um looking for elevator avr program. Do you have example program ?

I have to write a project for 30 floors.  but Im not good for programming... If u can write me example program for 2 floors . Include limiting switch, Door open, Door close . display floor number and  Other parameters.  So I can study the code and the i Can expand it to my project.

Asked by shanakaplus 7 years ago

How Do I begin to program in c without a microcontroller

How would i get started writing programs in C/C++ on the computer for free. I would like to be able to write simple games.

Posted by sotsirh194 9 years ago

C++ help

Hello programers i need ur help, i need c++ program that control dc motor by 2 inputs U for Up and D for Down , so once  press U cycle duty increases by 25%  until reach max and press D for decreasing 25% until stop i hope  getting replays soon thanks all

Posted by nerofromeuro 3 years ago

easy way to program PIC? Answered

What is the easyest way to program PIC chips? i have a ghetto programmer around for attiny's, and wondered if there was anything similar to that...

Asked by godofal 8 years ago

How to check if a program exists from a bash script?

How would I validate that a program exists? It should then either return an error and exit or continue with the script.  Can someone help me???

Asked by valeriavetralla 3 years ago

free example Assembler and C programs. Examples

Ftp:// username: ian password: blank, no password required.

Posted by turnbui 4 years ago

Has the Group Sponsorship Program closed down??? Answered

Hello All, One of the most awesome programs I've seen in the past was the sponsorship program.  And it was one of my pitch points for why we should have a hackerspace here in town.  Now that we have one, I've been looking around the site for the program and all the links to it have been taken offline.  Has it been cancelled??? Thanks for the time and hope to hear from you soon! Clint LeClair, Pres. of

Asked by 1tri2god 4 years ago

Is there a utility that will allow me to program my computer to turn on and off at specific times? Answered

I want to be able to have my laptop turn on in the morning and hibernate or shut down at night.

Asked by SpaceShipOne 9 years ago

How do you have a C# program look for a file in a directory and if it isnt there generate it? Answered

I would like it to check for a text file named Username.txt in the same drive (ex C:/) as the program, and if it isnt there, generate it? Where in the source would the code go?

Asked by drmjj55 8 years ago

How do i make a program for normal curve?

My prob and stat class has this assignment due in a month and its to be able to make a program for Normal Curve..Can anyone help me with this? I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure it out but I can't.

Asked by MathMan371 6 years ago

Can you recommend a free 3D designing program? Answered

I would like to get started with 3D computer designing, since my drawing skills aren't very good. Thank you.

Asked by Eunix 4 years ago

Calculator Programs for Math

I've been working on some programs for my calculator recently and have decided to share them. I made these myself from scratch. If you want to modify go ahead just credit me. Don't sell them. And don't use them in math class if your teacher says not to. The programs are a follows: a quadratic formula solver, parabola solver, slope of a linear equation finder, and y-intercept finder. The programs work on TI-83's and TI-84's. If you have questions on how to use them or how to put them on your calculator please leave a comment!

Posted by sardines454 10 years ago

Program a cheap microcontroller to work with a electric odometer?

I need suggestions for 1) a cheep microcontroller, and 2) how to program this controller to work with this setup (link) (minus the arduino) .  If that does not make sense just ask and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Edit: If this solution can have anything to do with the ATtiny85 that would be great because i just found a box at a garage sale that was full of them. Thanks in Advance, Zootsuitman

Asked by zootsuitman 5 years ago

embedded computing system and embedded program?

Embedded system is combination of hardware and software that perform some specific task I don't understand what is meaning of embedded computing system design 1)both embedded system and embedded computing system are different or same ? same question 2)both embedded software and embedded are different or same ?

Asked by vead 3 years ago

Help programming attiny85v with arduino mega?

Alright so I followed the high-low tech tutorial to the letter, however I can't program the attiny85v. I currently don't have a filter capacitor (looking for one to use in my board box), however I've read that it isn't necessary. So anyways, I hit upload ad this is what I get. avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I also tried jumping GND and reset with a wire and I get the same thing, so what's going on?

Asked by XOIIO 5 years ago

Which program do I need for this file? Answered

Facebook tells me that before I upload any new picture, I have to install their new plug-in, so I have saved the installing file and everything is fine..... UNTIL I try to open the install file and Windows 7 doesn't recognise the file format, and I am equally lost in this matter. Can anyone tell me which program would be suitable for opening this file in? And if you know of one, is there a way that I can (Legitimately) get hold of it? If you need any more information, please post a response below. Thanks :D

Asked by roblin90 8 years ago

Program a flash drive

Hi everyone, I have a friend who have helped me to attach some components on the chip of the flash drive to make it possible to select some LEDs to lid. So with this new components I'm going to make a software that changes 4 LEDs in the flash drive. This software that I'm going to develope is going to be on the flash-drive and not on the computer, and when I press a button "turn on green" or something similar the green light should led. Now to my question. What programming language should I use, and how do I make it possible to "talk" to the leds? Hope anyone can help me with this, Thanks in advance xddx

Posted by xddx 6 years ago

What is GIMP?

What is GIMP? My friend talks about it all the time and I have to just pretend like I remotley know what he's saying. Please help!?

Asked by darkbro999 8 years ago

I need a batch file to control another window.

I need it to open another window, I know how to do that, but can i get it to do things in that window, such as display text and other things.

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

A great improvement over ELIZA

MindMentor, the first robot psychologistPeople affected by emotional problems are often reluctant when they're told to see a psychologist. Now, they can confidentially consult online MindMentor, the first robot psychologist. It will cost them €4.95 for one hour session (or about US$7.65 as of today).( does anyone remember Eliza ? )

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

I need to make a batch file that asks/ receives user commands/ passwords.

I need the basics for asking for a password, and also ask for yes/no from the user, also to make menus for the file and also for the user to type in secret commands, possibly when you could put in a different one, such as it asking for a password, and you have 2 options. I need them to be very simple, and easy to put into the file design.

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

Reflections on Pier 9 Residency

My residency on the Pier lasted from January through June 2014, a total of six incredibly busy months, during which time I built a 3D printer with an un-bounded build volume and a low cost metal laser sintering 3D printer. It took nearly three months to learn to handle the overwhelming potential of each new day on the Pier. The Pier is such a focal point of creative energy and flux-- every day the Pier hosts thought leaders in design, fabrication, art, and engineering. I've never seen such a critical density of talent. In the residency program, I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with fashion designers, furniture makers, illustrators, and other engineers with a freedom and agility that I've never seen anywhere else. In one of many sudden collaborations, Anouk Wipprecht returned from a trip to LA and showed me an SLS 3D printed tentacle that she was considering using in a dress she was designing. I began thinking about FDM-printable compliant mechanisms and designed a tentacle more compatible with the fabrication process. Mikaela Holmes then saw the tentacles that I was printing and based on her input, I ran a couple more iterations. She then showed Paolo Salvagione these more developed designs, who in turn took it even further by adding servo-actuation to automate the piece's motion. Mikaela then iterated on the concept for several weeks, and settled on a multimaterial Objet fabrication process to make her amazing blossoming headdress. This kind of interaction could only have happened in the residency program. The other striking thing about the Pier is the learning infrastructure that surrounds each machine and process. Residents can get trained up on a machine under the instruction of the shop staff who have put together amazing documentation surrounding each machine (just see Dan Vidokavich's Haas VF-2SS video series). Tools, it turns out, aren't very useful unless you know how to use them and the Pier is full of extremely knowledgeable folks who always teaching through even the smallest actions. It's a very positive and healthy culture of always giving each other a hand. I have also never encountered so much support for realizing such personal projects. Noah Weinstein and Vanessa Sigurdson made sure no obstacle was insurmountable. When I needed to move my 3D metal printer prototype briefly off the Pier, Noah immediately located additional space and helped me move my prototype that weekend. Julia Cabral, Autodesk's environmental health and safety officer was also an amazing resource and advisor to my metal printer project, which involved high voltage, high powered lasers, explosive materials, and pressurized gases. Not only did Julia do tons of research to advise on proper sealing, venting, material selection, and gas sensing techniques, she also helped me draw up all the associated safety protocols for operating the prototype machine. I'd recommend the residency program to artists, designers, and engineers alike. The human and fabrication resources tare unparalleled and reside in a spectacular culture based on respect, openness, and mutual support.

Posted by andreasbastian 3 years ago

What is a website or program that would make it easier to program the Arduino?

Im to lazy to learn programming languages and i was wondering if anybody knew and websites that used pictures and digrams to program the arduino?

Asked by connoboarder 6 years ago

Program in BASIC?

Can someone convert a text document into a program. If you tell me your email I will send you the text document.

Asked by neeley 7 years ago

Wi-Fi Program?

Does anyone know of a free Wi-Fi program that i can use on a Compaq running XP? cheers, -John-

Posted by Klowd_13 10 years ago

Is there a way to make a batch program uncloseable until the actions have been completed?

I have written a password program in batch but at the moment the user can just hit the close button and then the program will close. As the title asks can I stop that or not? Any help will be appreciated.

Asked by QwertyuioLP 7 years ago

What is the best Minecraft world editing program?

What is the best Minecraft world editing/terraforming program out there? MCEdit, Voxel Sniper, World Edit, World Painter, etc.?

Asked by ~KnexBuild~ 4 years ago

How do you turn a text document into a program written in basic?

What do I do to turn a text document into a program written in BASIC

Asked by neeley 7 years ago

TI-84 program for simpifying radicals into a form like number plus rad(9) ?

I already have a program that simplifies radicals but dont feel like adding on a feature to take in consideration of things being added to it or subtracted from it. Anyone know of a site that has the source for a program like that, if not i guess i will just have to do it myself.

Asked by froggyman 9 years ago

Does anyone know any sumo robot programs?

I am working on building a sumo robot and I need help with the program. I don't want to use NXT or RCX bricks because everyone else is using them. Thanks!

Asked by DELETED_afw11 9 years ago

Is there any way to program an arduino nano without the USB port or ICSP headers?

I was wondering if there was a way to program an arduino nano without using the USB port on it or its ICSP headers. My arduino's USB port broke off and i don't have a programmer for the ICSP pins. Is there a way to program it with another arduino? If so, it would be great if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Asked by Robot Lover 6 years ago

PIC16F877A program

Hi, i am trying to build this code for like a week but didnt had any luck in making it perfect. i'm using MPLAB software for compiling and writing the program and Proteus for hardware simulation. here is the attached picture of the question i was assigned to build. if any one could please provide me with a code i would be more then happy. thanks in advance.

Posted by pizzadox747 4 years ago

Is it possible to program an Arduino without a computer?

Computerless Arduino from adam kumpf on Vimeo. I was wondering if there is some sort of way to program an arduino without the use of a computer? I have googled it and found a few videos but no explanation on how to build such a device. If you have any thoughts, it would be much appreciated if you left a comment. Thanks!

Posted by Robot Lover 7 years ago

Creating a USB program

Hello forums, I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that could do the following via USB. I have pet chickens that need feeding multiple times a day. I wanted to make a USB device that I could plug into my computer, and when I push a button in the program, it activates the USB port which is connected to my feeder. I don't need any help with making the feeder, it's just being able to run it on demand. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Blogger545 9 years ago

What's the most cheapest way to flash programs onto a DSP chip?

I'm thinking of using the C5000 series, or possibly some other low power chip. Would taking something like the eZDSP USB tool, removing the soldered chip and putting a socket in it's place be a good idea? Thanks!

Asked by AntiG3 7 years ago

Best program for creating 3D models

Ok I want to make a 3D model for printing, what is the best program to use.  I have Maya 2013 (DEMO) , and 3DSMax 2013 (DEMO), and sculptris 6.  What program is the best to create and convert for 3D printing.  I want to enter in the new 3D Printing contest and if I make something 3D I want it to work on someones printer for them to print.  Plus if the software can make it fool proof, I don't want to make a model that won't print, and don't really know what is possible and what is not. Any help would be great.  Biggest concern it converting it over to 3D printing format, and making a model that would be able to be printed (with lets say makerbot, or the most common 3D Printer able to be printed by anyone). Thank you in advance.

Posted by spyder2021 5 years ago

I bought a micro controller and I don't know how to program it?

Its a dragon board made by devry I believe any tips I'll post more info later. if needed

Asked by miiwii3 9 years ago

Playing Sound File Question? Answered

Is there anyway for my computer to play a sound whenever I go to a specific website? I just want a simple program that will run in the background that plays a sound everytime it detects that I go to a particular site. Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 7 years ago

Getting kids interested in Electrical Engineering program

Getting kids interested in Electrical Engineering I am starting an entry level program for High school students in Electrical engineering. This program is going to be run in the upcoming summer. I believe it is going to be over a course of one month in July. I would like some help from you guys. I am trying to come up with list of topics and activities to cover with them. This is what I have so far. Voltage, Resistance. Explain different components and their functions Have a few activities with the components that I will introduce. So does any one know any topics I should cover and different activities that would supplement the topics.

Posted by DELETED_kclv1988 10 years ago

Check if a process is running from a batch file? Answered

I need a command simmilar to “IF EXIST” to check if a process, such as wmplayer.exe is running. Something like this. if exist wmplayer.exe (echo proccess running) else (echo proccess not running Can you think of anything? **I thought I was close with this, but I can't get it to work.** IF ”%notepad.exe%”==”” (echo The process is not running) ELSE (echo the program is running) With it set up like this it always says the process is not running IF ”%notepad.exe”==”” (echo The process is not running) ELSE (echo the program is running) With this it aways it running. Any ideas on how to get it to work? I know I’m really close.

Asked by XOIIO 7 years ago

Gear design

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me: I need a simple program to design a basic gear, a pair of twin wheels. I need to set the number of cogs and the diameter of the wheels; this mechanism has to be as tight as possible. The idea is to print the wheels on paper and then cut a metal sheet accordingly; can you tell me a way to transfer the image directly on the metal? That would be of great help... Thanks.

Posted by Madness helps 9 years ago

CNC Mill From a joystick.

Hey so iv got this slightly damages USB joystick sitting around my house and it struck me that it could possibly be fun to turn it into a little CNC rig. Figure since its already got usb control to some degree it would simplify things alittle. So what I was wondering was is there some complication that makes this a bad idea that I am not seeing. Thought I would ask before rip the thing apart.

Posted by freakintrees 4 years ago

Can you fix my Java code?

I have this. import javax.swing.JLabel; import; import; import; import javax.swing.JFrame; public class WebViewer {   public static void main(String[] argv) throws Exception    {     URL url = new URL("");     BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream()));     String str;     while ((str = in.readLine()) != null)     {       System.out.println(str);       JLabel textLabel = new JLabel(str); }     }   } I'm getting an error that says Exception in thread "main" Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:     at     at     at WebViewer.main( The code should be getting a url's content and printing it to the screen. I'm using youtube as a test. Can you help me?

Asked by 4lifenerdfighter 6 years ago

Looking back: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I thought a bit of reflection might be appropriate (and if not, tell me so and I will quickly remove what might be considered a waste of space and time): Not to start off on a negative foot, but this only came up recently, as I don't get to see much TV (probably to my benefit), and while scanning through the Online TV Guide, I saw this TV show title: America's Most Smartest ModelTo me, it is appalling that those producing a show on the "smartest" would commit such a mistake in English; and any model that appeared on the show without making mention of the title would, in my opinion, show that they are not as skilled as some 6th graders in the English language. On the bright side, I discovered Eureka! this year, and is about the only "fictional" show I can bare to watch. Lists and comments welcome !

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Universal Remote or Program

I need a remote or computer program to set up lights and music to go off at the same time and some lights to flash what remote or program would you recommend and if its a program do you know any good tutorials!

Posted by wisconsinrules88 4 years ago

Programming compilers?

Hi guys! Well, I usually program using Microsoft's visual studio suite; however, I'm getting tired of my programs requiring the .net framework to run. Basically, I was wondering what compilers programmers use to write their programs. I really don't care what the language is, I have a fairly broad knowledge of programming languages, and I could always pick up another if need be. Anyway, could anyone point me out a few names of compilers? I would be very grateful. (Particularly if they were free) Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 6 years ago