Need DIY plans for a "auto sun tracker" for my solar projects. Once saw one using a bottle of propane. Does anybody else remember this?

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tabbing solar cells?

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Could I make a solar usb charger with a 18v solar panel?

Could I make a solar usb charger with a 18v solar panel? Would that damage my device and what would I have to do to make it work?

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 3 years ago

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?I am trying to make a solar phone charger and need to know. Thanks!

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 3 years ago

Solar Energy

If you have any idea about solar cooker than share with ME... 

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Solar Section? Answered

What happened to the "Solar" section of the Instructables site? I haven't been a member long. Was it just a temporary?

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How can we make solar cell?any one guide me?

I wanna make a solar cell...

Asked by mjarwar 5 years ago

how to make solar diy cell?

How to make siliconcell solar power?

Asked by tayzar 8 years ago

Inquiry about Solar energy

Does anyone interested in Solar energy products? How do you think this prospect of this fields?

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How to make a easy solar cell?

Some ideas anyone

Asked by cwilks1 6 years ago

Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Solar Cell Phone Chargers Since we all walk many hours in the sun each day, does anyone have knowledge of a functional solar charger for phones or cameras?

Posted by weijing3333 3 years ago

where to find used solar garden lights

There are a lot of solar instructables that bring down cost by telling people to just salvage broken solar garden lights. what i want to know is where do they find those busted solar garden lights

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 10 years ago

Solar Panel 12V regulator

Currently i am working on a 12V solar panel. the solar panel will be charging up the battery of 12V7AH. The problem is that by using the solar panel,the voltage often to be fluactuating down until 10V. How can i make the voltage remain constant at 12V?

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Using 2 or 3 batch solar water heaters will this sufficiently heat a 20 by 20 concrete floor well enough to wear light boots Ambient temperature 29 degrees!

Asked by bullit224 7 years ago

how much solar power is required to run a motor?

Is it possible to run a motor of 1KW power with a solar power of 400W.No battery should be used .Suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Asked by k.manid 2 years ago

Making a solar pool heater?

I am planning to make a solar water heater for my kids little pool and am wondering if I could use PVC piping and Plexiglass or will it get to hot and melt them?

Asked by chrisandamanda 8 years ago

What type of light cause a solar cell to work? Answered

Is it the uv's or the infrared or the visible light or dose it use the radiant heat to work

Asked by dizzydog598r 7 years ago

solar question

Do solar panels have to be in direct sunlight? I'm looking to make a "Sun Jar" and was wondering if it would work on my balcony. The only thing is our balcony doesn't get direct sunlight to it as it's inset into the building and covered by the above apartment's balcony.

Posted by mrshow555 10 years ago

Glass covered solar trough?

I have seen a lot of designs for solar troughs but I have not seen any with a glass cover on them. Why not? I want to build a solar trough to heat water for the hot tub but I need it to be able to shed michigan winter snow without filling with snow and wondered if the glass would interfere with the operation

Asked by Rainh2o 8 years ago

how to design 2 axis solar tracking system for home based energy system(It should be good professional design)?

I saw the some samples for 2 axis solar tracking system. it should be good professional design..

Asked by narayanaram 7 years ago

I cant run power to my shed so I want to know can I use the solar cells from the outdoor lights to make a solar panel? Answered

I want to make a solar panel out of those outdoor LED solar yard lights to make a Light for my shed, Can I use the Solar panels on them to make this? I have seen the DIY solar panel and I am going to try to do this but I want to know if I can use the outdoor lights to try this. Chris

Asked by chrisandamanda 9 years ago

how do I diy my own solar charger without a battery?

I would like to build my own small  solar charger but I don't want to have a solar panel charge a battery and have that battery charge my phone. I want just the panel>buck converter>iPhone charger all in one.

Asked by scout0001 2 years ago

Direct Current Solar Powered Homes- Can a strictly direct current environment be used for a house? Answered

How to power a home with on direct current colar power.

Asked by erick829 8 years ago

solar cells can someone instruct me where to put the diode pos or neg .in the panel or down stream thanks ?

Solar cells can someone instruct me where to put the diode pos or neg .in the panel or down stream thanks ?

Asked by junkyardenergy 8 years ago

Where can i find factory seconds or refurb solar panels?

I am willing to accept a panel with a few bad cells to make the panels affordable.

Asked by steve_nj 8 years ago

Any new solar projects lately?

Is anybody planning any cool solar experiments/projects around the house this year? I want to make a solar water heater; picked up two nice large double-paned sliding glass doors at spring clean-up this year. That's all I have for now; I still need pipes, valves, and extras. I'm definately taking pictures for an Instructable.

Posted by robbtoberfest 10 years ago

i want to make a solar water purifier,solar water cooler as my project,is it possible?guide me how to develop?.

I want to make this as my final year project,and tell me how much expensive it is,what capacity solar panels require for it.?and give me other important information about this..

Asked by nnareen 5 years ago

Alter a small solar water pump to run off battery ?

I bought a small smaller pump off amazon (1.2 Watt Solar Power Water Pump Garden Fountain - for fountains, waterfalls and water displays)  the solar panel is crappy and very finicky ( cheep) and does not hold a charge .. I was hoping to alter the power source to another solar panel or add another panel that comes off those solar lights that holds a change .. Alternatively modify to use a battery source with a on off switch ..  I know I don't need to alter the pump just want a continuous  power supply. Current Specs that cam  with the unit : solar power supply 7 v 1.2 w ( if that !) power of pump 7v , 1.1 w/ max lift 100 cm / size of solar panel ( 100mm x 100m x 25 mm) / max outflow quality of pump 180lh max water height 30 60 cm ( if that!) 

Asked by Raszpberry 1 year ago

laser cut files

Can I have the laser cut files for the dual axis smart solar tracker.thanks

Asked by Mostafa nazmi 11 months ago

I want to adapt a 1341 solar engine to switch a 5v relay Answered

SE output voltage switching motor at the moment is 2.4v .. how do i get it to 5v to switch a 5v relay ? - the aim is to use SE to trigger a relay that will supply voltage to an automatic car antenna motor that draws .7amps 7vdc, . The supply voltage for the antenna motor will be another separate supply, a 12v solar charged battery. My SE is using a 9v solar panel that gives out 109ma. thanks

Asked by carloc 6 years ago

am intrested in making my first solar panel.where can i get the materials and at what price.can somebody help?

Eager to construct a 40 watt at need of price list of materials needed and a manual to follow.thanks in advance

Asked by bababee 6 years ago

What size of diode do I need to connect my solar panels up to two sealed 12V batteries connected in series?

I'm not worried about over charge for they will have constant drain on them.

Asked by SYMMETRY 8 years ago

how many wind turbins or solar pannles would i need to power a infrared heater(edenpure) can it be built for under $300 Answered

Does any one know how many wind turbins or solar pannels it would take to power a infrared portable heater ( the ones that can cut your heating bill in half) And can you show me how to build it? thanks

Asked by markphin 8 years ago

Solar light?

I want to build and install three lights about 10 watt each in my house garden. Powered by solar panel (80w),100ah dry battery. Instead of using energy saver bulbs , i want to use LED of 10w or more which give light equal to one LED. Can any gentleman help me to design this system with 8 hours battery backup. The lights should be turned at dawn.Thanks

Asked by Sarfraz ahmad 8 years ago

I'm trying to wire in a solar panel to replace 2 C batteries, what should I do with the wires?

I have opened the compartment where the batteries go, and have purchased a solar panel that will provide the exact amount of voltage to replace the batteries, but I want to completely replace the batteries, so I need to know how to wire it in there.  Can anyone set me in the right direction? Thanks!

Asked by cafecielo 8 years ago

I am looking for help building a solar data capture device.

I need someone to build a device that measures sunlight level data, stores it on the device and outputs via USB. The device needs to be small (soda can size or smaller), battery powered and water proof.

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how to repair a chipped solar cell? is super glue ok to use to repair a broken cell?

Will super glue hold this piece back on ?And if the chipped part of the cell is put back in place will the cell work and function as a whole as if it were never broken and generating power = to a new unbroken cell?

Asked by snakdimen 8 years ago

what do you mount the solar cells to in the frame to support them without breaking?

I see you need spacing between your cells and the frame the cells are encased in. So what do you use after you have strung all the cells together and before it is mounted in the frame?

Asked by donaldfrey 9 years ago

Can anyone help with a solar circuit?

Hello! I'm trying to build a solar powered night light.  What I would like is to have it charge during the day and automatically come on when it senses darkness.  Here is what I've gathered so far, any suggestions are appreciated: 3AA rechargeable batteries (3.4V) 1 4.5 volt solar cell 1 phototransistor 1 transistor 4 White LEDs (20ma) This is my first posting and I'm a (near) complete novice to electronics!  Can anyone tell me if the photo-transistor or transistor needs a resistor and if so which one??? What resistor do I need for my LEDs??? How do I wire it so that my solar cell can recharge my batteries but not ruin my LED??? Thanks again and please feel free to chime in with your two cents =)

Posted by jayshields 5 years ago

Can you use the Solar heater with earth tube, or would the heat coming through the tube go into the ground?

Have been browsing the different sites looking for a good way to passively heat and cool my place, for winter times heating primarily.  Was looking at the following instructable when the above thought hit me.  If I didn't want to cut into my wall to do the solor heater, is it possible to run it through earth tubes to provide the heating.  Didn't know if you would have to much heat displacement coming through the tube going into the earth.  Airflow is to be ran by a simple computer fan on low powered solar panel/battery

Asked by mysfit 8 years ago

Use car radiators for solar collectors. Any advice?

I have salvaged 2 car radiators, they aren't leaky. I want to use them for active closed loop solar collectors. Any advice? My current plan is to put them on the roof (in a hot box), then plumb them into an old water heater in the attic. My hope is they can recirculate glycol in a closed loop, convection only, but I may need to install a thermostat and pump. Anyone have experience in this? I want to dump the heat to my 2 water heaters in the basement (they are plumbed in tandem, so I can use the 1st tank for solar boost and 2nd tank for final temperature control). Heat exchangers: either the Butler Solar Wand, or Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (single or parallel). Differential Temperature Controller from Any advice or suggestions hugely welcome. thanks in advance, Chris

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Hi guys can we charge battery with a 9v solar panel? Answered

Dear Fellas, I'm wondering if its possible to charge 3 batteries connected in series with 1.5v each rated at 1000mAh each using a solar panel with an output of 9-10volts .223A? Would the batteries burn or not? I have an experiment connecting my 9 v solar panel to the radio which requires only 4.5 volts my observations are as follows: The radio would work but only during day light. Also my problem is during the night I would have to use a battery. My question is if I would connect in parallel the solar panel to my niMH battery would it charge? Won't it burn the battery since my batteries has a total of 4.5 volts and my voltage input is around 9-10v? Thanks to you all,

Asked by mitchiko 7 years ago

How do I prevent my great solar idea from being patented?

I have solved the solar energy crises by connecting linkages on the ground in a matrix pattern with a mirror on each small  plastic linkage, that all move in the same fashion. 30x30 m grids can focus all their energy on a single thermal element. My problem is that I don't want to publish this only to have  some company patent the idea and deprive humanity of energy. What now? 

Posted by tom321 5 years ago

I want to build a solar unit to run a 60 wt bulb (incandecent) from dusk til dawn. What do i need and how to assemble?

Its for a small chicken coop (4X8). The light would be inside, and other components outside (weatherproof). Where can i get components and how do i assemble it?

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