Cannot download print.html error when I try to print a instructable.

Posted by reese hill 10 years ago

what is the best way to print on wood?

I need to print words onto a small wood surface. I have many items i would like to do it on.

Asked by tiggythegrey 9 years ago

Need information on printing the instructables. Answered

When I try to print the instructables it comes out all garbled up and not in english, does any one know how I can fix this?

Asked by TravelinRNC 9 years ago

I want to reuse the wine cork and want to print colored images on it, any ideas?

I have a lot of wine corks and I want to cut into circles and then print some colored images on top of it.  Any suggestions, how I should do this?  If printing color is too difficult, do u recommend any other options?  Can any printing company do this?   Thanks.

Asked by MilJ 7 years ago

How do I print on trainers/shoes?

I am looking to print some designs on some trainers - preferably Adidas Stan Smiths or similar. I'll probably do one colour but I am interested in any technique.

Asked by itsmonkey 9 years ago

What are the important factors to consider when I need to advertise using print stickers? Answered

What are the important factors to consider when I need to advertise using print stickers

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago

Printing PDF files

Hey: I have tried several times recently to download custom PDF instructions from various instructables so as to print them. I don't do this often but in the past when I have it has worked fine. Looking for possible reasons why I am running into problems this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,

Posted by jwhit 6 years ago

cannot print from the print button at the end of the first step of ANY instructable

When I try to print using the print button at the bottom of the first step of any instructable I get an error screen. I am using two different computers running Int Exp v 6 and 7 I think - if I use firefox the preview comes up with a bunch of gibberish text and characters. "The error from MS Explorer is Internet explorer cannot download print.html from Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try agin later." Behind this is a box that says "File download print.html from" but nothing ever happens. I am logged on as my userid cnc_gary. I'm not sure when this started, but in the past few weeks. Both computers are Intel duo-core running XP sp2 - prior to this I could always print the whole instructable. Is there something that I need to change or... Gary

Posted by cnc_gary 10 years ago

Problems with printing

For the second time in one week I have tried to print a customized PDF. The pictures are all great but at least some ( read most) of the instructions come out looking like thy are written in a different language. The first time I thought it was a fluke but now it has happened again. "Protect the Tech" is the project I was downloading. It is an awesome project but I really need the instructions in readable English for it to help me. What's wrong???

Posted by jenniahart 8 years ago

Has anyone used mri data and converted it to autocad point cloud? Answered

Then used the point cloud to design and then print a surgical instrument for CNS surgery?

Asked by CNSFIXER 5 years ago

Make a Letterpress Printed Product

Love the look of letterpress and want to get an idea of how it gets made? Printer SIMPLESONG has created this quick tour of the process of how they make a card on their machine from 1906. It's awesome to see that the old equipment is still working just fine, making cool new stuff. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Print Server

Hello, I have a apple mac PowerBook G4 that connects wireless to our 4-port adsl modem which the PC connects to as well. I was recently tiding out the box of cables and modems and stuff. I found our old adsl modem it just has a power port a telephone port and an Ethernet port and a usb port. I also have a sub wireless adapter(plug in to a PC and you have a wireless adapter. Is there a way to modify these items to build a print server so i can connect to it and print. I can't modify the wireless modem since thats what we use for internet.Is there a way to make one so I don't have to pay like over $50 for one I want a small device so i can make our usb printer a network one so i can print easily??

Posted by jbman 9 years ago

how do I print a large image on many small sheets (may have overlap) and could the sheets all have random orientation?

Well I know there is either an istructable or a boing boing post that explains this in some detail but now that I have a huge beutifull printer full of ink I can not find it. I have a big pickture and I want to make a murial to glue on a wall but I need to do it fast before the printer is returned to the store for recycling (its still full of ink and paper).

Asked by agust 7 years ago


A recipe was posted on my FB today for Bacon and Egg Brunch PIe here is the link, but clicking on the pdf does not have the recipe come up thanks

Posted by porkysgirl 5 years ago

I'll use brochures for business, specifically marketing purposes. What are the important reminders I should take note?

I'll use brochures for business, specifically marketing purposes. What are the important reminders I should take note?

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago

Getting Started with Reprap

I need all of the information, websites, Ideas, anything that you can give me to help me out. I have been dying to have a 3d printer, and it sounds like a self-replicating one would be the way to go. If you can, than please do, it will be greatly appreciated. Anything helps! See my latest instructable here.

Asked by shotgunshane 4 years ago

3D Printing Fails.

I'm not exactly sure why, but the BBC collected a bunch of 3D printing failures. I couldn't resist sharing the screenshots and captions, especially in light of Fungus' recent topic. Enjoy.

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

how much does the average 3d print service cost in 123D? Answered

I want to make a prototype but have no Idea how much this 3D print would cost.

Asked by nerd7473 4 years ago

Print to... a book?

I have access to a printer, which can print on standard paper - but that's not what I want. There are publishing houses (and Instructables!) that can print my text in a bound book - but that's not quite what I want, either (not yet!) What I want is: a printer, that can take an empty, bound book (Moleskine for example)... and print in it. Without damaging the book! Has anyone made,or bought, such a printer? At first I thought it would need to be some form of XY plotter, but a normal print head should do the job. The trick would be setting the page limits, holding the unused portion of the book, and to start the print at the spine.

Posted by AlanC2 3 years ago

My first Free3D print

Three months ago I submitted instructables into one of the challenges, and was selected to received Free 3D print. I chose to have my 3x3x3" 3D print instead of a famous 3D instructable robot. Two weeks ago, my 3D print got delivered in the 123D box, to my door. Also included in the box are an instructables patch and stickers. My 3D print is the case for my RevIO, an Arduino compatible board. A prototype that I'm made recently. ( Thank you very much for the Free3D Print program and everyone behide this program, otherwise I won't be able to see my project moving forward to this point. Thanks sath02

Posted by sath02 5 years ago

A Guide to Screen Printing As a Supremely Accessible Art Form

Here's a pdf of an in depth tutorial on high quality, cheap screen printing. I couldn't post it as an instructable so I was told to post it here. Check it out: (the pdf below)

Posted by humanpoweredprinter 10 years ago

how to remove print from a jacket or t shirt?

Basically have a jacket with print on it but i want to turn it into a logo free jacket it rubs off slighty if you spend ages,ages and ages on it , is there any way of removing it even quicker?

Asked by Mud_Monkey 9 years ago

auto printing?

I need help and I'm hoping I've come to the right place. I consider myself fairly computer compitant however I'm having a hard time find a resource to learn this little trick. Basically I'm trying to make something print everyday at 730am so when i walk in the office in the morning i can grab it from the printer and get to work instead of waiting for the secretary to hopefully get there at 8am and hopefully print it by 830. It's and excell file (ns that it really matters.) If any one knows a simple macro or a setting please let me know. thanks.

Posted by knstormshadow 8 years ago

How to make an adapter to use a usb printer on a parallel port print server?

I have a Netgear Ps110 parallel port print server. However  my printer is an all in one HP K80. Is there any way I can make an adapter to connect the two of them?

Asked by juanarusab 8 years ago

Looking for partner to produce/print product ready to bring to market

Hi all. I am looking for a partner to take my design, build it/print it and I will market and sell it. Patent pending, but we have decided to go straight to market ASAP.  Any thoughts or persons with experience with this type of arrangement? Thanks for all replies. John 

Posted by JohnW518 6 months ago

I want to print some gears, but I dont know how to make them

So I'd really like to make some geared mechanisms to be printed out, but the math is a little bit beyond me. Right now I have 123D and it does not have a gear generator. I was thinking that somewhere there has to exist a catalog or database of pre-designed gear stl files. I was hoping that somebody here might know of such a thing, or perhaps another way to easily make gears? I've been seeing all kinds of crazy gears made into really exotic shapes, but I don't know how these are made either. I'm assuming that the people that designed them are super geniuses, or that they have some kind of advanced software. Which is it?

Posted by Tomdf 6 years ago

3D printing and CNC materials question

Hi there! What common material is best for off-the shelf rigid rods/bars for things like 3D printers and CNC machines? I'm actually thinking about making a 3d pantograph for expansion/reduction of originals sculpted in epoxy, (perhaps to be added/linked with a print/machining rig later. I see a lot of what seems to be steel tube or rod in people's projects, but steel is bouncy. Is there a particular cast or extruded alloy of steel or aluminum? Cast iron? Bronze or brass? I don't have a machine shop or a lot of money, so I have to use stock material or salvage, and I'm not so sanguine about salvage for this most critical element of the machine. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Posted by eruger 3 years ago


Charging for the print book and the classes you are pushing on us is like Microsoft forcing us to download windows 10 and it bricking the screen or the $1500 computer then running a message your equipment does not match and you need to update and now you have ballast to put corner weight in the race car 

Posted by hdrideblue 1 year ago

Does anyone know of a free program that would allow me to print a giant poster on several 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper? Answered

I want to create a mural for my bedroom wall and wanted to make it look like window panes, so I'm looking for a free software program that could help me with this.

Asked by rpawlowski 9 years ago

Compact the PDF

The PDFs of instructables include lots of images in full size. This is good for viewing online but waste of paper when printing (what the PDFs are intended for) What we can do to change this : Implement importance setting to the images and image comments. This is set by the author of the instructable when creating it and can be changed later by the viewers Add the following settings on the download page Setting 1 - Images less important than this are scaled down Setting 2 - Images less importat than this dont get into the PDF at all A comment like ' Plz print me on used draft paper' on the download page may save some trees as well

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

Chopping Up an stl file into multiples

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some software help.  I have a single stl file of a Johnny 5 robot.  I don't want to print it all in one part. What I'd like to do is chop the arms, head, and other random parts off, and save them as separate stl files so the robot can be re-assembled. Ideally the chopped off arms would have male-female connectors to fit back into the body they were removed from. I'm looking for input as to what would be the best method to accomplish this both in software and technique. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Posted by gravityisweak 2 years ago

Simple CNC

Does anyone have any information about the three programs, Simple CNC, Simple Art and Simple Engrave. I went to the website, and there is an order page, but the contacts and support buttons are dead.  There is no way to get in contact with them. Before I checked this I actually ordered Simple Engrave and was told I would receive an invitation to the CNC forum.  But I have not received the invitation and have no way to contact.  And of course, no program since it has to be downloaded from the forum. Should I just start a grievance with Paypal?

Posted by yrralguthrie 2 years ago

PDF download - no match with the website

Hi. As PRO member I like to download the PDFs the read them on my iPad. Some days ago I downloaded a PDF I was really interesting in, but when I red it later looking for a specific part I spotted online, I realized it was missing on the PDF (so as other parts). I didn't check the othe PDFs I downloaded in the past weeks, but I must suppose some of them (hopefully just "some" of them) will have missing parts; as the print out of the web page is impossible (overlapping of everything) and as currently the PDFs download is a pay-to-get-it service, I think this is non acceptable.

Asked by jocman 3 years ago

How do I open a Certificate Trust List file? Answered

I downloaded a file off of, a 3d modeling file. It says "this file is invalid for use as the following: Certificate Trust List" Please help, any info helps.

Asked by theboygenius 5 years ago

What would be the best way to put a design on a hoodie? Answered

I'm looking to make two fairly identical hoodies. On the front, there is a fairly small, intricate logo, and on the back, large words. Does anybody have any ideas on the best way to put designs on a hoodie that will be replicatible and fairly inexpensive.

Asked by Appollo64 6 years ago

i have a fingerprint scanner from a old laptop, can i use it with a desktop pc or my new laptop? Answered

Its from an acer travelmate 5530, i still have the board it was attached to, but the piece itself has 10 pins sticking out of it, there is a chip on the board that the finger scanner was connected to that has a 8 pin chip, then the 2 mouse buttons, and a interface cable. is it even feasibly possible to reuse this fingerprint scanner?

Asked by zack247 7 years ago

any ideas for 3d printing

Has anyone got ideas of what would be a cool thing to 3d print? perhaps something with moving parts, any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

Posted by resistanceisfutileiflessthan1ohm 5 years ago

Bluetooth finger print reader

I need a design (better yet an operating) hand held, battery operated bluetooth enabled finger print reader. That is, the bluetooth enabled finger print reader would store one finger print and then compare the person usign the reader to the print stored. If the prints matched it woudl send out an approval code. I am sure someone out there could make one. How can I contact that person? 

Posted by Bruce747 6 months ago

PDFs will not print

After seven tries, I give up! PDFs will not print inspite of re-entering my Pro login multiple times. My login is recognized, but as soon as I try to save a favorite or print a PDF, I am required to re-enter my login. After loging in (again) nothing happens.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

Posted by Frmeyers 7 years ago

is this print possible? Answered

Hello, i am working on my 3d printer, but i haven't completed it yet....... but still a question arises in my mind..... that can i print this (here-  , i mean i sliced it..... and saw..... that at one layer..... it extrudes filament..... in the middle of no-where...... i mean how can it stick in the air...... ???????

Asked by _Boltz_ 2 years ago

How can I print on satin ribbon?

I want to print on satin ribbon, such as names, dates, etc. I cannot find a way to do this, by hand or on my inkjet printer without the ink "bleeding" or fuzzing. A ribbon printing machine, of which I have found 1, is way out of my price range for grandchildren gifts.

Asked by 8 years ago

how to do toner transfer for PCB?

Hello. what must i do, to do toner trnasfer, in order to print a circuit on a PCB? i mean the most straight way. what papepr should i use, and what kind of print?? thanks!!

Asked by settra 4 years ago

Undefined lines in PDF

I have been trying to print the pdf from: but even in the PDF preview of the document starting at page 7 and including page 8 I get a seires of lines number from 1 through 62 that all say "Undefined" and when I print the document that is exactly what it prints.  It starts to print the picture from step 7 but fails somewhere in the middle and then kicks out 2 pages of undefines before going to page 9.  I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 but had the same results with the latest Adobe Reader DC.  My OS is Windows 7 with 64gb ram and 1tb hard drive.  The browser is Firefox 54.

Posted by Southerner 11 months ago

Can you 3D print in beeswax?

Hi there, I'm looking to have a conversation with someone who might know how to 3D print in beeswax and in reasonably fine detail. There's a couple of Dutch guys who have already done this, but other than talk in forums, I've not seen much else. I would like to find someone who actually can either do this now, or is in the process of already finalising how to do this. If you can, would you consider contacting me and discussing further. Regards, lexip

Posted by lexip 2 years ago

Customise PDF Printables - Videos portals are Images too!

When customising a PDF Printable, video portals come out the same as images, so when choosing not to print images it should logically follow that the image of  a video is also unwanted! Surely a simple techo fix? Love my imagination being stirred even if I don't make a project - Thank you all!

Posted by alougable 8 years ago

I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with!

Hello everyone! I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with. It would be great if that person lives in Europe.  The reason I am writing this is that I have few awesome (in my opinion) ideas , but there is needed a 3D printer, and maybe the person who knows how to make 3D models printaable.  Please PM me if you want to help me and make something creative together.

Posted by kondzio29 4 years ago


It took me forever to track down the original link to this artwork, but it was well worth the effort! Check out the amazing detail that Nash Gill captures through his laborious efforts. Absolutely gorgeous, and very inspiring.

Posted by scoochmaroo 9 years ago