may some one please help me bulid something?

Im trying to build  a suit .

Asked by Joelseph 8 years ago

search coil ?

How can i make search coil for metal detector  with image if  u can please   and what the best  circuit  can i build please ? 

Asked by sahel_ja 7 years ago

does anybody have free knex

Please email me at for adress

Posted by gabe999 5 years ago

i need help please

Im almost finished with my knex ford gt but theres one problem i need a steering system can anyone please help me

Posted by Dante9030 9 years ago

Paracord project contest

Please Help! I can't seem to upload my my picture files, it keeps saying "HTTP ERROR " next to all of my files. please help.

Posted by cricket1997 4 years ago

Change in Membership plan

I accidentally purchased an expensive membership plan! Can anyone please help me to get me transferred to a cheaper membership??? Please help i really need this money!! 

Posted by SarjitT 1 year ago

S.O.S me please?

Hello again this is me Mohamed ......... i know that what i need will be hard but i really need it this is my first time to make a project in logic design i need to make a digital clock but the problem is i don't know what i really need to make it and how to put this things in the motherboard so i need some one write to me the things i need and a video show me how to make it i know that will be hard but i really need to make it   please i really need help as fast as you can    

Asked by mmamdouh1 6 years ago

Advice please

Okay i'm gonna do a couple of things i don't do often: 1)i posting a forum 2)the real point of this forum, i need advice. okay this is what i need advice about There is a girl at school whom i kinda like. i don't get often to talk to her. but i have her as a friend on facebook. only time i have hung out with her is at lunch our lunch table, which had a half a bazillion people at it sometimes. other times it was just a few of us and we never really talked then, a little but not much. advice please?

Posted by flyingcheesearmy 10 years ago

how can i get people to join my group? Answered

I cant anyone to join my group.... how can i get people to my please help im begging u!!!

Asked by dioblo2345 8 years ago

My photos wont close, why?

I'm writing a new instructable, I'm in the middle of it. I clicked on one of my photos, it took over my screen. I wont close.There aren't any X's or other buttons to close this. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the rainbow deadline.Please HELP

Asked by d1moonvalleymama 20 days ago

PLease help me find an animation or sound for my project!

OKoKoKOK.....I have a project due friday about volcanos. I'm doing the report on Mt. Vesuvius.I'm gonna make a powerpoint presentation and I'm looking for animations of GIFs about volcanoes. I found some, but they're either really slow or explainatory. I just want some big explosions. I got nowhere else to go, so i was wondering if someone knows a good website to find VOlcanic eruption animations of GIFs. SOunds would be very helpful too.pwease help

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

ne1 here

HELP@!! I don't want to lose all the work, and i am using your spell checker

Posted by fishcatcher 10 years ago

what simple tools can i use to build solar collector?

What simple tools can i use to build solar collector?

Asked by bernardshalom 5 years ago

I need some help

How do I get a picture. I uploaded a picture put it in my library and even namesd it. How do I get it as my picture?

Posted by artmule 9 years ago

Can Someone Explain The Game 'Conkers'

I've seen variants of the game on different UK shows, but never knew how to properly play it. Could someone explain to me how its played, rules and such? An instructable would be much admired. :D

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

How can I get started with DIY projects? Answered

I am really bad at DIY projects and was wondering if there were any sort of extremely simple projects mainly involving electricity and I was also looking for some tips on DIY projects. Thanks! 

Asked by solarblade90 8 years ago

my laptop can't see a wifi connection but my android phone does..

Please anyone help me.   the problem start when we change the router.. we change the router because it has a limited gadget can connect to it,but then after changing the router  we notice that the old router exist  so now we have 2 wifi connections the first one is the old connection.. and the second is from the new router..  im just confused , how come it has a two connection, my mobile phone can connect for both available connection but my laptop CAN'T connect to the new router connection but can connect to the old Connection.. i hope anyone can help me  TIA!

Posted by justins63 2 years ago

Can anybody help me find an idea for an instrutable? Answered

Hey I'm not really the type of "thinking" guy as you can see. Just to let you know I'm looking for a "thing" that does not involve too much circuitry or electronics. I'm leaving the rest to you ;) Thanks in advanced! 

Asked by solarblade90 8 years ago


I am trying to use a phototransistor to detect an object passing between the diode and transistor.  The problem I am having is that the PT is always on - even without the photodiode.  Are these things that sensitive that even a florescent light will trigger it?  If so, how do you prevent it from staying on?  I have never used these things before and my electronic design is pretty limited. TIA, Les...

Posted by les dale 7 years ago

Arduino Moon Phrase

Hello I am a 12 year old boy and recently got interested in Arduino. For Science fair I want to make a simple moon phrase displayer using leds, however, I could not find any projects simple enough for just a beginner. Also I only know the basic of coding giving me a hard time trying to understand complex codes. I would appreciate if there is a simple way to make the moon phrase displayer. Thanks in advance.  

Posted by pcha 5 years ago

NOOOOOO! What happened?!

I just spent an hour typing up an Instructable. The current step I was working on was practically a page! I put a lot of work into it and I cannot do it again. All the writing I did has been replaced by "give a general description of this step"! I hit "save now" every time I finished a sentence! What happened?!Excuse any errors right now, I'm shocked. All that work for nothing! Really detailed reports on what to do in differing scenarios of rabbit care! Gone! I can't simply "retype" everything!*Sigh* EDIT: I RETYPED, CRISIS AVERTED!

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Please read my instructable!!

Please read my instructable and give me feed back. I am particularly looking for pro member responses.

Posted by solarblade90 8 years ago

Help please

I need help... does anybody know how to send a message to Instructables? I got an email from them saying I need to send a direct message and not email... but I don't know how. please help

Posted by Cooker_4_Life 1 year ago

please add keywords problem

OS: OSX Browser: Firefox 30.0 URL: Can't publish instructable - get "Please add keywords" even when keywords are present. Example keywords: "onstar hack privacy camaro gm". I have tried others, nothing seems to work.

Posted by uhclem 4 years ago

Linux help please? MKII Answered

Okay here i am again. on the last question i posted (linux help please) poeple told me to use ubuntu. i tried but it says on the screen: This kernel requiresanx86-64 CPUbut only detected an i686 CPU. unable to boot- please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. where do i get such a kernel because,maybe i didn't see it but , there are apsolutly no system requirements writen anywere on the linux OR the ubuntu website. and that is for all the os i saw on the linux website. is it so hard to modify a page to put in system requirements??? anyway could anyone show me an os for SERVERS that run on a bi-processor Intel Xeon i686 motherboard? and show me the way to a free disk burner  program to burn bootable disks? best answer to the one who give me an os that works! thanks everyone.

Asked by didgitalpunk 6 years ago

What job can my son get? Answered

I live in Canada Ontario and I have a fourteen year old son who is desperate for money. I tried the paper route but he told me that it was not enough money. So, any suggestions? 

Asked by solarblade90 7 years ago

Why is the weather like this? Answered

It came to my thought on day, why is the weather like this? Specifically why are temperatures that are present today happening in the following cities: Halifax, Regina, Ottawa, St. Johns. Thank you. p.s I am specifically looking for answers such as, The weather is so, because it is in the lowlands and so on.     :)

Asked by solarblade90 7 years ago

pokemon metal

Dose any body know how to make little pixel pokemon figures?

Posted by minecraftpotato 4 years ago


Link to the instructable PROBLEM:have a problem here. i ripped a USB outa my old comp and ive got everything connected correctally and i get current when i use a current watcher thing. But when i plg in my ipod it doesnt charge...I've even replaced the female USB adapter....NEED ANSWERS FAST!!!IM SUPPOSED TO USE THIS ON PLANE TRIP TOMORROWWhat did i do wrong?

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Can someone please help me get past my schools software restriction policy? everytime i try to download limewire or when i try to make my own administrator account this little window pops up and says that i cant do that because its against my schools software restriction policy. all i want is some music so i can make my own cd's. if you can help that would be much appreciated :)

Asked by jkellogg11 8 years ago

intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

Posted by ryry637 6 years ago

hello my name is Mohamed i'm from Egypt i need some help please i need to make a simple project in logic design ? Answered

I don't know many things in logic this is my first time to make a project so please try to use a simple way to could make the project for more information i can make any project but (my professor say that i will give you A+ if you make digital clock)  i have only 5days.................. i need to know.. what are the things i need to use i need to know the name of it to buy and make the project             thanks 

Asked by mmamdouh1 6 years ago

A topic addressing the thousands of "Published instructable doesn't show up on site" Topics

We have all seen this topic many, many times. No matter how many people we explain this too, more come back the next day with the same problem. Perhaps it would be best to add an obvious message following publishing explaining that instructables will not show up straight away. All other ideas welcome, please discuss.

Posted by The Jamalam 6 years ago

Should I let my son buy headphones? Answered

My sons birthday came and I bought him a cellphone and have him $50. We went shopping for a little while and pointed out some brand new gaming headphones that were $50. I said no because they were too much for a  headset and that I was teaching him a life lesson. He is an avid gamer so it disappointed him. What should I do? 

Asked by solarblade90 7 years ago

can someone explain this for me?

In the picture of the schematic there is + symbols and i dont know where to connect them, specifically the 10M ohm one, can you lend a hand?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Pro Members! (Your opinion is needed)

Soooo, its been a few days since Pro Accounts have been implemented, and I've been wondering, whats your first impression of it? Are the features worth it? (I'll post again once the week is up, and ask again)

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

RSS Help!

Okay, RSS is something rather new to me, and I would like to know a bit more about, so could anyone explain/define/preach about RSS feeds, feeders, etc. Like, full on RSS for Dummies.Don't link me to buy RSS for DummiesSmart asses

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

A little help please?

Just me again looking for more advice.... *sigh... i must be pathetic...* I have been having problems talking with people. Not talking as in messing up my words but talking as in saying something softly and uninterestingly. it seems i can type with personality but i can't show it worth a crap... I just don't feel happy and i feel empty inside one of my friends said it was not believing in myself but i don't think that's the case. It's not a confidence problem. (3 years in Tae Kwon Do fixed that). It seems like a personality problem. I don't feel like myself... i don't do much but keep to myself. I play online games with a headset and i can talk just how i want to unless i am at school. I just feel numb inside. It is really hard to explain and i feel like i look like the kid that just sits and goes through the motions and doesn't have any fun. It feels like i have the personality of a rock. Im not the best looking, not the funniest, but i am nice to everybody. ( for the most part). I am just not getting noticed as much as i want. when somebody talks to me i just kind of respond in as few words as possible and it doesn't feel natural to talk for a long time. Can anybody tell me what this problem is and how to fix it. (if possible?) ----------------extra info-------------------- --I don't get out much --Most of my time is taken up by COD my computer and hunting --I have a small group of loyal, good friends --have never had a girlfriend --do not normally get in trouble please help me with this... i just don't feel interesting...

Posted by I3uckwheat 7 years ago

how do i make an EQ effects pedal?

I am very much a beginer in electronics, but i would like to make an effects pedal with three tone control's (low mid and high), and i would like to be able to bypass with a dpdt switch. all i know is this would require using band pass filters but i know absolutely nothing else :) can anyone help? or does anyone know of a instructable covering this particular gizmo?

Posted by j-plan 8 years ago

Gimmme a Name!

Well let's put it this way, I've grown bored stiff of both my online alias (Ryan Vance), or using me real name (NOYDB), so HELP ME PICK A FAKE NAME FOR MYSELF PEOPLE!! All I know is I'm after McCool as the last name, its sounds good, I like it, and it pays homage to a former role-model turned hero. I'm going for something cool and froody like Zaphod Beeblebrox, but of course a little bit more conventional...EDIT: I need a name some one might actually believe is truePictures are of interests and behavioral models...

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

beat him or let him mercy? Answered

Ill start out saying that i can really pack a punch, when i was in 3rd grade these two kids were throwing rocks out me i charged at them planing to tackle him, the other one ran, but he held up fist so i lost control of myself so i just speared him them punched him 2 or 3 times in his solar plexus which he imddelyty was passed out so moved to his face and it took three or 4 techers to just get me off him, took 7 to calm me down, i promised never to do that to anyone ever again unless i was threatend, well these guys got me so angry that they even made other people, friends and other graders ignore me because the other people thinks its true, they did not threaten me fyi, so i dont know what to do they even made a person hit me  but me and him r kinda chill right now/ we keep r distance, but he was talking about my clothes and mocking me saying that i got from dollar general and then i said " well things all even out because you got your parents from ebay" then he said all no you did not just go there and he did cause it, but he turned AROUND TO EVEN MAKE SURE A TEACHER WAS NOT LOOKING AND PUNCHED MY RIGHT IN ME ADOMENAL i was getting ready to pounce back but remeberd my promise but didnt  but ill just get to the main point today coming back from the feild trip i had to use the restroom well the only one was the one on the bus, so i went there, not knowing i was being followed, and when i was their he/she blocked the door so i could get the door open so i was trapped there for (thankly to god) for only 10 minutes because the teacher came looking for me. but i think it was gage, who is APPERNLTY my friend and hes been really rude to me lately and to all my friends just because i dont just talk to him (i try to be nice to many people but they just talk smack about me sometime) so he even admitted and no i will not tell a teacher.

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 8 years ago

blog post in groups please

Can we please get the ouption for the owners of the groups to be able to makea blog page in the group eg: what is the point about it.

Posted by james.mcglashan 8 years ago

psss! can you surprise my dad? please?

Hi everybody, I discovered that my dad is already a member of instructables! He has been a member for some times, until he recently told me that he is a member... His user name is Zapper, I don't know why he is called him self that, but that is what he choose.He is still not quite convinced that Instructables is a great site so can yall please greet him a warm welcome to instructables? Please? Heres Zapper.Thanks!UPDATE: Don't leave any welcome comments on his orange board, because he deletes them, I don't know why he is doing this.

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago