i need the One software that plays all formats of video and audio?

I need the One software that plays all formats of video and audio? plz tell me the software name and the link to download the software. thanks.

Asked by arunguyz2 9 years ago

How to make or assemble a software ?

How do peoples create softwares like yahoo messenger or media players please help me I am completely idiot about this but by full procedure i can understand

Asked by jalal_sweet 8 years ago

Is there a software to test how much load a structure can hold?

Is there any software where I can identify the material and the structure and then test how much load the structure can hold before it fails? My structure is a spaghetti bridge and I was wondering if such  software exists where I can input the data (material, dimension, shape, etc) and then identify a load unit and start applying it to the structure. Therefore, I would be able to enhance my bridge before execution. Thank you for your help!

Asked by HMN93 4 years ago

For my first instructable I need some free software, for XP or an application with Ubuntu 9.4

For my first instructable I need some free software, for XP, to create a simple animated video, of a time line, with an object moving over it, the time line needs to be stretched during the show. The video would be very simple; the main message is a description of what is happening, for that I need to over lay text. Second poor alternative, would be a voice over. If not XP, I can use OS Ubuntu 9.4, if that has suitable software recommended to me.

Asked by Lateral Thinker 8 years ago

CREO, SolidWorks, Catia, Etc.?

Sort of a broad question here - if it deviates too much from the theme of these forums, my apologies. I was just curious to know, of those of you who use manufacturing design software, which do you prefer and why? 

Posted by PlasticPanama 2 years ago

Has anybody used CoDeSys?

Does learning C++ help with the structred text programing. Or what programing languge would be better. I'm new to the whole programing languge.

Asked by MRAINIER 8 years ago

Problem in full screen mode in batch file at command prompt IN WIN 7?

If i press alt+enter a message is displayed "this system does not support ful screen mode" and start /max PROGRAM   OR   COMM    COLS=999 LINES=999 IS NOT WORKING IN BATCH FILE IS THERE ANY OTHER OPT. PLEASE HELP

Asked by hiten_29 4 years ago

Had a bug on computer we installed Norton now we can not watch nothing that requires Adoube

I had a bug that attacked my computer so installed Norton 360 Ever since we did that we can not get Adoube to download on are computer it say's it does and then we will go into you tube and it say to insall it all over again is there anything we can do or do you have any advice for us.

Asked by MelanieM 7 years ago

Learning Redstone

I'm here today to teach you how to have fun with Redstone, now if you don't, you may just jump into a Minecraft sand well and drown. Okay, first thing is first, the BASICS. You may already know that there are what we call 'Logic Gates' in all forms of machines from a computer to a simple on and off switch. We are going to be talking about the main logic gates for now. So let's get started. The NOT Gate: The NOT Gate is what I think is the easiest logic gate to comprehend in Minecraft. It is basically an inverter. It inverts the input. For example, if I were to take an input of Redstone that is on, it would invert it and give an output of Redstone that is off.If it were off, it would be an output of on. This is one of the most used Redstone logic gates. The OR Gate: The OR Gate is also VERY simple to understand, and is also called a Universal Logic Gate, this is because you can use this gate to make any other gate existent. OR basically means 'One input OR the other input  OR both will give us an output'. This is like saying 'Jeff's dog will get a treat if he jumps in the air OR he rolls over, OR does both'. This is also easy to comprehend. (The NOR Gate is the same as the OR Gate except its output is inverted) The AND Gate: The AND Gate reciprocates the OR gate except for one major difference. Instead of 'If one OR the other is on the output is on', it is 'If one AND the other are on the output is on, otherwise it is off'. So what this is saying is that you need to have BOTH inputs on in order to have the output on. This is like saying 'Jeff needs to turn the handle AND push the door to open it'. (The NAND Gate is the same as an AND Gate except its output is inverted, the NAND Gate is also a universal gate) The XOR Gate: The XOR Gate is also very similar to the OR gate but instead of 'One or the other or both', it is 'One or the other'. XOR means 'Exclusive OR', meaning only one of the inputs can be on or else I wont turn on. This is very important when dealing with Redstone calculators or ALUs. It is one of the main functions of a Redstone Adder or Subtractor. (The XNOR Gate is the same as an XOR Gate but its output is inverted) Those are all of the main basic logic gates I'm going to take you through today! These ones are the most important ones to be used and can help people a lot. There are PLENTY more to go through but that would be a bit much documentation for me to handle. If you need any help or need some easy visuals, you can go to StephennJF's YouTube page, or you can also go to bennyscube's YouTube page for help too.

Posted by knexpert1700 5 years ago

is there a decent and free antivirus software online? Answered

I want a free anti virus software

Asked by mclovin7596 8 years ago

What software was used? Answered

Does anyone recognise what software was used to create this diagram?http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Tutorial/ShftInExmp2_3.png

Asked by Jayefuu 8 years ago

Software Bugs

Hi all, I came to the forums to ask you to try and break my software. You will find the link to it in my instructable. If you manage to break the software please inform me. Thanks, PREDATOR

Posted by PREDATOR_UK 7 years ago

software development help?

I am interested in developing basic software, preferably without having to write code. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by memyselfand1 8 years ago

Free CAD Software

For those of us with bad cameras, does anyone know some free CAD software (Linux or Windows) so that we can include diagrams?

Posted by BoomGuy 10 years ago

need advice for process control software

I am new to process control software. We are working on a solar steam project that will require some form of automated control. We need suggestions for software (preferably open source and will run on a windows pc) that will handle temp and pressure data aquisition. The software should also be able to affect small electric motors based on the data parameters. Also any recommendations for temp and pressure (psi) sensors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions

Posted by culinadge 9 years ago

Anyone know of a software that scans for wireless networks then tells you the password ? Answered

Hi does anyone know where i can get software that scans for wireless networks then tells you the password for them ? It would be VERY preferable if i didnt have to install anything. Thanks heaps Nathan

Asked by ghostmonkeys 8 years ago

Is there software to adapt a PS3 controller to PC?

My Logitech controller shorted out, and I have this PS3 controller already, which has that USB cable... But I still want to be able to use it on PS3 later.

Asked by hishealer 9 years ago

where can i get a free software on record keeping of records in a pediatric clinic?

It's like i want to create a database of pediatric patients medical records which can easily be accessed in a laptop.

Asked by juventus4d88 6 years ago

Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet .

Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet of 4cm radius circle and inside the circle i need to evenly distribute 22 holes with size 2mm?

Asked by Rohitrai 8 years ago

Is there a software to test how much load a structure can hold?

Is there any software where I can identify the material and the structure and then test how much load the structure can hold before it fails? My structure is a spaghetti bridge and I was wondering if such  software exists where I can input the data (material, dimension, shape, etc) and then identify a load unit and start applying it to the structure. Therefore, I would be able to enhance my bridge before execution. Thank you for your help!

Asked by HMN93 4 years ago

what software would be good for stopmotion videos without spending to much money?

Hello, one one of my favorite hobbies is making stop motion videos, but i make them on my 3ds. and with the 3ds you cannot add sound or have special effects. so i was wandering what kind of software i should get to make my stopmotion videos more realistic by adding sounds and effects.

Asked by mr. 707 5 years ago

Game Interface Protection Software

 Have you ever had someone break into a password-protected file/folder by finding out the code? Well, if someone made a Game Interface Protection Software, they don't need a code! The software would have these following traits: 1. The user could choose through a variety of games (like chess or poker) to use as the protection. 2. The user could set the game difficulty level. 3. The user could also have a password after the game, just in case someone else got through the game. 4. The user could also have the game set so the person would only be able to win by a certain way. Ex: (On chess) D1 to C4... If someone here could make this software, I'm sure they would have a nice business.

Posted by Blackhawk2 8 years ago

where to get FREE CNC software (for XP)?

Hey, I'm building a 3-axis CNC milling machine. right now I'm looking for a FREE ( or VERY CHEAP) CNC software... I would like something "common" since that'll be the easiest for getting help later on... I'm thinking of MACH3 (since that's what I've seen that diy'ers use mostly) ... anyone knows where to get it? (I'm using XP, because I've got a computer for free, since my usual computer is a laptop and doesn't have a parrallel port, and i wish to use a computer ONLY for CNC)

Asked by lordl9999 5 years ago

Indefinite capture on PC camera?

I got a cheap usb PC Camera but I need a way of getting indefinite capture, as in I need it to keep the shutter open (it uses a cmos visual detector not shutters). How would I do that? I was using a software I downloaded free from the internet. setting a really slow frame rate doesn't work for this. What software should I use, and what would I need to do to get the indefinite capture?

Asked by Higgs Boson 6 years ago

know of a good free circuit designing software? Answered

Hi everyone, I looking for a free electronics circuits design software that I can use in the classroom with high school kids. I had a play with circuitlab  which is pretty much perfect for what I need, just started showing the kids and, now it wants payment to continue. Had a look at 123D circuits again the video looks great but it doesnt seem to work anymore. Also tinker cad circuit doesn't want to play either. Fritzing and eagal cam is a bit hard for the kids to learn as they only have the class for a few weeks. It just has to be easy to use and be either online or compatable with mac computers. Thanks

Asked by liquidhandwash 10 months ago

Good DVD software?

Hi,So I downloaded all of The Onion videos onto my computer as .FLV's. Then I converted them to .mp4 (ACC audio). Now I want to import them into some type of program that will allow me to make DVD's with Menus and link each clip onto the menus. So does anyone have any good suggestions of free software like that? I have used Roxia my DVD but I don't have the full version and I don't particularly like it. I run am Running Windows XP media Center and Ubuntu Gusty Gubbons on this computer. I have all of the videos on an external hard drive so I could potentially take use my brothers mac. Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome. ThanksJoe

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

OSX software to measure electical signals

Hello I was hoping somebody could point me in the direction of what software i could use on my Mac OSX 10.7 to measure the electrical current from various sensors etc.  I do not mean a multi-meter as i am looking to log data on incoming voltages from various things i am making. I do not come from an electrical engineer or computer engineer background, therefore i do not know the correct term or name of the programs.They usually look like frequency graphs on the computer screen where the graphs/waveforms move as the voltage fluctuates and they allow you to monitor and record the electrical data for example when you touch a capacitor or move a potentiometer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Posted by bluebey 4 years ago

Free Software Sources

. I'll kick this off with my all time favorite, SourceForge. "The world's largest Open Source software development web site.". No matter what you want to do, you can probably find a free program that will do it at SourceForge.. Quality of the programs varies widely, but if you pay attention to last revision dates (be wary if it hasn't been updated in a few years or hasn't been updated since it was posted) and the number of downloads (more is usually better), you can skip over the lesser stuff.. Not sure how they handle malware prevention, but I've never been infected by any of the plethora of stuff I've downloaded.. . 2008-04-26. Here's the sources others have contributed, in a handy list with links. MS Visual BASIC (Brennn10) Softpedia (LinuxH4x0r, ll.13) MajorGeeks (Goodhart) Download.com (CNET/ZDNET) (Goodhart, ll.13) The Pirate Bay (ll.13)

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Home surveillance software

At the outset, foremost thank for your home surveillance software efforts, that you are making for the sake of the success of this wonderful site. I liked this site because it is wonderful and beautiful and has everything I want from materials and subjects interested in it very much thank those who support it and I hope the continuation of the site many years and I wish you luck and success as I like active comprehensiveness threads where intensity and beauty and Mafany holdings wonderful raises joy and astonishment, the fact that one of the best sites that Raúatha, in my life, every day, visit it and Atfkdh and get him on what I really want it wonderful, very cool, I thank all members and members those who support it and wish them to continue to work in it in order to continue the success of this site, and I hope them to interact with members of the posts everywhere from around the world. Thank you and I repeat my thanks to you, bye.

Posted by ppremjith 7 months ago

Wat is the best free vector amination sofware?

 You already read the title do i have to ask the question agen

Asked by Jawa888 8 years ago

How to backup dvd to my pc?

I just get a new dvd. want to backup to pc. what should i do?

Asked by ebaley 4 years ago

Where can I get windows 95 free and 100% legally?

People can say their download is legal, but is it really?

Asked by jbaker22 5 years ago

rar archive doesn’t open Answered

I created .rar archive and after something happened at opening and I saw an error: Invalid or corrupt authenticity information. I couldn’t do rar.recovery procedure via WinRAR.

Asked by Hoveribu09 1 year ago

adobe pdf document opening?

I got an error message at opening .pdf file via Adobe Acrobat DC: The file is damaged and could not be repaired. But I have seen such error first time. I should like to repair damaged pdf.

Asked by Ragoroe61 1 year ago

what is a good program to use if i need two camera feeds that i can switch between? Answered

My church recently started recording our services on DVD and we are looking for a way to have multiple cameras at once so that panning and zooming do not interrupt the service.  is there a way that we can hook up two cameras and switch between them throughout the service? Are there any good programs you could recommend for this.

Asked by gantyman 7 years ago

Need to run a Windows98 platformed program on Wnidows XP. Any suggestions? Answered

I have a portable, single sheet scanner that I would like to use with my laptop. The only problem with this is that the scanner is platformed to Windows 98 and my laptop is Windows XP. The only reason I am looking for this info is that the scanner is so nice to use on the run. One of my former employers had issued a program to the field techs named "SloMo" to slow the microprocessor to allow the Win'98 programs to run on Win 2000 or Win XP. Any ideas?

Asked by Foxtrot70 8 years ago

Creating Database

Hi All, To be honest, I don't know if my inquiry fits within this forum, but I really had no idea where to post what I need. I am currently interning at a non-profit nature center which relies heavily on volunteers. As art of my internship, my supervisor would like several databases created. I don't know what program would work best for my needs and I was hoping somebody could give me a few ideas for what I need to create. Here is what she would like: 1. A volunteer database that is searchable by the training and expertise each volunteer has received. Let's say for instance, that we are having an insect program and only those who have been trained for the program can volunteer. I need to be able to search a keyword or from a drop down menu individuals who have received this training. A spreadsheet would suffice, but some individuals have so many training sessions that it would get a bit long. We also have over a hundred volunteers. 2. A teacher database that shows the grades and classes each teacher in our system teaches. We have school groups come out, and if their is a fourth grade program, there is no reason to contact every other grade teacher. 3. This is the really challenging one. We have rental programs, and all users must complete rental information which includes name, contact information, type of rental, and emergency contact. I would like to go paperless with this and if somebody rents more than once they have to fill in the information every time. I would like to be able to search their name and have all of their information come up, then input their rental type and time, which would give me a list of how many rentals we have had per day/week/year and how much money we have made. As I said, I could just make a spreadsheet for the first two but I would like something a bit more sophisticated. If I was not clear about anything, please let me know.

Posted by Blinktwice 4 years ago

eBook creation software question? Answered

What is the best (free) software for converting word documents with images to an ebook format compatible with the Kindle?

Asked by Kiteman 6 years ago

is there a way to put symbian software in non nokia phone from home?

I have a non nokia phone, but i like the symbian software very much.. I would like to nstall the symbian software in it. Is there a way to install the symbian software in that phone and how..?? Thanks in advance

Asked by chatsbk007 4 years ago

ultrasonic radar pc software

What pc software do you use to create a radar screen on computer screen that then picks up signals from ultrasonic sensor???

Posted by toka519 5 years ago

whats some awesome free software/freeware? Answered

whats some awesome free software/freeware? like games or just anything...thanks

Asked by priceis 7 years ago

Soft toy/inflatable design software

Does anyone know of a way I can design my soft toy/sculpture/inflatable in 3d then print out the parts with software? Otherwise, how should I do this? Appreciate the help!

Posted by jarris 5 years ago

Does anyone use KCAM software to control CNC hobby milling machines? I need help how to set up the software?

How can i set it up. regards Colin Vk2JCC sydney Australia

Asked by colincolin30 8 years ago

PCB design and cicuit simulation software

Hi all first post here could someone recommend a good software package for PCB and circuit design and simulation on a budget preferably compatible with windows vista and 7 and with CNC capability (looking to build one in the future)

Posted by pmills4 5 years ago

What software do they use in The Italian Job to create the 3D renderings of the buildings? Answered

I was watching The Italian Job last night, and was fascinated by the 3D renderings of the buildings. So, my question is, what software do they use to do that? It seems like it just converts the video that they take into measurements and then creates the image. Is this even a real software, or did they just make it up for fun?

Asked by mbudde 8 years ago