how do scanner work?


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Download (Premium Upgrade) x Steps

Hi! I'm interested in Multiple Raspberry PI 3D Scanner project. I would like to know if there are more information, in the PDF file than  in steps described on the web, for example, PI board conections (schematics) or is the same information that is presented in the web. Regards Dario Araujo

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Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

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DIY 130-megapixel camera built with a scanner

Add an old flatbed scanner to a 50 mm lens and with some skill you can make a 130 megapixel camera of your very own. I'm still happy with the cameras I have, but this looks like a great project to take on. Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens

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Gear seeking?

 Hi all instructables dudes,  I have a scanner made by Pimax (model name Profi 9600) drived by a SCSI adapter. Is old model (1999) but is very good and reliable too. The problem now is i have a broken plastic gear that drives the belt for doing the passes during the scanning. Without this small gear the belt is dead and the scanner too. Has anyone this small gear from his old and non using scanner? If not please inform how can i reuse this scanner because everything else on it works fine. Can i modified it to a manual shifted scanner? This scanner is ONE pass so can I put any external case hand gear to move the lamp? Please give some ideas.....anyone is acceptable.... thank you all in advance! Agis

Asked by agis68 8 years ago

How can I make a scanner camera with a dead flatbed scanner?

I found this link: and it just so happened that my printer/scanner had just died. It still powers on, but the driver software completely refuses to see it. So I figured I'd try to make one.- I guess one of the circuit boards in my scanner is dead, so I won't be able to use the scanner's electronics to drive the CCD. I did manage to pull it out unharmed though. It connects via a 12-pin ribbon cable, so I figured I'd just drive it via a couple of parallel ports, or maybe a microcontroller if I get bored enough to learn how to use them. I have no idea which pins on the ribbon cable do what though, any idea where I'd go to find this? (The printer is a Dell Photo 944.)- The person in the link above seems to have a different kind of CCD which is much smaller than mine. Mine is long and thin (and like every other scanner CCD I've seen except that one); I have no idea how I'd get a lens on it. Any thoughts?

Asked by scgtrp 8 years ago

Hacking Flatbed Scanner Components

I am currently working on a project which was going to use a scanner to acquire an image. The scanner is/was an HP 6200C. When I was trying to modify the scanner I accidentally broke the lamp, but was then excited to discover [what I believe is] a linear photodiode array which functioned as the detector. (I also found some cool mirrors and a focusing lens inside.) This photodiode array could be very useful to my project.  This scanner interfaces with my computer through USB, and refused to work after I unplugged the lamp. I figure a resistor may trick the circuitry into thinking the lamp is still attached, but I no longer require the moving parts of the scanner at all; I only want the photodiode array and a way for it to interface with the computer, preferably giving either a "single line" type image or a "single really thick line" type image. (Basically I just need intensity and location of signal. If the received data is a full image, I can reduce it to what I need.) Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for me? I have uploaded a few pictures of the relevant circuitry and can add more upon request. Update: After further research, I've determined that it is not a photodiode array but a linear CCD.

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Instructable on the BBC

Instructables wasn't mentioned by name, but Instructables member Daniel Reetz's DIY Book Scanner has just been featured in the BBC's report on the 2011 NY Maker Faire. Congratulations, Daniel!

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Coordinates of an object on a passive image

I have a few questions regarding a project I'm working on. I need some terms so that I can look it up via Google. I have a map (picture) of a city that is printed on a wooden table. When I move an object directly over it I want to know the coordinates of the object on the map. And also the angle of the object on the map. I thought a sort of a scanner is the best solution. That recognizes the part which it scans (part of the map) and translate this to the coordinates and angle. Does somebody know how this technology is called (and maybe a few links to guide me in the right direction)? Or does somebody else has a better idea how this can me realised? Thanks in advance!

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Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

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How to create a barcode Scanner device?

Please help.. i want to create a barcode scanner device (the actual device itself, not the program.).. can anyone help me?

Asked by vpuato 5 years ago

How can I make an LED scanner? Answered

I've been looking for a detailed schematic for an LED scanner with 5-10 LEDs.  I want to use the least amount of parts possible without a micro controller.

Asked by metsfan1938 7 years ago

What can I do with an old police scanner? Uniden Bearcat 350a?

What can I do with an old police scanner? Uniden Bearcat 350a? anyone have any ideas?

Asked by jbonc1 8 years ago

Does anybody know a good way turn old scanner bed into PCB exposure source?

Does anybody know how I can turn my old scanner bed into pcb exposure source?

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The Grass Scanner

Now you can know for certain if the grass is really greener on the other side thanks to Alice Wang's fantastic new grass scanner. It takes 3 seperate readings using Pantone color detecting devices and then averages them to determine a the true green-ness of the grass.via We Make Money Not Art

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i have a fingerprint scanner from a old laptop, can i use it with a desktop pc or my new laptop? Answered

Its from an acer travelmate 5530, i still have the board it was attached to, but the piece itself has 10 pins sticking out of it, there is a chip on the board that the finger scanner was connected to that has a 8 pin chip, then the 2 mouse buttons, and a interface cable. is it even feasibly possible to reuse this fingerprint scanner?

Asked by zack247 7 years ago

Build Barcode Scanner with microcontroller

Hi everyone, im new here. i have a school project, i need to build a barcode scanner with microcontroller to use it like ( personnel pointing system ). so i can read each code bar and shows me in a LCD the name of the correspondant Person. thanks for your help

Posted by ael mehdi 5 years ago

Making Microtek ScanMaker 3600 Works in XP Pro !

I am moving my old scanner Microtek ScanMaker 3600 over to a new PC which runs XP Pro. However, the software (ScanWizard 5) doesn't "see" the scanner, although the PC "sees" it ! I have been fiddling with this thing for over 2 days now and still no result. The scanner does work. The XP Pro OS on the new PC "sees" the scanner, it's only the software that refuse to see it. I suspect it has something to do with the TWAIN driver on the XP. How to hack the stuffs??

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Can an engineer advise on requirements to build a laser scanner?

Hello, I have a need for a laser scanner that can scan an objects profile and save the dimensions of the scan in a vector or cad format. There are many 3D scanner plans here that are great.!Ajo22thXj77-nZ5iBDKaBwZWgqlW2g  is a video of exactly what I need for the same type of product. Can someone guide me in the right direction to build this device? Here is a photo of the output to software view!Ajo22thXj77-nZ5kFzWgXNPyQig3QA .  Thanks, A

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Hacking famous brand devices

Hi, I have spend a lot of time hacking some scanner CCD sensor from different brand of scanner on the last few weeks to build a touch screen. My idea was to make a database on the different PIN of the CCD of several brand of scanner to help people building their own. It's not always  that easy to play with an oscilloscope to reverse engineer those. But I was a bit hesitating on posting brand name like HP or CANON and explain how to crack the sensors. I wasn't sure if I could have some problem... Any ideas? Thanks

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how do i turn a few printer scanner light bars in to under cabinet lighting?

Could someone plz help me i would like to know how to turn two old scanner light bars into under cabinet lighting specifically how to plug them in and how many volts they run off thanks in advance Kade PS the only writing one the small one is TOSHIBA                                                                 CIPS218MC301A                                                                 JAPAN 820KQ06 The big one has the following writing on a barcode   MY49MC33ND     Q3450-60001                  1234567                                                                                      [31]                1234            PRODUCT OF The first two pics are  the small toshiba the others are the big one 

Asked by FarmerKJS 4 years ago

CNC stepper motor Answered

Hello, I would like to use my 3 printer scanners I recently salvaged for a CNC. Would you expect the motors to be able to cut aluminum with a multi-speed dremel? If there is enough torque, it would be sufficient to make a 3d printer right?

Asked by jbaker22 3 years ago

Running a scanner tube off a car battery.

Inspired by this instructable, I want to make a car light, for a 3.3i car. I assume the battery is around 75+ Ah, and need to make sure if it is safe. The lamp runs perfectly at 12v, just would it burn out with all that Ah?On another note, it's perfectly legal to have it on the front of my car right? If anything it'l help the police see my number plate, :D. I'm in the UK BTW.

Posted by Josho 10 years ago

alternative stepper motors?

I recently tore into a couple printer-scanners looking for stepper motors. Unfortunately all I found were some DC motors that seem to be tied into some sort of sensor that acts like a step counter. Does anyone know what they are called and how to use them in place of stepper motors for a CNC machine? As a side note, I have a very limited understanding of IC function, think of me as having lived a purely analog lifestyle.

Posted by 50ul84n3 8 years ago

Powering a ccfl panel from a broken laptop screen?

I have google'd and searched this site over and again trying to find out the correct way to power a ccfl panel, I recently had to replace a laptop screen and the person bought a screen and an inverter, so i got to keep the smashed screen and the inverter, now i took all the glass of and the metal, so now all i have is the panel. All i want to know is how much power do i need to put into the inverter (if i can use it) and where do i put the wires? i also took apart some scanners to try and use their inverters, but it seems that all the scanners i have all have inverter looking boards built into them and work off ribbons so i don't know how to power these either. If anyone can help me in either of these i would greatly apreciate it as i am trying to make my own light box

Asked by mrthemoth 6 years ago

Can you turn a working scanner into a light table?

I was thinking it would be cool if someone wrote code to tell a scanner's arm to come out into the middle and light up, making it a light table, that could then still be used as a scanner,

Asked by 9 years ago

Can I convert a SCSI device (scanner) to USB?

I have a Nikon LS 2000 scanner I would like to use with a laptop running XP

Asked by 9 years ago

hi all was just wondering if possibel could you use a normal pc photo scanner as a finger print scanner for windows ????

Hi all was just wondering if possibel could you use a normal pc photo scanner as a finger print scanner for windows ???? ie so i could logon to windows by putting my hand on the scanner or is there anysoftware that could munipilate windows into thinking that a normal scanner was a fingerprint scanner cheers

Asked by crazymanc 9 years ago

Is there a way to use a Cannon Bubble Jet printer as a scanner? Make a scanner cartridge?

There is a model of Cannon printer where you can purchase a scanner cartridge to replace the ink cartridge, transforming the printer into a scanner.  However, I do not have that model, so I'm wondering/hoping that since THAT printer can be used as a scanner with only the simple replacement of the ink cartridge, maybe there's a way to use my current, ancient Bubble Jet as a scanner, also. Thanks in advance. 

Asked by dianaaspenhill 6 years ago

Would it be possible to make a 3D scanner using 4 flatbed scanners in a square setup and custom software?

I was just wondering... 3D colour scans possible using old, spare or salvaged flatbed scanners? I have little knowledge about how it works and am purely curious. Thanks :)

Asked by lshoesmith 6 years ago

who would like to scavage a scanner & printer for parts ?

I have a scanner and a printer that can be scavaged for parts. I am looking for a person or persons who would be interested in these items to make something useful.  I want to make sure that the items are "greened".  Thanks,

Asked by hayns65 8 years ago

Can I put a CD into a scanner to scan the art on the non-playable side without doing any damage to the data on the CD? Answered

I'm planning to make a copy of the CD in question to give as a Christmas present. I want to scan the art onto my computer and then print it out and glue the duplicate art onto the copy CD. However, I don't want to damage the original. Is there any way that my scanner (Lexmark) could damage the stuff on the CD? 

Asked by black hole 6 years ago

Knight Rider Scanner...

Hey,I am looking into making a Knight Rider-like scanner (see: K.I.T.T) consisting of a row of LEDs (perhaps about 20-30 or so) and was wondering if anyone knew if this circuit would work. I'm not sure if it goes back and forth and has a fade 'tail' or not... am looking to make the LEDs light up back and forth with a bit of a fade afterward so it looks like a smooth motion.I am wanting to mount the 'scanner' onto a pair of sunglasses (don't ask, long story, lol). I would like to make the circuitry as small/minimal as possible to conceal in a small area such as behind one of the side frames.Thanks for your time and help.

Posted by wiforkle 9 years ago

reusing scanner lamp w/o heavy duty adapter?

I've been trying to do something similar to these!/I want the lamp to work without a heavy duty ac to dc adapter, but it looks like there's no practical power cord that has low enough voltage. I've tried using a basic voltage converter ( ) set at 12 volts, but the bulbs don't light.Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without the giant adapter, or if there's a way to light the bulbs using a USB connection? I've looked online, and the only thing I've seen is this: but they're using a male molex connection. I'm just looking for a plug that's a little more practical: an electrical outlet being my first choice, a usb port being my second.Thanks!

Posted by seebrown 10 years ago

HP Scanjet 2200c -- how can I make it work on my new computer?

This  is an older scanner, but there was nothing wrong with it when my old computer broke down, and I used it a lot.  HP does not provide updates for older scanners. I have heard that it can be updated without HP's help, but I'm not that experienced. I have installed the scanner program--still have the program CD-- but when I try to use it, it tells me that the scanner is being accessed by another program.  It also tells me that it has stopped working. When I view problems details, it gives me this: Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    hppsapp.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    3b604f42   Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll   Fault Module Version:    6.0.6002.18005   Fault Module Timestamp:    49e03821   Exception Code:    80000003   Exception Offset:    00048b2e   OS Version:    6.0.6002.   Locale ID:    1033   Additional Information 1:    bfef   Additional Information 2:    e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863   Additional Information 3:    bfef   Additional Information 4:    e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863 And of course I don't know what all that means.

Asked by archerj 8 years ago

Can I turn my digital SLR into a large format grid scanner?

I am an artist and want to make prints of my large paintings. I have been using a flat bed scanner to scan artwork in multiple chunks and "stich" them together in photoshop thus far with success. However, using over 2 separate chunks, it is hard to get lines and shapes to line up. Also, the larger the image, the more akward it is to try to get the work on the scanner. So i was thinking of some way to use a digital camera to create the same affect. Ideally, the camera would be mounted to a rig floating over the painting and scan it into chunks. I can manually do the "stitching" but it would be sweet if some software would do it for me ;) Anyone know of anything like this? I have a very low tech version in mind, but would love a sort of automated plotter setup.

Asked by blainegarrett 8 years ago

Cutting acrylic sheets

I am trying to cut some pieces of acrylic sheeting about 3/16th inches thick.  I was wondering if the instructables on the laser cutter built from 2 old scanners would work for cutting the acrylic sheets? Or if not that, what might work for making acrylic parts that are flush enough to chemical bond making a water tight connection? Thank you, Eron.

Posted by eronjonson 6 years ago

Optical reading of paper cards/tape? Answered

Hi everyone,  I wanted to know what would be involved in reading the position of dark marks on paper cards or tape, a la IBM. Something that can read the information from the card with things like pencil/ink marks instead of holes punched through it.  What would I need? Could I get away with basic LEDs, or would I need something more complex like a CCD from a scanner?  Many thanks!

Asked by DrRorschach 2 years ago

Any good tutorials for exploring and using RFID?

I'm looking to make a simple counter and scannable via RFID. Can you do this with RFID? For example, say I press a switch 100 times I want to be able to scan that circuit and read that the switch has been activated 100 times.

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 9 years ago

Help with scanner hack (3 pin inverter!!)

Hi, I have an old scanner and wanted to do the scanner hack to get a lamp. But here, the instructables about this dont help me, because the iinverters they are using have 2 pins for the power, while mine has three. Here is a pic Please any solution?? the lapm works when I plug the whole scanner.

Posted by juanvi 8 years ago

how to make a finger scanner ?

I wanna  build a system for starting a bike  using finger print, my question is how to make a finger print scanner

Asked by sundarrajan 7 years ago

2 computer sharing a single USB barcodce scanner?

Hi all,     Has anyone know how to share the USB barcode scanner with 2 computer?

Asked by chuantwy 5 years ago

How can I turn a Canon scanner tube in to a hand held document scanner?

My Lexmark 2500 printer and scanner would not feed paper right one side would feed but the other would not . bad feed rollers and no replaceable parts available from Lexmark. I gutted it out and have uses for the gears and all the parts salvaged . just cant see tousling the scanner tube out.! I would rather use it as a hand held scanner.

Asked by Fred82664 9 years ago

Scanner Lamp driver...

Could some please tell me what is the output of a scanner's lamp driver. and can i make something cool out of it beside turning any lamps with it!?

Asked by kk khrab 7 years ago