How do I hack a postage scale? so my arduino can read the weight?

I need to hack a small postage like scale so that my arduino can weigh something?  looking to weigh something in the 0-5 pound range. There are many scales out there, here is one: thanks,

Posted by stevemcl 6 years ago

3D Printing in the UK?? Answered

I was shocked by the postage prices for Ponoko ($80 minimum on a $7 part) is there anywhere in the UK that will let you print one off items with small minimum orders. Or any way I can get something printed and keep the cost under £20?

Asked by madmanmoe64 6 years ago

can someone help me implement the Australia Post DRC postage calculator into my website?

Hello, i am starting up an online store , on behalf of , where i or rather "we", will sell things to raise money for the community vault! so far ive had no issues with building my the store into my website, however, now that i am up to writting up the listings, i need a template to copy off which each listing for each item will reside. each items page must show the price of the product, and the shipping cost . now heres where the problem starts i have no idea on how to implement the postage calculator from australia post, into the template, so that all items pages display the shipping cost depending on thebuyers location, so that anyone anywhere can buy from the site, and not just people within australia, and areas i need to pre-research the shipping price for, which will become inconvenient as the site grows. there are instructions for doing this on this link however, i dont know how to put this into my website, or how it works, as it requires a substantial amount of coding. what i need to know, is how to , using the provided code ,set the variable which is being set as the value of a text box within a form, to the shipping price of that area, when i click a button, also in that form, but not have it leave the page. although, i dont want some variables to be accessable by the person browsing the page, such as the weight, which i want to be able to alter within the source code of my hmtl file. all i want the buyer to be able to do is select their location, press a button, and have the shipping rates to that place appear in the text box. the shipping calculator is the only thing missing from my website. whoever can solve my problem will get a best answer from me!

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 7 years ago

Uk based animatronic company i found mega cheap free postage

Ok I ordered an animatronic arm piece from the company and received it by the next day dinner time free postage and only £4.99 for the arm. The sell servos and everything cheap price all free postage, thought I'd share the wealth! Buy in bulk, great for us animatronic and robotics lovers! hope this helps!

Posted by Zion_Sphere 7 years ago

nintendo DSI black for sale - reduced

I am selling my nintendo DSI black witch includes all of the following: DSI console charger lead 5 stylus's (2 of which are extendible) black case 2 game cartridge storage cases all of the manuals the original box and comes fully charged so you can play quicker it costs £69 for everything you see with free postage and packaging. I will only post it to to people in the UK. it is in a good working condition and has been tested. it is PAL format. if you have any questions or you would like to buy it then please leave a comment or private message me.

Posted by slithien 7 years ago

How are postage stamps voided? Answered

Hello,  How do the UK postal service know if a stamp has been used before?, (Sometimes they do not have a postal mark across them). I think that it used to have something to do with phosphorous dots... um.... Thank you

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

League of Legends, Teemo Hat - Hand Made

$15 Whether you, or someone you know is an active player of League of Legends, this handmade hat is ready to get that special someone in the zone for their next battle. Completely hand made from a custom pattern, there's no others like it. Due to handmade nature, product may differ slightly to shown picture, just adds to that handmade feel. One size fits all. (approx 56 cm diameter) $5 Postage within Australia $10 Postage to most of the world

Posted by Sawowie XD 3 years ago

Old flyback transformers

I really want a old flyback transformer for my high voltage projects, but I don't know where to get one. I tried to get one from my local TV repair shop, but they did not have any, only new modern flyback transformers and I don't want that kind of transformer. So if you have any old functional flyback transformers that you don't want anymore, I would really want to buy them from you, and I will pay for the postage price. I will buy modern flyback transformers if you are trying to give it away for a very cheap price or for free (I will still pay for the postage price). Please respond to me if you live in UK, if you don't live in UK, please don't respond to me because I cannot afford such high postage (shipping) bill.

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago


I would like some old abs plastic or acrylic im not entirely bothered its just something for products ! if anybody has some id be sure to pay postage costs ! Many thanks Stephen Niall

Posted by stephenniall 8 years ago

how do you know how many stamps to put on a package envelope (i'm sending a shirt)? Answered

HI!! Im trying to send a shirt to someone one state away. i dont wanna pay shipping or anything so id like to send it through standard usps.. (regular mail) ...on the envelope (its an 8 1/2 in. x11 in) it says "Affix Sufficient Postage" SO MY QUESTION IS.... HOW MUCH POSTAGE DO I NEED?!?!? && HOW DO I KNOW??!?!? Thanks for the help everybody xoxo azn Juliet xoxo

Asked by itxhurt2know 7 years ago

witch copanyies ship free elctronic samples to the uk?

I was looking for some sites that give away free elctronic samples and ship to the uk can you suggest me some?

Asked by sharlston 8 years ago

Idea: Worth writing up?

Well, here's my idea. Cost: less than $10 (hmm. not including postage.) No electronics experience required.Does it look interesting? (my last "burning question" answer seems to have gotten less than 2000 views...)

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

Selling my Knex!

I really dont have alot of time because I have to go out. But Ive finally decided to sell my knex, and here it is on EbayUK. Postage WILL be more if you are outside of the UK. Thanks.

Posted by Hiyadudez 6 years ago

Where can I buy Holtek ICs online - preferably somewhere base in Europe?

I am looking in particular for the HT8970 and HT8950 but am curious to see what else is available. I would like to buy from somewhere in europe to save on postage.

Asked by shmelfhelp 8 years ago

Tiny solar cells - UK supplier?

Solarbotics sell a tiny solar cell. A dollar each, but postage doubles the price.Does anybody know of a cheaper source, preferably in the UK?I have already googled, and failed.Alternatively, is it possible to cut or break up a normal solar cell and still use the fragments?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Nerf Mods

I will Mod Nerf Guns for you for increased power, cool looks...and you can request more so email me at  You can choose to send your gun (you pay postage) or add the cost of the gun onto the mod cost.  Thank you, more details can be discussed through email.

Posted by King monkey 2 years ago

transformer for neon light

Hi- I have a couple of transformers for some neon lights I got at a place going out of business. I'm never going to start bending/blowing glass so if anyone else has need of the transformers (or the tubes of glass!) I'll be happy to give it away for the postage. Call if you want pictures or have questions. 813-541-2137 Terre

Posted by terrefirma 2 years ago

Can I print and distribute Instructables posts?

I work with an organization that provides books to incarcerated people. All the books we send are donations. (Raising funds for postage is tough enough, so buying books is out of the question.) We get frequent requests for How to Draw books which are rarely donated. Would it be acceptable for me to print Instructables posts on this topic?

Asked by judyspak 2 months ago

How to mod an AC adapter for the Harman Kardon Soundstick from other adapter? Answered

I have a HK Soundstick with a broken AC adapter. It costs me too much to buy a new one ($20 without postage). So may I mod some AC adapter (from notebook or other equipment) to use for my Soundstick? If yes, how can I do that? Thank you all!

Asked by shackvn 5 years ago

What is the UK equivelant of Light Corn Syrup? Answered

I have heard that Golden Syrup is a good substitute but since that is flavoured and i was planning on making Hard Chew Candy I want the syrup to be flavourless so it does not interfere with the fruit flavour. It needs to be available in Scotland (the UK) The reason i post this question is that on Amazon Karo light corn syrup is £3.95 and the postage is £2.50 which i thought was very expensive.

Asked by The Science Guy 6 years ago

Make a stamp disappear?

I'm planning a mystery dinner party. There will be a postage stamp on display. I have a way to trigger a lights-out remotely (just by plugging the lamps into a remote-control switch). During the blackout, which will last a few seconds until I can "find the fuse box," the stamp needs to disappear. I could of course just walk over and steal it myself, but I'm looking for other suggestions. Print the stamp with some kind of ink that will vanish if hit with a camera flash? Some sort of motor-and-string attachment that could pull the stamp into a hidden chamber in the display case?

Posted by snoyes 7 years ago

Can someone make an instructable for this?

Hey,This is my first post on the Instructables community section, so here goes.I've been looking at this product for awhile now: ThisHowever, I don't live in the states, and have to pay for massive postage costs for something so simple.So, I'm requesting if someone could help me by making a DIY tutorial version (an Instructable :P) of this?I need it desperately. Plus it'd increase my nerdiness by 340% _~Tim.P.S - Sorry for any spelling errors, or if I posted this in the wrong section or anything of the sort.

Posted by Crystalmyst 9 years ago

HELP! PROP NEEDED: Hollywood tourist maps x2

Hello all, i have been asked for two Hollywood tourist maps for my show this year (i need by Feb 10th) would one of you wonderful Californians be able to send me two ( i am willing to pay for the maps AND the postage via paypal) Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE please please I would just use a normal map and just print something to stick on part of it... but ...well it just wouldn't look right Can anyone help me??

Posted by Biggsy 5 years ago

Electronic Swap Program -- Intrest Poll

Muff and I are in t3h (hehe) process of trading a few parts, he sent me some stuff I needed, I'm going to send him some stuff that he'll need.Anyway, it brought up an idea: An Electronic Swap Program!It'd work where you'd send stuff that you have tons of to someone, and they'd send you stuff they have. This is really a great way to get stuff you need -- and the parts end up being cheaper, since you try to send parts that you have in bulk. (Its cheaper to buy in 1K quanities than 1)I'm just trying to see if theres interest. The plan, ATM, would be something like this:Send parts and $2** to me I use $2** to send you a mix of what people, and myself, have donated.You get parts and are happy. (happy or die!)**Outside of USA: I'd probably have you guys go online to our postal service's site, and buy the postage for me, and send it to me to print out. Or just send me more monies.(You end up paying postage both ways)$2 is just a guess on how much it'd cost. Muff's package to me cost $1.14 -- so $2 seems about right.If you're interested, or have a suggestion, lemme know!

Posted by zachninme 10 years ago

Neon sign transformer

Hello everybody, I am looking for a Neon Sign Transformer (NST), I can not find any in my local area and cannot use ebay because I am 15 years old. So if anybody has an old used NST that you don't want anymore and willing to give it away or can obtain a NST for free from your local dump or neon sign stores, I would really want it! I will pay the postage bill. If you are curious why I wanted a NST, I want to build a Tesla Coil, I had built other Tesla Coils using other power supplies but I always have bad luck with them, they don't work properly so that is why I wanted a NST.I really don't mind how much voltage the NST gives out, like between 6Kv to 15Kv, but I do mind how much current it gives out, I only want a transformer that can give give out current between 20mA to 40mA, because of this, I don't want to build a big Tesla Coil yet...So, if you have a NST that you are willing to give away, please respond to me ONLY if you live in UK (United Kingdom), because I cannot afford such high postage (shipping) bill from other countries like America..

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Need old Microprocessor CPU chips

I need a bunch of old CPU microprocessor chips for a craft project.  They can be totally non-functional.  I'm interested in the physical package, not working electronics.  I'll pay postage and agree upon a sales price. However, I'm most interested in older chips, the 486's and early Pentiums (586's).  See figure 2 as a guideline.  I need a bunch ( > 30) but I'll buy them one at a time if necessary. All are for an Instructable, so it's for a good cause.  Any advice for websites that are selling to old chips would also be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

Posted by CrLz 8 years ago

Where to buy polyurethane resin/foam in UK?

Hi guys, Do any UK people know of nice suitable places to purchase the two-part polyurethane resin that mix together for making casts from moulds? Or the polyurethane foam that expands a bit when it cures? There's two places on eBay (TOMPS and another) but at £24 a kg with high postage costs, I was wondering if there's any bricks & mortar places I can pick it up, or other online places to buy the foam? I'm using it to thicken the shell of a Pepakura helmet so there's stuff to sand down. Any pointers please?

Posted by chiok 9 years ago

Names for K'nex guns

Hey, I've decided to name my weapons, like the heavy does in TF2. They are as follows (and they will NOT work without the Russian accent):Storm 220 V1 = SaschaStorm 221 V1 = GertieStorm 222 V1 = UrsulaStorm 223 V1 = BerthaStorm 220 V2 = NataschaStorm 221 V2 = RosmertaStorm 222 V2 = Nikita(postage after we've moved house) TJ-ASTR V1 = LucyJamassault pistol = HannahTJ-SR-V4 = BarberaStorm 22 Pistol = NathaliaI'll be referring to them by name from now on, so you better learn these!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Green sand options? Answered

I finally finnished my testing prototype of my metal melting furnace. Did a few casts to get short rods for the lathe work and noticed a big problem. I used washed play sand as itwas the finest sand I could find locally. The result was good in shape but very bad in terms of surface quality. For another test I used the leftovers of my crushed perlite and mixed it bentonite and the surface was really smooth - but using perlite is not really an option. Real green sand is hard to get in my area and the postage costs for a 20kg bag are just too high on top of it. So, before I start hunting down all sand and soils shops nearby: Is there a proper name for extreme fine sand or a good alternative for a reusable casting media?

Asked by Downunder35m 2 years ago

Member gift exchange?

I just heard about imgr doing sort of a secret Santa type gift exchange for valentines day and thought that was a super cool idea. While we're probably too late for v day, maybe that would be a fun thing to put together for a "spring cleaning" maker trade. There's a lot of amazing talent on this site and I bet some of us could definitely stand to clear our workbenches of surplus or unsold projects. Each person would get the name and address of another member and send something they make, and receive something from a different person in return. I'm happy to help organize it, but I'm not sure about the best way to assign gifts since we can't just draw names out of a hat. Suggestions? And do we divide it by country so nobody has to deal with international postage, or leave it wide open? I welcome ideas and definitely would like to gauge interest.

Posted by ashleyjlong 2 years ago

Water deionizer

Hi I was wondering if any one had a good idea of how to build a water deionizer.I'm just starting a car valeting business and need deionized water for final rinsing of cars to prevent water spots as we are in an ultra hard water area and normal rinsing leaves water spots no matter how well we chamois it. I have a 1000L IBC tank that we use to collect recycled and rain water which i want to use to rinse off the cars. As we are in a water controlled zone we have to recycle and filter our water and also it is a ultra hard water area the filters to deionize the water for rinsing cost around £90 plus postage and only last 10-15 cars which is to really killing our business. It is costing us around £9 a car to just rinse them and on a basic wash we only charge £10 which as you can see is not viable. Thanks in advance

Posted by msc 6 years ago

JOT shop.

Selling duct tape wallets, can be customized, will only sell to UK, unless you are willing to pay higher postal costs.Catalog;JOT duct tape walletsmk1; Plain duct tape wallet, size-22cm by 9cm. Plastic card holder can hold around 10 cards and the note holder can hold well over 35 notes. This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.* cat no: 610 silver cat no: 611 blackmk1.3; Same as mk1 but with The JOT BBW (Blue, Black and White) design on it. This product is covered by the 2 year guarantee*, the design falling off is not part of the guarantee and may happen. cat no: 613mk1.6; Same as mk1 but with your initials embossed on the design (so they stick out). This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.* cat no: 616 silver cat no: 617 blackmk1.45; PROTOTYPE, this prototype of mk1.3 and is made of cheap, "Pound land (r)" duct tape, it is high quality but has sticky bits on and smells a bit like plastic bags. Prototypes will always have a 25% discount. This product has NO guarantee as with all prototypes it is sold as seen. cat no: 913Variable stockI also sell tonnes of electrical parts, so if you need anything, from LED's to 400v capacitors, from Motors to Photographic censors from digital cameras. Even x-box and PS2 parts, I'll sell you just about anything you could need to do with electrics for the lowest prices too, (lowest prices are including UK delivery, any other country will pay higher P&P charges due to overseas delivery costs.Pricescat no; Price; Delivery size;610 £5.00 M611 £6.50 M613 £6.00 M616 £11.00 M617 £13.00 M913 £4.50 M LTDStandard UK delivery (2 large items marked L OR 4 medium items marked M OR 6 small items marked S) costs £2.50.Guarantee*This product comes with a 2 year money back guarantee if it is ***accidentally damaged***. No re-fund will be given if we can prove it has been deliberately cut with scissors or any other hand tool or mechanical tool of any form including, but not limited to hand saws, flamethrowers and army tanks. If you can manage to tear it with your hands, without peeling away individual layers of duct tape, then you will be awarded 100% re-fund plus a replacement wallet, the same terms apply to this guarantee that apply to the money back one above.Please not that you will not get a re-fund on any postage and packaging int his guaranteeAll products have a 30 day re-fund period in which you may return the product, with the receipt to the return address found on the back of the packaging for the wallet. If it is opened then it will qualify for the 2 year money back guarantee. The only major difference is you will get the postage and packaging re-funded as well as the price of the product.Please not that YOU will have to pay for the postage for it to be sent back to us as we can only re-fund what YOU paid US. ''Thank you for shopping at the JOT shop!''

Posted by jotism 9 years ago

PKM's Gift Exchange Survey

My skills include: electronics, soldering, coding, papercraft What I'd like to make for someone: something involving those skills I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: S, M I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else What I like: Practical/useful things, anything that lights up, engines and flying things, photography, computer peripherals What I don't like: things you only use once, baked beans, thoughtlessness I absolutely can't have: (due to allergies, pets, etc): anything that will make too much noise Type of thing I'd love to receive: something that surprises me, that looks cool, that fulfils a useful function or is entertaining Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Providing it's something small and the cost of postage isn't more than the cost of the item I am at least 18 years old

Posted by PKM 7 years ago

EGiR, Gift Exchange

My skills include: Electronics, woodwork, textiles, visual design. Here's a link to my featured Instructable: What I'd like to make for someone: Something Novel. I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: Any! as long as postage doesn't break the bank I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Definitely! What I like: rugged yet elegant, slightly useful What I don't like: things that break I absolutely can't have: antimatter (allergies) Type of thing I'd love to receive: blast-proof rubber gauntlets, USB icecream machine, dot-matrix waffle press, Igor. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? yes Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Yes.

Posted by EGiR 7 years ago

Can a battery recharge itself? Answered

Hi there, i have a query. In a circuit powering just an LED can the battery power the LED an recharge itself? Or, having a battery power an electric motor connected to electric motor running it in reverse could that generate electricity to run the first electric motor? In my head i have this image in my head that the 2 motors wired together with a LED could power that LED and themselves from the battery connected for a short while then put back in its package? I'm not blessed with access to a reasonably priced electronics store (honestly, its cheaper for me to import the components from America paying postage to New Zealand than purchasing at the nearest store even through online or phone order) Anyway, so i haven't got the patience to wait 2weeks and spend many dollars to experiment myself i wondered if anyone had or knows if this sort of thing works? Thank you Also, could you explain and list what i would need to do this? Thanks again

Asked by Scotty3000 7 years ago

Instructables Halloween Postcards

Some people send Christmas greeting cards.  Since Halloween is our favorite holiday, we decided to send Halloween greeting cards.  About 1100 of them.  Check out the pictures of signing, stuffing, applying postage, and mailing them. We sent them to top authors by number of Instructables, by pageviews, top commentors, people who have previously won contests, and others.  Since we did all this by hand (and had a couple of snafus along the way!), if you didn't get one, that doesn't mean you're not awesome; it means we screwed up and forgot to ask for your address.  But, we'd still like to send you one!  So, if you'd like a Halloween card, and you haven't already entered your address, leave a comment here by Friday October 23 and I'll send you the link to submit your information.  If you have entered your address but haven't received your card, it's probably still on its way. Happy Halloween! This is the forum topic for Halloween 2009.  If you'd like a card for 2010, please see here: 2010 Halloween Postcards.

Posted by ewilhelm 8 years ago

Ignition switch for an electric bike in the UK.

Hi folks. Does anyone in the UK know a dealer who could supply an ignition switch/battery lock for a Thompson Classic electric bike? I've had a look around the interweb & ebay & cannot find a suitable replacement switch anywhere, there are plenty that would fit but none of them seem to be the correct one as they only have one "On" position the one I need has two, one is for pedal assisted & the second for fully powered. The switch also locks the battery box onto the frame it looks similar to the larger of these two on ebay. I have called the importers & their quote for a replacement carries an outrageous price compared to the third party ones I have seen at over eight times the price plus postage & although I expect to pay a bit more for a slightly more complex part I certainly don't expect it to be THAT MUCH more. I'm sure there must be other bikes that use similar switches but haven't as yet been able to find a dealer who can help. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance for your help. N.G.

Asked by Nostalgic Guy 4 years ago

Ignition switch for an electric bike in the UK.

Hi folks. Does anyone in the UK know a dealer who could supply an ignition switch/battery lock for a Thompson Classic electric bike? I've had a look around the interweb & ebay & cannot find a suitable replacement switch anywhere, there are plenty that would fit but none of them seem to be the correct one as they only have one "On" position the one I need has two, one is for pedal assisted & the second for fully powered. The switch also locks the battery box onto the frame it looks similar to the larger of these two on ebay. I have called the importers & their quote for a replacement carries an outrageous price compared to the third party ones I have seen at over eight times the price plus postage & although I expect to pay a bit more for a slightly more complex part I certainly don't expect it to be THAT MUCH more. I'm sure there must be other bikes that use similar switches but haven't as yet been able to find a dealer who can help. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance for your help. N.G.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 4 years ago

Really need a "Gearbest" 16x32 r/g LED matrix

Hi, new to this forum but Silvius' excellent work with this 16x32 matrix inspired me to join, mainly to thank him for his work: Anyway, I am working on a project that requires 3 of the LED matrix panels featured in this project. I ordered 3 but broke one of them (my inexperience) so I'm short one of these 16x32 panels. They were available here at Gearbest but they're now sold out. I wonder if anyone who picked one up for a project no longer needs theirs, or has a spare they'd be willing to sell.  I've tried a variation of this board but it's not quite what I need - must be the board with SKU/model 202393. I'm in the UK but I'd be happy to pay for the going rate for postage (and your time having soldered it!) as well as for the unit itself. "I'd see you alright for a drink" as we say here. Let me know what you'd want for it. I figure this is a long shot but thought I'd try! Take pity on a newbie, huh ;-) Thanks, Davey 

Posted by NewcastleDavey 2 years ago

UK based WEEE recycler - do you want any bits and pieces?

Hey there instructables fans. I've been reviewing your site for a while now, loving all the cool projects. I saw one project that was using some disused IDE connectors from a PC and it got me thinking.... part of my day job is running a WEEE recycling company in the South West of the UK. We process an awful lot of computers and although we re-use as much as we can of the computer stuff we recycle there is still a lot that goes to be shredded for material recovery. I'm always looking for new ways in which bits and pieces could get themselves a second life. Would this community be interested in any old computers bits and pieces? I'm not asking for money just enough to cover postage, perhaps some brave soul in the UK would like to take on a 'bulk order' and then distribute around? It's just a thought and my apologies if I've stepped on any toes or forum rules, I have no interest in making money from this just simply to get make a few small bits and pieces useful once again :) Please message back if interested!

Posted by yakboy 10 years ago

Amazon voucher give-away - WINNERS!

I won a prize by posting a comment on a tool blog. The prize is a $10 Amazon voucher. Unfortunately, I can't redeem it on, and it would be swallowed by postage if I ordered from the US. So, I have a voucher to give away. To win, have a look at this topic started by Acidbass, and then post a verse for an Instructables boom-de-yada song here, complete with links (see the verse I posted there). Deadline: 4th December. Judging - the "best" verse will be selected by the capricious whim of Acidbass and myself. The winner will be announced in this topic, and receive the prize by PM. WINNERS! In reverse order: 3rd goes to Wasagi 2nd goes to RedNeckEngineer and 1st, with the prize voucher code, is.... GOODHART! Well done, that ibler! 2nd and 3rd get no cash prize, but Acidbass will include their verses in the video. Keep posting good ideas, though! I think the winner is Goodhart because he followed the rules made a catchy verse and had the guts to send me a recording of his verse that he made by himself to place in the movie. 2nd place is RedneckEngineer because he got creative with the verse. 3rd is Wasagi because he followed the instructions and did a very good job. The 2nd and 3rd place prizes are that their verses get to be in the movie :-)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Looking for high voltage transformer(s)

Hi! I am looking for anyone who would be willing to give me any neon sign transformers (that are not being used or are unwanted) for free. I have looked online and everyone that I have found has been way too expensive. It doesn't really matter the type, voltage, current, etc. of the transformer, I am just looking for one suitable for making a tesla coil of any size (I can adjust the design and size of the tesla coil to work well with the transformer). I would be willing to pay for shipping as long as you live in the US for I do not have very much money. Also, if you are not willing to give me or do not have a neon sign transformer, I am also looking for oil burner ignition transformers and pretty mucj any high voltage transformers that can be used for high voltage experiments/projects. If you are interested in giving me a transformer for free and are willing to pay for postage, please email me at the following email: Otherwise, please leave a reply to this post. Whether you are willing to give me any of the transformers I asked for or not, thank you for taking the time to take a look at this post.

Posted by BeekerButts 1 year ago

~! Knex For Sale !~

Ok So I Have Many Knex Kits For Sale Although I Am Not Leaving Knex Fully Still I Am Cutting Down My Collection And selling Most Of My Knex So I Am Wanting To Sell The Following Kits : • Starburst Spinner • Cool Machines Rally Sport • Pirate Ship Park • Orange County Choppers ( The Green One ) • Blue Creator Set (#42001 In Blue Storage Box) • Yellow Set (#43010 In Yellow Storage Box) I Also Have A Box Full of Spares So If You Want a Certain Piece E.g. • Cogs • Balls • Panels • Roller Coaster Track holders • Wheels • All Types of Rods And Connectors • Bendy Rods • Motors • Chain • Any Others You Want Ill See If I Have Them • I Also Have A Couple Of Men Oh And For The Rods And Connectors Say If You Want Metallic’s Of Normal’s E.g. White Rods can Have White, Silver And Black, So Comment On What You Want Then Name A Price /An Offer If You Want Spare Parts Say What Part You Want Also, Quantity, Colour And Also Add A Price / An Offer I Live In England But I Will Post Out Of England Like To USA But The Postage Price May Be High Dependant On the Weight All Offers Are Welcome Happy Buying Knex Mad  

Posted by knex mad 7 years ago

Where to get piezo igniters?

I have several lighters that I still like, either for their design or intended purpose. But over the years some failed to produce proper sparks with the piezo. For some I could salvage replacements from cheap lighters but not so much for the longer ones - the type to get your bbq or oven going. Here the wire from the igniter is in ne long piece going all the way from the piezo, through the long neck to the flame outlet. As the wires in those piezo igniters are aluminium it is next to impossible to attach a longer wire as usually there is no room for crimped connections and the isolation is a problem too. I also have one particular lighter that uses a slightly longer and thicker piezo igniter, the common ones don't work here as they are too short. Adding more support underneath is a no go as the shorter ones have less travel when activated. Last but not least is one lighter that requires a piezo with not just the little metal cap at the end but with a full metal body for the stationary part. The lighter in question does not work with standard types even if I add a little metal strip to make proper contact. Problem is simply put that like this the standard ones arch over and no spark comes out of the wire. So big question: Is there any supplier or Ebay shop where one could actuall see the various types of piezo igniters and order them in small or single quantities? So far I already struggled to find a source for the crappy standard ones and the only one I found wanted to charge $ 2.95 US per igniter plus postage. Sounded a bit greedy to me considering I can buy a complete lighter with it for around one single buck...

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davidbuzz - Build yourself a portable home -- a mongolian yurt - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcement here.davidbuzz was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:Build yourself a portable home -- a mongolian yurtShould this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist. Finalists, please edit this area below the bar to add your own statement:Hi everyone, davidbuzz here! - Just adding my personal note here, (as instructed!). I think that my entry, which took two weekends to write (not including yurt building time of innumerable hours and 3 yurts), and includes nearly a hundred photos, and full details, is rather good, and really comprehensive. It's also backed up by the fact that it's already inspired at least 2 others to start building yurts themselves, which is fantastic. Thanks to everyone's interest, my instructable made it into BOTH the "top rated", AND the "most visits" lists prior to being a finalist, so it must be popular. Please vote for me to show that! (up-rate this forum post!)As for winning the laser-cutter, I can promise you that I already have 20 different uses for it in mind ... including finishing my CNC table and building a 'reprap' (google it), and I'll be sure to post instructables on the good ones of them for everyone to see too!. I'd also like to take this opportunity to offer the use of the laser cutter to any instructables members located in Australia, for the cost of the materials & postage ... if I win! Yes, that means I've just opened myself up to 22 MILLION possible users (the population count of Oz) ... so put your votes in NOW! Viva-La-Instructables!

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Archaeology Student needs help with 3D scanning and printing

Hi Guys and Girls, first time posting like this so i hope this is in the right place, and if it is i can get some help. I'm currently studying Applied Archaeology, in the Institute of Technology Sligo, in Ireland, I'm in my fourth and final year and as part of this I have to research and write a thesis. The topic I am planning on doing involves 3D scanning, and if everything goes to plan, it will turn out great, and is something no one has done before in Irish archaeology, Ok so here’s the thing. It is still early days, I haven’t even decided on the title or gotten a chance to experiment with the scanner, and I am relatively new to 3D imaging and all that it involves. But as part of the overall concept of my thesis I would like to haves some of these scans print using as many of the various different methods of 3D printing as I can. This is so I can compare and analysis there suitability. This is where I hit a wall and I hope someone can help. There aren’t many companies that do 3D printing in Ireland and those that do usually deal with medium to large company’s and thus are way out of my price range. Edit: 21.09.2011 Ok after a doing a boat load more reserch I have been able to pick three methods of 3D printing I would like to use: 1. Fused Deposition Modeling using the, RepRap and MakerBot. 2. Laminated Object Manufacturing. 3. Stereolithography. If any of you out there have an interest in Archaeology and can offer advice on 3D scanning, image editing, has access to a 3D printer or are lucky enough to own one of these machines, and are willing to help me out I would be extremely grateful. I am more than willing to contribute what I can to the cost of raw material, cover the postage to Ireland and of course give massive amounts of praise and acknowledgement to all those that have helped, when I’m writing my thesis. Many Thanks Michael  

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Im starting an ebay gadget store. what are some cool fun things to sell?

Well technically ive already started, but now, ive made enough profits to begin expanding. At the moment i sell 70mw green laser modules (not pointer pens), carbon graphite rods 5/7/10mm wide at any length and from time to time i try and get rid off my liquid a$$ stink spray, though people tend not to buy that as postage is $6, and lastly long range, but very cheap, 433mhz receiver transmitter pairs . All of this , from within australia, i plan on selling things which are awsome, as well as generally inaccessible by many australians. Currently i intent to buy up 6v spark gap ignitors , identical to those on sparkfun, different coloured laser modules, titanium to weld to my MMO anode mesht cuts, more wireless receiver/transmitter pairs, though, this time, toggle/momentary ones, currently my ones are latching, i plan on buying small shockers, and lastly, Nitrates, Aluminium powder, sulfur, and all those chems which are so hard to find in australia. Also, i will start buying more, and in larger amounts, thermochromic pigment. I also plan on building DC-DC HV converters, for charging coil gun capacitors, (based on the instructable of the same name, once i get permission to use the schematic to base my design off to sell), small shocker modules (to make taser things from), Various oscillators, like flyback ones, 3D printing services and 1W regulated 808nm burner modules. Now, ever since i discovered the spark gap ignitor wholesaler, ive been thinking, "what else could i sell thats awsome and hard to come by?", but legal too, this is ebay after all. I would really like some help in finding things which arent especially expensive or big (im not buying stuff which costs like $100 a peice), but also things you would like to see sold in your local gadget stores. Really, just anything in this general catagory, stuff which is really awsome or very hard to get, either in australia or anywhere, but not illegal. like novelty gadgets, or things which do amazing things, such as mini spy cam bugs or something. I really need help, i know what kind of things I LIKE, and want, but not what others like and want. please help me out!

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Ch. 2 In Which Many Packages are Shipped and a Fancy Dinner is Held

Hey Instructabrarians, SHIFT!  here.  Just keeping you updated on the exciting weekly activities at the Instructables HQ!  This week was relatively hectic, with a lot of planning on a bunch of stuff including Maker Faire 2011, Ice Cream Social Planning, shipping out new prizes, and of course NEW contest planning.  We finally got all of our iCreate Robot kits in, as well as an extremely large shipment of new Instructables T-Shirts in this week (now in Purple and Blue!). My fellow interns, Karen and Wade, and I were able to finish shipping out all of the fantastic prizes for not only the National Robotics Contest as well as the Eggbot Contest at our local PO (and it only cost a couple hundred in postage!) So Winners, be expecting a special delivery from Instructables HQ soon! Maker Faire planning is going well for us too.  Just received all of our tickets to the Faire, and I know Karen's been very busy preparing with upcoming interviews with all of the news teams that will be visiting the Faire.  And, as always Instructables will be selling some awesome one-of- a kind merchandise.  Which reminds me, better get DIY PIXAR ready too. And before I forget, Friday was totally awesome!  To celebrate our 10 millionth visitor to our website, we were all treated to a fancy dinner at Lulu's Restaurant on 4th Street, SF!  Food there was fantastic, everyone had a great time, and it was great to get everyone out of the office on a Friday night. As for me, I'm still adjusting to my work as a new member of the Instructables team.  There's always something new and exciting going on everyday and I'm still wrapping my head around all of this.  This really is the best job ever. Oh, two last things before I go - special treat for all of you, some special inside news.  First off, our upcoming public Ice Cream Social at our Top Secret HQ (conveniently located on 82cd Second Street, right next to Sammy's On Second) is going to be amazing.  If you've ever wanted a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens on the site, come next Thursday, May 19th, for the public event and FREE Ice Cream!  Laura's actually booked a machine that uses Nitrogen to store all of the  ice cream and, yes, it is Cool. Finally, some brief new contest news. Earlier this week, I actually got to sit in a new planning meeting and listen in to all of the great new ideas Instructables has planned.  Now, as an intern I've promised my bosses not to spoil the surprise for you, so I'm bound by my word to uphold their confidentiality.  BUT, I can guarantee you that our new upcoming ones in the next months are literally the best  contests I've ever seen happen in my long time experience as a user of this site, and are quite unlike anything you've ever seen before.  So stay tuned, you'll be amazed. Anyway, that's it for me.  So until next week, SHIFT! signing out! PS.  I know I'm forgetting several people in my pictures, so, in advance, I apologize.

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