Just need a few people to answer a questionnaire to help with a report if ya want to take part thats grate if you could send them back to me at  that would be grate thanks   Questionnaire on the production of props and areas of work  Name Date This question air is to asses’ different areas of the industry what people know of the industry and to see if more information has changed people’s ideas on where they want to work. This survey also looks into wither or not TV has been a big influence as its ever growing presence and what is shown is shaping so Meany peoples future choices. What inspired you to want to work in this type of industry Where did you innately want to work and in what area  What is your aspirations for the future in this industry  We’re could you see you’re self taking your talents if you’re initial plan doesn’t work out  What companies do you know of that specialise in this industry  Do you think TV has influenced you in any way and how much do you think it has influenced you on a scale form 1 – 10 One being the lowest and ten being the highest Answer bellow Who has been you’re biggest influence to you air in your work Answers bellow

Posted by lbaker19 3 years ago

The perfect question? Answered

I came across this today - It seemed to illustrate the perfect question.

Asked by rickharris 1 year ago

Cant change question

An email was sent to me with a link to modify my question. After I did modify the question, there was no way to save it.

Posted by willsonx 9 years ago

Questions not Publishing.

I posted a question yesterday: "Kiteboard/Wakeboard question", and it's not publishing. Also, my "How so I give away a pro membership" didn't get  published. Is this only happening for me?

Posted by kcls 7 years ago

Can't post new questions

I can't post a new question to the site. Yesterday, it was erasing the title of the question at the preview stage and kicking back to the start, erasing your body text, today, the "preview this question" is greyed out and unselectable Cache refreshed etc etc.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Next Burning Questions?

I have been wondering for a while now when they were going to make a new Burning Questions contest, since the last round was a long time ago. If anyone has any idea could they please answer this question.

Asked by EPL 7 years ago

Following a question not staying.

I noticed that lately when I click the follow button on a question, then go back to the main listing and then go back to the question it is not marked as following it. It does not appear to be something in my browser since I don't get notifications of posts being made in the question. I have re-clicked follow several times and it shows it as following but after leaving the question it resets it back. Is there a limit as to how many questions you can follow? Have I hit the limit since I follow a lot but never un follow them?

Posted by Vyger 4 years ago

my questions aren't turning up? Answered

Hey i have recently posted two questions but neither have turned up, on unanswered or recent? i am not even sure if this one will register can someone help me?

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 6 years ago

Questions are Not Deleted

A couple of times, I have tried to delete a question, and I will find out later that somebody had replied to it (and it will still appear in the QA section).  My operating system is Windows 7, browser is Firefox (I think it is the second latest version; I am not positive).  Thank you!

Posted by StarscreamClone 4 years ago

When's the next round?

Was just wondering when the next round of burning questions is coming, they alway give us something interesting to do...

Posted by killerjackalope 10 years ago

Q&A not appearing in recent list.

I posted a Q&A question 20 hours ago. The URL is When I go to the Recent Q&A section at, it doesn't appear. Is there a step that I'm missing when I submit the question?

Posted by yoyology 5 years ago

Knex gun questions...

I have a few questions 1. What is true trigger? what does it do? 2. Is a gun that fires bullets through a ram a RBG? 3. Would a gun powered by a ram get the bullets out of a extra long barrel? 4. what's the difference between slide action and bolt action? 5. How would you make a cock? 6. What's a bipod? 7. How would you build a fixed mag? If I have any more questions, I'll edit the topic and bump the topic

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Some questions about rubber

I was wondering what kinds of paints work the best on rubber. I'm talking about heavy-duty, solid rubber. I'd like to age an object made of this without hurting it and I was just curious as to the best way to go about doing it. Also, what type of glue would work best with it.

Posted by Mal Kapwn 7 years ago

haven't some of these been done?

I am pretty sure a few of the burning questions from round seven have been done. Do we still do them?

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Who is doing Burning Questions?

The new contest is finally up. I just want to know who's doing what 'Ible so as not to get too confused over everything. (and to avoid stealing *shifty eyes*) Yes I am aware there is an Instructible on it where discussion is already underway, but I think the forum should know about it too.Of course I've also used this to shamelessly promote my new (and the first) Burning Questions 4 'Ible: How to slim up for summer: The Atkins Diet!

Posted by Firebert010 10 years ago

skateboarding,surfing,or baseball

What is better skateboarding,surfing,or basball.

Posted by cmchrist 10 years ago


A heads-up for those members who try and help other folk out;I was just reporting a bug* in the Feedback menu, when I noticed several questions from new members which should have been elsewhere, but were ignored because the noobs got their links mixed up.Please, try and remember to check that section occasionally and redirect misplaced questions to the appropriate forum.* The flag function doesn't seem to be working on some spamibles.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Burning questions: round 4...where are the entries?

I'm very confused. I was going to take a look at all the BQ entries and now they are all gone. All of us who entered our Instructables into the contest have been removed and it shows having zero entries. I apologize if I missed something here, I'm just curious. Also, some of the topics have been removed now? If anybody could clear some of this up, it would be great. :) Thanks, lovelies.

Posted by asyrith 10 years ago

answers page

OK ,  here we go agin !  WHERE DID YA'LL HIDE TH' "ANSWERS PAGE ???

Posted by gearhead1951 7 years ago

What happened to answers?

I just noticed that the "answers" button at the top of the site is gone! What happened?

Posted by XOIIO 8 years ago

Burning Questions Indeed!!!!!

Do you have burning questions,about sooooo many things well it is time to find out their answers with alittle help from me...............But before you get the answers you have to do little effort,consider it a small quiz...believe we will have alot of fun with this!!!!!!!!! READY.............. 1.why do we feel sleepy after abig meal? 2.why does the sky look blue? 3.why do we feel cold after leaving the pool? 4.why does the sun look yellow? 5.why the eearth cools off in winter when there is global warming? you think the first landing on the moon was real,why? you think in 2045 people will use horses and donkeys to travel when oil finishes? PLZ REPLY SOOOOOOOOOOOOON !!! GOOD LUCK BALKEES

Posted by Balkees 9 years ago

All things to do with Contests

I noticed that the contests are only available in some countries and I was wondering if they could be extended to other countries like Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and others.

Posted by BenderSanchez 2 years ago

Molding is Not My Forte

I am currently working on a future Instructable that involves a lot of molding. Hence, I've discovered that my molding abilities are not up to par. It has been almost twenty-four hours since I poured the clear casting resin and it is still tacky on the top. Is this normal, or did something go horribly, horribly wrong?

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Contest Entry Won't Go Through

I have tried to enter my homemade snowmen into the holiday contest and it has not been added to the list of entries. It is on topic but i want to know why it isnt going through! It said to give it one buisness day and I have.  Others that were added today have been submitted.  Hoping I could get some anserws!

Posted by Conthodar 6 years ago

What To Do?

I don't know what to do with all this junk I found. Well, not all of its junk, but whatever. Here's the list. -Walkie Talkies with charger -iPod USB cable(Don't have the iPod) -Speaker with wires cut -Old digital camera -Kodak Pony 135 camera -Pentax (program plus?) camera with flash, case, and three lenses. -Squire amp. If you have an idea or have a link please share.

Posted by chardster 10 years ago

Provisional copyright wording?

I received an instructables message from someone wanting to use some of my pictures for articles in an Italian online newspaper. I think I was not the only person who has gotten this request.  This is a quote from the actual request-- "is it possible to take your images to publish for free, obviously citing the copyright and linking the website?" Now, my inclination is to say yes BUT.  I want to make certain that they are not making money on my work and just getting it from me free. I also want to make certain that the pictures remain under my control, that I am not giving up my work but rather giving permission for it to be published elsewhere while still retaining all copyrights to it. What would be a good wording for accomplishing this? Anyone else who has received this request might want to consider provisional permission also.  Ownership of your work is something you should keep the rights to.

Asked by Vyger 3 years ago

Where can I find the Burning Questions?

Is there a list of the unanswered Burning Questions? When I search, I find contest results. Can I write an instructable on a Burning Question without entering it into a contest?

Asked by Agfyog 8 years ago

Burning Questions Help

I made an instructable, but it's not showing up for the contest. Any idea, why?

Posted by mg0930mg 9 years ago

Burning Questions Numbah 5

Hehe, nabbed this from my newsletter e-mail, check it out!!!Burning Questions #5The contest isn't open yet, and I'm not staff, but check it out anyways

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

Unanswered Questions

Am I the only one that thinks there should be a way to purge all of the old questions that haven't been marked as answered? I like to peruse the Questions section of the site to see what is on other user's minds and how their questions have been answered by the community. However, I did this today for the first time in a while and noticed a LOT of questions that had been answered fairly well but the user that originally asked the question never flagged it as answered. Is there, could there be, should there be a method to purge or close all of these unanswered questions? Maybe at least offer a peer review system for voting on the best of available answers, similar to what other forums have? Thoughts?

Posted by Sunkicked 6 years ago

Questions tab under discussions shows I have no answers on page 2++

On my 'me' page, under answers, it shows I have 2 questions, and 38 answers. If I use the 'next page' button to show the next 10 'answers' I've given, that page, and all subsequent pages show I have no questions. Hypothesis: (the same offset of +10 is being applied to both the questions and answers, and seeing there are no questions 10+ it shows none)

Posted by frollard 9 years ago

why does it say winner over my questions when i search flanimal? Answered

When i search my username it shows questions ive asked then it has the winner banner on it... why does it say im a winner.

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago

Long (ten hour) delay between writing an answer and seeing "Answer: 1" in list

Yesterday evening (at 10:42) I answered the question shown below. This morning at 8:20 the list of questions still claims the question is unanswered. The database usually isn't this slow to update.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

some questions!

Hi! I have some questions about getting the free 3d prints: Must the instructable be 3d related? Is shipping to Norway ok? Do i get to choose the print myself, or do i get something random? (If i get to choose the print myself, do you need a drawing, or can I just explain it?)

Posted by dagelias 5 years ago


Sorry. This has nothing to do with instructables, but here is what someone I know said: "I heard this yesterday on the fourth of July. 'and I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free' What is wrong with that?" Someone I know asked me that question and I do not know. They said it had nothing to do with punctuation or capitalization. I will tell everyone later (if that person will give me the answer).

Posted by rojo.balloon 6 years ago

Can't view questions while logged in

While I'm logged out, I can browse questions just fine, but for 3 or 4 days now, if I'm logged in, I can't view individual questions. Happens on IE (something recent version) and FF 4.0.1 most recent stable build.  Win 7 Home, Ultimate or Win XP same behaviour. Anyone else with this trouble? Edit:  Now up and running, after a few days, within an hour of me posting a bug report it gets fixed :D

Posted by frollard 6 years ago

Questions regarding a project?

Hey Guys, Recently I found an instructable that I doubted would work so I thought that I could ask a few questions about it here. (Schematic: 1st thing: Will this work? 2nd thing:This circuit is designed for 120v AC, what would I have to do to make it compatible with 240v AC? 3rd thing: Explanation to how this works. 4th thing: Which button of the TV remote will this work with? Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

Asked by shahryar.adil.3 2 years ago

Did anyone else notice the change in answers?

The number of questions I have answered has been decreased by a lot. My running total dropped at least 200 . Its is as if they deleted a bunch of questions and answers. My percentage went up almost 4 percentage points. Just wondering if it was intended and if its going to be ongoing.

Asked by Vyger 6 years ago

Me:Discussions:Answers shows no 'best answers' (I have 11)

I have 11 best answers on my 'you' page saying which they are. (hurray)On the "You" page, discussions tab, questions subtab it shows: "AnswersNone of your answers have been selected as "Best Answers", yet.The Instructables Community provides the knowledge and experience that makes Answers such a powerful feature. And by "Instructables Community," we mean you! Answering questions is as easy as making a comment. If the question author likes your answer, it may even be selected as a Best Answer. Find questions to answer, now!Note: We will soon have a listing here of all the answers you've written, not just your Best Answers. "

Posted by frollard 9 years ago

as of today March 10th pick your winners for each question

If the contest were to close around now about March 10th who would you pick as a winner for each category?

Posted by EPL 9 years ago

The negative "posted X minutes ago" bug is happening again.

In the answers section, the time since some questions were posted has started showing negative times again, as it did recently (towards the end of last year) As of about 10:23PM, GMT, this question: Says it was posted "-3 minutes ago"

Posted by The Skinnerz 6 years ago

saftey questions ASAP

This is for school, but it's nothing graded, it's just a saftey test that I have to do, I have to get 100% on it to get to continue the course, I could fill out most of the questions in my study sheet, but I need a few answered. 1. What are 3 possible injuries from be shocked? 2. How much less is your body's resistance when wet than dry? 3. What are the 3 most common current paths that can stop your heart? 4. How does using grounded tools and electrical equipment make us safer? 5. What's a lockout/tagout procedure?

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago


First off, theres probably a million questions you can ask yourself. you need to take this concept, ask yourself these questions, or ask yourself your own questions. Get a friend to write out your questions. You can Kinda rely on there Input of you as they see it. First, write your own quick questions then have a friend do it if you want to go that route. compare your questions and the question of your friend in trying to determine your future. If they dont match up in around 75 percent, drop the friend. there more than likely to bring you down. also, it might open your friends eyes to change if you just cut ties, if he/she is really a friend they'll jump on the bandwagon and try to make a real future for themselves. The Reason for the questions and noteboon is because, Most of you dont know what you really want or have given up on dreams because it was easy to give up on them. Most of you arent determined to actually work hard for your dream. If your not ready to realize who you are, then give up and leave. "This isnt about YOU its About ME." You say that as you leave, and its understood with clarity. Its about you making a decision. Its going to be hard to trully realize yourself, your ticks and perks, your passions, and what you hate because the mind is always conjective and supplies reasoning beyond means. you could say hey "I could be the messiah." Not that you are or arent, who am I to say your not what you believe. the thing is, your mind can, without doubt, create and make you in reasoning "The Messiah". thats whats good about the mind and bad about the mind. acceptability. The messiah died 2000 years ago. rose up, went to heaven and it says he's returning from heaven on a white horse. Not Bluejeans and brain notification at the last minute. You have to set and determine reality without passibility. Its time to realize who you are and what it is you need, crave, and expect for the future and quit getting in debt to your passibility and work hard to independantly supply yourself without ever using a credit card, without ever buying another car on credit, without ever buying anything on credit, you need to be active and in charge and quit allowing these crooks to screw you out of time for your own personal dream and accomplishment, quit dying daily and rise up and make the sheet hit the fan in there directions , and dont look back. First, the questions need to be in specific and not an entire self bible. you want to be able to know when someone asks you about your family, who your mother, father and grandparents are, how they excelled or didnt excel in life, and infact who you are. People respect someone who is aware. Question yourself on HERITAGE. Thats your first question, find out about your life, what health problems you have might not be a God blaming you as some say "He mustve really made god mad" because those people are stupid. It most liely is an Inherited illness that you need to know about, you need to listen to the signs man, because i believe in God, and I respect your way in your belief, but the signs are there. If your father died from a heartattact, more than likely, your going to have the same dna link to what will trigger it, or your son or daughter will. you need to get intocuh with heritage, humble yourself, curse yourself. get intouch, that should be your first pages. how predestined life will incure with your life. Make plans, and set forth action in your HERITAGE IMMEDIATELY. Tommorow will be a new category to question, so lets take steps to success.

Posted by Ronald C. Kitchens 9 years ago


Hi! I wanted to know that if you have a code for pro membership how do you avail it? Thanks

Posted by pranjal12 5 years ago

How do you make a lamp from 4w lightbulbs? Answered

Need to know soon.

Asked by cd41 9 years ago


I've never won anything on Instructables before. What do we do now, to make sure our prize is shipped to the correct address?

Posted by KevinSaw 10 years ago

How would I know when a Capacitor is needed in an electronics project? Answered

I am just beginning to learn electronics as a hobby. The biggest confusion I have at the moment is how to know when I need to use a capacitor. What Questions should I be asking my self? If a capacitor is needed what factors determine the type/size of capacitor I would need?

Asked by atrumblood 6 years ago