Why won't my two stroke run?

I have a two stroke weed eater engine (actually from a tiller but it's the exact same) and I am having trouble getting it to run. I have the carb screw tightened all the way so the carb is opened up as much as it can be but when I start it, it coughs like it wants to die then it dies. If I squeeze the throttle a little it will continue running or if I squeeze it all the way it will still run. It just won't run if I let it sit. Also, I am intending to use it to put on a bike and it has a clutch but it doesn't really work that well. It will engage without even squeezing the throttle. Any idea of where I can get a small geared clutch that will fit it? Thanks.

Asked by chiefs543 5 years ago

"Re-making" Ninjutsu, combining Krav Maga and Wing Chun

Hiya guys! Recently I had to give up studying Ninjutsu, because there were no close Dojos. I decided to study Wing Chun instead, but I was still very sad I won't become an urban ninja. Later on, I watched some material art TV shows - I then heard about Krav Maga. It's an israeli martial art that focuses on self-defense. I don't want to give up Wing Chun for it, and nor it for Wing Chun. Now here comes the interesting stuff - I came up with a great idea. Ninjas were basically assassins, but that's not what I wanted to be. I wanted a lifestyle. If I will study parkour, I will be able to run jump and hop, like ninjas did. If I will study Wing Chun, I will be an expert an unarmed combat. Krav Maga will teach me weapon stuff - defending attacks, disarming, and fighting with them. All left is to be sneaky, and here I am - a whole new modern ninja-like life style, designed for life in the city! My question is, will I be able to learn Wing Chun and parkour at the same time, and as soon as I'll reach Wing Chun Mastery I'll start with Krav Maga. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to master 2 martial arts, but the ninjas mastered fighting with almost any weapon, so I guess it's possible. Your opinion?

Asked by netbus 7 years ago

I want to run 20-12v leds, witch allready have resistors, what circuit am i best using and what power will i need?ty?

Basicly i want to run 20 5mm uv leds, they allready have the resistors prewired, and state a 12v power source is needed but i wanty to run all 20, what circuit would be best and what kind of power suply and voltage any help would be great chhers

Asked by dora0751 7 years ago

Autodeskeagle? Answered

Can I run the above programme on a kindle fire

Asked by chris698 7 months ago

Long-running clockwork sculpture

The craftsmanship that went into building this clock is really spectacular! Everything was designed by the artist, from the movement to the machining of components.The woodwork is oak and the brass imagery was acid-etched.

Posted by zazenergy 7 years ago

Is it possible to run a power inverter in reverse? Answered

I'm curious as to whether supplying power to the ac out side would result in the dc in side putting out power or the board burning out.

Asked by acetyleneblues 5 years ago

Is it legal to run Mac OS X in Windows on Virtualbox?

Just wondering cuz i was thinking a bout doing this.

Asked by Mr. Tech Cheese 7 years ago

can i run 40mhz car using a 2.4 g transmitter by soldering a receiver in the car ??

Can i run 40mhz car using a 2.4 g transmitter by soldering a receiver in the car so i can use my 2.4 g remote instead of my 40mhz remote>

Asked by AbdelrahmanS21 1 year ago

Dog Run: We would like to build a covered house with fenced in area for a dog run. Any suggestions? Gregg?

One idea is to put a kennel inside our 12 x 24 storage shed, with a dog door to the outside.  Then, fence in an area outside of the shed.  The dog will be about 50 pounds, and can jump and dig.

Asked by cgmox3410 6 years ago

I want to run a small electric fan from a 7.5v 2.5amp (max) solar panel.

I want it to run on less than gloriously sunny days - what kind of motor should I get? If I use a 5v motor will it burn out the first all-sunny day?

Asked by 8 years ago

any help running six stepper motors? Answered

I have six stepper motors and i am planning to build a robotic arm. is it possible to build a driver curciut to run the six motors from an arduino to make the arm move. if its not possible then how would i build a controller to drive six uln2003 driver chips

Asked by devicemodder 7 years ago

Luxeon LED Copy running voltage?

Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble.I'm trying to use these baby's for a project I'm doing (you may see it in the Let It glow Contest if I finish it in time) but I don't know what voltage to run them at. I know that they work best at 350mA of current.They appear to be a cheap Luxeon copy, so I guess they would run at the same voltage. But, another problem, I cant find what voltage they run at!!!The one's in paticular i'm wanting to use are the ZD-0500 - Red - hereZD-0502 - Amber - hereZD-0504 - Green - here

Posted by Da_Fudge 10 years ago

Grandma got run over by a reindeer rip offs Put another log on the fire

Hi Everyone, Have you notice this song Grandma got run over by a reindeer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgIwLeASnkw Is a rip off of this song  https://www.ouvirmusica.com.br/willie-nelson/put-another-log-on-the-fire/ I not trying to ruin Christmas just thought its hilarious, when my 8 year old was singing "grandma got run over by a reindeer" , I gave her some lines form "put another log on the fire" Now grandma is having a really bad Christmas!

Posted by liquidhandwash 7 months ago

I need Help with overclocking!

I have an amd athlon 2 x2 245 processor which runs at 2.9 ghz.  My games and computer runs slow when i run too many processes but i would like to have more processes then i can currently run.  I have 8 gigs of ddr3 ram which is good. but my processor isnt the best. I do have a cpu meter and it hits 100% when i first boot up my games. with chrome and my gadgets running it stays from 15-35%.  So any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,                                                                               Logan

Posted by loman1997 6 years ago

How much time will a 12 volt input LED DC run on my car batter continusoly ?

How much time will a 12 volt input LED DC run on my car batter continusoly ? I need this to make a light for my handycam .Will the battery consumption increase for an additional LED . A) How much time will one LED run on full charge ? B) How much time will two LED run simultaneously on full charge ? (I am asking this since i can calculate for 20 LEDS since i am going to use 20 LED lights to make the flash light for handycam )

Asked by vasan406 6 years ago

How to run a mini halogen light from the mains? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a project and need to run a mini (35mm) halogen globe from the mains.  I live in Australia and our  mains from off 24v.   If I try and run the halogen it works ok but soon heats-up a lot.  I'm assuming that I need a transformer to reduce the voltage or amperage but cant find anything on the net!  I want to run the lamp that I am building direct from the AC socket.  Does anyone have any solutions?  I have also looked at 12v LED ones as well and thought that this might be the best path to go down.   Thanks, Marcus

Asked by lonesoulsurfer 4 years ago

led running brake light circuit for motorcycle?

i want to add 5 LEDs wired for 12 volt in parallel to my motorcycle running lights. then when brake is pressed they will light up brighter. i think i need to add a resistor to each input ( brake and running light wire) to drop voltage down. maybe 9 volts for running lights (which would be on all of the time) and another 3 or 4 volts for the brake light so added to 12 to 13 volts for bright brake lights. any ideas how do i do this and what size resistor i should use or am i looking at this wrong? 

Asked by jmcgrath5 4 years ago

How can you convert small diesel engine to run on vegatable oil?

I am just starting to learn this so I need the basics. Thank you.

Asked by ryockel 9 years ago

can I run 300w speakers on a 85w stereo?

I got four 300w speakers I want to hook up to my 85w stereo would that blow it up 

Asked by BryceM25 1 year ago

can i use motor to run the small generator instead of fuel engine?

I want to know which card i will use to control the voltage and frequency and speed.

Asked by geminiyasir 2 years ago

what exactly is an adjustable speed drive and how to select one to make DC motor run with it ???

A mechatronics racing toy car that runs with variable speed .

Asked by pavan5859 8 years ago

make interface for sending text (using vb6) to a running led matrix arduino uno?

I was succed to make my running led matrix using arduino uno, now i get trouble to make interfaceng for it (sending text etc). thanks alot for your replay..

Asked by faisolhanif 6 years ago

Can you run a 50CC dirtbike motor with the clutch bell open??? Answered

I am trying to fix a dirt bike motor but don't know much about them I want to know if you can run the motor just to test it without putting the springs back on the arms of the clutch bell and without the cover and gearing installed. 

Asked by camping crazy 5 years ago

How Do you get a program to run off only virtual memory? Answered

i am trying to run this program off nothing but usb drives using the virtual memory, but i cant seem to isolate the virtual ram from the ram in the computer. How can i do that?

Asked by demonspawnedangel 7 years ago

Any tips for running cable (speaker wire, Cat5) behind drywall?

I have an attic and no basement and there is blown insulation all over. I am an electrical engineer but that only helps with the planning part. The actual work is something I plan to get help with from one of my electricians. Any tips would be helpful and appreciated.

Asked by jnixon21 9 years ago

What could make my antique table fan run backwards?

I bought an antique hunter table fan at an auction. The power cord was missing so I replaced it. When I turn it on now it runs but it sucks air rather than blowing it. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Asked by EddieP21 2 years ago

Can I disconnect my microwave's magnetron and run it without microwaving anything?

I'm trying to figure out a way to make my microwave appear to be working, but without actually microwaving anything. Anyone know if there are any failsafes that won't let the microwave "run" without the magnetron? Any other suggestions about getting this to work are welcome! thanks!  

Asked by uuuuuunnnnnn 8 years ago

Electric lawn mower runs for a few seconds then trips the house breaker.

When the breaker is reset it runs a few seconds and does the same thing? I was de-thatching when the problem first occurred so the mower was under load. There was no burning smell? The mower is an 8-year-old 12 amp Homelite with a 21 inch cut .

Asked by DonM137 1 year ago

What is this component that is from a box fan? Answered

I found a box fan that somebody threw out on my street. Very clean, but didn't run. Found out that this piece in the picture was open, I bypassed it now it runs. What is this component? It has a temperature on it. Is it there to cut the power to the motor in case it overheats or it is just a fuse? Is it dangerous to run the fan without it? Thanks.

Asked by sctirvn687 7 years ago

How do I make vista run in 256 color mode for a game I want to play? Answered

 I was trying to get an old candyland game to run on vista and it said I needed to be in 256 color mode. I have no idea how to run 256 color mode and I've already searched goggle on it and checked the microsoft help site so I am pretty annoyed with this problem. Can anyone help me?

Asked by nbagf 8 years ago

Atmel AVR IDE/assembler won't run (Windows 8)

I'm trying to write some code for my AVR in assembly, but I cannot get either the Atmel studio 6.0 (with or without sp1) or AVR32 studio 2.6 to run. Studio 6.0 with the service pack states that it will work on windows 8 but consistently gives the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)". AVR32 generates a Java error. This is consistent across all compatability settings and running as administrator. This is on a pretty much clean install of windows 8 pro x64, with all updates and the latest release of both 32 and 64 bit Java. All other software has installed and run without issues, including the equivalent software for microchips microcontrollers. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get this software to run, or any alternatives that may work. Thanks in advance for any help.

Asked by The Skinnerz 5 years ago

multiple processes in arduino? Answered

Is there an easy way to run multiple voids at the same time on an arduino uno? preferrably without aditional libraries, but I cannot flash AVR code to it (must be through IDE).  I do NEED to run the processes at the same time, no they do not share pins or variables, and the timing does not need to be precise.  I am trying to run two steppers at the same time, but different speeds, but the big catch is that I don't have "smart" drivers, just a 2003 and 293, so they each require a separate void to move, and they cannot be run simultaneously without running both voids at the same time.  Basically, I'm NOT looking for an alternative, just a way to run two voids at the same time (or switching back and forth very quickly without being affected by "delay();".   

Asked by jduffy54 5 years ago

Is it possible to upload a powerpoint show into an instructable so that it will run when clicked please?

I want people to be able to run a PPS file but when I upload it it appears as HTML code, can it be done please?

Asked by rog8811 7 years ago

Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries? Answered

Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries?

Asked by CapnTac 8 years ago

How to drop 14v from you car battery to 6.3 volts and able to run at 10 amps

I need to know how to figure what size resistor i would need to drop 14v dc from my cars battery down to 6.3volts being able to run at 8 to 10 amps to run to a project And the wattage of the resistor?

Posted by syncdram 9 years ago

how do you make yourself throw up?

Sometimes when i'm going for a run or jog i start to feel sick and think i would be able to run better if i threw up. I don't want to develop an eating disorder, i just want my stomach to feel better when i'm running.

Asked by missnewbooty 8 years ago

need to get my scooter running,?

I put a new carb, on my scooter i put new gas mix in. i try to start it .it allmost starts but wont stay running.i messed with the adjustment screw on the carb, now i dont know where a good spot is for the screw  to be.to get it to run.and what should the sparkplug gap be??

Asked by glasshacker 6 years ago

Is it possible or make sense to run an AC wind generator directly into an electric heater ?

I was wondering if it would be possible to run an AC generator directly into an electric heater or water heater instead of using a DC generator to batteries. If this is possible or if makes sense to do, what would be the best motor/generator to use with a VAWT system. TIA.

Asked by dans123 9 years ago