Rifle Cleaning How to clean a new rifle?

What needs to be done to a new rifle to clean it?

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This forum is for Knex WW2 rifles!

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My favorite rifle

This is one of my favorite Knex Rifle.

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Assault Rifles

A forum about WW2 Assault Rifles...

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knex rifle search

I am looking for a knex rifle or sniper rifle that has a low piece count and step by step instrutions.

Posted by squiddy412 5 years ago

dos youngcookieboys break action rifle have any good mods?

I need mods for the rifle because i want to improve its acuracy

Asked by callumlewin 8 years ago

hi' i have a MAHELY mod.standard 700 carabina automatica cal 22 long rifle which i need a fireing pin.

I can not get one in New Zealand and as i have not  one i can not make one.I would like to buy one if i could.The Pat. no is 115251v115277 made by industria argfntina.    Thanks Tony

Asked by tony6677 8 years ago

knex gun rmx rifle

This is a powerful gun

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K'nex sniper rifles

This forum is for K'nex sniper rifles that look good, can shoot atleast 50 ft, and are accurate.

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knex rifle?

Does anybody know of a good low piece high power knex rifle?

Asked by ooocol22 6 years ago

how do i sight in a rifle?

 I have a break down high power pellet rifle and i need help dialing in the sight

Asked by davidmstine 8 years ago

A non piece consuming knex rifle

Can someone find me a non piece consuming knex rifle? D:

Posted by SomeAsianKid 7 years ago

knex sniper rifle

 what should I name this, and should I post instructions?

Posted by quaheezle 7 years ago

new knex sniper rifle

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Pakmans_Sniper_Rifle/check it out!

Posted by pakman227 9 years ago

knex rifle

This is just a message board asking wether i should put up my rifle

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my sniper rifle

This is my knex sniper rifle it fires big ammo and its got long range and accuracy. p.s. probably wont post.

Posted by Ithaca37 9 years ago

What features must a knex assault rifle have? Answered

 I want to make a knex assault rifle for myself, but don't really know what makes a gun an assault rifle. What features must be included in this type?

Asked by MechanicalCreationMaster 8 years ago

Coil Rifle (not really a rifle, no rifling)?

So, I've been considering modifying an inexpensive muzzle loader into a coil gun with a backpack power supply.... it seems to me that this would be possible but impractical, which is perfect for an art installation... I would then take it hunting, to test its lethality. any thoughts on the idea?

Posted by gschoppe 10 years ago

Knex sniper rifle contest

Ok guys you've got to make a sniper or just a rifle you can enter an already made gun so a sniper rifle or just a rifle!! you win: 5* on all your ibles and a subscription and i will also advertise your stuff for a week! the deadline is: 30th april same as someones micro gun contest HOPE  U ENTER UR SNIPER (RIFLES)

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Savage Air Rifle?

I have a Savage model 600 .177 cal.air rifle. Can you tell me who actually made this gun and approx.when it was made. Thank you for your help.

Asked by 9 years ago

DIY Rifle cleaning Rest?

Looking for a DIY rifle cleaning rest. Plans and or drawings. Thanks, Arley

Asked by Sorcererar12 8 years ago

Tactics for a Knex Halo War

Marine: Assault Rifle, SMG, Battle Rifle. Covenant Elite: Plasma Rifle, Needler, Energy Sword, Covenant Carbine. Grunt: Plasma Pistol, Needler, Plasma Rifle. Jackal: Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle. Jackal Sniper: Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle, Gravity Rifle. Brute: Brute Shot, Brute Spiker, Brute Plasma Rifle, Brute Mauler, Gravity Hammer. Hunter: M6C Magnum. Master Chief: take any guns that you want

Posted by SonicX 22 8 years ago

Knex Rifle

I need some recommendations for a low piece, well performing rifle to make.  I just cant find a good one.  I have already built the Sipriani rifle, and it took maybe 5/8 of my pieces without mods.  

Posted by KnexGuy15 3 years ago

Sniper Rifle SR70A1

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Sniper-Rifle-SR70A1-Preview/ Check it out, it's under constant development so stay tuned for the next upgrade. Also, it's a "Ram-Transfer" rod system. Note K'nexecutioner 2.11's ammo belt for details.

Posted by prodo123 8 years ago

What is a "Loser rifle"? Answered

Recently, Ive seen people say their guns shoot "loser rounds", and some people have called their guns "loser rifles". Exactly what is a loser rifle, and what makes people say its a loser rifle? I personally havent seen any discussion on the subject, so yeah...

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago

LEGO sniper rifle

This LEGO rifle by Jack Streat at MOCpages.com is pretty awesome. If there was ever any ideal way to shoot LEGO bricks, this would be it. Even the creator is impressed: This is by far the best rifle i have ever made. it is a working magazine-fed rifle in bolt action configuration, with detachable magazines, sniper scope and bi-pod. Check out the video to see it in action and the link below for a lot more pics. Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

how can i make this pneumatic rifle with 3/4" pvc?

I cant have access to the size of pipes needed so i would like to know how to make the rifle with 3/4" pvc pipes.

Asked by 8 years ago

Oodammo rifle met magazijn?!

''Mijn rifle'' Het is de Tr18 zonder turret. Ik heb geprobeerd hier een magazijn op te zetten, maar ik faalde... Nu is de vraag aan jullie: Kan iemand dat proberen?

Posted by sak-j 8 years ago

knex rifle upgrade

I moded the knex rifle to have a removeable bipod, scope, no broken peaces, thumb hole, and a true triger. i will put pictures in lator. should i post it as an instructable? update: just finshed making a sight, one of those knife things you can stick on the top of the gun, and a way to lode the bullet more like a rifle. but i cant fit the pictures in the froum lol.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

shotgun/rifle/or any NON-KNEX gun

Does anyone know how i could make a REAL gun.i want a rifle,shotgun,or maybe a silenced pistol.please help me!

Posted by megapun13 10 years ago

Low pieces-high range knex sniper rifle? Answered

Is there any low piece-high range knex sniper rifles on this site that have a mag or have a slingshot mech.

Asked by thomaswatton 8 years ago


Here you go! Another christmas present! My top loading rifle is awesome! I will be posting this around christmas!!!!!

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

My new knex rifle (edit:) BATTLE RIFLE

I took my bolt action knex rifle, which is one of my favorite guns and up graded it. First i made the magazine better, then i added a stock, frame, true trigger, more authentic bolt action thingy, and a MUCH better handlepic1-overviewpic2-new magazinepic3-new guide rails for pin=much less frictionI am going to convert it to look more like the battle rifle form halo :)edit 2/3/08i have finish my new rifle, it looks very simmlar to the halo battle riflei will have a picture soonedit 2/4/08i got some pictures of my updated gunedit 2\16\08i made a new scope, it works well, like really well, more of a sniper scopeit makes you look down a little to see through, because knex guns' bullets go towards the ground sooner than real guns'ill post a picture of the new scope soon

Posted by ashchetm 10 years ago

What is the best all purpose knex assault rifle?

I know that a lot of you will suggest the storm 223, however I really dislike the instructions. Any other suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you.

Asked by travw 9 years ago

how do i connect a soda bottle to pvc or copper pipe?

I am making a pneumatic rifle with a soda bottle...i just have no idea how to connect the threaded end to further piping such as valves and barrels. any help?

Asked by Polar9393 8 years ago

Can anybody make the halo 1 assault rifle and magnum?

I was wondering if anybody could make the halo 1 assault rifle and magnum out of knex. i know there alredy is an asault rifle, but im looking for new ideas. here is a couple of pictures: (1+2) assault rifle (3+4) magnum

Posted by ~KGB~ 8 years ago

i need a sniper rifle fast!

Someone post me a sniper rifle that looks cool long has at least ammo of five plz!!!

Posted by combatknex 10 years ago

New removable magazine for knex rifles (with pictures)

I recently began construction on my up-and-coming knex M4 carbine assault rifle and in about 2 hours of tinkering, I designed a brand new type of removable magazine for any type of knex gun. The way it is right now is using 10 dark gray connectors as ammo, but is easily mod-able and is extremely reliable. The way it works is based on the original "push up" system, but in an easily removable form and slides/clicks into place without any hassle, almost like a real magazine would. I am very excited for this idea and I hope that it will soon be used in a hopefully working knex gun (i haven't had much luck with any ideas besides this one lately). The only bad thing about it is the way i made it requires 2 modded orange connectors (they were already broken for me) so that you don't accidentally shoot two bullets or jam the gun. I also have 2 types of grenades that use motors to fling shrapnel everywhere, and require no reassembly...these are soon to come...

Posted by flames10391 10 years ago

500 fps airsoft gun

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.

Posted by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

Bartboys Barrage of Sniper Rifles.

I have made 5 different sniper rifles, and one rifle that uses less pieces, and is ready to add an electric remote control thingy. They all have good rage and power. Please vote on Favourite.

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Knex Rifles

I am looking for great ideas on knex rifles. Barrels, triggers, mags, you name it.You will all get proper credit if I use your designs on Instructables. Please build. Look at The Jamalms Storm 223 rifle

Posted by Koolman2009 9 years ago

New AR-4 Commando v2-NOW POSTED

ITS POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!This is my latest knex gun, the AR-4 Commando v2. Now that i have gained more parts, i could fix the problems present in the v1.PROS=(a * means an improvement over the v1)-Jam-free mag-also removable in order to mod (its expandable)*-better handle*-more strength*-has a front grip*-stock is more filled in*-true trigger-comes with shoulder strap (optional)*-uses a dual-rail system-slightly more accurate than the v1*-auto-load*-35-40 foot range-has a sight*CONS-uses more parts than the v1-3/4 of the barrel is fake (yes, i tried to make it more accurate, but the ammo kept getting stuck)-takes longer to reload than v1 (mostly because it holds more)-pretty awkward when you use the front gripso, i will post this saturday (if i am not busy), and i hope you enjoy!

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

home made air soft sniper rifle

Im workin on a home made airsoft sniper rifle any help or tips :P :D:O :) :( XD

Posted by xZCodmaNZx 9 years ago

Canadianammo+OMEN XR=Rifled barrel.

Thanks to CJ81499 for finding this out.  Well, he managed to make my gun shoot like it had a rifled barrel (FYI, a rifled barrel spins the ammo horizontally for more areodynamics), so now I have the first knex gun with a rifled barrel that shoots well.  www.instructables.com/id/SWVUCGGG2HE1A1C/ More details in the link.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Bakenbitzes Knex Assault Rifle

This is my newest gun, my assault rifle. It shoots dark gray connectors with Y connectors on them. It has good range and power. I might post.EDIT: The gun is now posted https://www.instructables.com/id/Bakenbitzes-Assault-Rifle/

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago