or tips are muchly appreciated.

Asked by JonnyBGood 5 years ago