Hello I made bottons with disney characters and more also ribbons for crafts and more Did you now where I can sell them?

Pins, hairbow ribbon, plastic headband, bracelets, neckless, rings, all mexiacn crafts and more

Asked by Mexicocity 8 years ago

Zen Vplus MP3 Display ribbon

Has anyone been successful in re-attaching this after dis-assembly? Mine unfotunately came away from the board whilst replacing the battery. It appears to be held in by sticky tape and I can no longer get a valid electrical connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

Posted by c3plwoo 8 years ago

What does the 'FEATURED' ribbon on the picture of the instructable mean? Answered

I dont think there needs to be a description...if u do, just ask.

Asked by 1thadeaus1 9 years ago

Wire ribbon roses?

Do you ever see those roses at the gas stations that are made of ribbon? the kind of ribbon that's sort of shear and has wire for the edges? I remember getting a closer look at it and seeing that the stem was wire as well and wrapped with shear non wire edged ribbon, but i have no clue as to how to make it.... I've been curious for a while but i don't think buying one and ripping it apart to see how it ticks would be exactly sufficient... could someone please make an instructable on this?

Posted by Lady Microfleegie II 3 years ago

''Featured instruct able'' bug

Two of my recent ibles (coin pendant, and glow epoxy) were suposedly featured. I got an e-mail for each one, but they never got a ribbon and they never got on the first page. Could a mod please try and re-feature them? It's really important, they are in a contest.... If I'm going to even stand a chance in the guerrilla glue contest, I need my featured instructable able''glow epoxy'' to appear on the front page so I can get the views and ratings. but right now, it doesn't even have a featured ribbon. Please help, this bug is making me nuts!!!!!!

Posted by nepheron 7 years ago

How can I print on satin ribbon?

I want to print on satin ribbon, such as names, dates, etc. I cannot find a way to do this, by hand or on my inkjet printer without the ink "bleeding" or fuzzing. A ribbon printing machine, of which I have found 1, is way out of my price range for grandchildren gifts.

Asked by 8 years ago

Can I wire RGB LED flex ribbon with cat5?

I made 4 custom light boxes using rgb led flex ribbon, can I power and wire these using cat5 cable or is that too thin for 6 amp 12v power supply these things are going to? the longest run from one box to the powersupply will be 20 feet

Posted by Negativecreep0 8 years ago

How to remove the copper layer/film from a PCB ???

Hi ... do you know, how to remove the copper layer from a PCB - by not using any ETCHING METHOD. Just to separate the cooper from plastic/f.glass ??? Do you think, that HEAT would do the trick ??? Like when you hold soldering tip to long on a pcb, it can happen that the cooper film become loose from the PCB. Thank you in advance. Zholy P.S. : The reason, why I asked = I was thinking of creating/extending a "ribbon cable" : 1. remove the copper film 2. stick it to the foil, that you can laminate 3. put the "ribbon cable pattern" on the film and ETCH it. 4. laminate it ... and cut the just the top of the laminate foil at the ends, so you have clear cooper for the contacts, but the bottom laminate film as a support.

Asked by zholy 8 years ago

What is a good cable/socket system for modular circuits?

I've been working on and off on an integrated color organ and vumeter over the past few months.  Part of the design is that there will be a central "hub" that will do all the filtering and user interfacing, allowing me to build the display itself separately.  The intent is that this will allow me more design freedom in a display, since I won't have to fit all the circuitry into it.  It's also cool, since this project is more self education than anything else.  The minor problem is that I have no idea what type of cable or connector to use in order to make the design modular. So, is there a good cable/socket type for this purpose?  It preferably needs at least five wires (high, low, mid, left channel, right channel), which is why I don't think USB is a possibility.  Also, will it be necessary for one of the wires to be hooked up to ground of the central hub?  My intent is for the display and hub to have different power supplies, with the filter outputs hooked up to transistors in the display, which will in turn "trigger" the leds. Forgive me if this is a glaringly obvious question; I'm entirely new to electronics, so I have no experience with cables and the like. edit: the display is going to be at least a foot from the central hub, if not more, so ribbon cables and the likes are out of the picture.

Asked by Skidion 7 years ago

Ribbon embroidery? Answered

Any classes

Asked by valeriegladys 1 year ago

how do you 'refill' ink tape for a typewriter?

I bought an old typewriter and i can't find any new ink tape, any ideas to re-use the old tape?

Asked by lieuwe 9 years ago

How does one re-ink a typewriter-type ribbon?

I have a Gaylord charging machine (used in nonautomated libraries to check materials out) but fear that the ribbons may be unobtainable in the near future. I'm hoping re-inking the ribbon will prolong the machine's useful life.

Asked by 8 years ago

What are these ribbon connectors called and where can I find connectors??

I need to get a connector for the ribbon connector shown in the attached image but I cannot find what they are actually called (ribbon connector searches are just showing IDE type cables). If anyone could point me in the right direction/enlighten me on this subject that would be amazing. Thanks!

Asked by ActionTekJackson 3 years ago

Does anyone know how to repair ribbon cable?

Does anyone know how to repair ribbon cable? (the "Flat Flexible Cable" type) I tried sanding down the cable until the copper was visible, and taping the two parts together, however this hasn't worked.

Asked by BlackCloud 8 years ago

Are all LCD ribbon cables (from digital cameras) alike?

Are all LCD ribbon cables (from digital cameras) alike? i have dismounted the LCD screen from my old sony digital compact camera. it has a ribbon cable coming out of it. any idea what can i do with it, besides installing it in another sony camera? any chance that another electronic device will attach to it? is the signals resolution important, or that automatic cropping or scaling will occure?

Asked by TEST234 9 years ago

how to make ribbon art hair clippies?

How do you make a lady bug hair bow

Asked by gagco 8 years ago

LCD with Ribbon Cable connecting to Webcam.

I am trying to build a device that will simply display a webcam on a LCD screen I pulled from a palm pad(or something similar) with a on-off switch. However I have no real knowledge of screens or cameras, the LCD has a 40 pin(if I counted right) ribbon cable, and a second ribbon with about 5 pins(the touch screen part?) and the webcam obviously uses a USB. How would I go about setting up the two with a battery and an on-off switch?

Posted by Fridge Gnome 7 years ago

Ribbon Cutting at Pier 9

Yesterday (Thursday September 12th) was the official ribbon cutting at Pier 9.  There were many people in attendance including Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. In Instructables' tradition of being nontraditional, the ribbon was made of metal and cut by Carl with a grinder. Tours were given after the official cutting to those who haven't yet experienced the awesomeness of our workshop! Read some more in the article on San Francisco Business Times.

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Is there some way for me to connect the type of LCD screen with a ribbon-type DSI connection to raspberry pi zero?

I have an LCD screen that I am planning to use for a raspberry pi zero project, but it is a DSI connection, instead of a micro hdmi, is there some way for me to connect this anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This screen is one I took from a broken HP 8600, it is an  "Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Display Control Dash Panel Cm749-60021 Touch Screen"  ***UPDATE*** after a long time of twidling with the tiny terminals, I finally figured out witch ones would turn the screen on (and very brightly at that). Any advice on how to try and figure out how to get video input to it now?

Asked by ToggleSwitch 2 years ago

can the magnetic ribbon/tape be repaired on cell phone to make display operable again?

I have a samsung "rugby" flip phone which is less that 4 months old.  in going for a walk, i dropped it leaving the magnetic tape/ribbon (i believe i'm using the correct term(s) here) torn apart.  is there a way that i can connect the ribbon  or put the ribbon back together to make my display work again and if so, what kind of materials would i need to get this project done

Asked by johnshericosmo 7 years ago

How to do a paracord bracelet with a support ribbon braided into it.?

I have been seeing some paracord bracelet's with the support ribbons in the middle of them. & was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or if they know of an tutorial on doing them.

Asked by kimburton 7 years ago

Can I repair a flex ribbon cable? Answered

Is there a way to basically bond or splice two ribbon cables together? I have an expensive mouse and it was dropped. The cable was severed, and I want to know if I can repair it, because it's sort of oddly shaped and isn't just a straight cable like the kind I could buy from Digi-Key or something? It is attached to the ball control circuit thing of an iMac mouse. It can't just be replaced because it's built into a tiny flexible circuit. It is the kapton type.

Asked by MdP1632 8 years ago

What is the best way to strip insulation from ribbon cable?

What is the best, quickest and easiest, way to strip the insulation from rainbow ribbon cable without damaging the wires? I want to bare the wires for connecting LCD displays to computer devices.

Asked by Johenix 7 years ago

what can i do with this old tablet screen?

I have salvaged an old lcd screen from a velocity micro cruz t301. it has a 60 pin ribbon cable connector. is there any way i can use this to connect it to rca cables?

Asked by reggie88980 4 years ago

Bouncing PC! How to secure PCI/PCIe cards and keep cables in place?

I have a desktop PC with a lot of components including a large number of PCI/PCIe cards. The problem I have is that the machine is regularly transported long distances by a variety of means, including rail, road and sea. What happens is that the (often quite generous) jars and jolts of the journey cause cables to fall out and cards to rise out of their slots at the unsecured end. Each time I have to open everything up and reseat everything. If the machine arrives somewhere where I'm not, it can't be used until I arrive. I've gotten around the problem of SATA cables falling out by purchasing cables that clip into place rather than just flap about in the usual fashion. What I don't know how to do is secure ribbon cables, audio cables, cards and the like.  Because of various constraints: - I can't use plastic zip ties (there's nowhere to secure them) - I can't use brackets (the cards are half height) - I can't swap out or modify the chassis The only option appears to be glue. Old fashioned sticky stuff. Thing is, I've read an awful lot of things on the web and while this question gets asked a fair amount there is no consensus. Some people say to use a conducting type (which seems plain idiotic, given that if applied to a PCI interface it'll short out), and others say to use a glue gun (which might introduce problems with regard to the heat and chemicals). The only suggestion that made sense was a silicon sealant from Loctite designed specifically for circuit boards - Tempflex - but there's almost no information about it and the word 'Temp' makes me concerned it's just a makeshift solution (no pun intended). It's also really too expensive to buy a tube and only then discover it won't work. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Posted by 10,000 Angry Vegans 8 years ago

how can a sandisk picture viewer be wired straight to the ribbon cable of an lcd screen for a picture frame?

I love the laptop picture frames but the pc's i have are real junk. the lcd's i have are good. so how can i connect a sandisk picture viewer to the ribbon cable of a 15" lcd.

Asked by eparker 8 years ago

Ipod headphone connector problem!?

 So, i have the 3rd gen ipod, and the contacts for the connectors to the ribbon cable broke off the ribbon cable... any good sources to get these new headphone connector piece for under $30. Thanks!

Asked by led235 8 years ago

Repairing an Ipod connection

I have a 5th gen IPOD video and while I was replacing the hard drive some of the prongs on a circuit board connection (the thing the ribbon wire connects to) broke off. Now the ribbon wire will not stay in place, the ribbon wire goes in but is not very secure. I was wondering if there was any quick and easy way to fix it. I may need to replace the part and solder a new one in..I personally do not know how to do that but I know someone who can. I just don't know where I could pick up a new part...any ideas?

Posted by breaddemon 9 years ago

What are these little clips called . . .

 that connect the ribbon cables to the board? And where can I find them (replacements)?

Asked by Kriki 8 years ago

Is it insane or is it possible? IDE + USB connection

One thing about being older is that you stop being afraid to ask "stupid" questions. So: Is it possible to connect ribbon cables to USB cables - this in an effort to get cheapo backup hard drive space. I am imagining a bank of old hard drives becoming a ridiculous chain of space. Be nice, now.

Posted by brandegor 9 years ago

What is the correct placement for elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes?

My daughter has her first pair of (ballet) pointe shoes and I'm not sure where to sew the elastic and the ribbons on each shoe.  And as they're rather expensive, I really don't want to mess them up.  I've looked at various sites online but each has a different answer.  Can anyone pointe (sorry!) me in the right direction please?

Asked by teeval 7 years ago

How to repair styrofoam frame?

Round mirror 24 inches with styrofoam frame in the shape of a ribbon. The top part of the styrafoam(bow) is broken about 8 inches. How can I fix it? Thank you, Ellie

Asked by 9 years ago

small serial high resolution display?

Is there a 720p or 1080p display that is about  .75" -1.5" diagonally, this would be used for an Arduino project so if it has pins rather than a type of ribbon cable connector that would be helpful.

Asked by CalebO2 1 year ago

Can I hook up another display to a camera?

I would like to know if I cut up the ribbon or desolder the clip from the board attach wire and a second clip will it work. Or will there not be enough power to use the screens. Basically I want to mount a screen in the helmet and a second screen on the back of the helmet or on my wrist or something to that effect... Some extra notes, this is a touch screen I planed on doing this too, but if it won't work on that but will on a regular display I'll adapt. I can solder and am willing to do the ribbon cable if necessary... yes I know the pins are small for those clips.

Asked by ebodenberg 6 years ago

Can I reuse my camera from lumia 720 as a CCTV or jsut hook it up to my computer?

I have a broken Lumia 720 but the cameras (both front and back) still work, is there any chance i can use them to make a DIY cctv or webcam of some sorts? They have 6,7 and 1,3 MP.  The main camera is connected to the phone with a ribbon with ~13 pins. Both cameras are modular, they have the circuits in them, is it possible just to connect a few wires to the ribbon and hook it into a computer?

Asked by AndreiB30 1 year ago

Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cables? Answered

Hello,I am very new to RPi and I am also interested in working with Arduino. The supply list for this project has Kalevel 120 pcs Multicolored Breadboard Jumper Wires. I don't want to buy so many cables when I am just starting out with the product and not sure if this will stick with me long enough to use all the wires. How many cables would I need and what kind (m/f, m/m, f/f) for this project? Would you be able to recommend a supplier with reasonable prices that I could have as my go to shop? Thank you,Inna.

Asked by inber 1 year ago

use Digital Camera LCD to monitor computer

I have an LCD Digital camera screen that I would like to use as monitor my computer. Anyone have DIY instructions on how to do this? Also the ribbon cable layout would be nice as well.

Posted by Sinster 9 years ago

Does anyone do soccer hair ties?

I found some that were not soccer and the girls wear them when they can find where they put them after games. We need to replace them. I would like to find them with soccer ribbons.

Asked by nanakim 9 years ago

Ribon cable colors

Hi all,   I just read the "Web controlled powerstrip" by rleddington. A great build and it brought something to mind; Most everybody knows the resistor color code. The rainbow ribbon cables follow that same code. A lot of folks are unaware of this. There are ten colors and if you have more than ten wires, the color pattern repeats. If you know resistor code, this makes it a lot less confusing when wiring up a lot of circuits. If you follow the pins number/color on one end, the other end goes real easy without having to look up or follow a chart you made.   Hope this helps! Thanks again for all the great projects.

Posted by ssiegel 4 years ago

GBA sp ribbon pins: What does these do????????

I know the ribbon pins of the GBA sp AGS-101 backlit screen,(there are 34 pins total) and I want to hook up the pins to a vga cable to connect to the tv/monitor, (and I know how to connect the audio, that's not a problem) but the problem is, I don't know what these pins are, or do? Please help, there is a picture of a vga diagram.( I am trying to make a GBA sp Console) 1 - VSHD 2 - DCK 3 - LP 4 - PS 5 - VSHD 6 - GND 7 - LDR5 8 - LDR4 9 - LDR3 10 - LDR2 11 - LDR1 12 - LDG5 13 - LDG4 14 - LDG3 15 - LDG2 16 - LDG1 17 - GND 18 - LDB5 19 - LDB4 20 - LDB3 21 - LDB2 22 - LDB1 23 - SPL 24 - CLS 25 - SPS 26 - MOD 27 - REVC 28 - P2-VDD 29 - P2-VSS 30 - COM 31 - VDD5 32 - GND 33 - ??? (U83 on AGS-001) 34 - VDD5

Asked by 8BITR 2 years ago

How to make a dress like this?

I have tis awesome white fabric that has blue ribbon stripes on it! the stripes go diagonally. I want to make a dress resembeling this: http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemID=58370&categoryID=1998 any ideas? thanks! :0)

Asked by bongo girl! 6 years ago

Remove insulation from wires

Hey folks, need some ideas to build a simple wire insulation removal system. Has to be so I can peel the inulation off wire from 10 gauge to the ribbon wire in computers as the only way to do it now is burn at that is not a good idea.

Posted by wisconsinjimmy 7 years ago

How do I redesign a pair of high heels and/or buy parts to make my own shoes?

I have a lovely pair of shoes at home that are my favourite pair because I can wear them all day and not be in pain.  They are strappy 3" heel sandals with a net-like mesh of ribbons tied together to make a criss-cross grid over the top of my foot.  Recently, one of the ribbons came unglued from the sole and as a DIYer I thought there must be a way for me to make this shoe better rather than bringing them to a cobbler to have them repaired.  The small knots where the ribbons cross each other do press into my feet in a couple of places and leave small indents which are unsightly and slightly uncomfortable sometimes.  Does anyone here work in the shoe-making industry?  I want to redesign my shoes completely but use the soles as a starting place.  If this works out I'd also like to know how companies make/buy their high heels and how I can get the parts to design my own shoes whenever I want.?

Asked by Cleo420 5 years ago

Request Serial - Ribbonised Tabbed WebBrowser

 Ok, the serial for my webbrowser is: in the text file i uploaded. It has a lot of features that IE6 + tabs has. It is one of the biggest projects I've done.  copy everything in the text file to the text box with "enter Serial Here". Pls Donate using Paypal!!!   paypal account: arikyeo1996@gmail.com. You can donate any amount! So long as you donate. I will upload some screenshots soon.

Posted by arikyeo 8 years ago

How do I make a feather collar?

How do I make a feather collar like the one in the attached picture? Feathers, some kind of closure... but what is the best way to bind the feathers to the ribbon/fabric? Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Asked by fluorescence 9 years ago