small hobby resistance/spot welder?

I want to weld small steel wires (the size of guitar strings - +/_ .035) to make small sculptures. Solder works, but is not fast or strong enough. Can I make a welder to run on 115VAC?

Asked by Dweevil 8 years ago

I have a set of 6 small glass tubes. Is there a small plant or flower I can plant in them?

The tubes are 4" in diameter, 6" in length and have screw on lids. The glass is 1/4" thick.

Asked by swingformars 8 years ago

small airplane made with zip zap componets?

I would like to see pdf. files on building small planes out of paper and light balsa stringers that use pager motors,batterys and rc receviers from zip zap type cars

Asked by tig master 8 years ago

how can i make a small fold-able boat? Answered

I want to make a one man boat that folds and so its not too hard to make.

Asked by martex 7 years ago

how can I increase compression ...

How can I increase compression  in a small (5-10 hp) engine without buying a new piston or head?

Asked by qparker 8 years ago

What is something I can make when I am bored at midnight and can't buy supplies?

I have a bunch of junk, no cardboard, but yeah junk I can make stuff with. Any ideas?

Asked by 8 years ago

Small battery powered speaker

Does any one know of a small speaker that can be powered with a 9v battery? I want to sound the speaker with a 9v battery and two wires for a little project.

Posted by glitter_bug 10 years ago

I am looking for a source for a small 3/8 inch dia spool for string

I am looking for a source for a small 3/8 inch diameter spool for thread I am using it for a small string spool.  Thanx Pat

Posted by pooldds 6 years ago

Small Metal Gears

I'm looking for small metal gears for a project of mine, I don't have the money to pay them to ship to me but perhaps we can make some sort of deal or trade?

Posted by VyreRain 5 years ago

how to solar power a small fish tank filter motor?

Will be using outside to provide recirculating water for chickens

Asked by emmytice 1 year ago

im back from my small break

Yay im back who here dont i know and whats up and im in to yoyos

Posted by J_SCAP 10 years ago

jet packs

Does anyone have any experience making a small jet pack, one which would power a skateboard?

Posted by mburton 10 years ago

Small Voltage Regulator

I am looking to buy or build a small voltage regulator that can fit in an O gauge electric train engine. It needs to have a 18-20 volt AC input and 10-12 Volt AC 1 amp output. I would like to buy one already built, buy a schematic or a schematic with the parts to build. Thank You

Posted by frankv6 2 years ago

How can I build a small digital counter powered by solar panel?

I would like to make a small digital counter.  The requirements are: 1. No bigger than 2" x 1.5" x 1" 2. Powered by small solar cell (like those calculators we had in elementary school). 3. Has 4 buttons that adjust the counter; +1, -1, +5, -5. The solar powered part would be neat, but not a must have.  The goal of this device is to be used as a counter for gaming applications d&d hp counter and the like.  The dimensions are small because ideally I would be able to place these on a card, character sheet, grid representing a map to track both the number on the counter and the location of the counter.  If it is reasonable I would like to have a much smaller device than my original goal of  2" x 1.5" x 1".  I have a bit of experience wiring small project on a breadboard and I'm confident I could throw something small together from schematics.  The last thing is that I would like to make a number of these, so cheap is good. What I don't know is: 1. Where can I find such a small solar panel? 2. Where can I find such a small digital display counter (2 digits minimum, probably don't need more than 3 digits)? 3. Is there open source software I can use to model a simple circuit and test my schematics before trying to build it? 4. Tips for creating a small circuit board in the event one is required. This is not a hobby area I have explored much so I may not be using the proper terms and this project may not be feasible so please forgive me if you find this to be a silly request. Thank you for your time.

Asked by RainHawk 5 years ago

4mm buzzer

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to make (or hell even buy) a very small buzzer that can be rectangular or cylindrical that is 4mm in diameter and can be up to 10 mm long.  I've searched on Digi Key for something this small, but most things are about 8mm in diameter and 4mm long.  I need something skinny and long, not short and fat. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

Posted by SJBoard44 6 years ago

I need help selecting a small camera.

I am gathering the materials for a project, and I need a small digital camera.The lens must not move, images must be downloadable via usb, batteries must be charged via the same usb.This camera is ideal, except it is way too expensive, and is a video camera (and it's from China, but that's another issue).This camera is ideal, except that the batteries are not charged via the USB, which makes my project much trickier (I'm going to be building the digital camera into another object).Can anybody recommend (or at least find online) a "happy medium" between the two?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Small Solar panel(s) with output equivalent to a good USP port

Hello all, Seems like this should be a good competition type project.  Being a hiker and bicycle traveler, I would love to have a small, (read lite), solar panel that would keep my electronics powered up.  The electronics would be, a phone, front and rear light or headlamp, a small 7" tablet, and maybe a small mp3 player.  Ideally the output would equal that of a good USB port, 5volt and ~2amps.  The charger for tablet states 2.1amps.  Sorry I'm not dialed in what ideal amperage would be, but I do know that not less than 2amps, right? Anyways would love to see a competition among the peeps all dialed into this with the parameters stated above.  I'm sure other parameters would be worked out too.  If there's something out there in the real world that maybe you think would suit my needs, lets see what there is out there!  Feel free to post up.

Posted by User1 3 years ago

where to get small plastic gears, to OEM spec?

There was once a nice Cyberhome DVD player that was cheap and fast and good, but then the pinion gear on the laser carriage motor split, and suddenly it became a piece of junk. I found many sources for small gears, but not the right one. This one is a 12 tooth, 2mm bore, 6mm dia, 6mm tall item that press fits onto the shaft. Based on other posts on other sites, these players are electronic lemmings, and are all soon destined for the dumpster, mostly for this reason. HELP ME SAVE THEM FROM THEIR FATE! Perhaps we're all screwed, and this is not an off the shelf item.

Asked by Fixerdad 9 years ago

how do you make the pictures bigger in when you make an instructable?

Well i just joined this site about a month ago and wanted to post an instuctable about my nerf gun mod. when peoplelooked it up, they said the pictures were too small and i was confused when i tried to edit it. please help.

Asked by lazyboy13 8 years ago

led light? Answered

I would like to build a led light that has 5 white, 2 red, and 5 blue leds in it. i would like it to have a 3 way switch but it can have what ever you can work in to it. i am very new at doing this so the instructions would have to be very easy and simple. please try to keep it small and cheap please. thank you

Asked by lynx66 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me if they know where to buy a small solar heater kit.

Hi there,   I am looking to plug in a small convection heater and need power.  No electricity etc.  Was hoping for some company that has small units.  I am not looking to power a house so those guys that do this from home depo only for example would just hang up on me.  And I need larger than an i pod or cell phone charger.  Thanks a whole heep and I sure do hope someone knows about this.  For example you go camping or use a van and want to stay warm n toasty and do not want to make too much by scratch. Looking for a collecter that I could mount to van or car or lay in the grass.  With the wire and a plug to plug the heater into.  I have not found out the wattage of the heater yet its for sale at Bed bath beyond.  Do not think they are going to look in box some specks are outside sometimes.  If you know of solar heaters that have thier own collectors that would be good too.                                                     

Asked by PeaceHopeLove 4 years ago

Calling everyone with small engines experiance! (Video update)

Ok I decided to rip into my tractor today because I was bored. I knew if I ripped into the actual cylinder that it would probably look pretty horrible with the way I drive my tractor. Needless to say I was right... I want someone to tell me what I can do with this!! I have it sitting open like it is in the pictures right now and I don't wanna put it back together until someone looks at it!. Also, how do I check that the valves are working right? Can someone PLEASE look at this asap?? Also does anyone know what I could clean the cylinder top and the cover with?? Would varsol paint thinner be a bad idea because of the gasket??

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

Designing a micro GPS tracking device

Hello all, could anyone give me some insight to how complex the process of designing a very small GPS tracker which could be used to track lets say a person, which can post its co-ords to map software which is custom programmed etc in realtime. Hypothetical scenario: 1) Tracking someone who is on the move outdoors, only has very small pockets to fit the thing in.  2) The device must send co-ords to mapping software on a computer every 10 seconds maybe. 3) Someone can view there position on the map software in instantly to understand their exact position. Also how expensive would the whole process cost to manufacturer roughly? Thanks in advance and sorry for the vagueness in my question

Posted by tullybear 5 years ago

what to put in a matchbox?

I want to know what could go in a match box so far i have made a chest of drawers, ipod holder, flashlight and a dental floss dispenser!

Asked by busterbuster18724 5 years ago

Commentary on "Small Site Changes"

In the Site Updates forum, the goddess of code Rachel reported on last night's minor roll-out: I've just released a small set of changes: new footer featured and popular items are now split out by channel home page shows both featured and popular items in the same list searching on an exact channel name gets you to the main page for that channel various small formatting fixes I wanted to make some comments on two of these changes, both pro and con. The new footer is different, to be sure, but I don't think it's too bad. All the information is there, and relatively straightforward. Having the search box at the top and the bottom is a great idea! The extremely dark background is not very accessible, though. I think a pale grey (the same grey used in the header) with normal black text would be a better choice for our low-vision users. I'm not particularly happy with having the Featured and Popular stuff jumbled up together, and indistinguishable. Those two states are really different, and the have different implications for the Instructables involved. If you're going to jumble them up, could you at least put the nice Featured banner onto the thumbnails?  UPDATE 23 Apr 2010:  They've added the banner to the home-page giant thumbnails, and have created a new Popular banner as well. Also, many thanks to Rachel for fixing my very own bug! Now the masthead (and new footer) are properly rendered even when I use the horizontal scroll bar.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Why will my power washer only run on choke? Answered

 I have a typical small engine power washer which was running fine the first day I used it this year even on the old fuel. When I got a can of new fuel this year, it would start and run while I had the choke on, but when I tried to take the choke off, it would simply die. This was the case even after it had run awhile. I was able to adjust the speed from rabbit to turtle and back to rabbit with no problems. However, while it is in choke, I just am not getting the same power. What could be causing this small engine to only run in the choke position? It has oil. This is New Jersey, and every gas station now has ten percent ethanol mixed into the gas. I can guess that this has something to do with it, but how can I fix the problem? What exactly is the problem?

Asked by kedwa30 8 years ago

How can I make a simple soap noodle melting, mixing and grinding machine

Hi from Honduras! Our currency is way down and it's very hard for us to import even simple small machines. I am a women with physical disability and have started my own homemade soapmaking shop. It is very hard for me to be hand mixing, grinding and melting ingredients such as herbs and soap noodles and/soap bases. These simple acts does put a toll on my hands and arms. Can anyone aid me? I appreciate your comments. Gilda

Posted by amparosinlimites 10 years ago

Nanotube Radio

Nanotube Radio: Supplementary materialsK. Jensen, J. Weldon, H. Garcia, and A. ZettlDepartment of Physics, University of California at BerkeleyCenter of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems, University of California at BerkeleyMaterials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A.We have constructed a fully functional, fully integrated radio receiver, orders-of-magnitude smaller than any previous radio, from a single carbon nanotube. The single nanotube serves, at once, as all major components of a radio: antenna, tuner, amplifier, and demodulator. Moreover, the antenna and tuner are implemented in a radically different manner than traditional radios, receiving signals via high frequency mechanical vibrations of the nanotube rather than through traditional electrical means. We have already used the nanotube radio to receive and play music from FM radio transmissions such as Layla by Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominos) and the Beach Boy's Good Vibrations. The nanotube radio's extremely small size could enable radical new applications such as radio controlled devices small enough to exist in the human bloodstream, or simply smaller, cheaper, and more efficient wireless devices such as cellular phones....This is the site of the original article

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Tiny solar cells - UK supplier?

Solarbotics sell a tiny solar cell. A dollar each, but postage doubles the price.Does anybody know of a cheaper source, preferably in the UK?I have already googled, and failed.Alternatively, is it possible to cut or break up a normal solar cell and still use the fragments?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

all the text is tiney!!

I am  noy hitting the tiny text button but all the text on the site everywhere,comments,headings Home,Explore,Answers,Community,Submit All tiny every piece of text everywhere is tiny!!!! I am using internet explorer(not sure what version),and Windows was all normal until about an hour ago.

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Mini Instructable?

I know Instructables likes Instructables to have several steps. I have a little project that really doesn't have enough to split into steps. It's more of a cool - you can do this - with an example. Is a single page Instructable ok? It's photo related, but craft would probably like it too. Should I just post it in those forums? Seriously - shorter than this post but with an image included. hahaha

Posted by SFHandyman 9 years ago

weird question - online source for smallish mechanical parts

Hey, I'm new here. I'm an established musician (composing is my focus).  I've gradually decided I'd like to work on a new composition project which involves electro-mechanical instruments of my own design. I have a decent understanding of electronics, and I don't think the mechanical designs will cause me too many problems.  I've had plenty of experience in building hobby stuff - remote controlled planes, etc. What I don't know much about is where to source mechanical parts.  Electronics, no probs.  But things like wee little cranks and levers, hinges, etc, etc... stuff I'd rather not build from scratch but you can't exactly find in a hardware store. Any ideas?  (I know this is off the wall). Many thanks! - Tom

Posted by praxisaxis 5 years ago

Small power source

I was planning to make LED jewelery, but would need a very small power source. In the best case it could be powered by the body's movement. Is there anything small enough to bit on a wrist, yet can power about 10 LEDs?

Posted by DemonDomen 8 years ago

small knex gun with true trigger

A knex gun that i made. the only ones that i can see that are smaller are block trigger guns.

Posted by fishbob1234 5 years ago

Does anyone ?have any good plans on how to make a small, simple, Lathe?

I like lathes and have always wanted one. I want to make a very simple, small, lathe for wood. I want it to be pretty simple and easy to build. Perfect for small spindles and similar things. If someone could give me some good instructions on how to make one, I would be very greatful.

Asked by 9 years ago

Small LED Push Button Setup

So I'm trying to create an LED ring, to where if I squeeze my finger the led will come on with a push button, and squeeze again to turn it off. So I bought a small series of LED's and Push Buttons from Radio Shack, but cant get it to work the way I need. I found that the push button switch was for a circuit board or something. Bear in mind I'm not the best with this type of thing but I thought I could figure it out on my own. This setup is supposed to be small enough to fit in a ring, so the smaller the better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Pistulio 6 years ago

how can i make a mini shotgun? Answered

 i wanna make a masterkey shotgun attachment for my HK416, but i don't know how to make one that's small

Asked by knexpete 8 years ago

Sanding small flat surfaces so they stay flat

Hi, I'm trying to sand fairly small wooden objects that are about 1/2"x1" and sometimes a little larger. I often find that one side is thicker than the other or the corners are no longer perpendicular. I am trying various techniques, like taking a chunk of 2x4 and wrapping it sandpaper and then vice it to my workbench. Then I rub the object against the paper block. That is getting better results.  I've read that some people use spray-on adhesive to secure sheets of sandpaper to a granite top and that it is supposed to work well. There are a few instructables that explicitly talk about sanding and I've read many of them. They advocate a bunch of techniques. I'm wondering what other folks have had success with. Thanks, Andy

Posted by AndyWilson 3 years ago

Small KNEX rack and pinion.

Hello everybody it's been a long time since I have posted a forum topic on here but I just built a a new KNEX rack and pinion I would like to so everybody. The only other rack and pinion on Instructables was made by Killer~SafeCracker but it was huge and not to practical to put into a model. So here is a new rack and pinion that I made and it's way smaller then the one built by Killer~SafeCracker. The secret to this design is that it' uses a Micro KNEX to build the rack. I think there is a lot of neat things that could be made with this so please tell me what you come up with!

Posted by sonic broom 1 year ago

How can I make this camera usable?

I have this tiny camera that I got off of my Blackberry (phone) when I took it apart. It would be so cool to see it work. Oh, it has 22 pins total. I think it might be too small to solder so I'm up for any ideas.  Does anyone know how I can make this the camera usable? DP

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

Why did Instructables text get smaller?

I noticed how all of the text on this website is smaller.  Why?  It is harder to read, and does not look as nice.  Is this only temporary?

Asked by TheChemiker 7 years ago

Push/Pull solenoid on a switch or a solenoid valve? Answered

Hi, I have an air supply and, thanks to iceng, a rapidly pulstating (variable speed) 12v Dc power. I would like the air supply to allow through a set amount of air each time. I already have a mechanical switch that works perfectly, allowing the exact amount of air through, I need this air switch to be opening and closing as quickly as possible. Would I be better of using a push solenoid and setting it up with the switch or do you think I will obtain faster speeds using a dedicated solenoid valve? I was looking a this solenoid. (or something like it Though i am not sure about the valve version. Any advice/recommended solenoid (valve or push-pull) would be very helpful. Specs: 4mm pipe (ext diameter) 2mm (int diameter) 6 bar (preferably have the solenoids as small as possible) Thanks

Asked by Digital Flame 2 years ago

What are these(Allen wrench like thingies)? Answered

I found these in an old toolbox. They are hexagonal like an Allen wrench, but have a smaller diameter round protrusion on one end. They are all the same size in "diameter". That's a standard size Sharpie marker there for reference.

Asked by jrh065 6 years ago

Interested in building a 'remote finder.' Some questions regarding what I would need.

Greetings, fellow Instructable subscribers. My name is Ron, and I am interested in building a 'remote finder.' A little background about myself: I have little to no technical experience with building and/or programming. I am a complete novice. However, I am very eager to learn how to make my own nifty little gadgets. My first project idea is as follows: I would like to make a tiny device that I could adhere to any small electronic device which could easily go missing. Ideally, it would make a high-pitched noise and emit a bright light which would be seen assuming that it was, say, under the couch. It would also be paired with a remote control which could be put on a key chain. I've read through a few different tutorials here involving Arduino and 555, but I'm still not wholly sure where I should begin this endeavor, or how to make the device as small as possible. So, good people of Instructables, how would you recommend I go about creating this device?

Posted by rswar2214 5 years ago

How can I make a simple rocket engine?

 Hi y'all, I'm wondering if any of you know how to make simple rocket engines (Instead of buying them). If you can help me, please answer!  Thanks,   Win Guy

Asked by Win Guy 7 years ago

How can I make a motion activated motor that can pull a cable and pull up a 4lb object ?

How can I make a motion activated motor that can pull a cable and pull up a 4lb object  ?  I am wanting to make a toy for my cat. I want the sensor to keep the object up for extended time. Who can help me.

Asked by nagualar 5 years ago

Heating Help!

So my new  major has me in a machine shop that is at my disposal. I have made a few shift knobs but with living in the Northeast it can get cold in the winter months.   I want to heat the knobs, which means finding something that is... - Small enough to fit inside a roughly 1" dia cylinder, depth minimal. - Quickly heat the knob - But not over heat it - Run on a 12v standard supply - Minimal cost I have considered trying to find a "Heating Element" but am unable to find such in a size I need and within a price I want. Maybe a soldering Iron element? I tried "Peltier" but they all are over-sized and debate the conflicting effects of hot and cold. However if figured out I could flip it for summer. I debated running a resistor/other electronic component with just enough power to cause it to heat up, but am worried about it breaking. I wanted to do a high power light bulb, but don't see that working as well as I plan. So I am kinda at a loss...if you have a specific item you can link me to let me see it, or just let me know of an item I can use.

Posted by scubaru 7 years ago

Hi all, is there an instuructables idea which is use recycle goods as a main materials and with a small cash ?

I'm an Indonesian student which is looking for a very good idea (using a small penny) from instructables so i can conduct it as a small business, in purpose to help my parent at least my self to fare my collage. Thanks a lot.

Asked by boy_s 8 years ago