how to make rf transmitter receiver ?

Can any geek there explain me how to make rf tranmitter receiver using avr atmega series

Asked by RohitSharma 8 years ago

Can I use an IR receiver for a low voltage application (1 1/2 - 4 volts) - (1- 2 amps)?

I found one with the proper voltage but is .6 mAmps

Asked by undersea 8 years ago

wireless transmitter and receiver circuits?

Hi all, can anyone help me, I am trying to create a FM transmitter and receiver unit (two way) to clip into the speakers in a rowing boat to allow me to coach effectively without having to shout or use a megaphone. I have no idea about how to design circuits, but I can build them. Would love all advice. Thanks Carl

Asked by modelpilot 9 years ago

Help with Receiver/Transmitter and attaching motors?

I have a GWS 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver, seen here. Essentially, I am attempting to make a sumobot with two motors taken from an electric screw driver (two wires positive and ground) The receiver is marketed for model airplanes, but I was assured it also works with motors. I am unsure what to plug into where. The receiver has three pins per channel: positive, ground and signal. Does anyone know how I should set this up?

Asked by gotparsley 7 years ago

Pioneer SX-626 blows a speaker fuse

The sides are fuse protected and the right side blows a fuse immediately don't have enough fuses to test exactly when it blows.

Asked by TheReconranger. 2 years ago

Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner?

Hi every one Im a novice at this, so I have a question: Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner? Also what does channel mean, is it how manyservos it can have?

Asked by tranoxx 8 years ago

what can I do with an ir receiver? Answered

I found a fully working ir receiver. What should I do with it?

Asked by meh301 9 years ago

how to build a satellite tv receiver?

Anyone know how to build a free-to-air (fta )satellite receiver?

Asked by 8 years ago

Crystal Shortwave receiver

Help!! On how to make a crystal shortwave receiver. Schematics, picture diagrams, parts list and building instructions will be greatly apreciated.

Posted by Jezan 8 years ago

USB Infrared Receiver for PC

 I have been wanting to build a USB Infrared Receiver because I do not have a serial port, and I do not want to use a USB to serial. What do you all think of this idea?

Posted by colton.asu 8 years ago

IR receiver and output over short distance

  I want to set up a short distant IR sensor(  

Posted by stino66 6 years ago

Problem with wireless bell

I am in confusion. Actually i have a wireless bell but of shorter range. So i thought to extend its range. I want to add one more pair of receiver and transmitter in the way. So when bell button is pushed, transmitter will send to receiver and receiver will complete circuit of transmitter and another signal to other receiver of bell. So it will double the distance. If it is possible kindly help me out. I am new in this field so explain me and tell which parts i need to buy. Thank you.

Posted by RollingS2 7 months ago

Question about Flysky fs-TH9x Transmitter + Receiver?

I plan on getting I have a lot of questions relating to this transmitter and receiver: 1. Is this a trustworthy vendor 2. Can the transmitter/Receiver control heavy duty servos 3. What type of/how many batteries do i need 4. For the transmitter, Can I use 5. Which battery do i need for the receiver 6. Can I charge these  ----- with an energizer charger 7. Will this work for the transmitter 8. Where can i find batteries for the receiver?

Asked by rptech 4 years ago

How to make a simple IR remote and the Receiver circuit?

I have an Pot with dc motor (i dont know how they are named). I want to command the dc motor to go the volume up and down. What i need and how i do it? Please help !!

Asked by danyelo 4 years ago

How can I receive IR signal and send it trough wires? Answered

 I want to place a device inside a close enclosure. The device in on warranty, so I don't want to take it apart. The device works with a remote control, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to mount another IR receiver that  will pick up the signal and sent the to a IR emitter via wire. I can't place the device close to one of the sides of the enclosure and open a hole for the IR receiver.  I hope make sense what I'm trying to do. Thank you for your help in advance.

Asked by newtonn2 8 years ago

Building audio receiver for car?

Kindly bare with my stupid queries as i am new to all of this.   I searched different projects on this website but I couldn't figure the the connections properly.   I want to build a bluetooth audio receiver that can be used in the car.   I have an old bluetooth dongle that I used to get bluetooth connectivity on my desktop. Can it be used? If yes, then please describe the connections of the female 3.5mm jack with a diagram as I am a newbie.  Will the sound quality be good?

Asked by AaravC 3 years ago

I want to hook my iPad to an older model Sony receiver. Does anyone know how?

I have a ten year old Sony Stereo Receiver and want to play my iPod through it.  Does anyone know of a ready made wiring device, or how I might wire it up to work through the system and speakers?

Asked by lewmanjm 6 years ago

does anyone know how to program a 433mhz wireless learning code receiver?

I just got scammed, or possibly an innocent mixup, wen i ordered a 2 channel wireless receiver, and received instead a learning code receiver which was valued at half as much. I am now getting my original receiver that i ordered , but get to keep the wrong one as well. the model number is 6802S, and i cant figure out how to get it to work! i tried using the remote that it came with but it wont respond, so i dont reall know what to do to program it. does anyone know? it has a single button and an led when i press the button, the led turns on, when i push a button on the remote, the led flashes, if i press another button it flashed a second time, then the light turns off. when the light is off, it doesnt really seem to do anything.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago

Is it possible to use a old mobile as a bluetooth audio receiver?

I have seen several tutorials outlining use of old mobile as an mp3 player especially hook it up with an car audio player (via aux in port). I have a sony ericsson w700i walkman cell phone lying with me. I already am using it as an mp3 player in the car. I wanted to know if i can extend its use further and pair it with my new mobile to play music wireless. If it's possible it might well be used for making receiving calls via car audio too. I know there are several cheap stereo bluetooth receivers out there which can be used for the same purpose but I am interested in knowing if an old mobile can be used for this purpose somehow or not.

Asked by rouheet 5 years ago

how to make this device?

Hi, i want to make a device, please tell me how... there is something that looks like a tv remote . it has 9 buttons on it. And there are 9 light bulbs. when i press each button, each of the 9 light bulbs should light up. for example, when i press button 1, light bulb 1 should light up. when i press button 2 , bulb 2 should light up, button 3 turns on bulb 3, and so on. this needs to be wireless. i have done some research and i have found that i need something called an RF transmitter and RF receiver. I just need some hints on how to make this device. i hope it is clear what i want , english is not my first language, if its not clear let me know and i will clarify.

Posted by create90212 10 years ago

TV receiver

Is there a way to receive TV audio signals similar to radio receiver signals?

Posted by kprasann 8 years ago

How to connect IR receiver ?

Is this an IR receiver ? If it is, how can i connect it to a (or a few) LED's so that i can turn on the LEDs remotely? Please help, Thanks fujiapple

Asked by fujiapple 8 years ago

What would be the best IR receiver for 980nm IR laser 0-15KHz

Dear enthusiasts, please help me out. What would be the best IR receiver to use for detecting signal from 980nm IR laser 0-15KHz. I'm going for distance here. 200 meters is more or less the goal. The further the better. Ambient light might also be an issue as this is to be done outside in possibly sunny conditions. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions please, throw them out here. Thanks.

Posted by GusevAnton 5 months ago

I found a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, does anyone have any idea how I could use it to control other stuff?

I found a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver from Smart Technologies Smart Board (WC6-R1), does anyone have any idea how I could use it to control other stuff? Or what to do with it? It's the Option 4: Use a SMART Wireless Bluetooth Connection on this link, and the gadgets on the image:

Asked by Chu Guk 5 years ago

Can anyone help me build a FM or AM transmitter and receiver?

I found on the www many schematics but not togheter. I want to be a good and a stereo transmitter and receiver. Can anyone help me with a schematics for the both? I need with easy to find and cheap components, because i dont have many money, thats why i want to make and not to buy.

Asked by danyelo 4 years ago

How to check, if the IR sensor (from remote control) is working ???

Hi ... I would like to ask, how I could check, if the receiver (for remote control) is working. I bought on Ebay a used SCART FREEVIEW adapter ... but unfortunately it doesn't work (properly). I'm able to power it up, to see a picture = big logo IKASU. And at the beginning a small pop up menu appears and ask me, if it should start to check for channels. After few seconds it disappears and that's it ... I can't do anything else. There is just the logo :( I check the cables, of the receiver - there are fine, not broken. The RC seems to send signals as well (checked with camera if the IR led lights up). Do you know, how I could check, if the IR receiver works ??? There are 3 pins going out, from the receiver.

Asked by zholy 8 years ago

Is it possible to create a speaker wifi receiver and a separate transmitter?

I was wondering if it's been done or if anyone can do this. I have two outdoor speakers that have the negative and positive audio cables. I wanted to somehow connect them both to some kind of adapter that would connect them to a wifi connection and transmit sound to it. I'm open for many different ideas. Thanks. P.S. I can use my computer as a transmitter if it's possible.

Asked by aschmois 6 years ago

If I lost the remote control to an r/c car, can I use another one? or how can I fix it? Answered

Do I need to replace a transmitter and receiver? if so how? Any other suggestions are welcome.

Asked by Kevvixx 9 years ago


Hey everyone does anyone know any good ideas for making a portable ham radio transmitter and receiver that can fit inside an iPhone case (the cardboard case you buy them in)? It would be good if it was a kit, but it would be better if it can be made using a breadboard and other bits and pieces. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by simonyu 5 years ago

Best configuration for an AM receiver?

Hi all. I am trying to make a circuit that would help me find lost keys. It would be a simple beeper/ noise maker triggered by AM (for simplicity). I want it to be small and, if possible, cheap. What would be the best approach? Should I use the incoming signal to 'trigger' a 555 oscillator or should I send the 'beep with the signal (The transmitter can be as big as required)? Also, most of the circuits I found online were for tune-able radios. If I want to center mine at 1 MHz and if the quality of the sound is not important, how simple can I make the circuit (while still keeping it sensitive)?

Posted by utkarshsinghal 4 years ago

Need some decisions on what rc transmitter and receiver to buy?

I want to get started in rc robots,car,planes...... but i dont know what rc transmitter and reciever to buy. Some of the fethures i wanted it to have was 6ch,4-6 degrees of freedome and a price ranging around $50-$110. If it could be bought at or then that would be great. Please give me some advice

Asked by fire_kid 6 years ago

Remote Control

Hello people! I was wondering if anyone knows how to hook up a computer to a remote control from a bluray, so I can do stuff with the commands from the remote.

Posted by Game Maker 4 years ago

RC transmitter/receiver technical questions

I have a few questions regarding the data rate of normal RC transmitters. Roughly how often does the processor in the transmitter scan the inputs? Each individual channel only operates at around 50/60 Hz, can this easily be increased? I've heard that there are digital servos operating on a frequency significantly higher than 60Hz, do they still operate on the same 60 Hz input? How noticeable would a refresh rate of 5Hz be in the position of the servo when it is in use on a performance model (i'm told that a program the executes in 1/10th of a second appears instantaneous)? Can a 100% duty cycle pulse be supplied to a servo to make it move faster, if the correct position signal is supplied when it reaches the right place? Thanks for any replies. (does anyone know where to find the pinout for the nvidia gt330m graphics card)

Posted by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

Guide to RC? Answered

So don't tell me to go and buy a small RC car, and hack it. I want to know how to MAKE one! Like, totally MAKE! Where can I find out where to make a simple 2-4 channel RC thingermabob with a range of about 50 feet? I just don't get it, everywhere I look, they make these huge units. My helicopter is 6 channels and the circuit board is no bigger than 2x2, and only has 2 IC's on it. Why can't I find instructions for some small and simple like the circuits you find in RC car! What about Zip Zaps! Their circuit boards are tiny, and work better then the huge circuits you find online! Thx!

Asked by HavocRC 5 years ago

How does one make a simple radio with a transmiter and a receiver? Can someone better explain a passive RFID tag?

I use a fm transmitter and a fm receiver to connect my tv to my computer speakers. The device is not very cost effective and I tried to make my own transmiter and receiver that had one frequency. I then learned about passive RFID tags and wondered how it could both transmit and receive a radio wave. And it only uses a memory source with an antenna in the form of an inductor. I began to wonder if I could make a tranmiter and receiver like an RFID tag. There is so much about radios in general that I still can't comprehend.

Asked by mcguyverzboss 8 years ago

FM Wireless Microphone receiver

About a year ago I got one end of an wireless microphone system at a yard sale. As far as I can tell, it is the sending unit. The recieving unit is lost to posterity, which is why it was so cheap, and has since been collecting dust. It has an RCA line in, 1/4 inch microphone in, a squelch knob, an output knob, a two-foot antenna, and a power button. It says it operates at 49.83MHz FM. I don't have a receiver that will pick up that frequency, and I'd like to know what it would take to build one. Perhaps mod an existing FM radio?

Posted by Rishnai 10 years ago

Where to connect the Syma x11C camera box?

So i have a bunch of spare parts that i've obtained from working at an rc shop. In this is the receiver board and camera box of a Syma x11C quadcopter. They were connected at one point, but i remember a friend destroying it on accident a while back, so i know these were the same parts. I am just curious as to where to connect the camera box to the receiver board (the camera box still has red,black,yellow wires attached to +,gnd,DV respectively.)  Is it possibly to the DATA,GND,VCC on the front right of the receiver board?

Asked by seans42 2 years ago

Old RF (cordless) mouse/keyboard receiver device: some ideas to reuse it?

Cleaning my room, I've found an old (pc) iTek wireless mouse/keyboard set. So I think: "Damn, this is a radio input/output device... what can I do with it?". I'm not able to work with electronic (I've only a little soldier skill), but I don't want to throw away this object. Any idea to re-use it? Thanx.

Asked by 9 years ago

FM Transmitted Music: iPod --> Receiver

I'm working on a total customization of my bicycle, and just had to have some speakers. My iPod's earphones are a bit finicky when it comes to moving around with them, and really constricts my hearing of cars, causing me to not be the safest rider. Now, I've tried hooking larger speakers up to my iPod (a few topics on that), but the iPod simply couldn't power them, causing me to need an amp, etc., etc. I'm hoping I've found what I need with this subject. Could I build an FM radio transmitter, to be hooked up to my iPod, and receive my music with a sports radio I have? Would my music be louder, since my radio plays loud? I'm sure I could build the circuit, but it is the technicalities I'm worried about. Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

where are the outputs on this wireless receiver Answered

Hi, i am planning on buying, and another instructables member already has, buying this wireless receiver (comes with a transmitter), for use in whatever we desire to use it for! heres lins to two images of it, i dont understand a bit of it, only i see the inputspostive and negative, and the outputs positives, but thats it , which make no sense to me. anyway, what i know is where the positive and negative terminals are, also, the othe rmember has already tried running this using the ground terminal as the negative for the outputs, but says it does ot work at all, and that is the only thing which seems to make sense. also, this is the only thing the ebay seller could give me in regards to operating and installing this chip into anything, because they know nothing of it, and asume that the ebay users who buy it already know how to use it. anyways, there are several ports d0,d1,d2,d3 vt, vcc, and ground al the d's are the output ports, vt is called switching voltage and is assigned to an output depending on what button is pressed on the receiver, and thats all the information i have gotton. and from what i know, its inoperable, but then again, i dont know much about that stuff also, who ever shos me how this work, i promise wil get a "best answer" from me.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 7 years ago

Can I use a brushed DC motor directly without a speed controller?

The hobby shop people convinced me that there was no way to hook up a regular motor to my receiver without a ESC.  Even if the motor is all-on or all-off, I don't care.  I just want to be able to control it without a speed control.  Please help me!! I have faith in you people!!  Thanks in advance.

Asked by jules15 7 years ago

Need help with RC plane transmitter ---> Flysky FS-TH9X + R8B receiver?

I bought FS-TH9X thinking that I can use it to control a land robot. I only need it to move a few 180 degree hitec servos My problem here is that I've never worked with RC plane transmitter or receiver --- I don't have a clue on how to operate or program it. If you have FS-TH9x or are a RC plane enthusiast/expert, please help me I urgently need to know how to control 180 degree hitec servos  I know i'm stupid for not researching the product before buying it but youtube only has videos on modifications or unboxing, forums only have specific questions, and the manual just confused me.  Any help is appreciated, Thanks 

Asked by rptech 4 years ago

How can I make a bluetooth remote that can turn on a light?

Hi all! I have no experience in building small gadgets but I'm very interested and challenged myself with this project. My objective is to learn as much as possible. I was wondering what do I need in basic to build a bluetooth remote that can send a signal to control a light (I assumed the light need a bluetooth receiver of some sort to accept the incoming signal)? And is it possible for 1 remote to control 2 lights? or 2 remotes with 2 lights etc.? Thank you so much!

Asked by VT6 2 years ago

Make my multi-speaker surround sound wireless?

I have a nice 5.1 speaker surround sound.  I want to make all the speakers wireless and if possible all go to the same multi-channel output/input transmitter/receiver.  All i have found on the internet is one that will send out the same signal to all of them, but i want them all to have their original sound (meaning mid's still be mid's and front, back, and left, right still be individual)  Any help would be awesome    ALSO, I dont have much money so the cheapest but still working way would be best.

Asked by coz331 8 years ago

How to make a simple wireless digital communication circuit?

Hey, i want to make a simple wireless digital communication circuit. This is not exactly what i'm going to do, but this is the easiest way to explain it: watch the image below. What should i build inside "box ?(1)" and " box ?(2)", to make the 2 LEDs turn on when i push the button? The first circuit should be like a transmitter and the seconds one a receiver, but i just don't have any idea how to make this simple circuit. I don't really know what frequency it should be at.. What's the easiest to make and works for the longest distance without problems with background radiation? (I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but i really a noob in hardware development... :p ) Thanks for helping! Evert

Asked by eds1999 4 years ago

Help on R/C plane workings

This is my first time on the site and first time with trying to build a rc anything.  My mind is so scrambled due to constant searching online and I still don't know where to start. First, I thought of building a brushless motor.  Seeing some online looks awesome.  Just some wire, rod and a magnet to a battery.  But I do not know the size of battery nor  how the size of the wire will change my project. Second, it would be fun to have my PS2 controller, control the heli or plane I choose to build. Is this possible. Third, can I use a motor from a cheap heli in a plane and have control over the speed? Lastly for now, is there a way to figure what motor I need if I was going to build a slow flyer vs a outdoor micro flyer?  I have been looking at weight mostly and don't know if I need to be that concerned. Please help if you dare to take me on as a challenge case.

Posted by Todd M 4 years ago

Make any pair of headphones wireless.

I need to reduce cords on my device, as much as possible, for a project I am working on. I really would like to convert this device from wired to wireless. First I will explain the images, then the 2 ideas I have.First image "before" = A device with a long headphone cord.Second image "after" = Idea of solution #1.Third image "better" = Idea of better solution #2.---Idea #1 - The less-preferred method.For this idea, I'll need to cut the cord with a pair of scissors and rewire the ends to eliminate the excess cord, to achieve the results in the middle image. So How do I go about doing this? And is there a better way?---OR---Idea #2 - The more preferred, long-term method.Observe the third image (idea #2). Is there any way possible on this earth to achieve this? I think it is absolutely crazy that I cannot find this kind of device anywhere on the market yet, in our day of technology.Thanks for your comments!

Posted by jabcoolman 10 years ago