What is the solution recipe for reverse electroplating gold??? Answered

I have ALOT of pins and boards so I need the ratio of chemicals for the bath of electrolytes

Asked by Draconus24 5 years ago

Prisms to salvage?

Any ideas on where I can salvage some prisms? I wondering there is some sort of piece of equipment with prisms in it I might be able scrounge

Asked by RadBear 7 years ago

Where can i get an oscillator for cheap or salvage?

Anything that would work for this instructable:https://www.instructables.com/id/Radio-Jammer/?ALLSTEPS

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

Recommended tools for salvaging electronic components? Answered

I've been holding on to a couple of old wireless routers and a VCR and am now ready to do some damage and get out the servos and etc. Any recommended tools you would consider 'must-have' when salvaging electronic parts?

Asked by pleabargain 7 years ago

finding and salvageing micro controllers

Hello i was thinking about getting in to micro controller programing and i was wondering if it was possible to salvage (and use) micro controllers from old electronics. If so where should I look for them, and how do I identify to micro controllers I find.

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

Salvage a dead laptop screen?

I'd like to reuse the lcd screen from a very dead Dell Inspiron laptop(14"screen) as a remote monitor (wired) for my netbook. I guess what I need is a schematic for the screen leads and to create a power cable and a 15 pin moniter cable. Anyone ever tried this ? Al

Asked by pilotal 6 years ago

is there a guide,list or photo pool of parts one could salvage out of stuff your throwing away or see in the trash?

For instance as much of a pack rack as i am, i am getting ready to toss a couple of older cordless phones, an infrared foot massager, tossed an old all in one printer a couple weeks back. if there are good, all purpose usable parts i would salvage  and save the parts.  the foot massager must have  a motor or vibrater.   The cordless phones i saved the 9vdc bricks, i use i lot of stuff that runs off 9vdc.

Asked by escapefromyonkers 8 years ago

Where to find a 2 HP Electric Motor?

I am looking to build a belt grinder.  Anyone know where I could salvage a 2 HP Electric Motor?  I initially thought treadmill as you can get them next to nothing on kijiji but depending on if its AC or DC I guess you need a bunch of other things to go along with it.

Asked by newfiebackflip 2 years ago

Where can i get a small SCR? Answered

 I checked the Radio shack website and haven't found any mention of SCR's.  I also found out that Radio shack is the only electronics store nearby.  I don't really want to have to order it in because my parents are really finicky about ordering things in and I was wondering if anyone knew of any common or cheap products that carry a small Silicon controlled rectifiers for me to salvage.

Asked by DemonicRoss 8 years ago

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to convert this clothes dryer into something useful and cool?

I rescued this from the trashpile, and I really think I could turn this into something cool and unique for my mid-century home. I just can't think of anything yet. Do you have any ideas?

Asked by 9 years ago

salvaged parts: instructable ideas?

I found a nonfunctional UPS at a church yard sale and was able to salvage the following items: 1 class h transformer (about 5 cubic inches if that means anything) 1network transient protector plug-in 4 4 x 3 aluminum plate heat sinks 4 6v 11a gel-cell pb acid batteries and the circuit board may have some components that aren't fried too. anything practical would be great.

Asked by harlyquin 9 years ago

How do you figure out polarity for some salvaged circuit components, like resistors, etc? Answered

I took some resistors off a board and noticed that the board said positive at one lead but I didn't pay attention so how do I figure out which is which

Asked by phillyj 9 years ago

how would i go about creating an electronics parts salvage list/database?

As everyone should be doing some form of recycling I'm Planning on creating a sort of database of electronic parts and where they could be salvaged them from. I was wondering how I might do it and if anyone else had done this?

Asked by cyberraxx 7 years ago

Where can I find old salvaged painted wood?

 I'm looking for the type of wood you would see on an old farm house, with the paint peeling off.  Everywhere I try for salvaged wood is just stuff for flooring, but I want something that is beautiful all by itself and I can use to make furniture...  The best stuff would be something very rustic and even damaged.  I keep seeing it in people's yards, but I don't know where I can find it elsewhere.  Does anyone know where to find this type of wood?

Asked by noctolater 8 years ago

Where to find salvagable materials (working or non-working) when there are no salvage yards?

Pardon me if I'm in the wrong forum place to ask, but I don't know where else to look where I live for odds and ends for projects. Short version first--what common places or facilities should I check for cool parts for stuff? To add detail, I am new here but routinely follow this site now and especially the Steampunk category, though this applies to any made thing that has extra things to "look cool".  Ok so if I want old parts or things to represent or look like old  or other things, I would think to check at a scrapyard, salvage center, flea market and Ebay.  My problem is that in my region, there seem to be no salvage yards, only recycling centers that buy specific junk.  Ebay gets expensive and is specific enough to not have any wholesale or discount by volume situation.  I live near the state capital so our flea market is as good as I will get and it hasn't been useful yet. I have read instructables a number of times in which the author writes something like, "I was lucky to find this piece at a local junkyard" or something like that. Am I missing good options to find old or "junk" parts that have junk prices?

Posted by Mechabadger 5 years ago

I need a project to use up these parts.

This is the slideshow with all the parts i got:https://www.instructables.com/id/Scrapping-A-Lightsaber/

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

Q: how to remove/salvage fixed magnets from dead HDDs?

Does anyone have any tips for removing the powerful magnets from dead hard drives? I have the hardest time prying them off the metal part they're mounted on once I've disassembled the drive. I've shattered one or two trying to drive a wedge under one with a hammer. Thanks!

Posted by gionwhorphin 7 years ago

what can I do with a big sheet of fresnel magnifier plexiglass?

My neighbor through out his old rear-projection television, and I salvaged the pane of  plexiglass with ridges in concentric circles used to magnify? or focus? the image.  I am sure I could figure out how to solar heat something with it.. but I thought you all would like to know that I am open to suggestions.

Asked by skippyconsuelo 7 years ago

Suggested projects for older wireless routers? Answered

I'd like to hear your ideas on what can be done with old wireless routers? Any projects you can think of that could reuse the antennas or the internal circuitry? What of the cat5 or USB ports?

Asked by pleabargain 7 years ago

DIY Electronic Salvaging Database / Website [team needed]

Hello, I am a web developer by trade and have fallen in love with physically computing things. I use Instructables regularly to gain inspiration for my out projects here at home.  The magic of Instructables, for me, is the sheer massive amount of ways to re purpose our electronics. Some articles here document devices more thoroughly than the manufacturers themselves. When I was following TinkerNut's Instructable to make a 3D printer I had a spark of an idea, and I've never bought electronics the same since. While deconstructing DVD drives, and regular paper printer I was playing the stepper motor lottery. This printer has a stepper, this one doesn't. Well, I can basically walk into a Goodwill now and pick up a stepper motor any time I want now that I know what to look for. When I was following an Instructable to make a joule thief I knew that somewhere in my head of dead tech I had to have a NPN transistor. I just had to! But I had no clue where to begin looking. There were transistors of all shapes and sizes, some with text some without. I learned a lot of different transistors this way.  I am currently working on a Beta for a website I want to make. I don't want to buy the domain just yet until I get some feedback. This is a content driven database so I am looking for some help. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! The Idea Well, the idea is to create a website / database that you can go to and type in Stepper Motor and be presented with a list of different stepper motors. When you click on a type of stepper motor you will see a list of products that contain this or similar stepper motor. Then you can hit a thrift store (my local Goodwill always has a ton) and grab the right thing, the first time. On this list of stepper motors there will be a list of Instructables using this part. In this way the site will work alongside Instructables to enhance and instruct the community. (note: I hope this isn't seen as a threat by Instructables, because its not) Also, now when buying tech I am able to analyze the product for its value, resale value, and re-purposing value. I can snag a cheap LCD from the Dollar Store or even NPN transistor if need be. Possibilities Users can salvage and sell themselves? Partner with Instructable community? Horde salvaging - (user 1 wants C02 cartridges, (user 2, 3, 4, 5 send cartridges to us (free box) and we send them to people putting them to use. Looking for some people to help me nail down the idea and beta test database functionality. Let me know if you have any ideas or want to join the effort. I really think this could be extremely useful to us who don't like to waste, especially precision instruments such as stepper motors and NPN transistors. This is for way more than just those though. Cheers! 

Posted by AlphaNomad 1 year ago

is there anything worthwhile inside an old electrolux vaccuum. cleaner

Helped clean out an apartment and took a couple items home. The electrolux was going to be thrown out, so i took it, now i realize i don't have the room for another vacuum cleaner, it came in a box with all the accessories. the box is big 28x17 inches, i really wish they had changed to metric when i was in 3 or 4th grade and it was a big topic. i go crazy buying SAE bolts and their sized. so anything inside the vac worth liberating, i heard it works, i haven't tried it, i was hoping it was an electrolux with that end piece that i have seen sculptures or steam punk stuff out of

Posted by escapefromyonkers 7 years ago

Solder sucker?

Hello all.  I had a question about desoldering.  First thing is that I have desoldering wick.  I found out I was using it wrong.  I melted the solder and then placed the end of the wick in the melted solder.  But I watched a youtube video and according to that I should place the wick on the solder and then heat up the wick and solder as one.  But this still has not been working very well for me.  The wick is over a year old and I was wondering if this could be a problem.  But my other question is how well do those spring loaded solder suckers work?  I was thinking about perhaps ordering one off of e-bay.  Yes I know I might find one in a good hardware store but I have some paypal money I could use.  In case you do not know what I am talking about....it is the spring loaded suckers where you cock it, put it next to the melted solder and then press a button and it forms a vacuum and sucks up the solder into it.  I think I can pick one up for a few bucks off-line, so if you people say they work well then I will give it a shot. Also in case you want to know what I am working on.  This would be used for salvaging parts of of circuit boards.  Like right now I am trying to salvage a few capacitors and also a couple of flyback transformers from crt computer monitors.  Also tomorrow I am tearing apart a broken water cooler to see if there is anything I can take out of there. I have also being having a problem getting solder to melt in the first place.  But that probably just has something to do with the 2 soldering irons I am using and I am trying my best to figure it all out.  I know my way around computers as far as building and repairing them.  But soldering and desoldering is something I really want to learn to be able to further my computer repair skills.  Sometimes it would save so much money being able to solder and desolder myself.  Especially those darn ac ports that are soldered right onto the boards sometimes. I have not actually made anything from this site yet.  But this is a wonderful site and after cruzing the forums here I am pretty sure I will get some good replies.  Ok I will stop babbling and I look forward to your replies.  

Posted by jcaresheets 5 years ago

Salvage on the net

TearDowns that never get put together, a lot of information on salvage:http://www.opencircuits.com/Free_From_Salvage Links to info on the net.Consider contributing there as well as here.

Posted by russ_hensel 10 years ago

What stuff salvaged from computers/electronics would the instructables community be interested in?

I love to salvage usable stuff from old computers and electonics. I just wondered what sort of things I could salvage from electronics and computers that the instructables community would be interested in buying. Thanks for any sugestions.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

Salvaging copper from transformers?

I am trying to salvage copper wire from transformers. I get these tranformers from old elctronic waste. I wondered if anyone had suggestions or thoghts about doing this. Has anybody on here done this? Thanks

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

Where to find old UPSs welders and power line transformers?

I am trying to make money by salvaging copper from old junk like tranformers. I wanted to know where I could find the following items for salvaging: UPSs. Uninteruptable power supplies have really nice power transformers with lots of copper. Old welders. These have lots of copper in the windings and cables. Power Line Transformers. I have read these have about a hundred dollars worth of copper in them. I would like to get these for free or very cheap. Thanks.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

What should I do with my smashed-up bike?

I recently got hit by a car that decided not to stop at a stop sign, and as a result, I've got this bent up, broken old bicycle taking up space. It seems like a treasure trove of salvage, but I can't think where to get started and where to go from there.

Posted by jschap1 5 years ago

Brushless Motor from Photocopier, what to do with them?

Hello! I salvaged these motors from one old Photocopier and i honestly dont know how to use them. Actually, my knowleadge about motors (and electronics in general) is really limited, my last achivement was building my own 3d printer from scrap materials and by doing that I learned a lot about arduino, NEMA stepper motors and associated drivers, all thanks to the awesome people who shares knoledge in this and other websites, but i am still struggling with electronics in general. So now, my question is... what can i do with these motors? Is there a way to control them with Arduino? Any kind of imput would be appreciated. I found the datasheets online but i really dont know what to do with a datasheet... Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is a bit weird, it's not my native languaje!

Posted by Goth.Cat 2 years ago

can i build a proper sounding snare/drum without using a proper skin? maybe a replacement of wood? Answered

Is it possible to make a proper sounding drum\snare with a wooden top instead of skin? is it possible to replace the skin with someting more readily available? buying a whole it is way too expensive for an unemployed schoolchild;'(, i have experience with woodwork, i just dont know what to use, all the drum instructibles/ tutorials sort of assume that you have lots of money to spend on the parts. if anyone has made a drum before out of junk i would love it if i could hear all about it:D

Asked by et334 8 years ago

Is it possible to salvage "Super/Ultra-Capacitors" from electronic devices?

I was just wondering if someone has ever salvaged a super/ultra-capacitor from some kind of electronic device? I it possible to even salvage these from something?

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Laptop DVD Drive to External?

I recently salvaged a dvd drive from a broken laptop. I was wondering what I would have to do/ buy to convert it to an external usb one. Here are some pics of the plug in part and the specs. PS(I do not want to buy one of those kits.)

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 2 years ago

How to keep backlights on from a vizio e3d320vx?

Hello all, So heres the deal, i found someone trowing out a vizio smart 3d tv and i think to myself surely i can salvage something. One of the thing i want is the cfl tubing back light. When i plug it in the back light will flash but not stay on and im pretty sure this is due to the control board needing to tell it to stay on, seeing as how this isn't working i was looking for another way to power the back light purely from the power supply. Is there anyone that cold please help me? 

Asked by MarkH449 1 year ago

Crowdmap of reusable materials and furniture

Hi, trying to build a community crowdmap for encourgaging and promoting reuse - www.trashswag.com "reports" are submitted with wood timbers, panel doors, balcony, stairs - you name it. Goal is awareness, please check it out. You can get alerts or get reports on social media.  

Posted by doug firr 5 years ago

What to do with gutted cassete player innards?

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8CfjXmMbwQ this is a link to a youtube video in which I have filmed allthe different components of the cassete player that I gutted. I need some help knowing what to keep, whats useful and some ideas on what to do with this stuff. Anyways thanks for te help guys, later.

Posted by danster724 9 years ago

Is there a trick to saving money on breadboards, ICs, chip programmers (the devices, not the people), etc.?

I used to have access to a lot through the EE program and just in general, through the university I was at for 8+ years....now we're on an extremely tight budget, and I'd just like to figure out ways of getting parts for projects without having to come up with much/any cash. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Asked by sykotik 9 years ago

Creating a guide & looking for suggestions

Hi Folks. Following a recent renewal of my membership I find myself with a bunch of patches I really should give out. With that in mind I am thinking of creating a guide based on salvage, reuse & recycling of wood something anyone who has seen my own 'ibles will know is a subject close to my heart. It could be created from pallets, old furniture, decking, fencing or anything else as long as the main material used is wood that has been previously used for something else & saved from the bonfire or landfill by being put to a new use then it fits my idea. What I'm looking for from YOU is suggestions for 'ibles I can include, it could be something as simple as toy box or as complicated as a full suite of dining furniture, I'm looking for 'ibles to suit all skill levels but particularly things that involve readily available tools so while I wouldn't reject them entirely I'm not really seeking projects that involve CNC's & laser cutters. So if you have an old or new 'ible of your own or someone else's that has caught your eye you think fits the bill please let me know, of course I will take the opportunity for a shameless plug of a couple of my own so I have one or two to get me started ;-) For every 'ible I use I will award a Wood Reuse patch (thanks go to planetpals.com for the image) for the person who suggests it & if it's not you own the creator of the 'ible. Thanks for looking folks, I look forward to seeing your suggestions. NG.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 5 years ago

I am looking for a motorcycle to fix-up. And I don't know how to go about getting the actual bike to start on?

I am a younger guy who just wants a project to keep me busy. I am kinda limited on cash right now but I am planning on getting a job soon. I do live in central Texas, and I am not sure if I should go to a salvage yard or something to get the bike. Please some advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated because I am new to this and I am not really sure how to do this the right way. Thank you.

Asked by acidbass 6 years ago

Is a CRT electron gun any use?

Is it worth it to take the electron gun out of a CRT when salvaging parts? I've seen people remove the electron gun when they take apart the CRT but I don't know what they'd use it for. What can you do with a CRT electron gun? What chemicals does the gun contain? (I know the screen has toxic phosphor and stuff but I'm talking about the gun itself). Also, is it safe to vent a CRT tube? I have found that you should vent the CRT tube before working on it, by smashing the end from a distance, so that it won't implode if you happen to break it when working on it. But is it safe to puncture open the tube? There are toxic phosphors inside and I worry that venting it could cause toxic chemicals to go airborne.

Asked by poiihy 2 years ago

What can someone do with a CRT flyback transformer?

I recently just finished desoldering components from a CRT TV's circuit boards and I got the flyback transformer. What can I do with this flyback transformer? Can I make an ozone generator out of it? I've seen how to make an ozone generator using a neon sign transformer but those are expensive. Maybe I can use a flyback transformer to make the high voltages instead?

Asked by poiihy 2 years ago

Is there any way to salvage cell phone parts?

I have an old picture phone that I took apart. Is there any way to salvage the screen and camera without the whole cell phone?

Asked by Default117 9 years ago

Were to find salvage yards and decostruction sites?

I have been trying to find some salvage yards and deconstruction sites in my area for some time now,and so far have had no luck.I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites that can tell me where a salvage yard is or of future deconstruction sites?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

What can I do with a keyboard from a broken laptop? Answered

I recently took apart a broken laptop and salvaged some of the parts. I wanted to convert the keyboard into a usb one to use for a raspberry pi but I was told it is not worth the trouble. What can I do with the keyboard. Any ideas?

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 2 years ago

How can I Scavenge/Salvage a crystal+audio transformer from an old radio (or anything!) for an AM transmitter project? Answered

Hi! My name's Bashu, I'm 18. My electronics skills are pretty feeble but I think I'm trying to get a better idea about how they work.. by making projects! old homeschooler reflex. So my brother has an old 1982 lovable Toyota Tercel named Humphrey. Humphrey was passed on to my brother the way God or Toyota made him.. with an AM radio. This is pretty rad if we want to hear Chinese/Spanish/Italian radio jockeys (they have really nice vocal rhythms), except usually we don't for some reason. So I wanted to make an AM transmitter. I found a project on here. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-simple-AM-transmitter/ Looks pretty simple. Requires an approx 1 mhz crystal and an 8-1000 ohm audio transformer, which I was prepared to buy, except then I heard about salvaging them from cheep radios! VERY EXCITED WAS I! I love reusing old things that were once very incredible (taking songs out of the air? Magic) and would otherwise go to the dump. Alors, I bought an old clock-radio from a thrift-store, opened it up and looked inside, and realised I had no freakin' idea what the crystal or audio transformer would look like. I then decided to enlist the help of the only community I thought would know. You! My question is, if I wanted to find a 1 Mhz Crystal and a 8 into 1000 ohm audio transformer, without buying them, where would I be likely to be able to salvage them, and what will they look like? Pictures of the radio I bought and opened up are attached, in case they are on there and easily spottable. I don't mind digging. Thank you very much for any advice you have! I am also thinking it would be really cool to have an instructable dedicated to salvaging components from various equipment. I found a wiki on it, but it's somewhat incomplete and has no photos whatsoever.

Asked by Poogle 8 years ago

Help me create a salvage/component list

Don't get me wrong I love going to RadioShack to purchase things I need for my projects, but I usually prefer to scrap older or broken electronics for my components. If you've ever scrapped to find a specific component, most likely it takes you a few very frustrating times if that. That's why I am going to create a list to post online or create a webpage for it, you can steal my idea if you wanna create it. It's going to be a list that will be alphanumerically listing: component type/ component part number/ a short explanation/s of what its used in/for, and then electronics that you can find them in. Ex: IC 16-pins         Uln2009           *motor driver         Found in: *manufacturer name* scanner model: #### So if you know any electronics that contain components commonly looked for please post the details here so I can frequently update it for everyone. 

Posted by Ryan53090 3 years ago

Salvage the light barriers of an old mouse to use it as a lightbarrier eg on the left mousebutton ?

Is it possible to salvage the light barriers of an old mouse to use it as a lightbarrier eg on the left mousebutton ? It would be interesting for counting small insects! ANTS! In old ball-driven mouses there are two small "light barriers". They are interrupted by punched discs. Is it possible th wire the receiver of the barrier to substitute a regular mouse button? It would be wonderful having two lightbarriers on one USB/PS2 port! Thank you! PeerTeer teerpeer@web.de

Asked by peerteer 8 years ago

Salvaging parts from a guitar amp.

     I have an AXL Rouge guitar amp that my friend gave me. Either the driver or the amp is messed up because when I plug a guitar in it doesn't make noise. To hear the guitar I have to turn on OD, turn up the gain to 10, and turn the volume to 10. Then it just sounds like a bunch of static with a faint note in the background.      That  being said, I want to try to salvage as much as I can from it to make a new speaker to use with my iPod. I have disassembled the majority of it, and I don't see any major problems inside it except that everything is hardwired/soldered instead of being easy to remove. The cone appears to be in good shape, and I don't see any damaged wires (other than the ones I cut) or any electrical burns or other signs of shorts.       The real reason I am asking this question is to find out what parts would be broken, what would be worth saving, and what I could do with aforementioned parts. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the amp jack does not have a metal sleeve inside, which is probably the reason it had a bad signal.       So yeah, any tips, tricks advice, encouragement, criticism you could give me would be great. 

Asked by countryboysc 6 years ago