What are the various uses of defunct printer?

I have an old printer which has stopped working. What is the best way I can use the printer/spares from the printer. Resale will not fetch me any money.

Asked by prernapoojara 9 years ago

how to built a printer

Any one know how to built a printer for my office... its a 4" by 8" 3 copies... so i like to use a daisy wheel..

Posted by jayjayx_jay 10 years ago

how to use t-shirt printer?

I mean the steps of using it t-shirt printing process how the ink or the paint load in the t-shirt printer and the design ofcourse

Asked by annaayen 7 years ago

What can I do with an old printer?

Wondering if and how I should harvest the innards for projects

Asked by JCO72 8 years ago

How can i refill a brother LC970BK printer cartridge?

Brother MFC-235C printer scanner takes above cartridge cant find out how to refill. thanks in advance

Asked by 9 years ago

can you use magnetic sheets in any laser or inkjet printer or just one or the other?

Or is there a printer that you should not use the magnetic sheets in?

Asked by Gwendarlin 9 years ago

How do i load transparency sheets to a printer?

My transparentcy sheet is attached to a white sheet. Do i remove the white sheet? If not, which way do i install it white sheet facing up or down?

Asked by 8 years ago

Unneeded printer

Hi. I have a printer (dell photo 964) that I don't need (since I don't have a power supplie for it) so I was thinking what can I do With it? can somebody tell me how and what I can do with it (something like: make a card reader out of it, small picture screen, etc.) I know that you can make a table lamp out of it's scanner. Thank You

Posted by redon12 10 years ago

my black ink is not printing on my hp photosmart 6510 how can i fix this?

Its a hp photosmart 6510 all-in-one printer, wireless, model #B211a

Asked by juliealanis 4 years ago

HP Laser jet 4 installation? Answered

Dear All I have an old printer HP Laserjet 4 model C2001A (please see photo) and have a problem when installation it to my computer windows 7 ultimate .Because I cannot found my model C2001A on list of (INSTALL THE PRINTER DRIVER) before and after UPDATE. So please help me to know what I can do for get rid of this problem, I hope you understand my question and help me Thank you very much                                        Best regards                                          lam

Asked by lam 5 months ago

HP 1315 memory chip

How do I remove a the memory chip from my Hp 1315 prinnter before I reccycle it?

Asked by mglynn68 6 years ago

CD Tray For Canon IP6600D Printer?

I have a Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer and I need to print directly onto CD/DVD?

Asked by Mike Toone 8 years ago

3d printer

Hello I was looking into making my first 3d printer so I decided to choose something simple so I found this: http://printrbot.com/shop/simple-makers-kit/ Any recommendations of any other simple printer or comments on if this is a good printer to make  thank you in advance-TDC

Posted by ThinkDesignConstruct 3 years ago

"Best" 3D Printer on the market today

Many of the 3D Printer reviews are a more than a year old that I have found. So the question is what is the "best" 3D printer and/or Printer Kit for someone who wants to start 3D printing. Cost is an obvious factor, but quality to finished product and simplicity for a beginner are also important. 

Posted by cadams15 4 years ago

3D Printer Help

I am considering buying a 3d Printer, but I need something cheap and easy. I found a model that a like, it's the FDM 3D printer. The problem is, science I'm new to 3d printing, I have no idea what to look for. This particular printer has a low cost with a decent print size.                     Link to Website  ~~~~~> http://www.amazon.com/printer-printing-PLAfilament-applicable-Pieces/dp/B00ON2TG6U/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1425238313&sr=8-15&keywords=3d+printer

Posted by MASH567 3 years ago

Finfing This 3D printer for Students

Hello I received this subject and instructable for a cheap printer 3D, but now this page its not here. Somebody may help me in this search. Thank you so much. $60 Hi-Res DLP 3D Printer This was constructed with an old pc  Regards

Posted by Janethbee 1 year ago

How i can use the monitor of my old printer? Answered

I disassembled my old hp printer and I got this monitor. you think it is usable in any way?

Asked by cepi85 4 years ago

Good use for old all-in-one printer?

I have an old Epson cx9400fax and was wondering if there was any nifty parts in there?

Asked by 8 years ago


I have all the printer software installed and the comp wont see the printer for some reason, can some help me. usually i would be on top of this, but i dont have lots of time to worry about this kind of thing. please help.

Asked by zen lyne 9 years ago

3d Sugar Printer - help me build one!

I am looking for an engineer in Champaign-Urbana (IL) who can help me build a 3D printer for sugar, a la Evil Mad Scientist.org. anyone interested?

Asked by 9 years ago

What Kind of 3D Printer?

I am looking into getting a 3D printer for hobby projects and what not.  I don't have a lot of experience with 3D modeling, or 3D printing and 3D printers are expensive.  I would like to get a good printer but not spend a lot.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what kind of printer I should get, should I get single or double extruders how big a printing area etc?  I have been looking at Makerbot, and Rap Man.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Dreadphill 5 years ago

How do I use a printer motor?

I got an old printer at my house so i thought of getting the motor when i got it there were 4 pins how do i make it work where do i put the wires?

Asked by tobyscool 7 years ago

What 3D printers are under $1000 that I can have ready to use by July 1st.

No hard building please.  I have found the solidoodle 3D printer, but it takes 5-6 weeks, anything quicker but not pricey? (Need a minimum build volume of 6"x6x6.

Asked by bdignes 5 years ago

Is there a software where i can download and make my own 3d printer items?

Is there any software where i can make my own custom 3d printer items to download and make through mine?

Posted by Carbonado 2 years ago

What can i do with three broken printers? anything really, parts, things to make etc. open to any suggestions?

I have three broken printers in my room and i don't know what to do with them. i don't want to throw them out. any suggestions on what to do with them?

Asked by jibatsu 8 years ago

how do I get the light that scaned the paper in an old printer to light again?

I have an old lexmark 3300 series printer BUT i dont know how to get the light in the scaner section to light again please help?

Asked by Laserman595 8 years ago

Inkless printer- Laser or Heat to engrave Paper

Hello,I am currently searching for projects that print on paper using heat, lasers or other inkless technology. The problem I ran into is that a search for burn, laser and thermal in combination with printer and paper allways brings many results that are irrelevant (laser printers, thermal transfer printers and such).What I did find is http://www.flickr.com/photos/jabella/438212343/in/set-72157600033633262/ for example. Though commercial laser solutions seem a bit "too much" and overpriced to plot a bit on paper.Does anyone here have any links to projects that use heat or other methods to print on paper?I guess it could be as simple as a plotter using a weak soldering iron ;-)

Posted by schorhr 10 years ago

I need a 3D printer for under $300!!!

The 3D printer must be under $300 including materials, electronics, motors etc. It must also run on an arduino mega 2560 which is not included in the cost. It must print at least 30cmx30cmx30cm and a maximum of 45cmx45cmx45cm. It must be able to run on a mac!!!!! it can be made of anything but I don't have a CNC router or laser cutter. I live in australia so sadly we don't have a TechShop!!! The printer must be able to print in high quality! I am only 12 years old!!!!

Asked by Harry Park 5 years ago

i need the scematic for the scaning light of a lexmark x3350 printer?

All Im trying to do is get it to light up again lot of possablities.

Asked by Laserman595 8 years ago

Printer froze need help?

I have a HP deskjet F2210 all-in-one printer that froze. It will not respond at all. I plug it in and all the lights come on but dont blink. It says its diconected on the computer but its not. When i press the power button it wont shut down. I have to unplug it to turn it off. I have tried unplugging it and leaving it for a while but it still won't respond. How do i fix this.

Asked by redlizard5 6 years ago

New on 3d printing: asking for advice

Hi everyone, Do you have any suggestions for an amateur to buy her first one printer? Thanks for your advice firstly!

Posted by fernelu2017 6 months ago

Is there a place where I can pay to use a 3d laser printer?

Anyone know where one can pay a reasonable amount of money to have a design printed on a 3d printer as in the one for the "settlers of catan" 3d laser cut board instructable by G-Squier? if so please let me know, thank you.

Posted by allen401 5 years ago

Any ideas for a printer that can print onto a bound notebook's pages?

Hi, I've been wondering about this for a while. I would like some sort of machine that can print onto the pages of a book that is already bound. For example: If I have a leather notebook and I want to print a poem or some such onto a page I would then load the book into the printer and the printhead would move around the page to print the required text (as opposed to the page being moved in a normal printer). I was wondering if anybody knew of an existing tutorial, product hack that might allow me to do this? What I have found is the following: -Axidraw - this is probably the closest to what I want but it is quite expensive. -Handibot - this does what I had in mind but for cutting. My ideal would be something like this that prints. -Printer modification - another step in the right direction but this only works if the material being printed on is of a fixed height. The constraints I foresee is the fact that the pages in the book need to be kept flat and that the height of what is being printed on can vary. If there is a solution out there I haven't been able to come up with the search terms to find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Marcu

Asked by gekko15 3 months ago

Tiny portable printer - Will pay

Hello everyone. I need someone to come up with the plans or the finished product of a really small portable printer around the size of a Galaxy SII (or iPhone) but twice the height (thickness) at most. It must be able to print on a strip of paper about 2-6cm wide. It must be able to print a dot-matrix like text. The size of the text must be somewhat adjustable. It must print ASCII characters and maybe some symbols. The line of text to be printed will look like this: ID0001||25AUG{}12:55 No need for paper feeding or anything. It should operate like: place the paper in the tray, press a button/buttons, remove the paper. The ink should last for at least ten prints before replacing and the device must have a rechargeable battery. I would prefer if you make an instructable out of it as well but it is not mandatory. If you can deliver kindly send me a private message here with your offer.

Posted by izybit 5 years ago

Live right now - printing with cheese!

These guys are 3D printing with cream cheese right now. [LINK] No, I don't know why it's green.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Does anyone remember how to make the old hectograph for reproducing written copy?

Used back in the late forties, early fifties to reproduce classroom hand outs.

Asked by DRbrsn 9 years ago

Can I use this LCD i just ripped out of a scrap printer? hp c4280?

Http://www.google.com/search?um=1&hl=en&safe=off&biw=1280&bih=601&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=hp+c4280&oq=hp+c4280&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=19867l22895l0l15l9l0l0l0l0l760l760l6-1l1 here is a link to the pictures in case anyone was wondering..... there is a small square COLOR lcd along with a long old-school lcd, What do i have to have to play with them? 

Asked by punx777 6 years ago

I have about 20 large touchscreens from HP A826 printers. Wondering what I should build .... Sensible or Crazy; I'm open

I've got about 20-25 of these things. The printers are shot, but I thought I can't let that many Touch Screens go to waste. I haven't broken any of them down yet, so I'm not sure what's inside, but ... • They thave 5 cardslots, and take USB sticks. • They must have some sort of (limited) memory capability on board (help animations, and previous settings etc.) • They play slideshows. • The Touch screen seems to go beyond the 'display screen. The are 3 'hot keys" on either end. • I could just strip them down so I have 20 digital frames around the house playing holiday snaps (if the printer will allow that if it recognizes the ink cartridge is missing). But a bit boring. • I thought about making myself a two sided ebook reader (I 'd have to figure how that would work though) • I thought that hooking up 20 of them (5 rows of 4) into a crazy foldup / foldout monitor would be a great idea, but probably unworkable. • Or I could make some other useless crazy art piece. Any other ideas, tips, links to similar things? If I end up making something I'll be sure to post it.

Asked by Yokel 7 years ago

Facadeprinter prints by shooting paintballs

Want some art nice and big on a wall and don't want to break out a ladder? The Facadeprinter in Germany is something that can help. It's a computer-controlled paintball gun that can make paintings 8m tall and 10m wide. The computer takes into account the shape of the target so there's no distortion in the final piece. Check out the video to see it in action. Facadeprinter via Wooster Collective facadeprinter.org - three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

How do I use this PSU/ should I?

While ripping apart an old printer I found it had a nice looking "+5V/1.5A, +12V/3.5A" power supply. I tried searching for a data sheet, but couldn't find one. Here's a picture of it (top right). It's an "open frame power supply unit " made by APD, but they don't even list my model (APD-6018-50A1). Anyway, I tried plugging it in (careful not to get electrocuted of course) and seeing if it could run a large DC motor from the +12V, nothing happened, even when I tried it along with a 10ohm, 10Watt power resistor. It has some additional pins and I thought some of these might need to be shorted, like the green signal wire on an ATX supply, so i tried shorting the sets of pins, and one of them made the motor jump, but then it just kept "ticking" every half second or so; go, wait,go,wait, etc.. Un-shorting and re-shorting the pins makes it jump then tick again. Any ideas how to get it working, or should I stick with a hacked ATX PSU for my robotic power needs (automated airsoft turret)?

Asked by Vick Jr 7 years ago