how to repair a remote ?

 i tried to change the conducting pad but it  was a failure  . all my buttons of the remote are not working. it had started with 1&2 but now all are not working . i tried to take it to take it to the electrician but he said that they don`t repair small things . so please help....

Asked by Simon92 5 years ago

How to build a flying remote controlled device?

It should be able to fly about 80 odd feet and possibilties for 360 degree movements and should be relatively cheap to build.

Asked by bhavinmehta 7 years ago

what if you take a ipod shuffle and turn it into a wirless remote fo computers?

What if you use a FIRST GENERATION ipod shuffle to wirlessly contole a pc or a tv also without need of a usb

Asked by 1997589 8 years ago

How do I control two servo motors?

I am a beginner in this area, but been looking around on google for info on servo motors. What is the absolute simplest way to control two servo motors (for a video camera pan and tilt head), from the same unit? I don't want to go wireless (radio controlled), but instead keep it wired. Is it even possible to control pan and tilt with one single joystick? I could really need a beginners tutorial on this... Thanks for your answers!

Asked by lpm 7 years ago

Ir remote?

How can I make IR remote that will be inside my phone????

Asked by PavleP 2 years ago

how to make remote for my tv?

How to make remote control for televisions... how it works?

Asked by nizar m.g 8 years ago

how to make an inexpensive rf remote control ?

I would like to make an rf remote to turn an led on and off. Does anyone know?

Asked by diyuser 8 years ago

how to make a wire less remote control?

I want to make a wire less remote control for my an aircraft and for hovercraft... 

Asked by duedsi 7 years ago

How do i fix an RC Helicopter's remote?

I have an RC Helicopter, but the remote doesn't work. The remote doesn't switch on.. I have attached images of both sides of the PCB.. could anyone please help me? If not, how can i make a remote control? It is a 40MHz rc.

Asked by superaktieboy 8 years ago

Where can I find used and/or broken remote controls? Answered

I am looking for a source of used or broken remote controls. I don't want to pay more than $1.00 per remote. Free would be Great.

Asked by tahoe93 9 years ago

how to control home equipments with remote control ? Answered

I want to that , how can i remotely control my room LIGHTS , FANS etc.. or is there any product like this ?

Asked by prerak.khandelwal 8 years ago

Wifi enabled remote

Hi, I have a remote for my fireplace.  It uses a RF of 303.87 mhz.  I was trying to think of a way to build something that could recieve a message over wifi that would then trigger the 'buttons' on the remote.  I found some RF receiver/transmitters but everything is for 315 or 430 mhz.  Will those work for 303.87? Or was this remote designed to not be easily cloned?

Posted by FrankA2 3 years ago

Remote control lights

Right simple situation Solar powered remote controlled LED lights. I want to be able to change their colour remotely. ideally in "groups" not specifying RGB colour or anything. Just colour A or colour B How do I do it? ideally cheaply!

Posted by Switch 8 years ago

is there a pushbutton ir remote using arduino?

Ive been trying to make a 3 button IR remote using arduino to work with my tv (or anything with a remote) and have a decoder already, if theres a pushbutton ir remote code out there even for just 1 button, i can always ajust my decoder to work with any code i just need a code to work with

Asked by dudesurge 6 years ago

is there any way to make a universal remote work for my car stereo that requires a remote,or for any ir device?

I need a remote for my sony car stereo to access all the functions.But i dont want to pay $60.00 dollars for it.So is there any way to reprogram or mod a universal remote so i can access all the functions in my sony car stereo.

Asked by mark6822 7 years ago

please help anybody,IR remote controles

I have a sony MEX-5di car stereo i bought the remote for it online but they sent me the wrong one i cant send it back.and the one they sent me isn't compatable.So i cant access all the functions.Is there a way to program a universal remote to work with it.Or can you make a remote work with it by soldering or unsoldering something inside the remote.can i mod the remote somehow so it will run all IR equipped devices.or is it just wishful thinking that this will work so i dont have to spend another 60 dollars on another remote?

Posted by mark6822 7 years ago

Where can I find a remote for a Living Solutions fan?

It appears that the remote to my Living Solutions Model CT370RTF fan was lost during a recent move. Help I can't live without this fan.

Asked by SuzieK4 2 years ago

I need to re-program my Valet remote starter/door lock for my Jeep?

I broke my original one but bought the exact same remote key fob on Ebay. The Valet (Viper) part number is RPN491.

Asked by ndsudad 8 years ago

help with an ir remote? Answered

I need a remote with one button  that sends out any signal repetitively to trigger off this circuit  thanks :) i need this to turn off a light or something like that

Asked by techxpert 6 years ago

remote controle car

Heej everyone i have a remote controlled car but the remote is broken ( idont knwo why it just doesn't work) so i want to control it via my laptop but if i search it up on these pages there are some answers but they are too complicated so i don't get what i need to do xs can you guys help me please

Posted by jwollanders 6 years ago

I have a Benwin 5.1 ECCO speaker system and I lost the remote is there a way to make a new one? Answered

The speaker set is only controllable via the remote and I know it's an infrared remote. It isn't a reciever the subwoofer has the screen to tell you what volume it's at on the front. Will a universal remote work or can a make a new remote somehow to control the volume of all the options on the original remote which includes, volume up and down for the center speaker, volume up and down for the surround, volume up and down for the bass, and volume up and down for overall volume.

Asked by Omn1sc1ent 7 years ago



Posted by ahmad5204 8 years ago

I want to build a remote volume knob into my coffee table for the surround sound. Answered

Should I start with a universal remote or use a kit? Will a rotary encoder work? It would be really cool if I could press the knob for on/off as well. Any ideas?

Asked by firehazrd 9 years ago

Remote controll help

Hello. Could someone please help me? I would like to build a remote controll ship, but I do not know how to solve the problem of remote controll. My plan is to controll 2 electric motors, each 4.8 volts dc, separately forward and backward from 6volt batteries via radio controll. Could someone please send me drawings for the sender and the receiver circuits so that I could remote controll the 2 electric motors? I would be really thankfull for any help.

Posted by Vaszilij 6 years ago

Should I use a remote-controlled solenoid to tip something over?

Hi all, I want to be able to remotely tip a model face over when my friend walks in the room (see attached photo). The face is made of cardboard and spray foam and is mounted on a piece of plywood that is hinged to the table. Should i try to use a remote controlled solenoid to pull this gag off? Any better recommendations? It should be remote but I could probably hide a wire if there is a different and more reliable system. All advice welcome!!!! Thanks, D

Posted by damianzuch 7 years ago

i want to use remote desktop on my school laptop?

I can use the other computer from my laptop but not the other way around there is text hat says: to log on to this remote computer, you must be granted the allow logon through terminal services right, etc, etc.

Asked by The nerdling 6 years ago

Can anyone help me build an IR Remote for Iphone?

I found on the web many schematics for remote. But most of them are for DSLR, i want for TV or music devices, like AIWA. If anyone know and want to help me , please do it !! Thank you for your time to read my question.

Asked by danyelo 4 years ago

Mini RF Remote

I would like to build a RF remote controlled candle but I am having a hard time finding a remote to do the job. My question is does anyone know where I can get a Cheap! Remote and receiver to work a single led? I found This: Wireless DoorbellI was thinking of pulling the speaker out and attaching a Led, My thought is if it turns on/off a doorbell noise if should do the same for a led? right?Thanks for your time and help.oh, I should say it needs to be small enough to fit in a candle like this: FlickerCell REMOTE™ Battery Operated LED Candle

Posted by corerat 10 years ago

can you convert an infared remote contol system to an actual radio one? Answered

I own a small , remote contol car that uses infared to transmit commands. i want to hack the car for a school project, but my dad says infared will cause problems outside. so , i would like to convert it to radio frequency. is this even possible , and if so , how would you do it?

Asked by saberwing 8 years ago

what are the codes for controlling someone's computer using cmd?

Using remote controll to connect your computer to other computer

Asked by RitroyH 11 months ago

USB controlled relay withou µC?

Hello everybody, I've seen many posts about people who made a remote control switch with a microcontroller. My question is simple but the answer is possible not easy: can you remote control a switch by PC without using a microcontroller?

Posted by maximeke2 7 years ago

I have almost a dozen old remote controls from TV, VCR and satelite receivers, What could i do with these? Answered

I was thinking to take out the IR LEDs, but  before that i want to know of a useful possibilty to consume these things

Asked by muhammajunaid 8 years ago

Remotely controller beeping device

I'm a real Noob to this electronics thing (but I find it fascinating..). Anyway, I want to try to build a device that beeps. The duration  of the beep is fixed, but the frequency and pitch should be variable, depending on user input. The whole device should be as small as possible and water proof. I would prefer to be able to control the beep frequency and pitch remotely - perhaps from a mobile phone or from something like a remote controller. The beeping unit should be kept simple as possible. Any ideas on how I can achieve this? Thanks, Yossi

Posted by technoyos 5 years ago

How to make RF remote?

I was given a Clapper for my birthday... anyways, it came with a remote that uses Radio Frequency to turn on stuff. I want to know how to make my own circuit, any suggestions? I only want to control one thing, so the transmitter doesn't have to send too complex a signal and the receiver won't have to decipher much. All I need to know is HOW to send it. THANKS!

Posted by Login258 9 years ago

Im looking for suggestions on ways to reprint the letters on a remote control?

The letters have worn off my tv remote control over time and i am looking for ways to reprint those letters onto the the same time I was thinking of customizing the remote control casing ie. taking the electronic internals out and building a cool looking casing out of plexiglass or something but i would still need to print the numbers/labels onto the case

Asked by icefire279 8 years ago

How to build a long distance remote (150 yards) for a mp3 player with external speaker?

I want to build something similar to this    or similar to this The important thing I need is to be able to use it from a distance , basically a long distance remote (ie 150 yards) for a mp3 player hooked up to a external speaker anyone done anything similar or any suggestions?

Asked by dave1372 8 years ago

Changing a remote control?

Hi I have a remote controlled bait boat tht I use for fishing but the remote control ain't great and was wondering if I could maybe change it for an old one off of a RC car (cheap child's one) as the one I have ony has 3 buttons, 1 for forward and 2 for left n right,  oh and 1 for activating the hopper to let the bait out, if this is possible and someone could give me some advise I would be very grateful, also obviuosly my boat hasn't got a reverse could tht be incorporated into it or is tht gonna be a whole new motor?? 

Asked by Jabace123 3 years ago

How to make a Rf controlled small siren?

I need to make a small battery powered loud(120dB+) electronic siren that is turned "on/off" by a key FOB type RF remote. I am currently trying to train my dog to not dig holes, etc, and need a small siren that can fit on her harness collar. I need to be able to push a button on the remote to make the siren wail, until I release the button. remote needs to be RF not IR. Any ideas?

Asked by wolfsmane 9 years ago

Need to operate a timer with a remote

I have a 6 Volt radio frequency remote control pair and a separate board with a 5 to 12 Volt timer circuit that turns power off to a load after 1 to 300 seconds. The timer circuit uses capacitors and resistors including a variable resistor plus a 555 too plus jumpers from to see a picture,it lists as: GEREE Timer Relay Switch 1-300 second 5V 9V 12v DC input TIME OVER RESET Delay. Will it work if I connect the RFRC to power and then from there wire to the timer and then wire the timer to my load so that I can remotely make the timer circuit  operate my load for the set time? I ask so as not to burn a thing that takes weeks to get. Will the 1 channel remote control receiver's single relay reset back into a NO condition from NC after current stops flowing from the battery power and through he remote control's 5 pin relay into the capacitor(s) of the timer circuit, that is to say, will the remote relay reset to NO after the timer's single relay goes back from NC to NO after the capacitor(s) run out of charge? As a note, I have had very little success finding a remote controlled timer in the 6 Volt range. 12 Volt remotes with timers are easier to find but that is too much power, size and expense for my application. Know of a supplier? If I have enough of this correct to make sense then any wisdom in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Vince

Asked by vincenix 2 years ago

How does a 2 channel radio and reciever set(remote control) work? How would I connect one to an electric motor?? Answered

I am trying to see if it is possible to use a 2 channel radio and reciever set( remote- control) to turn on an electric motor and off. And if it is possible, how would I be able to do it?

Asked by Sk8terthing 9 years ago

remote detection persons?

Hello everybody, I live in a very remote area and am looking for a radio guided detection to see/hear when somebody enters my property. Distance from one place to the other minimum 700 meters. I have power but no telephone connecion, nor internet or mobile sources. A simple PIR detector that indicates that somebody (burglars, robbers) enters my private territory. will do; I am desperate after three burglaries. I look forward to any suggestions.  Thank you! Chaource

Asked by chaource 5 years ago

Remote Control Need Info On How To Build It? Answered

I what to start a project to build a fast and strong remote control small car about 1.5ft with - 2 ft length - 1ft in height at highest point going down to at about a 20 degree angle. and on that a flipper going across the 1.5ft with. I wood like it to travel at up woods of 20 mph and very agile with two weals and a couple of casters at the front. I need help on what to get and were to get them from.  Thanks if you can help.

Asked by 95styles 8 years ago

Full size remote car?

I was wondering if any one knows if there is a double sided rack and pinion steering for a full size car. this would allow the car to have 2 steering wheels, one on right and one on the left. Does someone make kits for this? I reminber seeing mail cars and driver ed cars haveing this, do any one know how it is doen? thank you.    

Asked by test professor 7 years ago

how to form an electronic circuit controlled distance formed by a voltage generator and a lamp ?

I have an electric circuit of a generator and a lamp with files I want to know what are the components necessary to control this circuit remotely

Asked by makof 6 years ago