Help with playing guitar

Any forum member  that needs help playing the guitar or related questions, I will be happy to assist to the best of my knowledge.  From Chord structure ,setting up your guitar, Easy fingering for hard chords. etc etc.   I have been playing over 50 years    nearly 46 as a pro.

Posted by fenderphil 7 years ago

I can't hear music through my ipod? Answered

My 5th generation ipod classic isn't playing any music through the head phones or my dock. I know my head phones and dock work fine but the ipod itself isn't playing music through the headphones.

Asked by capt. caveman 8 years ago

new contest

Why not have a contest on things built out of playing cards? that would be pretty creative and saving a lot of ruined cards, as made by dogs, cats, and other random animals/people

Posted by whiskrs 7 years ago

what is important about playing the guitar.?

Over the years many young players have said to me "Boy ,I wish I could play like that"   My stock Question is:  Do you enjoy playing.??? of course most say yes.  I would tell them that's the important thing not if you are as good as this or that person.   Each individual has their style, to illustrate, I was ill some years ago and my wife and I went to a concert...Box Car Willie, as the band struck up with a steel guitar I looked at my wife and said "Dave Nutt: and indeed it was when the curtains opened,   You see we all have our own "Personal" style...Forget copying anyone be yourself.  I can't think of a single successful guitarist  who copied someone else here are a couple of examples Chet Atkins, Albert Lee(He has been playing as long as me, currently works for Earnie Ball in the states) and James Burton.    2.Mark Knopfler. 3 Johnny Hiland (Who is Blind) all different ...similar styles with some and yet still different.   So keep pickin' and enjoying.

Posted by fenderphil 7 years ago

shooting cards from one hand to another?

Heya. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to shoot a deck of cards out of one hand and into the know...successfully. Because I would really appreciate an instructable on that. Thanks!

Posted by ScruffyRasputin 10 years ago

Large calm dog vs. little crazy dog video.

The large one is mine his name is Otis he is playing with my friends dog Charlotte.

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

Will my 4 month old Pomapoo adjust to this new Westie Pekingese?

Hi everyone! I have a 4 month old Pomeranian Poodle mix. He's a nice boy sometimes, but seems to have a lot of stress issues, mouthy with teething on our ankles, pants, and barking at early hours of the day, like many young puppies. While he may bite us sometimes in a playful way harder than he should, he never growls and snaps or snaps at all. We have had this pup, Charlie for over 2 months now. When he went to the vet he seemed to like the other puppies a lot last month. So.. We were looking at a 9 week old half West Highland Terrier/ Pekingese pup, much calmer in nature than Charlie's mix. This is also a definite lap dog, something hyper Charlie has never been. We have put a deposit down to get the puppy as my husband and I have fell in love, however we wanted Charlie to meet him first. So, today we had Charlie meet the new puppy. We held them most first, just letting each other get used to the smells of one another. Then we put them both down while I stood close to the smaller one incase Charlie bit him (which I was not expecting and he did not) (BTW Charlie is now about 3 times the size of the little puppy but Charlie is still very small about 6 pounds) Anyway, Charlie was not interested. He was panting, put his back to the puppy, then looked at the puppy. The puppy wanted to play so bad. Charlie began barking at the puppy then growling quietly. This made me very nervous so I picked the puppy up.  I really want to get the puppy and felt like Charlie would have a play mate, but now am having second thoughts contemplating if my spoiled bratty PomaPoo Charlie will ever be nice enough to this new mellow pup? Advice would be great or similar stories! thanks  Natalia 

Asked by Nab114 2 years ago

Marshmallow shooter site? Answered

I found a really good site that had the pvc pipe guns for sale a couple of years ago. They were not the store bought guns. If you know the site that i am talking about, i would highly appreciate it. also, if you know a similar site, please tell me. thank you for viewing.

Asked by chopstx 8 years ago

Pen and Paper RPG

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like.       What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?      The books are also what I am wondering about.

Posted by eulaliaaaa! 8 years ago

Pen and paper RPG??????

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like.       What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?      The books are also what I am wondering about.

Asked by eulaliaaaa! 8 years ago


What new games are good

Posted by ortiz1234 7 years ago

Who Plays What Sax?

I want to know what type of sax who plays (if you play sax) and how you got started. I don't play saxaphone but my friend got me interest in what saxes are played.

Posted by CelloMan 10 years ago

can you play games on this website?

No details

Asked by rf6901 5 years ago

Who plays guitar and what style do you play?

It's not really a fun question like gamer5's but who here plays guitar? if you do say that you play guitar and say what style music you play I play metal and rock (except danny i know what he plays

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

Best of Play 2013 announced ??

I was excited,  "Wow, the Best of Play for 2013 came out in February of 2013" Link:

Posted by sath02 5 years ago

Play battleship

Tip by drone+it73 3 months ago

where can i find a really cheap plug and play?

Plug and play starwars game

Asked by kid3 8 years ago

how to play tennis?


Asked by amwksll 9 years ago

Bug in section play

Hi , i've noticed today that every menu is repeated 3 times in section 'Play' . kust to let you know ;-)

Posted by ahmed-max 6 years ago

What instruments do you play?

What instruments do you all play? i play guitar, piano, and used to do recorder.

Posted by knex gun builder freak 8 years ago

What Instrument do you play? Answered

I play the tenor saxophone.

Asked by shadowninja31 7 years ago

Google doesn't play for me? Answered

If you click the link google is supposed to play something, but it doesn't work for me.  Does it play for anybody else?  I suspect it's something app. for Lennon's birthday but the music doesn't  play.

Asked by Re-design 7 years ago

who here plays baseball

Well just wonderin who plays baseball since my instructable on how to play baseball hasnt got much attieon im kinda gueseing that not alot of people play baseball ( sorry for spelling mistakes)

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

Why is my HDMI cable not playing audio?

I've kept my HDMI cable plugged into my AMD Radeon 7750 with updated graphics drives and it does display video. I have checked and it is enabled I have the software but it simply says that it is not plugged in. Everything is tight, and ready as it was before (Working too) so any problem you could think of? I think it might be hardware problems, my PC is from 2009 and I am afraid my system32 folder is messed up :[. The cable isn't damaged except it could be the small end that converts the cable into mini HDMI for my GPU. Please reply! :)

Asked by knexpert1700 4 years ago

which famos guitar song would be easy to play ?

I am learning how to play the guitar and what famous song would be easy to play.

Asked by jbend 5 years ago

Cat Playing Theremin

Wow. It's a cat playing a theremin!I have nothing more to add.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

to all People that play farmville.?

Why do you play it? you do realise the animals on it are not real?

Asked by amando96 8 years ago

Need help to Embed and Auto play a You tube Video in a Picture or Comment

Need help to Embed and Auto play this video in a scammer comment 

Posted by barrybm 5 years ago

Anyone here play battlefield?

I was wondering if anyone played Battlefield 3 on the box of x preferably on the east coast?

Posted by The Cartographer 5 years ago

Should minecraft be a Topic under the menu play

Post to see if there should be a place for minecraft on instructables XD

Posted by iamboredalot 6 years ago

The Circle Video, Lesson 2, still isn't playing. ? Answered

When I click play, no video. Thanks for this class!

Asked by hhpte 9 months ago

is there a way to play PS2 games on PC?

 Can somebody plz tell me if it is possible to play PS2 games on PC.

Asked by 8 years ago

how to play guitar?

 i have been wanting to try guitar i have a acousitic guitar it has been tuned but i have no idea how to play it and easy was to learn how to play?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

how create small app and how put the play store that app.

I want procedure of how put app to play app upload to play store.

Asked by syed sulthan 3 years ago

How to play old xbox games w/out a hardrive.? Answered

I have a xbox 360s and i want to play starwars battlefront on it without spending barely anything

Asked by theboygenius 5 years ago

Anyone wanna play borderlands 2 with me?

I have a cracked version of borderlands 2. Does anyone want to play multiplayer with me? We could play using gameranger or hamachi.

Asked by jumper1111 4 years ago

Why does it say this video can’t be played with your current setup?

I enrolled in some classes and the video wouldn't play.  It said "This video can’t be played with your current setup."  Possible reasons?

Asked by marrs76 1 year ago