Fun, free "DIY Summer Reading Camp" just started from

Hey everyone, I work for, and we just kicked off a super fun (free!) camp we thought the Instructables gang might love.  It's a DIY Summer Reading Camp. Everything you need to host a summer’s worth of fun for your kiddos, while also sneaking in a bit of learning that will keep them off the dreaded “Summer Slide”.  (Did you know that kids who don’t read during the summer can go back to school in fall up to THREE grade levels behind where they were when they left for summer break?  Scary huh?)  Each week has a theme your kids will love (“Bugs”, “Heroes”, “Make Music”, etc) and at least a dozen activities you can do with your kids using materials you likely have around the house already.  You can pick and choose which activities to do each week and you can go through the themes in any order you’d like. Enjoy!

Posted by JT Eden 4 years ago

How can I make a balencer / stablizer to hold steady steady a small reading / music stand?

I want a music or reading holder to not rock when walking so I need a fairly tiny (balencer / stabilizer) connecting the music holder to gently to a stand to keep it steady enough to read

Asked by sdemberg 7 years ago

How can I make a light to read in bed with a partner who needs complete dark to sleep?

I have tried various commercial products but they all cast too much light into the room. I need something that puts the light only onto the page or allows me to read in limited light eg night vision or has a screen between us but that needs not to be intrusive or ugly when not in use.

Asked by jocasam 8 years ago

Read with your Kids

Hey this is Brett. I have something that's extremely important for you to know. You need to READ with your KIDS! You need to do it regularly! You need to do it at the same time each day! It's been proven that kids who are read to by a parent can read better, earlier! In this day and age far too many kids are dropped off at a daycare and plopped in front of a TV set. I remember the good old days, growing up on the farm. As a four year old I remember settling down with Mom in front of our wood-burning stove. I would stare at the dancing flames as Mom would read "Dick and Jane" to me. The older children would do something constructive like a jigsaw puzzle or draw pictures at the kitchen table. Dad would sit off to one side of the room and carve us some small animal figures out of walnut. Thinking back to those days really brings back those feelings of warmth and security. It tears my heart out to think about my grandchildren and what they might have to look back on. Instead of the glow of a cheery fire and the safety of Mom's lap. They might look back and only remember the cold glow of the computer screen and the uncaring embrace of a beanbag chair. Once again, Please. Please read to your children. This really works! Books on tape just don't cut it. I read to my own children every night from the books they picked out. They've grown up now and are starting their own families. I hope that they'll think back to their nights with Dad and pass on this tradition of reading to their kids. Thanks, Brett.

Posted by DELETED_Brett Briner 8 years ago

Optical reading of paper cards/tape? Answered

Hi everyone,  I wanted to know what would be involved in reading the position of dark marks on paper cards or tape, a la IBM. Something that can read the information from the card with things like pencil/ink marks instead of holes punched through it.  What would I need? Could I get away with basic LEDs, or would I need something more complex like a CCD from a scanner?  Many thanks!

Asked by DrRorschach 2 years ago


I'm looking for a gaget that will allow me too read book titles of prices on low shelves without crawling on all fours. Hey, I'm 74. I look rediculous in libraries and find it hard to get up. Some sort of a periscope might work, or a traveling low chair to scoot along on and handle to help get up.

Posted by Nina Holland 10 years ago

I Need an accessory for my iPhone that doesn't exist yet, except in TV land

Help, I'm tired And Don't Want to Get Up. I like to read on my ihone and listen to music in bed before going to sleep. When sitting up, this is pretty easy to do, but not while reclining. So I was watching the tube and a GEICO ad comes on. You see the face of aniPhone wwhile they tell you about the GEICO apps for the phone and what they do, and then the announcer says the infamous line about so easy a caveman can do it, and it's a cave man of course and he walks out yelling. BUT the phone is in some kind of device that holds it. Seems like you can use it hands free and it's attached to some kind of base for stability. This would be great for me. When holding the phone while I lie down, every time I shift the position of my hand (as in turning a page, going to a song) I dop the phone

Asked by Phoghat 8 years ago

Banned Books Week! 9/29 - 10/6!

Did you guys even know this existed? Are you doing anything for it?Quite nerdy of me, I know, but my store has a neat display going on right now and I wanted to share. And it's good to spread the word about events like these, I think! :DSo my friend Seth and I decided to go with Alcatraz... but with books. I think it turned out fairly well considering we tried to use materials we had lying around the store. The whole thing cost less than $20. We wanted to have "Where's Waldo?" escaping on the raft but the book is much too big, so I thought LotF was fitting. :)Oh, and for more information about banned and challenged books, visit these sites! - Half Price Books websiteALA website - lots of nice lists and explanations!

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

How to read values on preset potentiometer? Answered

Recently my multimeter died in a coilgun experiment. now i need to make some 555 circuits out of scraps. when i need some preset pot. i don't know their values. for e.g a preset pot has a reading of 103 on it(not a capacitor). How can i know its reading. is there anything like capacitor readings in it. 

Asked by ARJOON 7 years ago

Floppy drive + Arduino = problem

Hello :D I am trying to read bits from floppy. For test I read only first bit on first track. Unfortunely I receive every time other state (11010001...). Program reads bit when index pin is LOW (FDD inform that disk did 360° spin). Please help :/ There is a help site (pseudo code): LINK

Posted by pokulan 1 year ago

How do I read Schematics?

I really need help learning to read schematics. I can do circuits really easily but I can't read the diagrams and it prevents me from making a lot of stuff. Eg. I would like to make this project but I can't read it! I prefer when people go "put the red battery wire to the green __ wire" ect. I think it would help if some one wrote out that for this project and I would be able to line up that with the diagram. Any way anything you can do for me will help: it's more than I could do before :). Thanks in Advance, Blenderking

Asked by blenderking 6 years ago

Reading Rainbow Goes off the Air :(

Reading Rainbow comes to the end of its 26-year run on Friday; it has won more than two-dozen Emmys, and is the third longest-running children's show in PBS history — outlasted only by Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.StoryHere's the best episode (I can remember)... And Stand back! I take large steps.Part 1 Part 2 Did anyone else notice that LeVar Burton really doesn't age?

Posted by trebuchet03 8 years ago

bar code or qr code?

I am trying to develop an automation project that requires the use of an identification code. i'll be using a application made on delphi, running in a regular PC and the delphi program must read the code and give an order to the electric motor. i want some advice on this matter, like, which code should i use (qr or bar code) and the hardware and software required for this, so tha the delphi program can read it. please help! ps: sorry for any english errors

Posted by nogleo 6 years ago

I'm going to Spain again...

So i'm going to Spain again and i will be gone for 17 days. (Thats like 2 and a half weeks or something) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

How many of you still own metroid prime hunters?

If you still own this game I would like to hold a tournament so if you could please leave your friend codes?

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

The power of the mind...

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipomnartt! Can you understand this? Does it make any sense? I know I could read it. Can YOU? NOTE: Yes, this is more legible than certain Instructables and forum topics are. Irony?

Posted by whatsisface 10 years ago

Touch Tablet from a Pocket PC? Can a 7 inch display be added to a WM5 Pocket PC so as to make a touch display tablet?

I use a WM5 Dell AXIM X51 to read e-books and not much else. I use the PIM features and sometimes a spirited game of Bejeweled but that's about all. As I said it's 98% e-book using MobiPocket Reader. I don't want to blow $350 on a Kindle (an expensive black and white one trick pony) and I think e-ink is just a buzz word. I've already added a download of Wikipedia, put it in a cover that says "Don't Panic" and would like to take it to the next level. I mean, I can buy them refurbed for $98, why do I need a Kindle?

Asked by Phoghat 8 years ago

Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?

À²  ̯ ಠ

Posted by ReCreate 8 years ago

Guitar sheet music question

I know this is a newbies question. But how do you read chords on sheet music for guitar? Not tabs. I mean actual sheet music.

Posted by Lemon-Duck 8 years ago

Arduino audio pitch shifter

Is there any arduino libraries for shfiting the pitch of audio? I'd like to make something like but I'm not sure if I can with arduino. I don't need all the code, just a guide as to what library to use. Thanks!

Asked by 4lifenerdfighter 5 years ago

Reading Online

Since you're reading this right now, you clearly read online. But exactly how we read online is not so clear. Slate, my favorite place to read online (besides Instructables), takes a very interesting look at the trends behind online reading.No puns, though? I refuse that refuse. And make sure to rest your eyes after reading the article.Check it out here

Posted by joshf 9 years ago

Selling My Xbox 360

Well, I'm selling my Xbox. Clicky for linky. Anyone want to buy it?

Posted by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

Arm tendon connection. Answered

If your arm's tendon was connected to point 2 instead of 1, then wouldn't we be like 3-4 times stronger than we are now? A bit like C-3PO in Star wars. Look at a picture of his arms.

Asked by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

Show a smile, instructables! (Knex users)

Hey all, Recently (and not so recently...) I have been noticing that our knex community here has been... not so nice recently. There seems to be a growing number of quarrels, mean comments and just generally it seems like the whole knex community is on edge. This makes me sad. Instructables is supposed to be a place were we share ideas with one another, give each other advice and just have fun hacking around with each other, which it is, for the most part. But the knex community seems to be becoming very competitive, mean to the point of rudeness, and there seems to be one heck of a lot of put downs. Its no wonder that many of the users are migrating to other websites. I would love to see this change! Lets try to get back to a constructive and cheerful group, and just generally be not quite so negative. Lets get out of this mess we've made. Also, (this does not apply to non knex readers) I would love to do away with this irritating "hierarchy", as one might put it. Many peoples opinions get pushed aside and discredited, simply because they may not be as good with knex as someone else, while the regulars are praised and approved, no matter what they do. This sucks, so lets do our best to treat everyone as equals, and not pan people because we might be better at knex then them. We all do this to an extent, me included. I would also love to get rid of that darned word "Knexpert". How many quarrels and pointless arguments have come around because of that silly little term... So be happy everyone, lets put some encoragment and cheer into everything that we do here. Show a smile! IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

How do you read music?

Asked by Amanda101 8 years ago

Reading plan.....what do you all like to read?

I have taken a break from the technical reading and am reading something a wee bit on the ligher side: I tend to read 2 - 3 books at a time,  switching off from one to the other depending on WHERE I happen to have the time to read.  Currently, I am reading The Varieties of Scientific Experience,  by Carl Sagan.  When at the wash house, or waiting for Ellen to get read to go/do something, I am reading The Enchanted Loom by Robert Jastrow. Both are fairly easy reads (at least I think so). 

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Anyone know where I could find a used/broken guitar for $30 and patch it up??

I want to place the image of the buffalo man logo on the guitar, but I need a cheap body I can use!

Posted by Pumpkin$ 8 years ago

NEED HELP! - Boxing Pad Man w/ Programmable Lights array?

I had an idea... Since I cant go to training for a while, I wanted to build my own Pad Man! haha (well thats what I'd call it.) The idea is, I would mount pads on a metal frame (which would be drilled to the wall) and I would hit the pads... Lights would light up next to each pad in which combo I need to hit, (on a timer so the lights would show up then I have 3-4 seconds before the next combo) and it would be random... (even better than that would be having audio go with it, saying numbers) I know physically this would be possible (ie, the pads and the frame) but could I program the lights and the numbers with some sort of mini circuit board?? Thanks for the help guys, would be a wicked build I would even put a video up of it working! I think I will start on the frame and pads, and will try and google something for the light array but I really have no clue where to start (not really done anything like that before.) So Please oh wise instructables!! Show me the way!!

Posted by L4YERCAK3 8 years ago

Reading? Answered

Are there any books or periodicals on electronics that you recommend?

Asked by Regal_Kev 1 year ago

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST LOST THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

I Screwed Up Windows Xp's Boot Sector,And I need To Boot From The Second Partition.?

I Used Gparted To Resize My Old Laptops hdd 10Gb Partition to About 6Gb,It Had About 5GB Of Free Space. Now,It Says Operating System not Found,In The First Partition IT Has Windows Xp Installed,On the Second,It Has Windows 2000 Installed,I Need some sort Of Bootloader To Start Windows 2000 So I can Fix Up everything else,Not to mention,I don't have the windows Xp DIsk Anymore,It Has A floppy drive,I Want Some way To Put A Boot Loader On the Floppy Disk And To Start Windows 2000 From My second Partition,I Tried Gag,Some Boot Loader,But It fails,It Simply Does not work,Does anyone know Of anything else that can do this?

Asked by ReCreate 9 years ago

Has anyone managed to run BOCHS on a PSP SLIM?

The PSP Port of bochs was apparently ported for 1.50 Firmware, and no other, Making incompatible with the modern 5XX Custom Firmware. Does anyone here have experience on this and have you gotten bochs to run and at least got past the BIOS loading part? The reason i am forced to use bochs is because it supports All os'es out there, According to my tests, bochs Should be able to Allocate up to 41.2 MB of RAM on a PSP SLIM, but i can't get bochs to start on my PSP. When i start it it gives me the traditional error(that means that it is only for firmware 1.50) So i installed LEDA It stands for something, supposedly it allows you to run most 1.50 firmware apps on 3++ Firmware. Now it starts, It slowly fades out, like perfect And then after a few seconds it exits, no error, what i suspect being wrong is a configuration file. So If anyone got it to run, At least to the Bios loading part, Keep me updated, and post a comment. Thanks ~ReCreate

Posted by ReCreate 8 years ago

Can You read this? - No cheating!

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / --. .-. . .- - .-.-.- / -. .. -.-. . / .--- --- -... .-.-.- / -.. --- -. .----. - / --. .. ...- . / .- .-- .- -.-- / - .... . / .- -. ... .-- . .-.

Asked by FrodoandSam 5 years ago

read lessons offline? Answered

At our place the internet sometimes off so how to save and read your lessons

Asked by ramanar 1 year ago

Reading Resistors? Answered

Sorry if I missed this detail in the lesson. When reading resistors to find the value, how do we determine from which end to start reading colors? I understand we read from left to right, but how do we determine which end is left?

Asked by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

How to convert LDR reading to lux readings?

I want to make a digital lux meter using a arduino but I am quiet confused on how do I convert LDR reading into lux reading.Please help me for the conversions. 

Asked by Bot1398 5 years ago

Please read my instructable!!

Please read my instructable and give me feed back. I am particularly looking for pro member responses.

Posted by solarblade90 7 years ago

my rock band 2 disk wont read on either of my ps2's, but the track pack will. any suggestions?

My ps2 wont read my rb2 game, but it will read the track pack vol. 2. it also wont read ghmetallica, but it used to. my slim ps2 wont read them either.

Asked by inumaru 8 years ago

what to read? Answered

I have read LOTR, The Hobbit, the Silmarillion, The children of Hurin, Unfinished tales, and Harry Potter. Any suggestions?  Thank you 

Asked by AirnGreenwood 3 years ago

how to read a simple compass?

how to read a simple compass and how to find N-S-E-W  from the sun.

Asked by aroach-2 7 years ago

Is there a way to replace the prongs that read your cards?

My DS lite wont read games. I think one of the prongs is messed up.

Asked by 8 years ago

Reading valus: High and Low? ? Answered

Dear Becky, thanks for great introduction course for MCUs. My question is why Arduino can only read values High and Low`?, why not medium or something in the middle?`how actually reading values works?

Asked by David Zebrovski 1 year ago

how to read serial arduino?

I have sonar sensor ez0 and i want to read from arduino  and this is his datasheet link i saw this tutorial how to connect to pc: but i need to connect it to arduino any one can help with that , i need to read serial reading of sonar i need it for

Asked by britich 4 years ago

auto shutoff reading light. 12v dc power supply-momentary switch-1.2 Farad Capacitor--small LED reading light-? Answered

How long would the lights stay on, how long to charge the Cap?  I want to make something for my kids, so they can turn on a reading light in their bed by pressing a button and then have it shutoff about 30 minutes later when they are sleeping, or press the button again if they are still reading.  I like to encourage them to read.

Asked by mark84gti1 8 years ago