Where can I get potassium ferrocyanide?

Potassium Ferrocyanide is a chemical that I can use to make Prussian Blue. I am currently looking for this so I can make some Prussian Blue or Laundry Blueing powder which I cannot find anywhere here. Prussian Blue will be used for making crystal tree's / forrest for my daughters. Anyone know where I can find it commonly or if I can do a synthesis of something else to extract it?  Is it used in pottery / ceramics ( this is the best source of my random chems )

Asked by AtomRat 5 years ago

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I actually have several.Planet Earth is amazing. We're halfway through it right now. The next episode is about Jungles. :D I also watched one called Living Dolls on youtube last month and it was really fascinating. And the one about Prussian Blue - Nazi Pop Twins.Oh, and Outfoxed, it's about Fox News. I love to hate them. :DOne more: Who Killed the Electric Car? Watch it and try not to get angry. I think that might be impossible. Now I'll stop rambling. I want to learn about new ones. :D

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

Can anyone tell me if I have created Ferrocyanide by this image?

Hello 'iblers, Over the past 6 weeks I have made what I think is Ferrocyanide, but I need some confirmation, OR if anyone can tell me some tests I can do on the evaporation to confirm it is ferrocyanide. I have made this, so I can make Prussian Blue, so I can then make the old school 'crystal forest' trick. Any tips on handling the crystals will be of great use as well, also what type of care should be taken. Ferrocyanide from what I have read is not dangerous like its salt namesake 'cyanide', any more info here will help me as well.  I have the MSDS for it, and studied some, but some personal experience would be better info. Update: How I am creating the ferrocyanide: - 5g Iron Oxide ( Rust ) - 10g Carbon ( Charcoal ) - 10g Sodium Carbonate ( Lectric Soda Crystals, Washing Soda etc ) - Mix the fine powders together thoroughly in a container - Place mix into a red hot crucible and it will fuse slightly - Stir mixture when purple flames are visible until the flames cease - Cool to room temp - Break mass into a large amount of hot water and stir vigorously - Filter off unreacted carbon and iron not absorbed - Evaporate, resulting in Ferrocyanide

Asked by AtomRat 5 years ago