Need DIY plans for a "auto sun tracker" for my solar projects. Once saw one using a bottle of propane. Does anybody else remember this?

Posted by larryloh 10 years ago

tabbing solar cells?

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Could I make a solar usb charger with a 18v solar panel?

Could I make a solar usb charger with a 18v solar panel? Would that damage my device and what would I have to do to make it work?

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 2 years ago

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?I am trying to make a solar phone charger and need to know. Thanks!

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 2 years ago

Solar Energy

If you have any idea about solar cooker than share with ME... 

Posted by ramoliya_ankit 4 years ago

Solar Section? Answered

What happened to the "Solar" section of the Instructables site? I haven't been a member long. Was it just a temporary?

Asked by DELETED_explosionist 7 years ago

how to make solar diy cell?

How to make siliconcell solar power?

Asked by tayzar 8 years ago

How can we make solar cell?any one guide me?

I wanna make a solar cell...

Asked by mjarwar 5 years ago

where can i find solar panals? Answered

Where can i find solar panals

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

Solar convection oven, with fan

I have been looking at a lot of solar oven  plans.  Would it be possible to build a solar convection oven or would that be counter productive.

Posted by pyrocop1 4 years ago

Inquiry about Solar energy

Does anyone interested in Solar energy products? How do you think this prospect of this fields?

Posted by stone820319 6 years ago

Solar USB charger schematic?

I need a solar usb charger schematic and a list of things I need.

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

How do solar junction boxes work?

With solar systems, you often see a junction box that apparently is necessary equipment for a solar installation. What is it? It has diodes inside, right? Why do you need it?

Asked by Udon 7 years ago

How to make a easy solar cell?

Some ideas anyone

Asked by cwilks1 6 years ago

How can I make a solar panel?

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Fix solar garden lamp?

I have a couple of garden lamps that should be solar powered, but after a few years, they do not work. Is there a way to fix them? Can I make my own?

Asked by PKayanan 9 years ago

Solar Cell Light Absorption. Answered

What wavelengths of light get absorbed into a standard monocrystalline solar panel? (I.e. infrared, red, blue ultraviolet)  I think it is ultraviolet but I can’t clarify this online. .

Asked by physics_dude 8 years ago

Making a solar powered charger for a tablet

What will I need for a solar powered charger for a tablet and how will I make it

Asked by Ryanjessica 2 years ago

solar vending machines kits

Has any one tried to mod old vending machines. To run on solar & battery?

Posted by morepowerr 9 years ago

Solar panels ? Answered

What type of solar panels could I buy to power small apt

Asked by jo3dirt 5 months ago

Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Solar Cell Phone Chargers Since we all walk many hours in the sun each day, does anyone have knowledge of a functional solar charger for phones or cameras?

Posted by weijing3333 2 years ago

Solar Panel 12V regulator

Currently i am working on a 12V solar panel. the solar panel will be charging up the battery of 12V7AH. The problem is that by using the solar panel,the voltage often to be fluactuating down until 10V. How can i make the voltage remain constant at 12V?

Posted by haizad86 7 years ago

where to find used solar garden lights

There are a lot of solar instructables that bring down cost by telling people to just salvage broken solar garden lights. what i want to know is where do they find those busted solar garden lights

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

Solar AA battery charger

Hi i like to build a solar AA battery charger with a indicator that show me it is full, is there a way?

Posted by lSoonl 8 years ago

how can charge batteri with solar panel?

 i want a circuit to charge batteri 3.3 volt with solar panel

Asked by liliv 5 years ago

i want a simple way to store solar energy?

I want a simple way to store solar energy

Asked by ideepak 9 years ago

how do i build a solar panel regulator?

I needed a schematic diagram of a solar panel regulator

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Non-Arduino Solar Charger

Do you think there is a great alternative to the current solar charger? Today, there are many DIY Solar Chargers that are alternatives to the current commercial products. Do you think there is a better design for a solar charger that is not run by an arduino?

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

Magnifying Lens and Solar Panels! Answered

 Would a magnifying glass/lens increase the amount of solar energy to a solar panel/cell? or would it just block the rays? i'm a bit confused because people haven't done it before and because people put glass (and silicon) in front of solar cells all the time.

Asked by Houdinipeter 8 years ago


My power bill is through the roof. how would i solar my house??? THX SO MUCH !!!!!

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

how are solar motors made?

Iwnt to make a motor from 6 solar cells, a mgnet, magnetic wire but i dont know the wire size and number of wind. The solar cell output is .50 DCV.

Asked by felixfericoa 6 years ago

How do i build a solar netbook charger?

How do i build a solar netbook charger?

Asked by jtbullet 9 years ago

shocking Idea? can small solar yard light panels be connected to make a small solar panel?

How can I connect these little solar panels from the tops of solar yard lights to make a small panel that might recharge a cell phone or such?

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How many method of storing solar energy?

How many method of storing solar energy; what r they mention how many transducer r ther to convert solar energy to elctrical energy

Asked by ideepak 9 years ago

Solar cells and the environment

Question about solar cells. Since solar panels are encased in glass or polycarbonate, does exposure to the elements degrade solar cells? And if so, in what fashion? Corrosion of the traces? water infiltration? etc. etc? Or is it a matter of the fragility of the cells?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 8 years ago

anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Asked by tocatech 6 years ago

how to make solar cells in home ?

, bcz i m in pakistan & here is electricity problem , i want free electricity , plz tell me where ?to buy solar cells or solar panels , i dont have this types of things in pakistan, so i wanna make it in home & free electricty for my home, plz tell me abt it , plzzzzzz , email me

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