Who out there has a ps3? Join the group!

Posted by thejrb 10 years ago

Rapid fire controller for ps3

Rapid fire controller for ps3 ps3 modded controller ps3 modded controllers sexy lingerie  

Posted by cainmack76 8 years ago

PS3 warhawk tips and tricks

Please put some tips and tricks here

Posted by hawke6789 5 years ago

How can I play copied games on my PS3 ?

My PS3 is not chipped ... How can I play copied games on it  without chipping it ? 

Asked by Dougle 7 years ago

how can you watch videos from your pc on your ps3?

I have movies in windows media player and i want to save them to the memory on my ps3...which is blue tooth capable. Or do I need to use usb to move the files from the computer to the ps3.

Asked by docray 9 years ago

Ps3 group games

In this thread put your psn information. So we can all get together and play some games. Psn id games you play Do you have a mic?

Posted by thejrb 9 years ago

who has a ps3 with online with mw2?


Asked by nutty guy 8 years ago

PS3 eyeToy ?

I got a spare Eyetoy for the PS3, any idea what i could do with it???

Posted by Zoukiny 7 years ago

Ps3 Rapid fire?

I was thinking of using a 555 timer to make my ps3 controller rapid fire, what do you think?

Asked by tom10122 4 years ago

does the ps3 get internet without using wifi?

 i heard that the ps3 can get internet anywhere... is it true

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago

Site not Working on PS3

I was trying to get onto Instructables on my PS3 earlier, but all I got was an error message. The error says: 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. Is this site not allowed to work on the PS3, or is the Ps3 blocking it for some reason. ~thanks

Posted by qwertyboy 7 years ago

Do You Agree?

Do you agree with this dreaded song which is un-true coz PS3 RULES!!!

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

How can i make a ps3 control charging station? Answered

How can i make a ps3 control charging station? is there anything that i should look out like voltage or something??

Asked by migueldesousa 6 years ago

PS3 Online IDs? Post em!

Yep. Just wondering if any of you out there would like to play. I'm thinking about downloading Fat Princess again if anyone is interested. :D Mine's jessyratfink, by the way.

Posted by jessyratfink 7 years ago

Does anyone want to play Borderlands 2 with me on PS3

Hi, Borderlands 2 is really cool but I dont have many people to play it with. If you want to play with me on PS3 my username is      LogTrotter     . Cheers!

Posted by LogTrotter 5 years ago

PS3 or Xbox? Answered

Basically, I've been on the fence for a while on whether or not to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360? I've finally decided to get one of them, but which one exactly? I've been kinda leaning towards PS3, as it has free online multiplayer, but what with the new, sleeker Xbox 360, and Natal *ahem* I mean, Kinect, I sorta want to get an Xbox, though I don't enjoy the fact that multiplayer costs money, however cheap it may be. Could someone help me, the late adapter decide? I'd be much obliged. 

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 7 years ago

How To use a Xbox360 controller on a PS3?

So guys, I was wondering there is any way to use a wired Xbox 360 on a PS3, without any adapter? Maybe unlocking the PS3? Searching the web I found some ways to use the Xbox controller on a PS3, but all of them have to use an adapter.

Posted by rschmitt 6 years ago

i need somebody out there who could help me fix my controller?

I was playing and i dropped my new ps3 controller with the xbox360 button layout and the back r1 and r2 broke and i cant play. i payed about 70$ for it and ill pay 20$ if you can fix it.

Asked by keyoko8 6 years ago

PS3 programming course @ MIT

MIT has a playstation 3 programming course: Learn and Compete in Programming the PLAYSTATION3 Cell Processor This course is a brand new IAP 2007 class offering open to all MIT students (undergraduates and graduates). Students will spend several weeks learning about new multicore architectures and parallel programming patterns, and will design and implement projects to run directly on the new PLAYSTATION3 consoles. The course will culminate in an exciting competition at the end of IAP, and prizes will be awarded to the best projects. The course will give students hands on experience in parallel programming in an exciting and relevant context.All the course materials (lectures etc.) are online. If you were curious about programming the CELL processor, this looks like a great intro...Access the course here

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Anyone know any really good PS3 games?? Answered

 i have a ps3  and want some ideas for some cool games

Asked by thatshortkid17 8 years ago

What type of resistor?

Can anyone help me I'm not very good with electrics but I would like to know how to find out what type of resistor I would need to run power from my ps3 power supply to the fan... If I wire it straight it's running way to fast and would like to set it to a lower speed. I have used a 220k potentiometer in the past but dont want to have to adjust it plus they are to bulky is heir a certain kind I should b looking at??

Asked by s3xo turbo 5 years ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes

Kotaku: MGS4 Has 90-Minute CutscenesWTF?Hey Kojima, this is a game, not some crap anime show or movie. Tell the characters to shut up already. Jeez.Super long cutscenes...they remind me why I don't buy Japanese games anymore. And that reminds me why I don't buy Japanese consoles anymore.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

PS3 Spec Ops

 This forum is for people to post there PSN tags and do spec ops or online games together NO BOOSTING!

Posted by wizzywoo 8 years ago

How do put PS3 on side of wall? Answered

I have a PS3 I want to know what one can suggest to attaching it to wall

Asked by enoted 6 years ago

Will the PS3 come out on top in a couple years?

The X-Box 360 is evidently doing better now, but will the technical potential for the PS3 make it come out the better console in a few years? Explain?

Posted by Toddson 10 years ago

Is there software to adapt a PS3 controller to PC?

My Logitech controller shorted out, and I have this PS3 controller already, which has that USB cable... But I still want to be able to use it on PS3 later.

Asked by hishealer 9 years ago

GHWT converion ps3 to xbox?

I just bought a simmons sd9k drumset and wanted to connect it to rock band with a ghwt kit but i only have a ghwt kit for ps3 any ideas how to convert the ps3 kit to xbox?

Asked by Barbarian232 6 years ago

Has a PS3 been hacked yet??

Will the PS3 be hacked to play downloaded games on CFW? Has anyone done it yet? I want to buy one but it be nice if it can be hacked..

Asked by PitStoP 9 years ago

How do I de-sync a PS3 from a PSP?

Awile ago I got a PSP used from gamestop, and it has a PS3 synced to it. I want it de-sync it. Help!

Asked by thispageiscringeignoreit 4 years ago


Which do you have? Which do you want? Which do you think is better? Tell me all about it.

Posted by luke96 7 years ago

PS3 Web browser & Instructables?

Has anybody tried to use Instructables on the PS3 browser? If so, has yours worked? I am having an issue where I try go to Instructables on my PS3 and my browser says something along the lines of "Not accessible" so I can't see the page on my PS3 but everything else works fine. I'll try it again when I leave work and get the correct error message for you guys. *Will update later*

Posted by dubbin01 9 years ago

How do I fix a broken ps3 cd drive and video output?

A couple of years ago my brother was coming home from korea and he was bringing his ps3 but the airline treated the ps3 like crap and now the cd drive won't pull the cds in and when you plug it in there is audio but no video does anyone know how to fix it?

Asked by Legendmoltre 7 years ago

PS3 controller mod help for PC?

I have one of my brother's old PS3 and one of the controllers that he left behind and my dad wants a controller for the emulator that he's playing on is there a way to mod/hardware hack the PS3,the controller and the laptop computer or our desktop computer to make it so that the PS3 controller works as a "joystick" controller for the computer? if so is there an instructable for it?if there isn't an instructable for it can someone make one for me? extra info: my dad's playing the emulator project64 as the N64 which does support joysticks....i think

Asked by Legendmoltre 7 years ago

ps3 xbox led audio blinker

Can some one make me a schimatic/ instrictable  of a led blinker that blinks to the music or audio from eaither the tv or the ywr cable that comes with the ps3 or xbox   i can pay 3 dollers through pay pal if i can get a really good one

Posted by solid nrg 5 years ago

How do I fix the splitscreen in Nazi Zombies for PS3?

Instead of the usual splitscreen, it appears as two different boxes. Is there a way to set it to normal horizontal splitscreen? (Nazi Zombies, Call of Duty World at War, PS3)

Asked by Bartboy 8 years ago