Is there any free program to create schematics and test them? Answered

Is there any free program to create schematics and test them? Like Eagle but with a test/simulate feature

Asked by west49rules 8 years ago

Laser beam security

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and here is my question: How do I find the schematic for the laser beam home security system? Using the step by step explanation the schematic is not displayed. Regards HtG

Posted by HermantheGerman 10 years ago

need help with understanding an instructable's schematic

I'm not very good at understanding schematics I guess, and am trying to understand the schematic at . I've created a rough translation of it at . Can someone fill in the polarities at the question mark locations and confirm that my interpretation of the wiring intersections is correct please? I'd appreciate any help available. Thanks!?

Asked by aeneas shrike 6 years ago

Schematic-reading problems ( Square wave oscillator )? Answered

Well, I try to follow an instructable for quiet a while now, but I still couldn't understand its schematic .. its not that I don't know what the symboles mean, but I dont understand the connections - Those arent physical-connections, but still ... The instructable: The Schematic: It's all over the place! There are 10k resistors appearently and 1 more resistor ( I can see 3x 1m resistors ), but he didnt mentioned those in the instructable. I'd contact the instructable-author, but he's a student and has thus no time at all. If somebody has time to explain this to me, or yet better, just mentioning the connections in english, I'd appreciate it very much. This is driving me insane. ._.

Asked by Skelpolu 6 years ago

How do i design a circuit for a wireless datalink with a temperature sensor?

Using a regulator and a 433Mhz High sensitivity transmitter/ reciever ,

Asked by mmfg1538 8 years ago

Drawing schematics? Answered

This is Mousey the Junkbot's schematic...does he even have a third wheel? I would be very much obliged to anybody who can anybody draw this schematic out:

Asked by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

Relay Schematic

I have a 1 volt signal that I need to latch open a 12 volt circuit for about a minute. Does anyone have a schematic?  

Posted by Divet 6 years ago

Equalizer Schematic

Is there a schematic or a compact way (some compact sound system without all of the cd players and radio and all of that other fancy stuff, my input is just a 3.5mm jack) of creating an equalizer like below? I just thought up a cool project, but no schematics on the internet...

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Embed circuitbee schematic in Instructable?

I was trying to add a schematic from circuitbee and It doesnt work in the new instructables editor. Sometimes it will show up but when I use full preview it disappears... Bug or unsupported? :) Thanks all -A907

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

Best (for viewer) schematic editor?

Hi all, this question shouldn't be to hard to answer... What schematic editor do you guys use to make "instructables friendly" images? Meaning images that pretty much anybody can understand, with little to no circuit experience. Eagle is a bit hard for the beginner to comprehend...

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

where's a good site for Philips wiring diagrams/schematics?

looked hi and low online to no avail, Philips cust. support is no help at all Lkg. for a boombox schematic in particular

Asked by kalanikaau 7 years ago

Schematic of an EMP?

I am making an emp but I broke the Disposable camera's chip. So decided to make my own circuit, but it doesn't work. I am attaching my schematic. I know I am missing something, so please can anyone tell what it is? or just direct me to a simple schimatic? I have transistor... transformer and everything form the chip. I just don't know how to connect them.

Asked by RishabhM13 2 years ago

Can anyone draw me a schematic? Answered

Hey Guys, its been a while since a posted a question.... Anyway I was wondering if anyone could draw me a schematic from this video: Oh and remember to add a zener on the usb output hub of the charger because I think you need that to prevent the phone from sending energy back after the batteries are drained. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

Asked by SA-DIY 3 years ago

Help about PCB? Answered

Hi Guys, I happen to be stuck in a situation in which i need a pcb but only have a schematic and do not know how to make a pcb. So I was wondering if anyone ov er here could design me a pcb from a schematic (provided below). Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by shahryar.adil.3 2 years ago

Can someone help me with schematics please?

Can someone please tell me about the capacitors i should be using in this schematic?  Like i know i need a 0.01uf but what type of capacitor? and (V)? also what is a 6pF?   Last question is about the #16 wire.. Im guessing this is just a inductor i can make by wrapping it around a pen 6 times? but do i use magnet wire or any old regular copper wire? thankyou.

Posted by andrewlapham2010 5 years ago

How can I convert 9 volts DC to 1 millivolt DC?

I need to be able to convert 9 volts to 1 millivolt. Is there a schematic/circuit that can do this? If so, could you please provide one or details on how to make one? Thank you!!!

Asked by vak52 3 years ago

Printed Circuit Board Help...

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Okay I found this circuit that about Attack and Decay but I have no idea what it is...after research, I think its a effects pedal...(leave a comment if I'm wrong.)  So, it is complex so I want to make this into a circuit board but am not too good so some help would be appreciated.   Can anybody help??? Thanks in advance. Make sure you read my image notes. They are very critical to the design...I think.    

Posted by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

online resource?

Is there a site that will take a schematic and pull your parts for you? maybe even make a pcb for  it? for hobbyist.

Asked by NMSquirrel 4 years ago

Tube amplifier schematic

Does anyone have a schematic for a stereo tube amplifier, I just acquired a large quantity of tubes, a tube tester and some other assorted electronics from my grandfather. Ive always wanted to make a nice tube amp, now all i need is direction. It will be another 2 weeks or so before I can actually pick them up and start testing them so I was just trying to find some schematics to get me in the right direction. I figure this may even make a nice first instructable as long as im not completely lost in the schematic. Thanks smoke

Posted by smoke 10 years ago

Philips schematics

Philips boombox schematic Inappropriate Incomplete Spam I am attempting to add an external jack to a Philips AZ 1564 boombox and need to know where on the amp c/b to tap into. This jack will be for my MP3 player, searching the internet has been fruitless. Does anyone know where I may be able to find this info?   Preferably for Thanks in Advance !

Posted by kalanikaau 7 years ago

What's the difference between ground and negative in a schematic? Answered

I want to get started with electronics, however I'm getting really confused schematics, specifically this one. Am I supposed to connect ground to the negative pole of my battery, or is the negative pole not used?

Asked by pquadros 5 years ago

Help! Need a tech to build a board. Schematic included

Hey all Sorry for being new to this. I was wondering if I can pay someone to make me this device Please let me know. Thanks in advance

Posted by Nuke209 3 years ago

schematic for emergency lamp

Hi I have T4 Fluorescent Lights (8W 24v '1Feet length') and 6v 4Ah battery. I Would like to make an emergency lamp with these. Can anyone send me a curcuit diagram/schmatic.. Just manual switching on and off will also do. Thank  you  

Posted by nominds 8 years ago

Where can find a free electronic circuit schematic drawing program? Answered

I have been looking on the web for some programs to use to draw circuit schematic and PCB. All the ones that I have found had problems such as them only being free for only one month or not working on mac computers. Could some one please give me a link to a website or program, and also I would prefer it to run on adobe flash or java script. thanks for the help.

Asked by joe429437 9 years ago

Would this Schematic work?

I am an amateur building a solar powered bilge pump and was wondering if the schematic I made would work. The idea of the schematic is that if switch 1 is open and switch 2 is closed, the 5w solar panel will charge the 12 volt battery. And if switch 1 is closed but switch 2 is open, the 12 volt battery will power the 2A bilge pump. My main question is which way will the current be flowing. I have drawn some arrows to show which way I think current will be flowing. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also tell me if any components need to be flipped around.  All answers are appreciated, Connor

Asked by cobrien2115 3 years ago

can someone explain this for me?

In the picture of the schematic there is + symbols and i dont know where to connect them, specifically the 10M ohm one, can you lend a hand?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Philips boombox schematic

I am attempting to add an external jack to a Philips AZ 1564 boombox and need to know where on the amp c/b to tap into. This jack will be for my MP3 player, searching the internet has been fruitless. Does anyone know where I may be able to find this info?   Preferably for Thanks in Advance !

Posted by kalanikaau 7 years ago

what does "+5 v with an arrow" mean ? Answered

I am building an arduino by myself using the schematic as the board isnt available in our country. The problem is that i dont understand one thing in the schematic. Its an arrow pointing upwards with 5v written next to it. I am a beginner.Your help will be greatly appreciated :D

Asked by emadsiddiq 6 years ago

How can I make an LED scanner? Answered

I've been looking for a detailed schematic for an LED scanner with 5-10 LEDs.  I want to use the least amount of parts possible without a micro controller.

Asked by metsfan1938 7 years ago

Can any one please do me a favor by converting this schematic into PCB design

As i don't know how to make a PCB design. So please help me out.? and the the software i used to make the schematic didn't had a photocell symbol so used an LED symbol and also the relay i used is the simple 12V relay. I would be glad if someone really help me out on this one. and if one does please send its layout to my email: THANKS

Asked by pizzadox747 6 years ago

12v underwater camera sys w/ monitor problems

I have 12v ir camera w 80' lead to a small handheld monitor (aquaview) switch is bad i need schematic or diagram info to fix, contacted dealer and was told no info or service option thru them other than a new monitor from them at $125 tot. have searched everywhere but cannot find this info anywhere, suggestions?had to "dremel" water proof case to access once in found switch is fine but several pwr/ground/vid wires disconnected at solder terminal no way to determine what/where, i need schematic info or suggestions.

Asked by l7lushis 9 years ago


I noticed that there was a software that was called Eagle PCB design software but it costs money while there is a version that is free. It appears to me they can do the same thing so, why is the PCB design software $49 but the regular software free?

Posted by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

I will paypal someone $10.00 dollars to draw this in breadboard fashion for me!

Hi, I really need help. I've been working on this dern motion detection alarm and am having problems with the delay circuit. I think I have assembled it right and it never works. I have completely re-done it twice! What it is supposed to do is once power from the relay is sent to the 555 timer it will impose a 1 minute delay before sending the power to the alarm/horn. This gives owner adequate time to enter code to disarm. The relay part of the circuit works fine and sends power to the 555 timer and latches as it should. However, the 555 timer never sends power out of pin 3. Could someone please, please, please draw the attached schematic in breadboard fashion so I can double check everything is assembled properly? I would really appreciate it!!! Anyways I will paypal someone $10.00 dollars to draw this in a breadboard layout for me!

Posted by swilus 6 years ago

EagleCad software? Answered

I noticed that there was a software that was called Eagle PCB design software but it costs money while there is a version that is free. It appears to me they can do the same thing so, why is the PCB design software $49 but the regular software free?

Asked by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

can I make and test scematics with a free softwear?

Where can I download free prototyping and testing softwear? please I would LOVE to have this type of softwear avalable at my disposial!!!!

Asked by Laserman595 8 years ago

Audio Priority Switching Circuit. Can not find a schematic that will fit my need

I have searched but came up empty. Here is the need. 2 audio lines coming in. 1 is on all the time. when audio is sensed on line 2, it will reduce (or turn off) line 1 allowing line 2 to take priority. Then when line 2 stops, (mobile radio traffic) it switches back to line 1. The challenges: Small as possible (and yet I can still solder together) runs on 5-9V DC Adjustable gain on inputs Sensitivity adjustment on "switching" function Of the hundreds of circuits I have looked at, It seems to be a fairly simple task with a FET ......  I can build it, but the design portion is a to much math for  A 3 audio switching circut would be AWESOME!!! Anyone seen anything out there that will help me in my search??? Thanks, Steve  

Asked by Sadputter 6 years ago

Creating a 10-15 second timer?

Hi All, Here's what I need to try and achieve: - I have a servo that I had modified and have removed the circuit board.  Now it just runs from 3 v - I want to reverse the servo once a momentary switch has been activated for 10-15 seconds - once time is up the servo reverses again I thought about using a 555 monostable circuit which would give me the amount of time, but I am unsure how to achieve everything above. I'd love not to have to use an arduino if possible. Any ideas? Thanks.

Asked by lonesoulsurfer 4 years ago

Schematic Symbol

In this schematic, At the top middle there is a symbol "ODD" that is enclosed in a circle. Can anyone tell me what that is? Im assuming it is the audio jack, but i may be wrong, Thanks

Posted by Grizzly_Bear 5 years ago

Schematic Building Aplication For My Computer

Okay so making schematics is a pain so I was wondering if there are any applications that you can make a schematic with? For instance I could put in a resistor symbol, capacitor symbol, transformer symbol or a speaker symbol ETC ETC and then put in wire and add numbers to identify components and then print it? Are there any applications like that?

Posted by jackillac92 9 years ago

Internal Schematic diagram of a flyback transformer(LOPT)

I am simulating the following model but i could not find the schematic of the flyback transformer what is actually inside the LOPT.. can anyone please provide me the same...

Asked by kanni1303 5 years ago

Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

Asked by phillyj 8 years ago

Does any body have a schematic to build an rc boat with two motors?

I plan to build a remote control boat with two motors. Im going to have my friend make one and then we would put weapons on them and battle.

Asked by shawntherobot 8 years ago

Schematic capture / artworking software.

There are a dozen or so free electronic schematic capture and layout packages around (as node-limited versions of commercial packages). I've briefly tried a few (PCB Elegance, 123 and a couple more) but is there one which is head and shoulders above the rest? I'm looking for good library search and easy component placement and routing. Standard generic symbols as well as specifics, and autorouting and placement. Also ability to save as GIF or JPG. What would other users recommend? Incredible - When I was in electronic design for a living (a fair few years ago) my company spent hundreds of thousands of Pounds on a schematic capture and routing package and the SparcStations to run it on.

Posted by AndyGadget 10 years ago

What is the difference between Vcc- and ground?

What is the difference between Vcc- and the ground symbol on this schematic? Or are they the same thing? I've just never encountered this before.

Asked by mbudde 7 years ago

what is the schematic diagram of inductive sensor?

It is being used in a magnetic pick and place machine using four bar linkage. The inductive switch is being used in such a way that if the metal ball will be detected in the detection area. the four bar linkage will move towards the ball where the inductive switch is located, and carry and transfer it to the desired area.

Asked by belovebluesky 7 years ago