Something to replace a transformer? Answered

Hi everyone,I just want to know if there's anything that could replace a step-down transformer i.e,Step down 220 volts(AC) to 5 volts(DC).I want a thumb nail sized transformer for my purpose but its hard to get,so if there;s something more compact and can replace the transformer,things would move on awesome!

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

how do i replace LED's in my electronics lab? Answered

I own a Matronix 500 in one electronic lab. I was experimenting on my own and I accidentally overloaded the LED's and broke them. can someone tell me how to replace them? 

Asked by coleyy 7 years ago


Help! two keys popped off my keyboard, how do i replace them? i have a compaq presario f700 laptop. thanks in advance!-toogers

Posted by toogers 9 years ago

How can I make my own whiskey stones?

The only material I've researched is soapstone.

Asked by LouisMcClain 6 years ago

LEDS vs Diodes? Answered

I had a thought: Since LEDs are a form of diode, can LEDs be used instead of diodes with similar properties in a circuit?

Asked by robotguy4 7 years ago

How do you replace a Swatch watchband? Answered

Swatch watches use a different system I THINK to typical watches. I can see the end of each pin in a hole in the watch body. Can I just find something small enough to fit in that hole an push to compress the spring inside the pin?

Asked by trialex 8 years ago

Replace DPDT switch with relay

Hi there, I'm currently using a DPDT switch to toggle between power sources (gray dots) I'd like to replace this with a relay, I've added blue dots to my drawing to show (how I think) that should look. Is this correct? My main concern is if I should take the coil resistance into account. What kind of relay would you recommend? Would any 12V 2A relay work? Kind regards, Niellles P.s. the 560 ohm resistor is on the other side of the led...

Asked by Niellles 5 years ago

replacing 20kbx2 potentiometer with fixed resistors for max output at all times?

Someone gave me an amp, potentiometer is busted. im not in a position to order a new one, and i really dont care to. id like to wire this up with resistors instead so that it reads full open all the time. the pot is for a car amp im just going to use my input source to control the volume anyways. schematic or detailed instructions would be lovely. thanks guys.

Asked by cdb816 1 year ago

Looking for Info On These CNC Motors For Replacement

I purchased a surplus 2-axis CNC machine with built by Yamaha. I hoped to rebuild it into a new machine for myself, but it ended up requiring 200 volts AC for the controller and motors, which I don't have access to. I sold off the controller already. I don't know too much about professional CNC macahines, hoping someone has some input. I am hoping to replace the motors with ones in the same form-factor that run on DC or 120v AC(if such thing exists), preferably stepper type. I do not know what form-factor/package/mounting style to look for, or even if any are available with the power requirements I want.  Motors are the same for both axis and are part#: TS2620N664E122, attached are some pictures. Thanks,

Posted by ChromationSystems 2 years ago

Looking for instructable to place RAM in Dell Dimensions 2400:}?

What type of RAM do I use as well as how much? I currently Have 256 mb in my computer.

Asked by Nathan1764 8 years ago

A PC-less 12"-15" digital picture frame? Anyone?

After reading DOZENS of DIY's explaining how to use an old laptop as a digital picture frame, I'm hoping someone here can provide a solution.I have an old 14" LCD computer monitor that I would just LOVE to turn into a low-cost digital picture frame. But I DON'T have a spare PC, nor do I want to bother with "booting into Windows/Linux/etc" just to use it. If that were the case, I'd just build a PC out of spare parts for $20. I'm looking for an easier (and less bulky) solution.I've seen DIY projects that turn small handheld media players into tiny digital picture frames, but the screen is typically no bigger than 1.5-to-3.5 inches. I can buy a *working* 3.5" DPF for the same price... not that I'd want one... with far less hassle. I'm looking to use the screen I've already got (spare it from ending up in a landfill), not buy something I don't want nor need.Maybe there's a way to connect one of these tiny media players to a bigger screen? Or maybe there's another way to display photos using something other than a PC that I'm unaware of?With all the old LCD monitors going into the trash, it seems a simple "box" that can plug into any old monitor to display photos, might be a very desirable device.Anyone?PS: I'm a "computer tech" of nearly three decades, so I already know the "complexity" of what I'm asking. Thanks.

Posted by Last_Liberal 9 years ago

can i replace mosfet irfp250 with irfs630a ?

Can i replace mosfet irfp250 with irfs630a ? and what i can replace it with

Asked by ouwelou 8 years ago

How do you replace msgina.dll for windows xp?

I want replace this file because the windows xp shutdown menu isn't displaying properly

Asked by pk_excel 7 years ago

Im out of .1uF capacitors! Can I replace them with a different value?

Im building a FM transmitter and the project requires (3) 0.1uF capacitors. But i have none left! Can i replace them with a different value?∫

Asked by nadav 6 years ago

Replacing IC's with components

It it possible to use simple components, arranged properly, in order to replicate the use of a simple IC, such as the 555 or LM386? If so, where could I find diagrams of the internal electronics? Google has turned up nothing so far... Thanks!

Posted by jeffconnelly 6 years ago

How do I fix or replace a broken laptop screen for a (product:) MacBook Air (13-inch, Lat MBAIR 13.3/1.86/2/128FLASH

The Serial No: C02DW9M3DDR1? Is it possible for you to give me an answer to?    My moms laptop screen was cracked and we don't have enough money to fix it, it would be around $700 to do so.  If I can't have an answer, it's okay, no worries. Please and Thank you! And on the pictures the date thing you'll see is wrong.

Asked by oRelyTo 6 years ago

Remote control reciver help?

I need to replace a part from a remote control areoplane. The part number is 06N03LZ and I cant find anywhere where I can buy one. Does anyone know a online store with the part listed and can they give me a link? Thanks. (it looks like the same one in picture but I cant tell because it is in another language.)

Asked by David97 6 years ago

Best sub $20 in ear headphones with GREAT bass? Answered

Looking for some headphones to replace my Skullcandy buds that broke... I want something with great bass- something that really punches. Preferably with inline volume control- I am using an ipod touch (really love the volume control). I have a pretty small budget, around $20 is my goal, but as I am not an audiophile, they don't need to be perfect :) Just in ear headphones with great bass.

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

Got any tips on replacing an exhaust flex pipe? Answered

So, the flex pipe on my good old Mercury Mystique is almost fully cracked on one end.  The place where the flex pipe and braiding are connected to the solid exhaust pipe is only about 25% intact.  The result is that my car sounds like a hot rod when it's running, has about as much power as a scooter, and is likely leaking carbon monoxide and other nastiness into the cabin. Obviously, this needs to be fixed. Normally, I'd take my car to an exhaust shop to have it fixed.  This time, I have neither the cash (likely at least $600, but probably more like $800) nor the inclination (spend 800 bucks on a car that would sell for 500? no thanks!) to have a pro fix it for me.  So, I want to do it myself. I've already purchased the proper length of flex pipe with the intention of grafting it in.  I have a saw to cut out the old pipe, ramps to get under the car, and flux-core wire welder.  So, mechanically-inclined friends, have you got any tips for me?  Can I weld in the new pipe while everything is attached to the car, or do I have to remove the exhaust system and weld in the new flex pipe on the bench? Can I save myself the hassle of welding the pipe and simply clamp it in place?

Asked by jeff-o 6 years ago

Resettable Fuse PPTC Polyswitch instead of normal fuse?

Hello Friends, I have basic multimeter which has 250ma 250v fuse in it.  some how due to bad test it fused due to higher amps. now I am planning to replace it with 250ma 250v Resettable Fuse or PPTC or Polyswitch. can I go for it or it may create problem? any body have tried?

Asked by supertechey 2 years ago

How to replace an SMD inductor? Answered

I have an 2gen Ipod shuffle which I burnt. Now after a long while I found that an inductor cas destroyed. How can I find it's value?or Can I put a jumper instead?

Asked by theVader75 7 years ago

Is there a way to replace the cd drive in my laptop, with a cd drive from my old PC? Answered

I need to replace the cd drive on my laptop, and I have a couple old PCs laying about. I'm not especially technically minded when it comes to the hardware aspect of a comp though. If I could just wire up a cd drive to be external, that would work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by maviax 9 years ago

How can I open the earphones of the Sony NWZ S639F mp3 player to replace its cable? Is there a non-destructive way? Answered

These are normal headphones (not those with active noise reduction). I think they are used in many Sony walkmen. The cable is just too tiny -- I want to replace it with a stronger one.

Asked by J. Raff 8 years ago

Replacing the CPU on a laptop to a Dual-Core? Answered

I recently downloaded Call of Duty: Black Ops, but there seem to be some problems. My CPU simply isn't powerful enough run it. Price is no option, all I need to know Is whether or not it is even possible to replace the CPU of a laptop. Any recommendations for a dual-core processor, and/or help installing it would be greatly appreciated. EDIT 1: Dayum, that's a lot of suggestions... but very helpful nonetheless. After careful consideration (and some extra cash) I believe an Alienware shopping spree is in order. Thanks everybody :)

Asked by jrg3ni0us 6 years ago

Do i need to get back the exact same model when replacing laptop LCD screen?

Im using a LCD laptop screen thats glossy and its cracked(samsung LTN150XG-02). so im thinking of changing it to one with matte finish. i bought the new one,(samsung LTN150XG-01) but when i hooked everything up, it didnt work. does this have to do with the inverter? and what does the inverter actually do? (i fitted back my old screen and it works)

Asked by 9 years ago

Help identifying a transformer?

Hey I just moved my JVC JX-S700 into my new media center, and now it wont power up. Opened it up, and the transformer doesn't seem to be putting off any voltage on the output. I have approximately 1 ohm between the 3 outputs.  So I thought that was likely to be the issue, is there anything I should do to make sure that's the problem spot? Is there another fix for this besides replacing the transformer? And if I have to replace the transformer, can anyone help me identify it? Thanks Crew!

Asked by Cold Shoulder Media 5 years ago

Violin Missing Fine Tuning Pegs. How Do I Fix? Answered

An old(ish) violin found in the attic.  All but one of the tuning pegs are missing, but other than that, it's in fairly good condition.  How do I replace the pegs?

Asked by NOODLE! 5 years ago

Rc car modding help?

My dad had (broken) a rc car from a old friend that was sitting in the garage. He said that I could have it. It is a Nikko Super Dictator. When we were trying to fix it the curcuit board went poof and clouds of smoke came out of it, I don't want to fix the board but was thinking about buying a cheap RC kit and using arduino to decode and to control it. Another way I thought of controlinng it was to get an rc kit and use a speed controler. The servo in it has 6 wires and has no markings on it to tell me what it is. If anyone has done this project before please send me a link to an instructable. Also Please tell me the easyst way to control it and if I could just use a prebuilt rc kit with a speed controler, the type of servo and the motor. IF ANYONE HAS ONE THEY WOULD LIKE TO SELL THAT WOULD BE GREAT TOO, JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE. Any help, tips and/or links would be appresated. PS: Do a google search to find out stats. thanks, David.

Asked by David97 6 years ago

K'nex replacements? Answered

Could you replace the tubing on the Big Ball Factory with roller coaster tubing?

Asked by TwistedParadox 9 years ago

Replace Samsung Galaxy S2 Glass Screen Cover

How can I replace the glass screen cover on my Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100M)? The LCD and touch are fine just the screen cover is totally cracked! The phone is usable, just not pleasent with a cracked cover. I can buy a cover on EBAY for $5, but I have no idea how to replace it. Can anyone help?

Posted by bertwert 3 years ago

Can I replace an rc ESC with a potentiometer? Answered

I want to use an RC motor for something wired instead of wireless and I was wondering if I could replace the ESC that needed a reciever with a potentiometer hooked right up to a battery. If so, where could I get a potentiometer big enough to let the high current through? Im planning on doing this with a 7.2V 540 size brushed motor.

Asked by Electroinnovation 7 years ago

can i replace any battery(s) with any other battery(s) as long as the total voltage is the same? Answered

9v are commonly used in a lot of projects, but 150mah give or take isn't a lot. since they're nothing but 6 aaaa and ohms law is v = ir, then couldn't u use 6 aa instead of a 9v for any project? also could u use different battery chemistries? i have no idea about that one because it would definitely change the overall esr and although most battery esr's are very low, i don't know what would happen if u changed it even a little.

Asked by the judge 8 years ago

can i replace a piston sleeve with out replacing the whole engine block?

F250 cracked piston sleeve and i want to just replace the piston sleeve can i do that with out replacing the whole engine block

Asked by kurtis180 6 years ago

Replacing Window sills Answered

Is there a way to replace windowsills without taking out the windows

Asked by vtcruise 8 years ago

Screwdriver Replacement? Answered

Could screwdrivers be completly replaced with the handdrill and some phillips tips ? or they have other uses ?

Asked by andres-hurtado-lopez 1 year ago

how do i replace a faucet?

I have a leaking faucet and would like to replace it.

Asked by 9 years ago

Hows my new replacements for my group is?

Is it good or crappy.

Posted by wat. 6 years ago

how to replace belt on kenmore dryer?

How to replace drum belt on 80 series kenmore dryer

Asked by rickman76 9 years ago

how to replace 3v bulb of torch with LED?

How to replace 3v bulb of torch with LED?

Asked by ajaysaini 8 years ago

Can you turn a laptop LCD screen into a standard LCD Monitor / replace another brand laptop screen?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude CPi and is INCREDIBLY old. It was made for Windows NT / 9x systems. The laptop itself no longer powers on for some reason, but the LCD might be useable. Instead of getting a new LCD for $100 or replacing the cracked screen on my acer laptop for $600+, I'm wondering if it's possible to convert the screen into either an LCD screen, a Cintiq-esqe tablet display (where there's probably a USB and monitor cable) or, if it can be used on an acer 5520 laptop (the screen is cracked and using it on the same monitor I need for my PC isn't the easiest thing).

Asked by anthonyloprimo 8 years ago

should the brake fluid be changed with replacement of brake disk?

Should brake fluid be replaced after certain time

Asked by 8 years ago

3D printing replacement parts? Answered

Recently one of the plastic clips that connect the strap to the mask for my CPAP machine broke.  They sell replacement clips for the heargear ( 8 bucks for 2 clips).  My question is would it be cost effective to get replacement clips 3D printed, or am I better off just buying the replacement clips?

Asked by Lorddrake 1 year ago

Replacing rivets in jeans

My wife recently replaced pockets in some jeans. It would have much easier if we could have removed the rivets and then replaced them (or similar ones). Anyone know how to do that ?

Posted by johncar 11 years ago