Soldering help?

I have trouble getting the solder to actually stick to the things I'm soldering. I use flux, but all the solder sticks to the tip. I have to keep making a bigger bubble until it falls off onto the wires. Am I doing something wrong?

Asked by 7654321 7 years ago

type of soldering wire use

Hello, I have a 60/40 rosin core solder wire. Then I use a 220V soldering iron. Now whenever i tried to melt it, it took short while. compare to those wire in which you can melt it by only touching it with the iron. It's because i tried to repair a headphone jack and I still got where to solder it. Top - Green 2nd - Blue 3rd - Copper  4th - Red It was based on its current solded positions between the thin wires and the 3.5mm jack. now I'm asking what kind of wire do I use. I saw other video tutorials on how to repair a headphone and whenever they solder it, it was a spot on. Thank you.

Posted by MikoT7 11 months ago

New project! you wont believe it!

I am in the process ofdeciding whether i should post an instructable on making a desk top soldering press that will cost less than 25 dollar. it will be able to solder up to 14 gauge wire. i have it working so dont think its a fake. if anyone is interested i will post it, so what do you think?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

Soldering question? Answered

Is soldering pronounced [ SAW - TERING ] ? I was told this, but it didn't make sense to me that it isn't pronounced how it is spelled.

Asked by VinceJDJ 6 years ago

What is soldering flux used for?

Just wanted to know.

Asked by young skipper 7 years ago

soldering iron help ?

Well today i finally got my soldering iron Weller marksman 25 watts for $ 17.75 but i turned it on it smoldered for 3 minutes then stopped then the tip started to get black and solder wont stick to it is that oxidization and how and what do i use to clean it off

Asked by albylovesscience 8 years ago

can you solder enameled headphone wire? Answered

I need to fix my headphones but i dont want to not be able to put them back. if i cut the wire can i solder it back together?

Asked by gantyman 7 years ago

why does solder ''shoot'' little droplets out at my hands when I use it.? Answered

#This has happened to me before and I don't know why.

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

Soldering copper question.

I'm working on a project that requires soldering a 1/4" OD copper tube into a hole drilled in the side of a 2" copper pipe. Will a soldered join (not brazed) be sturdy or do I need to do something to reinforce (cut threads into the tube and pipe, flare the tube and insert from inside, etc) it? There won't be a lot of stress on the join but there will be a small tap on the tube to there may be a bit of torsion now and again. Thanks for your responses!

Posted by Mr. E Meat 6 years ago

Solder types (electronics), some good info on the topic

This thread on stackexchange gives overview of different solder and flux types, what to choose as beginner hobbyist and some points on health risks. The answerers do not agree on everything, but despite that there is lots of quality information gathered together. Maybe good to refer to, when some part of the topic comes up in questions section some time again. Enjoy.

Posted by Libahunt 6 years ago

How can I get tin?

How can I get tin? is there a way to extract tin from solder? I don't want any of the other stuff they put in solder... Any help would be greatly appreciated

Asked by thomas9666 6 years ago

How to Break Solder Tabs On Ni-Cad Battery Pack

So, in a fit of optimism I decided to rebuild a Ryobi One 18v battery pack for my drill. The task seems rather straight forward except that I can't gracefully remove the soldered tabs on top of the batteries that actually make the circuit and connect to the wires.  In the past, I would have removed something like these tabs by either holding the soldering iron to them to melt the solder, slicing the solder with a razor or a combination of the two. These tabs, however, are seriously attached. They won't pry or slice off and the metal of the tab begins to melt before the solder does if I try the iron. I think anymore heat will damage the battery themselves.  Now, it's been a while since I did any electronics work but after a couple of tries I remembered which end of the soldering iron to pickup. I don't think I missed anything. It just seems like these tabs aren't attached with run of the mill solder.  Has anyone had this problem (and found a solution) or am I just missing something blindingly obvious?

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I got a new PC board from radio shack and I am going to be making a little flashlight.  I don't think the board is interconnected in any way, so is it ok for me just to use melted solder as a lead from one spot to another, like connecting the pos and neg of two led's.  If this isn't right, what is the proper way to use those PC boards.

Asked by 6 years ago

Will solder conduct electricity between two leads even if the leads are not touching? Answered

I recently moved from a prototype to soldering the components. This is a very compact application, and I'm thinking some of the leads are not actually touching (which is why it isn't working), but the solder still provided a strong bond. Should the leads always be touching in order to eliminate a poor (or no) connection? Also, would it be poor practice to use a small snippet of 20 gauge wire as a "crimp" over two leads to ensure connectivity, or would this only complicate matters? Thanks!

Asked by giantjamsandwich 7 years ago

:O I soldered something! Thank you instructables!

Okay. This is stupid. But I did it! I, me, Lithium Rain, soldered something - and it isn't teh failz. It works.It works.IT WORKS PEOPLES!I have attempted for three years to teach myself this skill, and failed badly every time. But I did it this time! A whole new world is mine. All those instructables I looked at and sighed with resignation that I would never be able to do - I can try them. All the broken earphones - I can fix them. All the little things that would have been so much easier - I can do them!And instructables is why. It sparked my initial interest and all the awesome projects and users motivated me to keep trying even when I was melting humongous blobs of solder into a big mess, and giving myself cancer from breathing the fumes, and burns from hot metal and solder, and a complex because I couldn't solder two dinky little wires together. Thanks, instructables!Okay, so it's not that big an accomplishment. But it made my day!

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Adjustable solder iron

Hello sorry if this is the wrong place, i'm pretty new here. recently i got a 30w solder iron and found this instructable to make it adjustable I know it won't be as good as buying a real adjustable iron but this is cheaper and will work.  I have a little potentiometer that i got from a lamp but unlike most it only has 2 terminals and a space for a third. i did some experimenting and it seems to work fine, the 2 terminals are a middle and one to the right then a space to the left i hooked a wire in the space and it basically worked in reverse to when it clicked off it turned the (in this case) motor. so my real question is how do i wire this up, can i just wire the "hot" wire threw the pot and will it work to make my iron semi adjustable the only info i have on the pot is that on the top it says B500k i can take a picture of it if needed. 

Posted by chairsgotoschool 5 years ago

How to wire this solar cell?

Hey there! I'm a beginner in solarbots and I just acquired a couple of paper thin solar cells that are paper thin and about 5 by 5 cm. The backside seems to be plain paper or something. I already broke one! I can't figure out how to wire or solder it, that is where the plus and minus poles are. Can someone give me a hint? Thanks! Sebar

Posted by sebarr 6 years ago

What is an easy way to remove parts from a board?

How can i remove parts from a circuit board without damaging it?

Asked by handuka 7 years ago

weird led question. please read details. Answered

This is very odd, I was soldering some leds earlier and when the iron touched the positive lead of the diode and i touched the negative lead the led would light up. It was very dim but the light was there, i took a video of it aswell. I want to know why this happened? I find it very weird. After years of working with leds Ive never seen anything like this. any light shed on this topic would great.?

Asked by out-of-the-box 4 years ago

Building a hair thin Mini hot tip (like soldering)

Building a hair thin Mini hot tip (like soldering) Building a hair thin Mini hot tip (like soldering) Well as you read it I am trying to build a very very small heat controllable mini hot tip (max 40 degrees C) And definitely I am sure you are such an expert in the area that the hair hot tipwill sound like a joke to you. What for? well, long story short I want to put bacteria samples on it & gradually increase the temperature and see how the populations die or survive, and most likely how long they last, to demonstarte if actual dishwashers do a good job. (maximum temp boiling point) I actually want to record the video given to the fact that the microscope I have access at school is wayyyy more powerful than the rest. I know I should use an LED or just heat but what prevents me from doing so is just blowing away the samples from the tip or changing the exposure too much with extra lights. I believe the principle is almost the same as with the coil inside electric bulbs or the same as in ironing clothes but not as hot (in orders of magnitude) I believe the trick is driving voltage and just making variations to it with a dial please help I really want to see those bacteria and film them . All help will be appreciated Thanx Micro Freak apprentice

Posted by dejabox 10 years ago

Solder Crumbles instead of melting into a bubble . PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Im trying to solder but when i attempt to melt the solder it crumbles instead of melting into a bubble!! Is it the solder or my soldering iron ? Do i need a different type of solder ?? Please help thanks :)

Asked by jcosi97 7 years ago

how to solve soldering problem? Answered

I soldered a lot but from some time,my problem is that after tinning the tip and putting in soldering paste(when needed), I get a layer of a sort of oxide or something,but that is not what bothers me. The big problem is that the solder is not tinning on surfaces (wires and component leads). what can be the cause?(i'm guessing the solder since the problems started after buying new solder)

Asked by theVader75 5 years ago

walmart (U.S) lead-lead free solder that erodes soldering iron tips

What solder to use to keep it from eroding my s-iron tip i like lead-tin but i am not sure if rosin-cores by themselves not erode soldering iron tips lead-free solder uses antimony, another neurotic metal that can cause cancer

Asked by cavemen 8 years ago

How do I solder sterling silver?

I want to know how to solder sterling silver earring posts to sterling earrings.

Asked by lunastyx 9 years ago

What is 5 core solder? Answered

All i seem to find is a #5. Thanks

Asked by onrust 5 years ago

The solder doesn't take (start flowing, leave the iron) when I use my copper soldering iron. worked fine before.?

I tried filing it, it is mostly flat.  I see solder has attached to the sides, I do not know how to remove it.  The solder on the iron looks wonderful, like I was taught it should look.  I played with the temperature, no success.  The solder will not take.  I would appreciate any information you have to share with me.  I am a new metalworker and solderer and have run out of troubleshooting advice that I was taught.  My tip is about 1 cm by 5 or 6 cm. 

Asked by sigrun_franzen 8 years ago

I am learning to solder and have a few questions. Answered

I am learnig to solder and I wonder if it was safe to use lead free plumbing solder or lead free silver baring (97% tin 3% silver) solder on rings and bracelets made out of copper and the like? Second, has any one here know of people making their own solder. By that I mean meting down the tin, copper and silver then pouring and pounding flat? thanks. Ernest

Asked by easeemann 7 years ago

What kind of led do you guys solder with? Answered

Currently I have some "silverbrite 100" and it is 99.6% lead free.  NOW, this is plumbing solder and it is for potable water.  Its made of copper, tin, and silver.  I also notice how some people comment on how "weak" a solder joint is........ I never have that problem!  

Asked by onrust 7 years ago

Soldering sterling silver jump rings

Hello. I started working with metals, stones and beads in the summer. I think I am ready to solder as I am tired of some pieces falling apart. I make large jump rings and need to solder them. I saw the instruction on soldering on this website and bought all the tools today. I suppose I am a bit nervous about working with a flame. Could anyone share their experiences when they started to solder? Thanks. Tracey

Posted by SFLTracey 9 years ago

Any soldering tips for soldering a VQFN-16 IC? Answered

Its tiny, ≈ 4mm, has 16 pads Have to try to hand solder it. have some really thin solder i think its .2mm? Or should i go with more of a heat gun method (would have to buy a cheap heatgun, would hairdryer work??) chip might also go by 16-VQFN 16-HVQFN, 16-SQFN, 16-DHVQFN its chip TPS61090- both on digikey and mouser thanks

Asked by astroboy907 7 years ago

What can I make? Answered

I bought a soldering iron today. If you can, please give me some links to some cool Ibles, in which you have to solder stuff, such as a calculator prank, but not that. Thanks, HD.

Asked by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Soldering headphone jack, any special solder?

Hi. I purchased some decent headphones a little while ago and my little brother was playing with the cats with the jack. One of them stuck their claw through it and it needs replacing. They were pretty expensive headphones, so I want to repair these. Will any old solder do? I like my sound quality. I've only got Lead-free crap ATM. Cheers, Josho.

Posted by Josho 8 years ago

Lead Free Solder Recommendations

Hello, I am going to be working on some electronics projects soon and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for lead-free solder. Some completed projects are going to be shipped to the EU, California and New York so I need to start paying attention to RoHS standards. I was hoping to get pointed in some sort of direction to avoid buying a dozen different kinds and figuring it out myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Knowledge regarding previous experience with lead-free solder and electronics would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

Posted by cunnane 10 years ago

Guitar Hero Soldering

Ok. I'm an absolute noob at soldering. I am trying to fix my drum set that I got for guitar hero world tour because the dumbos at redoctane did a crappy job when they soldered on the wires to the hit sensor for the red pad. I need help trying to figure out how to do this because I dont want my whole drum set to go to waste because of a soldering mistake. But I am afraid ill screw up and permanently damage the sensor. Anyway somebody could help me out? The mod im following is

Posted by Hultsy 9 years ago

Should I worry about the lead (solder) content in old sticks of RAM that I want to sell as keychain charms?

I have a lot of old sticks of RAM (the ones that predate PC100). I have been cutting them in half on a band saw and then attaching keychain rings in the existing holes. I'd like to sell these as novelty items but wonder about the lead content in the solder. Toughts? Thanks, Okie

Asked by okieinAZ 6 years ago

Gas soldering iron instead of hot air rework station?

I dont want to pay for an entire rework station... so would it be possible to use the hot air tip of a gas(butane) powered soldering iron instead? The portasol from Weller sounds nice, but i also found a ~ $20 from radio shack i might want... anyway it doesnt matter which one, just like will it replace a rework station ...SAFELY?

Asked by raykholo 8 years ago

I have an idea for an instructable, but I don't have any pictures... what do I do? Answered

I have a short, easy instructable that would help people who solder often... but don't have any pictures (it's easily explained without pictures)... where and how do I post it?

Asked by ninjaplz 8 years ago

Solder sucker?

Hello all.  I had a question about desoldering.  First thing is that I have desoldering wick.  I found out I was using it wrong.  I melted the solder and then placed the end of the wick in the melted solder.  But I watched a youtube video and according to that I should place the wick on the solder and then heat up the wick and solder as one.  But this still has not been working very well for me.  The wick is over a year old and I was wondering if this could be a problem.  But my other question is how well do those spring loaded solder suckers work?  I was thinking about perhaps ordering one off of e-bay.  Yes I know I might find one in a good hardware store but I have some paypal money I could use.  In case you do not know what I am talking is the spring loaded suckers where you cock it, put it next to the melted solder and then press a button and it forms a vacuum and sucks up the solder into it.  I think I can pick one up for a few bucks off-line, so if you people say they work well then I will give it a shot. Also in case you want to know what I am working on.  This would be used for salvaging parts of of circuit boards.  Like right now I am trying to salvage a few capacitors and also a couple of flyback transformers from crt computer monitors.  Also tomorrow I am tearing apart a broken water cooler to see if there is anything I can take out of there. I have also being having a problem getting solder to melt in the first place.  But that probably just has something to do with the 2 soldering irons I am using and I am trying my best to figure it all out.  I know my way around computers as far as building and repairing them.  But soldering and desoldering is something I really want to learn to be able to further my computer repair skills.  Sometimes it would save so much money being able to solder and desolder myself.  Especially those darn ac ports that are soldered right onto the boards sometimes. I have not actually made anything from this site yet.  But this is a wonderful site and after cruzing the forums here I am pretty sure I will get some good replies.  Ok I will stop babbling and I look forward to your replies.  

Posted by jcaresheets 5 years ago

iRiver HDD to CF or other flash media. (Soldering)

I was a big fan of my iRiver until the day I dropped it and broke the HDD. I tried to see how I could replace it by opening it up and I broke the pin connector and ruined it. I can see where it used to be now and I am really wanting to know if the iRiver pin can be fitted with a CF card by soldering. Or even which pins on the iRiver need to be wired to the CF card. Thanks all, remember you're all my only hope. Axel.

Posted by cantirules 9 years ago

my super clip frame broke, any ideas how to fix it?

My super clip (tainted glass attachment) frame broke near the center attachment. I've tried solder it with regular solder, but it's too weak, the frame seems to be made of aluminium. Any ideas how to fix it or should I spend the 40 $ fixing it at the local jewelry store?

Asked by le-Sid 8 years ago

How to remove solder (my country don't sell desoldering pump or copper wick)? Answered

I found some old circuit and it's full of useful electronic components, but I have no idea how to remove them. I will be thankful to anyone who can help me remove without using desoldering pump or copper wick (I tried to look for them but I can't any, buying online is to expensive because of the shipping cost).

Asked by Shizen 4 years ago

Is there a proper way to mount a potentiometer to a perforated circuit board?

I would like to attach my potentiometer directly to my perforated PCB, and I was wondering if there is a correct way to do this. I was thinking it has something to do with the tabs.  I know I can just solder wires to it, and then solder those to the board, but I would rather not have it hanging loose. My pot looks exactly like this:

Asked by erikp 7 years ago

Cool White 5630 LED Strip starts flashing/ cutting out after solder?

Hi, I'm trying to make an LED studio light out of a 5630 5m led strip. I tested the strip before cutting and it works perfectly. I've the strip into lenghts of 6 sections of 3 leds, placing them parallel. I'm soldering all the positive nodes to a wire on the left side and the negatives to a wire on the right. I'm testing it after soldering every section. It works perfectly until I reach the 12th section (out of 17), then it starts flickering and shutting off and on.  I'm really not sure what's going on? The power source is a 12v 2a DC switching adapter, the same one I used before (and for other led projects)

Asked by ChrisB588 1 year ago

Is it possible to attach an LED to an SMB?

I have a QI charger with a PCB and it has 2 surface mounted LEDs, one red and one green. Is it possible to attach some wire and then a traditional LED to this point, rather than using the SMB?  I tried to simply put the LED pins onto the SMB solder but to no avail.

Asked by K20Evo 4 years ago

New with arduino any tips and tricks that could help me? Answered

I want to start making things with Arduino but i don't know where to start. Any hep will be appreciated!  I also was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a quality solder. (mine keeps breaking)                      -Thanks

Asked by gibsoncrazed14 6 years ago

What can I do with this USB port?

I would like to make an altoids tin iPod charger. I finally got my hands on a computer, and tore it apart only to find these kinds of USB ports. Does anyone know if it is possible to take it off of the circuit board (by breaking the soldering) and still have it work? I still have the cord that connected it to the motherboard. Please tell me how I can accomplish a project like this. I do not know how to solder, but I would not mind learning.  Thank you!

Asked by JMan5 8 years ago

What soldering station do I get?

Ok, all, I've got a good one for you, and I'm sure all the diehard fans are gonna come out of the woodwork.  I've been looking for some time for a decent soldering station that I can start doing PCB/fine work with.  I used to have a Weller digital rework station a long time ago, but don't know what might be good now.  I've gotten back into doing small work, such as SMC, XBee, Arduino, rework, and the like, almost all on a very small scale, and I've pushed the Radio Shack special I've got to the limit, and managed to brick two routers. I need to know your opinions, on stations ranging up to $300 (preferably around $100 to $200), that would be good for me.  I know that this is more than likely going to upset many in the 'ible community, being willing to spend that much, but when I get started doing some of this major device hacking, I'm going to start putting my stuff up here.  I'm looking forward to a lot of cool stuff, but can't get it done without the right tools.  There are too many different stations out there, and not enough reviews, especially after searching for nearly a month.  Can anyone help?

Posted by tmoore4748 7 years ago