How do I enable Auto Renew?

I see a lot of questions about turning off Auto Renew, but in my case, I want to turn it on.  How do I do that?  I can't find any place in my profile or settings. Thanks

Posted by ve3joc 1 year ago

Ball point pens

Does anyone have any ideas about refilling a favourite ballpoint pen with ink? I have thought about using a syringe, but the ink is too thin. Before anyone asks, I can't just buy a replacement refill for the pen as they stopped making them.

Posted by batjonesy 9 years ago

Turn off auto renew.

Is there a way to turn off the subscription auto renew?  I don't want to be charged when I don't expect it.

Posted by itjmiller 8 years ago

Turn off auto renew

I need to cancel the auto renew on my Pro membership before it expires. Can someone in IT please do this for me since it doesn't seem to be one of the changeable settings on your profile? Thanks.

Posted by parishkl 7 years ago

search engine for instructables?

How come i cant find an instructables search engine that searches an instructables database?? I would certainly use this site alot more, as it is, I dont know If im going to resubscribe. C'on Instructables!!!!

Asked by bestburglar 5 years ago

renewal email

I inadvertently deleted my email advising that my pro membership was about to expire (2 days) and offering the option of a renewal. How do I renew without waiting for my membership to expire and starting over?

Posted by jkmet 6 years ago


i am trying to turn my membership to NOT auto-renew but it's not working. Please cancel my auto-renew

Posted by regilena 6 years ago

How could you possibly renew an old backpack? Answered

I am trying to turn an old backpack into something special. It's just a plain black backpack with no logos or designs. Preferably  I would like it to be made out of common items. Sorry if it's too much to ask. Thanks

Asked by Dnamra 7 years ago

Got an email to renew my pro-membership

I got an email to renew my pro-membership, but there a lots and lots of phishing email out there I don't follow links in emails so I went to find out when my pro-membership actually expires and to renew it. I can't find a link on the website to provides me any info here or one to renew. Where is the link?

Posted by brytek 5 years ago

Renewable Energy

I'd like some instructables on roll-your-own renewable/green energy. For example, things like "how to make your own solar cell", or "build your own geothermal power plant". Thanks

Posted by threecheersfornick 9 years ago

I want to stop auto renewal

I want to stop auto-renewal but I can't find anything on my profile about it. how can I stop it?

Posted by starbucko 2 years ago

What can I eat to give me more energy and stamina?

 I'm a 51 year old female auto worker, working on the line at a physically exhausting job.  I'm feeling sore, tired and achy all the time.  At work, I walk 3 miles a day and try to do core exercises at home.  I've started juicing to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into me.  Is there anything else to help renew my muscles after a long day on the job?

Asked by WhatknotAnna 8 years ago

Disable Atuto Renewal Pro Account

Hello,  I got a pro Account for 3 Months and didnt want to auto renewal but today my pro memebership has been renewed! I cant turn this off! Please turn off my pro Memebership, i cant disable it!

Posted by omersgurel 2 years ago

How to renew Fusion? Answered

I signed up to use Fusion for 3 years, since i'm currently in school. How can I renew it after i graduate (in 3 years)?-Collin Gale

Asked by Collcroc123. 1 year ago


 Is it possible to paint formica (bathroom) and make it look decent?  Is there a special paint or technique?

Asked by RTJEAN 6 years ago


If you already have pro, but you still have redeemable codes, can you enter them all at once or do you have to wait until your current pro expires? Thanks!

Posted by nerfrocketeer 4 years ago

Pro memberships not expiring with no way to renew

My Pro memberships expired and there is no way to renew. This is what the Pro memberships page shows: Thanks for going Pro and supporting Instructables! Membership Details Length 2 Year Pro Membership  ($39.95) Started on Jun 22, 2010 Ends on Jun 21, 2012 Auto-renewal Turned Off

Posted by eboatman 5 years ago

membership renewal

Hi:0) I am trying to renew my membership, and I get a message saying I don't have back up funds, which isn't right sinceI I use my PayPal account without any problems.  Help I want to stay Pro!!!! Love you guys.  Help please. Lyn (porcupinemamma)

Posted by porcupinemamma 7 years ago

Turning Off Auto Renew

Hello, recently my instructable got featured and I redeemed the free Pro Membership. I then noticed that auto renew was turned on, when I don't want it to auto renew, nor do I have a payment option linked to Instructables. If you can please tell me how to turn this off it would be much appreciated, thanks. 

Posted by CS616 2 years ago

39% and climbing - renewable resources in Portugal.

In the UK, less than 5% of our electricity comes from "green", renewable resources.In Portugal, they generate 39% of their power with renewables, and that is set to climb.These red "snakes" - the Pelamis wave-power system - are built in the UK (but guess which government hasn't invested in them?), and Portugal is also investing heavily in wind, solar and hydro-electricity.Link to photo storyIf one of the poorest countries in Europe can manage this, why can't the rest of us?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Pro Membership expired but still shows up and I can't renew

My Pro Membership has expired but still shows up in my profile. I need to renew but can't find a way to renew.

Posted by eboatman 5 years ago

How to stop automatic renewal of pro membership?

The family member who signed up for this and enjoyed it has passed away.  Just received an email saying it has been renewed for another year.  Could I please get my money back or at least have the membership stop after this one?  Thanks you so much for the enjoyment Jim got from all of the creative ideas.

Posted by MizSteaks 6 years ago

Engineering Career Choice ??? Renewable Energy/ Electronic Answered

Hello I have a big choice with my career. I am not sure what to choose between electronic and renewable energy engineering. Could you please help me if you can. Thanks

Asked by mechatr0nix 6 years ago

Just Renewed Last Month and Now I Have An Email Saying It's About To Expire

I renewed my Pro membership for a year last month and just received an email saying my membership is about to expire.  Under my account, it says my membership is good till April 2013.  Why am I getting this kind of email?

Posted by hartpete 6 years ago

If I sign up for one year do you automatically renew or do I have to cancel?

Please tell me before I sign up for a year do you renew automatically or do I have to cancel at the end of year if I decide not to renew?

Asked by feltgarden 7 years ago

How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

How can i build a Scroll air compressor out of scraps and cheap material and power it from renewable energy ?

Asked by FeteLeToiMeme 7 years ago

Having trouble renewing Pro membership

I got a message indicating you were having trouble renewing my subscription. I went to Paypal to update my (expired) credit card, but can't get Paypal's accursed interface to work. (Neither the Debit nor Credit Card selector buttons is active, and I can't find the "payment methods section" they reference in the instructions -- See attached screen shot.) How can I renew my subscription if Paypal won't let me update the credit card payment information?

Posted by billhorvath 5 years ago

Auto-Renewed and don't want

Hi there, I just got notification through paypal that my subscription was automatically renewed for a year.  I initially joined as research for a project and that project is now over - I don't need or want another year's subscription.  How can I get my money back?  How can I talk to a person? Thanks Marissa

Posted by tptscigirls 8 years ago

how do I renew xbox live membership? Answered

I bought a three month xbox live card for Target, I read it over and over, but I can't find the manage account button anywhere, and the xbox website from load any page(but other websites work fine) Please answer before I go insane...

Asked by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Charged me a pro membership auto-renewal instead of one of the free ones I have.

"Upcoming Memberships The below membership(s) are gifts you've redeemed. They are waiting for your current one, above, to expire (on Jul 3, 2013). When this happens the next membership will automatically take effect, you won't have to do anything." I did nothing, and today there is a $23 charge to my debit card.  I take it that the auto-renew feature had to be turned off?  That's my guess, but a detail I didn't know about!  I need it to do what it said it would do, and use my memberships.  This mistake came at a very inconvenient time.  I need a refund, please!  Duggerpato

Posted by iwoodinspire 6 years ago

Pro signup not secure?

I was recently asked to renew my pro subscription via email.  When I visited the renewal page, I noticed that I am asked to enter my credit card information on an insecure web page (http vs https).  Please fix this.   If there is a secure page already, this should be the default.

Posted by smtfish 4 years ago

Replacing or renewing drywall

My AC Return/Supply is in my garage and appears to have some cheesy work done by the construction workers when they installed it, keep in mind this house is 10+ years old. I was hoping to replace and re-install some new drywall and was hoping for some recommendations on how to  approach this situation. See photos for details.

Posted by bprins 4 years ago

100% of Electricity from Renewable and Non-Carbon Sources in 10 Years

In the best talk of the 2008 Web 2.0 Summit Al Gore called for president-elect Obama to make a man-on-the-moon-like pledge to generate 100% of the United States' electricity from renewable and non-carbon sources within 10 years. Al Gore is truly an amazing orator, and when he got fired up about the climate, renewable energy, energy independence, and how it could play a centerpiece of our economy, I got fired up and so did the rest of the audience. What really sent shivers down my spine was this observation: When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, the average age of the control engineers running the mission from Houston was 26, making them 18 when Kennedy made his pledge in 1960.Generating 100% of our electricity from renewables and non-carbon sources in 10 years (let's call it 100-in-10) is the same caliber of challenge, but unlike getting to the moon -- which was something only a government could do at the time -- building a full economy of renewable energy should be orchestrated by the government, but requires the efforts of countless makers. I seem huge numbers of opportunities, both large and small, to make a difference and have impact. Get an engineering degree and invent a new type of powerplant, design and publish plans for low-cost DIY solar home heaters, be an advocate of renewable products and services. It's clear that a lot can happen in 10 years, and even if Obama doesn't call for 100-in-10, the time to make a difference is now. This is cross-posted on Makezine here.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago


I wanted to sign up for the 3 month renewable subscription which you advertise.  Get to pay page & hit 2 year subscription.  I do not want a 2 year sunscription!  Signed up by mistake;  given no choice of other option than 2 year though you advertise otherwise. 2 year costs MORE that quarterly renewable.  I do not want two year subscription.  I want quarterly or refund !

Posted by cdog46 6 years ago

Interview with IKEA on Sustainability

I knew about IKEA's cutting of costs with flat packing, but it's cool to hear them talk about dealing with several different issues of sustainability. ideas: - save on resources, save on environment - looking to use more renewable energy, even producing solar and wind energy themselves. Goal of 60% renewable by 2009 - thinking of biofuel transport - trying to get more local suppliers

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

What is Wax Made Of? Answered

I have an idea that could ultimitly stop the energy crisis and/or global warming, but it involves how renewable candles (aka wax) are.

Asked by NicOmbra 8 years ago

Is there a way to cultivating yeast at home for baking?

Was just wondering if there was a way of cultivating your own renewable supply of yeast at home from a fresh or dried starter?

Asked by icecreamterror 8 years ago

How can I change My paypal on instructables?

I have a new paypal and need to change it on instructables for my pro membership renewal.

Asked by ryandean98 7 years ago

Annoyed a lots by Pro Membership renewal

OK, so I was a PRO member for 24 months and during that time my little projects got over 30K views... maybe that is nothing, maybe it something... due to the nature of the material I write about, I personally think it is a lots. However, surely 30K eyes viewing the articles and the adverts posted all about the pages generate some ad revenue for Instructables.  To think that I'm going to pay again for a renewal ... well, folks, it will NOT happen.  Instructables give away PRO memberships for all manner of things, from new groups to 90 days for a Featured Author. I am seriously thinking about dumping this whole Instructables thing... It is my opinion that as long as an author is active and publishing regularly and generating reasonable interest, then the PRO tools should be available to her.  I did not mind paying my way into the PRO club the first time, but renewal is simply not going to happen at my expense.  If I dump Instructables, I will unpublish everything. Your move Instructables... you are a neat way to share information, but I really do not need you.  I can just hop over to and forum myself to death... I'm there often anyway. Ray Burne, Lawrenceville, GA

Posted by RayBurne 5 years ago

Where is the robotics class??

I had let my Premium membership slip, but then I saw an offering for a series of classes on robotics.  That was interesting to me, so I renewed my Premium 2-year membership specifically for that class.  But now when I look into the class selections there is no mention of robotics at all and I can't navigate back to when I first saw the offering.  So, where is the robotics class? I'd hate to think that I bought 2 years premium membership and not get access to the main reason that I renewed.

Asked by bkucheran 1 year ago

Can't stay signed on.?

Once again upon my Pro renewal I'm being constantly askde to reset password. I can't do anything without being kicked off, even find help.

Asked by zappenfusen 7 years ago

Crystal circuit board ?

Can crystals ( quartz, ruby , amethyst, etc.)  be used in technology to amplify power? keep power sustained, renew power or something ? 

Asked by AlexxSolace 5 years ago

Unexpected log off?

My subscription was just  renewed.  when I tried to download "Binocular parallelogram mount" I get logged off .  I am unable to download this project.  How come?  Thanks.

Asked by EricHi 4 years ago

Algae biofuel oil refining?

I have long been a fan of the idea of renewable energy from algae colonies, but I have yet to find any information on actually refining the oil produced with the algae.  I am well aware of how to remove the oil, however at that point it is just an organic crude.  Is their a process to refine it to a more diesel or gasoline-like state, or is it efficient enough to run an engine on the crude.  I am currently growing a reasonable algae colony and would appreciate assistance in doing something with the algae after it is grown.  

Asked by 4 years ago