help me to identify sensor written 5D2A 3242 ?

This is the sensor on a auto coner spinning machine drum shaft 12vdc.

Asked by zohaib443 6 years ago

can i even make that motion sensor even if im in the philippines?

Can i even make that motion sensor even if im in the philippines?

Asked by shinra87 8 years ago

how to make a metal detector sensor for high sensitivity

Hi everyone Could you please help me... : ( how to make a metal detector sensor for high sensitivity examples of metal objects the size of 1mm the use of these sensors for metal detection in food security

Posted by RickyS18 2 years ago

how to make a metal detector sensor with high sensitivity for a small metal object ?

How to make a  metal detector sensor with high sensitivity for a small object exampe size object metal 1mm     typically used for metal detection sensors on the safety of food for consumers

Asked by RickyS18 2 years ago

How to make a motion or weight sensor?

So i am trying to make a sensor to sense if they're is a certain amount of weight in a car seat, or motions. But i do not know how, i am also trying to hook it up to an app so in case the sensors pick up anything there is a notification or if the weight sensor exeds a certain weight limit. Does anyone know how to go about this?

Asked by edcrobot 12 months ago

Is there any sensor that can detect human skin?

I am working on a project that  involves detection of skin. The sensor should be in such a way that it should differentiate human skin from other objects like wood,plastic,metal.

Asked by krishnaramya 1 year ago

data logger construction

I would like to have a thin sensor to measure the time of wearing a scoiliosis brace by patient. Any suggestions?

Posted by orthofoo 5 years ago

homemade water sensor

Instructable the site gave me a lot of information about homemade water sensor but as it is the first time i am making a sensor  to describe it very properly i am giving  the information of what i am trying to make there are two tanks supplyng water to homes the taps of the tanks are connected to a device which is used to switch on and of the taps at the same time, i want to make senor to measure the level of water in tanks as the tanks get filled in different time but are switched on in same time so i want to put the sensor in both the tanks and make a device which can close both of it at the different time, it can help in saving water  

Asked by friends.deepesh 8 years ago

What sensor or technique can I use to detect human presence in a place which is on fire? Answered

  I want to build a system that detect people in a place on fire .... if this possible what can I use  and how can I protect the circuit elements from fire  thank you..

Asked by haithamM1 2 years ago

Need someone to set up a system that measuring the time of wearing a brace using a sensor and pay for this

I would like someone to construct or set up a system  that measures the time that someone is wearing a brace. Usually they use temperature or  resistance sensor using a data logger. Please if someone can build this I could pay him.thank you

Posted by orthofoo 4 years ago

Need advice on best sensory only pick up human movement?

Hi Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to where can find a specific sensor as follows : The sensor must cut the power to a multi plug 220v when someone comes within 2cm of where the sensor is placed. Only human interface is needed, anything other than human interface with the sensor must have no affect. Secondly, I need to have a 12v solenoid activate immediately when the power is cut to the multi plug. Is there anything out there that is reasonably inexpensive  that possibly performs both tasks and where can i find something like that, alternatively if someone has plans for a diy solution, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance for any help :)

Asked by mariskaddt 6 months ago

how to make a tripwire thats not a tripwire? Answered

Hello everyone its been a long time since i have asked a question here but with curiosity staring me in the face i have no choice... so as the question title states im trying to make a tripwire thats not a tripwire and what i mean by that is im trying to make a type of sensor that you pull the string from it (which when you let go it will retract) and as soon as you pull the string the sensor turns on and knows how far the string is out...  im hoping to make this part of bigger project and this is definitely a big part of the project but i dont generally make things myself even though i want to... im hoping to get a small program that will just register the sensor since it will be connected to the computer and program while its on ill need to program many of them for different things but the main issue is just telling it what to do when a certain amount of the string is out or put back in from retracting... you know? it needs to be precise aswell... as in "sensor 1 pulled 1 inch out" (brain then moves piece 1) "sensor 2 pulled 8 inches and sensor one retracted 1 inch"  (brain moves piece 2 a few inches and piece one back 1 inch) do you see what i mean? it needs to be precise and all the sensors need to work together in one big network... there will be probably... 100 or more sensors working with there strings in a huge layout and i just when it comes to the sensor i dont know where to start or how to do this do i use Arduino some other parts and thinner paracord? you know so if anyone could help me out with this or what they would do that would be awesome

Asked by ShinigamiTentetsutou 1 year ago

how way profit count coin joined by LCD display and notification through audio system using arduino?

Ok, Im have a little project about coin counter joined by LCD display and notify through audio system using arduino. Im using LDR sensor because it just a cheap project. Im not using a coin acceptor sensor as it difficult to be acquired. Is that any kind of program that is applicable to calculate coin instantly display coin total through LCD and can notify through audio system? or suggestion to use any other sensor? I hope anybody can help me.. thanks ^_^

Asked by MohdFirdaus 2 years ago sensor!!GP2D15

I'm using sharp sensor as mentioned to detect presence of object in order to stop the conveyer. before this i'm using  GP2Y0A21YK and because of the phsyical appearance alikeness, i thought the basic operation is same.but i just discover that the new one is based on digital output. i try to modified my circuit. but seems nothing change happend. i dont know what really going on.. is there anyone that familiar with this sensor. my presentation day is about 2 weeks and i am even doesnt start to integrate the whole system yet...please..tq in advance  

Asked by teemsaranghae 8 years ago


Arduino: 1.8.4 (Windows 10), Πλακέτα:"Arduino/Genuino Uno" Hello everybody I use Arduino R3 Uno with DS3231 and 1.8 TFT spi 128X160 and this is my first project. #include     #include #include #include #include // Init the DS3231 using the hardware interface DS3231  rtc(SDA, SCL); #define TFT_CS     10 #define TFT_RST    9  #define TFT_DC     8 #define TFT_SCLK 13   #define TFT_MOSI 11   Adafruit_ST7735 tft = Adafruit_ST7735(TFT_CS,  TFT_DC, TFT_RST); void setup(void) {   // Setup Serial connection   Serial.begin(115200);     // Initialize the rtc object   rtc.begin();   // You will need to do this in every sketch   tft.initR(INITR_BLACKTAB); // Blank Screen   tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLACK); // Set background BLACK     // Start writing colored text tft.setTextColor(ST7735_RED);   tft.setTextSize(1);   tft.setCursor(5,10);   delay(1000);  // pause for dramatic effect   tft.print("1.8 TFT with DS3231"); } void loop() {   // Blank Screen   tft.initR(INITR_BLACKTAB);     // Send Day of Week   tft.setTextColor(ST7735_WHITE);   tft.setTextSize(2);   tft.setCursor(10,30);   tft.print(rtc.getDOWStr());     // Send date    tft.setTextColor(ST7735_WHITE);   tft.setTextSize(1);   tft.setCursor(10,50);   tft.print(rtc.getDateStr()); // Send time   tft.setTextColor(ST7735_WHITE);   tft.setTextSize(1);   tft.setCursor(10,70);   tft.println(rtc.getTimeStr());   // Send current temperature   tft.setTextColor(ST7735_YELLOW);   tft.setTextSize(1);   tft.setCursor(30,90);   tft.print("Temperature: ");     tft.setTextColor(ST7735_BLUE);   tft.setTextSize(2);   tft.setCursor(35,120);     tft.print(rtc.getTemp());   tft.println(" C"); } Clicking for compilation illuminates the line 8 DS3231  rtc(SDA, SCL); Software: arduino-1.8.4 windows 10 Libraries: DS3231 1.0.2 Libraries are up-to-date and when I ask to add again library DS3231 adds #include Please help. Where is the error? D:\Τα Ξ­Ξ³Ξ³Ο?αφά ΞΌΞΏΟ…\Arduino\@-NEW_Projects_OCT_2017\1.8TFT_with_DS3231\1.8TFT_with_DS3231.ino:8:21: note: candidates are: In file included from D:\Τα Ξ­Ξ³Ξ³Ο?αφά ΞΌΞΏΟ…\Arduino\@-NEW_Projects_OCT_2017\1.8TFT_with_DS3231\1.8TFT_with_DS3231.ino:4:0: D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:64:3: note: DS3231::DS3231()    DS3231();    ^ D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:64:3: note:   candidate expects 0 arguments, 2 provided D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:60:7: note: constexpr DS3231::DS3231(const DS3231&) class DS3231 {        ^ D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:60:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 2 provided D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:60:7: note: constexpr DS3231::DS3231(DS3231&&) D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231/DS3231.h:60:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 2 provided D:\Τα Ξ­Ξ³Ξ³Ο?αφά ΞΌΞΏΟ…\Arduino\@-NEW_Projects_OCT_2017\1.8TFT_with_DS3231\1.8TFT_with_DS3231.ino: In function 'void setup()': 1.8TFT_with_DS3231:24: error: 'class DS3231' has no member named 'begin' D:\Τα Ξ­Ξ³Ξ³Ο?αφά ΞΌΞΏΟ…\Arduino\@-NEW_Projects_OCT_2017\1.8TFT_with_DS3231\1.8TFT_with_DS3231.ino: In function 'void loop()': 1.8TFT_with_DS3231:47: error: 'class DS3231' has no member named 'getDOWStr' 1.8TFT_with_DS3231:53: error: 'class DS3231' has no member named 'getDateStr' 1.8TFT_with_DS3231:59: error: 'class DS3231' has no member named 'getTimeStr' 1.8TFT_with_DS3231:71: error: 'class DS3231' has no member named 'getTemp' Χρησιμοποιώντας την βιβλιοθήκη Adafruit-GFX-Library-master στην έκδοση 1.2.2 στον φάκελο: D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit-GFX-Library-master Χρησιμοποιώντας την βιβλιοθήκη Adafruit_ST3775 στον φάκελο: D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_ST3775 (legacy) Χρησιμοποιώντας την βιβλιοθήκη SPI στην έκδοση 1.0 στον φάκελο: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\SPI Χρησιμοποιώντας την βιβλιοθήκη DS3231 στην έκδοση 1.0.2 στον φάκελο: D:\Τα έγγραφά μου\Arduino\libraries\DS3231 Χρησιμοποιώντας την βιβλιοθήκη Wire στην έκδοση 1.0 στον φάκελο: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\Wire exit status 1 no matching function for call to 'DS3231::DS3231(const uint8_t&, const uint8_t&)'

Posted by BillyK11 8 months ago

IR Sensor?

I have a pair of IR sensor, can you help me to find which one is transmitter and receiver. 

Asked by ShuvamP 3 years ago

what is this sensor?

I found a blink pov from here (layne and wayne) they are prframming the pov using Ambient light sensor ( physically looks like Led) what is this ambient light sensor?? is the same as IR leds ??? can i replace it with any other thing??? because the ambient light sensor is not available in the market

Asked by agent555 3 years ago

Sensor for measuring time a subject

I would like to have a thin sensor that can measure the wearing time of a hand brace of a patient? Any suggestions? Some people call it compliance sensor and using temperature during time. Thank you

Posted by orthofoo 5 years ago

Cyclocomputer Sensor & Anemometer

Hy guys, good work here!!! I've an issue to build a sensor for the magnet of a computerbike.. How i have to proceed? I hope i have to connect a solenoid to the computer.. ?

Posted by Gargiuseppe 10 years ago

How to add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

How do you add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

Posted by Genesis3kr 10 years ago

old sensor?

Rooted again dad leftover electronics and finding some relays and sensors that goes on the + - I'm just wondering if you can connect it to an Arduino so when Arduinon may singnal'll send it out + through port 13? and if it goes so PLZ write a code

Asked by Dannne11 7 years ago

IS there a sensor to measure water in atmosphere?

Actually i want to know whether there is a device which can measure the rain fall (not actually before hand but atleast in few minutes after the rain starts)which can be otherwise be substituted by a sensor which generates a message when it detects rain..........

Asked by kadkab.abdul 5 years ago

help: LED dimming via light sensor

I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to duplicate a "screen" with LED lights. where LEDs act like pixels.. whether a 10x10 layout or much more. and each of those LEDs have variable values of brightness. so thats the output... the input would ideally be video but i think im getting ahead of myself, so what about variable light sensors.. so if each sensor was attached to an LED, and if the sensor saw saw 50% brightness the LED would put out 50% brightness, dark sensor equals dark LED and bright light on the sensor meant bright output from the LED and as much in between as possible. any thoughts, opinions or suggestions? thanks, john.

Posted by thisendlessdecay 5 years ago

Motion Sensor Toilet paper Dispenser project

I have a project for school where i have to create a motion sensor toilet tissue dispenser kind of like a tiny paper towel dispenser i could put on a counter. I dont know anything about how motion sensors work or how i would make it work. I just need to figure out the price it would be to set up the motion sensors, gears and everything. Any help, such as links to parts or anything that would give me a better understanding of how to set up motion sensors and connecting them to gears and such, would be appreciated.

Posted by smurf1701 4 years ago

Make some noise with 110v sensor

I have a presence sensor 110v (lights a lamp) and I need make some noise too. I already insert one ac adaptor 12v with a resistor anda a pc speaker and make a irritant noise, anyone have othe idea thanks

Asked by mouserock 9 years ago

How do I connect a pressure sensor and a low powered bulb to electric circuit board?

I am trying to connect a air pressure sensor to a circuit board to a already programmed chip/ic into the board. When the pressure reaches the given value it lights up the bulb..

Asked by adas19 5 years ago

Back that Arduino Up

Hello instructables, I am a student at High Tech High North County and we are working with arduinos in our Engineering class. Our project is to create a reverse sensor for a motor vehicle, we are having trouble finding a way to set up the sensor with the arduino. The sensor we are using is HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ping range sensor. If you have any idea on how to do this, please reply. Thanks.

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

I need 2 sensors, but don't know which types are useful, Problem is all of sensors must be in closed boxes.

Hi, I need two sensors, but don't know which types are useful for my project, i'll use to get position and range of another. the problem is all of sensors must be placed in a closed box but i can't place them outside of boxes, first box which is receiver in it has to be placed in 2 x 0,5 cm hard plastic and one 0,5 cm rubber walls, second one has to be placed in only one 0.5 cm plastic wall.i'm going to use these in an area of 100 cm² enviroment. 

Asked by e.bababalim 8 years ago

Is it possible to use a pir motion sensor to activate a keystroke on a computers keyboard? If so how?

I want to be able to trigger the F1 to F8 keys on a keyboard using a motion sensor, Basically to trigger voice commands and software that controls parallel port pins. I cant figure out how this can be possible, I have pulled apart several keyboards but don't know how to send the signal of pressing a key to the pc with only a motion sensor. Doesn't have to be those security motion sensor any thing will do.. any ideas??

Asked by nick_like2mod 6 years ago

Proximity Sensor for FYP

Hi! im currently making my FYP for product design and i have a very specific model of electronics i have to make. Basically i have to make a proximity sensor (well 4) that will respond with lights (vibration) when brought towards a receiver. Hopefully i can also make this trigger sounds that are pre recorded. Can anyone help me with the proximity sensor? i am in dire need! thank you

Posted by Axial-Andrew 6 years ago

circuit for multiple photo sensors and laser s to activate various solenoids.?

I need a basic circuit that will operate 12v solenoids via IR laser and photo reciever.  There will be 1 photo/IR per solenoid.    Thanks

Asked by twistedhickey 7 years ago

How to make a proximity sensor to sound an alarm when another sensor is with in 5 to 10 ft

I am needing this to keep two people apart....It would basically be the opposite of a child proximity alarm, instead of sounding an alarm when the child is too far away, it would sound when it is too close .....Thanks for your help

Asked by JakHamma 8 years ago

I want to make a sensor which can detect the dingo trap movement

Hi guys, I want to make a sensor which can detect the dingo trap movement as I want to know if any dingo is trapped or not. I want it connect it with a dragino MS14( in 14 positions screw terminal). I have many traps in my farm and my part is to make a sensor and find a way to connect it with dragino MS14 14 positions screw terminal. Else will be handled by my fellow participants in the project.  Does anyone have a any kind of knowledge about it?

Posted by ramn0004 3 years ago

Bad Driver's Needed

How do I assemble a parking sensor? I am lost. What ideas does everyone have? Using an Arduino.

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

How can I make motion sensor LEDs, individually, no wiring between, so I can attatch several on a costume?

I´ve seen kids shirts with LEDs like the blinking leds in kids shoes, where can I get the circuit board? thank you

Asked by 9 years ago

I need help identifying a hall effect sensor

I'm working with a brushless motor with a 3 hall effect sensor feedback ring and I messed up one of the sensors while removing some potting. I need a replacement. I've tried contacting the manufacture of the motor but they won't respond. The sensor looks like a flattened version of a TO-92 with chamfered edges instead of a rounded face to indicate the front side and .1" lead spacing. The only markings are U18 020 (or possibly U1B). It looks like it might be from but the part numbers don't all match although the datasheet looks like it might match. It doesn't seem like places like DigiKey or Mouser sells Unisonic parts so I may need an compatible alternative which would be fine If I can figure out the specs.

Asked by AnotherBrian 6 years ago

different liquid detection sensor

I am building a biodiesel production system. at different points in the process, a tank will have different liquids in it (sometimes more than 1 type, separated out). for instance, there is a point where glycerol sinks to the bottom, while biodiesel floats on top. what i want to do is drain the glycerol from the bottom of the tank (via electronically controlled solenoid valve), then when a sensor detects a change in material (biodiesel), shuts off that valve and opens another (final product tank). for the life of me, i cannot find a sensor that will do this for less than $100. preferably, i'd like to spend less than $30. i can work with a resistive type or voltage type sensor. i just need to be able to make that distinction of material change... any ideas? THANKS!!!

Posted by samurai1200 8 years ago

Can I use a nightlight's light sensor for a bigger project?

I'd like to build a simple (if that's possible) light in my front hall that will turn ON when I open my front door, and stay on for 15 seconds (I want it to turn off by itself so I don't have to walk back through my apartment to turn it off manually). I thought about using the light sensor from a nightlight because every time I open my front door light pours in from the main hallway; I thought it would be cheaper than a motion detector. Can anyone help with the sensor ,or with the timing

Asked by NunchakuMan 8 years ago

I am looking for a sensor that activates after the clicking noise of an automobile turn signal

Hello Forum, I am looking for a sensor that activates after the clicking noise of an automobile turn signal solenoid stops. Similar to the "clap on clap off" device, but activates only after I choose to stop clapping.  Or like a heart monitoring circuit that activates an alarm when a heartbeat stops. I would like this circuit to activate for only three seconds then reset. I would like that sensor to be able to clip onto an adhesive pad just like the one doctors use for heart monitoring. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Curtis

Asked by CurtisJ2 3 years ago

how to make current meter with PIC 16f877?

please help, if anyone knows. tell me what components do i need to make current sensor? and the process to be displayed on LCD 16x2

Asked by starda 7 years ago

Project Idea

Im sick of checking for mail throughout the day so i was hoping to setup some sort of motion sensor in my mailbox that trasmits to my home with a beep or light. Any ideas to achieve this cheaply?

Posted by andrewlapham2010 5 years ago

Is this the right way to check for object detection with a IR sensor? Answered

Sensor: Link Hi, i'm using the sensor to test for detection. (eg when my hand is on top of the sensor, it will send a signal to a buzzer). Not sure if this is the right way for detection. Any improvements/tips are welcome. int sensorPin = 1; int lastDist = 1000; //set to a high amount to prevent false detection when powering up int currentDist = 0; int thresh = 25; void setup() {   // initialise serial communications at 9600 bps:   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   currentDist = analogRead(sensorPin);   Serial.println(currentDist);   // compare currentDist with lastDist & thresh to determine if any objects is detected   if (currentDist > lastDist + thresh)   {     Serial.println("detection alert!");   } else {     Serial.println("no detection");   }   lastDist = currentDist; }

Asked by Zaineen 2 years ago

how to make motion dector flying bird?

I'd like to make a cardboard bird (about 12 inches) fly across a room and return to their originating spot using a motion sensor/detector. Any thoughts?

Asked by 9 years ago

Pls i need advice on a suitable sensor to detect if a door has been locked from outside?

What i have seen around is basically to detect if a door has been locked. But i need a system in which a microcontroller would receive a signal only if the door has been locked from outside (only one side). Would really appreciate your help.

Asked by ikdmob. 3 years ago

Do I need a microcontroller to use my Parallax PIR sensor? Answered

 I linked 4AA batteries, 330ohm resistor, red LED, and the PIR (with ground going to ground) but the LED stays on no matter what. 

Asked by ddv05 6 years ago


I want to build a device (in any type of housing) that if I trigger a motion/light sensor, it will play a piece of audio that I recorded. How can I go about doing this or would someone have a tutorial that I might be able to follow? Thanks.

Posted by ThePanda 10 years ago