I dont have a psp yet, and i want something to use on long car trips

Asked by NatureBoom21 7 years ago

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Asked by west49rules 9 years ago

.Internet on psp

...I would like help on obtaining internet on my psp..i don't have a wireless router..or any other devices like that....can anyone help me out in obtaining internet on psp...plz..

Posted by pawi 9 years ago

how do you make a prx file for psp? Answered

Please help Note: A "prx" file is a plugin for psp (basically what people use to make your psp compatible with a homemade game or to give your psp compatibility to read pdf files and so on...)

Asked by meh301 9 years ago

How to download maple story to a psp???

If you know TELL ME PLEASE

Asked by philip_hollywood 9 years ago

how to solder the power fuse in psp?

My PSP Lite will no long turn on ... battery works in differnet PSP lite and charges, was told that the power fuse will burn out but that it could be soldered .... could u plz show how to take apart and solder

Asked by killerkel 8 years ago

how do you play videos on youtube on your psp?

My psp wont let wach videos on youtube or any other site and i have all of the animations etc on

Asked by winslow121 9 years ago

how to fix psp lcd screen if it is showing blank black color screen ?

I have installed windows vista on my psp now when i start my psp it shows blank black colored screen now what i do guys please help

Asked by arpityadav189 5 years ago

how do you fix a PSP?

My PSP don't work anymore. It is turning on but when you click a game it turns into a black screen ... then nothing... please help me.. I really need your  help...   thanks    

Asked by kenneth_somera 8 years ago

how do you make your psp look like an ipod touch?

I want my psp's home to look like the ipod touch set up, how do i do it, can i download it?

Asked by 9 years ago

how ca i program a new wesite into my psp?

All i have on it is an in accesable network since it is second hand

Asked by Dr. Tarantula 9 years ago

Something from a PSP

Hi everyone, I have a PSP but I have taken apart it and I've broken some wire. So that's my  question: What can I turn my PSP in?In a Computer?A TV? I don't know but maybe you know something. Have fun with your project Tnks P.S. All the components(screen,key and keypad...)should work.

Posted by rava 7 years ago

How to custo firmware on psp 6.31 phat?

Hi i have a psp 1004 version 6.31 but i cant play any games from memory stick iv trd to down grade it but cant seem to do it i want to do it with out the pandora battery please help

Asked by Amay 786 7 years ago

psp mod? Answered

how do you put custom firmware on psp with ofw 6.31? i dont want to hardmod my battery and i dont want to buy a pandora battery, if i could i would softmod but i dont have a spare psp with cfw. if you know of a way to softmod please tell me no matter how difficult. i dont care if i have to use a magic memory stick or not. also i would like to avoid a brick.

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago

hay i kinda skrewed up my psp....

Whenever i try to play the stick is off center and it moves the curser auto. which basicly makes it impossible to use can sum1 tell me wat 2 do

Asked by gamertj 9 years ago

somebody please help!!!

Ok i looked up how to get flash games on my psp but when i go to save page as it goes to my desktop but there is no folder to open up above.

Asked by 8 years ago

why does "do you want to save this file?" keeps on popping whenever I'm opening twitter in psp

It always appear whenever I enter address in internet browser or even in internet search. How can I disable it? I can't go through with my destination site because of it. Even if I already saved it, it keeps on popping. Please help and thanks in advance. *sorry for my wrong grammar too lllOTL*

Asked by amiyane 5 years ago

my psp?

My usb on my psp is not working what do i do

Asked by robertjames 7 years ago

PSP help

Does anybody know how to transfer text files to a PSP? (Without downloading anything!!!!!)

Posted by devin10x 10 years ago

What's the best psp portal?

What's the best psp portal?

Asked by coolpizzadude 8 years ago


Learn to install a Windows XP on a PSP.

Posted by Xecuter3 11 years ago


Learn how to install Linux on a PSP.

Posted by Xecuter3 11 years ago

Best PSP GAmes

What is the best PSP games? I just got a psp and would like to know what games are good.

Posted by Farewell88s 9 years ago

PSP Games

Hi, It's me once again. The PSP Guru here to talk to you about PSP Games. Have a question? Private message me or leave a comment and I will get back to you A.S.A.P. I have also made PSP accessories, such as: (1) The PSP Holder.(Has been published). Please leave a comment. (2) The PSP Charging Holder.(Still being published). Please leave a comment. (3) The PSP Games Case Holder.(Not made yet, but soon). Please leave a comment.

Posted by PSP Guru 9 years ago

how do i run linux on a psp

I want a mobile computing plat form and the psp fits the bill... but i have no idea how to run linux (on anything) or how to install it on my psp (psp 2000)

Posted by corey_caffeine 9 years ago

PSP wifi upgrade

Somebody needs to figure out how to upgrade the crappy psp wifi internal antenna!

Posted by thefonz101 10 years ago

Whats wrong with my psp?

I tried to change the case of my psp but nog something is wrong :

Asked by la-main 8 years ago

What are the prices of these psp go games?

Loco Roco 2 PSOne Classics EX: Crash Bash Psp minis

Asked by sammychow4 7 years ago

PSP Go Questions?

I am thinking about getting a PSP Go and I have a few questions. Does Walmart sell gift cards to the game marketplace for psp? What are some good games? Can you put music and videos onto the PSP Go from iTunes?

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

Is there a way to transfer files from a External Hard drive to a PSP? Answered

I have a PSP-1000 CFW, and i've been looking at memory cards. And i was wondering if there was a way to use an external hard drive, connect it to the psp and transfer the files off the HDD onto the PSP by using the PSP and not using a computer, so store files on 1TB HDD then take with me and put videos and other files onto psp. TLDR, i want the files off a HDD onto psp by using the psp not computer.

Asked by chibiwind 8 years ago

PSP screen uses

Im building a small computer and have an extra psp and was woundering if theres a way to connect it to my computer to use as my monitor?

Posted by hvac2010 9 years ago

PSP Charger Incorrect Wires?

I thought that in a PSP charger, there was a black and red wire, but there is just a white wire and some surrounding metal strips!  WHY?!

Posted by 11alex 8 years ago

Can I put CFW on my PSP 3001 yet?

Thanx for any help, jrdur1611

Asked by 9 years ago

How to put Umd's in your Psp? Answered

I bought a used Psp, but I have no idea how to fit those Umd's in =(.. Please help me..

Asked by Brumzzz 8 years ago

psp breakdown

Wel as you may know if you own a psp that taking a umd out of the system it will be catostrophic but do you know what happens... well do ya... it makes your psp go haywire for 5 seconds and then shut down for a infinate amount of time and know my psp is no more. what do you think that is?

Posted by bommber man 10 years ago