query about soundproofing

Hey, What would be the best commonly available material to soundproof a small device? Sam

Posted by sam noyoun 10 years ago

I want to make a simple sound board.

I already found a instructable that plays a portal song using an avr: https://www.instructables.com/id/Portal-Still-Alive-on-AVR-microcontrollers/ I wanna make something just like that, small, minimal, but i want to know how to do it propoerly, can someone point me the way? I wanted to do simples short sound samples, with a button, that's fairly simple, but i'm not familiar with the audio part. I know i have to convert wave sound samples to hex, but the whole process i still don't know right. I am familiar with eletronics and arduino, but this project has limited space. I can use pic's, perhaps AVR, but i got limited time, as this will be a gift. We gona do a potato Glados, with a real potato with copper and zync nails, using a booster/thiefbug as a potato only manage to give 1.2V . Theres is a similar produt on ThinkGeek, we could just buy it, but doing it is way more symbolic. Considering that we live in Brazil, the simples way possible is always prefered, importing stuff takes precious time. I'll probably stick with that avr and modify the code, but any help would be awesome.

Asked by pmlemes 6 years ago

Modded Fart Machine, plays the 14-20 kilohertz sound

Ok, because I am not so tech savy in circuitry, I am willing to give my first daughter's virginity and an Island in Dubai to the person that can show me how to build this: Ok, the idea is a Modded fart machine that plays that intensely annoying high pitched sound that only young people can hear, between 14 and 20 kilohertz...hopefully somebody will know how to switch the programmed chips and utilize the fart machine's speaker and remote control system. It would also be quite helpful if you could add a 9-volt battery with a resistor for long life, and possibly put in a more powerful speaker for maximum annoyance.

Posted by Ripsaw 9 years ago

need some help with my project (boombox)

Hello guys so i have been working on this project for some time (i know its not complicated) and i need some help with it. So i bought this old-school suitcase it was mainly made out of plastic so i glued some plywood  on the inside of the suitcase, ive cut  some holes for the speakers and vuala its semi-completed. So im using 4 mid-range speakers and 1 low-range speakers, so i yesterday i made the first sound test and to say the least the sound quality was terrible (i know it wont be a high quality sound boombox but i have made one some time ago). So my question / request would be if you guys have any suggestions maybe you know some cheap but decent quality amp or know anything about building speakers or stuff like that ( because i have pretty close to none experience in building them) BTW im using lepai lp 838 I would really appreciate any advices or suggestions. THANK YOU! ohh and sorry if this thread is missplaced or if my english is horrible.

Posted by VytasŽ 2 years ago

How to measure distance with a contact microphone?

Hey, I`m trying to create a project about echolocation, so, I´m gonna use contact microphones, give me some ideas mates. PLEASE

Posted by JoséG100 2 years ago

How would I build a two way proximity detector with changing frequency based on location to its pair?

 I am looking for a quick instructable that will make two devices that change pitch based on proximity to its pair. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard, but I am not good with stuff like this (with soldering on boards and even knowing what all those things do) but I know enough to know that thats what its going to take. Thanks for your help.  [edit: not really an edit, but more of an after thought, a post script if you will -- Think Geek makes a shirt like this but it uses lights as it gets closer... I want to use sound and frequency)

Asked by teamcoltra 8 years ago

Amp to sub amp?

I wanna amp a sub but the only amp I have is a standerd amp how can I make this so audio out of the amp is really bassy part of the music  and with the plugs there 3 wire yellow white and just in there  mid the loos one ground yellow right and white left

Asked by R.A.T.M 5 years ago

Want to make singing lighted pumpkins for Halloween?

I have looked at pre-fab LOR and really can't afford it at my home haunt for this one project.  Any plain language schematics to create this for a newbie.  I want to do "This is Halloween" and was hoping someone out there could help out with some simple suggestions to make it work without spending a fortune.  Help!  Any links to specifics or

Asked by edunn1 5 years ago

How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102855), but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy

Asked by NunchakuMan 6 years ago

Where can I salvage a small amplifier circuit to power the skateboard boombox I built? (Yes, you read that right)

There's a slot in between the speakers to mount a tiny MP3 player. When you take it outside, the speakers are very low, and I'm assuming it's because there's no amp. I need something small and easy to hack, because I'm terrible at building my own circuits. And also a decent way to power it. Any ideas, friends?

Asked by noapparentfunction 7 years ago

Free Earphone Buds

Every lose ear buds (the soft part on them), everyone has now you can get free ones from Acoustic Forge http://acousticforge.com/, you just pay S/H and you get free earbuds, if you want to support the Acoustic Forge product : IronBuds, which are fully-hackable headphones you can make a pledge at kickstarter (link on webpage). For donating they will send you a pair (or more) of headphones and you will be supporting new, modular, headphones, each part of the headphones is separate, so you can customize the  bud, headphone, cables, and much more! If you lose or break a piece rather than buying an entire new set you just have to get a single part of the headphones!

Posted by Algag 6 years ago

sound for video? Answered

Is there no sound for the video on cutting out bottle shape?

Asked by drpdms 1 year ago

Sound Energy?

I would like to know if there is a way to amplify sound waves.  I would also like to know if the frequency of the wave affects the power produced. 

Asked by AlexxSolace 5 years ago

Internet Sound

So, for some reason, any website that has sound, doesn't play the sound for me..any ideas?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

sound chair

How much and how hard would it be to build a sound chair like the syramat s2000

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

incorporating sound? Answered

Hi, I'd like to build a lightsaber prop with prerecorded sound files, 3 or 4 different sounds. Do you plan on doing a lesson about using sound files with arduino?

Asked by ballewsg 1 year ago

pocket sized sound maker? Answered

you know one of those key chain kind of things that play sounds when you press a button? is it possible to make one of those or hack one to make my sounds?

Asked by milkywaybar 7 years ago

How to hack a smoke detector's alarm to change the sound?

I want to change the alarm sound.

Asked by sheen16 4 years ago

There is no sound? Answered

I cannot hear anything

Asked by barry pollitt 1 year ago

What are sound cards?

Asked by Tejit 3 years ago

my computer has no sound in internet sites like you tube ? but has normal sound?

Computer does not have sound in most internet sites

Asked by 8 years ago

how to hack a sound module from a toy?

Hi! The picture shows the both sides of a circuit from a toy, it is a sound module......where is the part that produces the sound? Under that black stuff? Is it possible to hack this, to transfer other sounds to it? regards Fyps

Asked by Fypsigon 6 years ago

Active Sound Generator

Guys, does anybody know how to make an "Active Sound Generator"? It produces an amplified engine sound and the car sounds louder. In retail it costs about 2000€ that's why I would like to built my own Active Sound Generator. Any car fans who can help me out?

Posted by KolerR 2 years ago

How to Hack a Greeting Card Sound Module to play entire sound clip

I bought a bunch of the recordable greeting card sound modules for a project.  The problem is that these sound modules only play when the greeting card (circuit) is open so only a portion of the sound clip is played if you close the card (circuit).  Is there an easy way to hack these sound modules so that the entire sound clip is played each time they are activated?

Asked by DeKooy 4 years ago

Producing sound through electronics.

Hi, I want make something that produces a 'meow' sound. Like, for example a beeper produces a 'beep' sound for an alarm, but I wanted to make something that produces a 'meow' sound. I have broken many cars and have found that a magnet produces the sound. How is the magnet actually programmed to produce the sound. What is the circuitry involved? Can I make something like that? Thanks.

Posted by AkashdeepDeb 3 years ago

How do you rip sound (audio) from a video? Answered

I'm trying to rip the sound off of my  videos so I can put them to CD. Any ways of doing this?

Asked by wilcurt 8 years ago

How do I sync the sound fx to my flash animation?

 The problem occurs when I play the animation back, and the sound events are played ahead of the animation. say I add sound fx to frame 60- but when the animation plays, the sound starts around frame 40. Changing the properties between 'event, stream, and start' dosen't have any effect on the problem. any advice?  (Flash CS4, windows vista).

Asked by KEYBOARDISBROKEN 8 years ago

Contact microphone to listen to finger-taps

My idea is to attach a contact microphone to the wrist to listen to finger-taps and determine which fingers produce the taps. Assumptions: - The tap sound propagates along the bones like in tubes,  - Each finger produces a characteristic sound signal. - Pattern recognition of sound signals identifies the sound and the finger that produces it. Any help? Thanks

Asked by brian.s 5 years ago

Sound tower not working - repurpose with Raspberry Pi?

My soundtower quit working. It powers on but no sound from an ipod or from component audio cables in the back.  Are the speakers themselves repurposable perhaps by removing the electronic boards and replacing with a Raspberry Pi?  If not, it's going to the dump.

Posted by mazelady 7 months ago

Why do i have sound lag whenever i play a flash game?

Whenever i play a flash game, the sound is in sync but the longer i play the more it is out of sync, any help?

Asked by jibatsu 8 years ago

I cant enter my instructable to the art of sound contest. Can you tell me why is this? Answered

The address of the instructable is https://www.instructables.com/id/IPOD-TOUCH-SOUND-STATION/it tells me that the contest can have more entries.

Asked by pchalita 8 years ago

Sounds with electronics

So here goes, I am trying to figure out how to make basic sound generating machines. Preferably generating a sound that can be modified with a potentiometer or something of the sort. The principle is simple, these will be for messing around, possibly, if the result is good, using in some random recordings of mine, so most of the machines will have a jack out plug. Anyhow I was wondering, what, in a circuit, actually makes sound, what is the base of all sound generating electronic devices (synth, analog stuff, beepers) what actually creates the wave, the current that is sent to the speakers? Have I just answered my own question by saying current? Is it just the electrical current, and putting random resistors, capacitators, potentiometers and stuff changes the sound that is generated? Any help is more than welcome! and if anything good comes of it, I'll post some sound clips!

Posted by gavox 6 years ago

My friend asked me about a sound reactive LED table. Im tryin to help him out?

He wants to make a table with led's that is reactive to the sound coming from his laptop. I saw this, https://www.instructables.com/id/Interactive-LED-table/ and its kinda the idea im looking for but thats reactive to touch not sound.. any ideas? 

Asked by 'earl 6 years ago

Connect Leds to sound activated driver

Hi,I want to connect an array of white leds to this sound reactive driver:http://worldaglow.com/rcProd1.asp?id=556&c1=4&c2=149I'm pretty sure the output is 100 volt at 2000Khz. What is the cheapest way to do this ?

Posted by fade400 9 years ago

Are there any "How to sound proof" instructables?

I can't find any. Can anyone help? I live in a very noisy house and I want to know how to make my walls and door more sound proof so the noise wont be as loud. It would be useful for people who are living in dorm/rez. Thanks~

Asked by viviluk 9 years ago

Laser firing sound?

I need a simple cheap way to make a laser during sound fir a project. I don't want something complex like the stormtrooper blaster, but a simmilar sound would be neat. I can fit 3 9v batteries into the case. Also note I will be using a momentary switch to power LEDs fir a flash effect, and I don't want to gave to turn it down. Simple and small is what I need. Whatever works gets best answer and credit in my instructable.

Asked by XOIIO 8 years ago

music string

I was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?

Posted by carlosong 6 years ago

Speed of sound question !!

My friend and I were debating : If somebody sitting in the back of a plane cockpit going faster than the speed of sound ( the whole plane that is, imagine it was the SR71 ) insults the pilot at the front will the pilot hear it and turn around to punch the guy sitting in the back? This one might be more understandable: Can someone sitting in the front of a super sonic plane hear the guy in the back, without the help of microphone and all that crap. My friend thinks it is impossible becose the plane is going faster than the speed of sound and the sound from the guy at the back will not go fast enough for it to catch up. I think that is total nonsense Anybody knows the answer ????

Posted by vince086 10 years ago

New Prize for Art of Sound Contest

In addition to the already awesome grand, first, and runner-up prizes for the Art of Sound Contest we're adding one more: a Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs. Bleep Labs was already providing the quirky Thingamakit runner-up prizes, but now they're throwing in the sweet and bleepy Thingamagoop as well to make the contest even more exciting.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Simulate sounds for RC Car using micro-controller and MP3 replay?

Hello!  I'm new micro-controller, very new.  I want to simulate custom sounds for my RC car.  What I want to do is spy on the car servos/esc and trigger different sound effects using this MP3 replay: http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.3041/.f Can someone help with what I need to make this work? Please be specific.  Thanks!

Asked by triggerxxx 6 years ago

Arduino/Lilypad to play sound effects?

Hi there. I am looking to turn myself into a living cartoon. What the hell am I talking about you say? I want to use various accelerometers, bend sensors, and the like to detect certain movements/actions and play a certain accompanying cartoon sound effects (think Johnny Bravos whip noises when he poses. etc.) How would I go about using either lilypad or a regular ol arduino unit to control sounds? I would obviously need mp3/wav capability. 

Posted by ThorsMitersaw 7 years ago

How to disable the sound on my computer.?

One of my siblings is being a jerk and I want to teach them a lesson.  What is the easyest way to disable the sound on my computer in such a way that it can't be easily enabled again. I was thinking about doing somthing like removeing the drivers but I don't really want to go through all tha trouble. I DON'T WANT MY COMPUTER TO GET DAMAGED.

Asked by coolpizzadude 6 years ago

How to Build a Custom Sound Effect Alarm Clock

Hey, I wanted to build an alarm clock with multiple, customized sound effects that could be chosen instead of randomized. I'm really new to instructables, and electronics in general, but I've thinking about this project for a long time and I'm willing to learn just about anything to get it done. Where can I find an instructable or link that will point me the way? Thanks!

Asked by bryanquocle 7 years ago

G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

Asked by workinprogress37 7 years ago

push button mp3 player?

Hey. I was hoping somebody could help me with an idea i have for a costume. I'm making a costume for Tony Stark from Iron Man 3, with the headset. I can make the headset, but I wanted to add something to it. I want to be able to put a small device that will play sounds (JARVIS quotes) when you push a button. What I'm envisioning is something like you see in some toys. It has multiple sounds, but one button. It plays through one sound effect when you push the button, the next one the next time you push it, and so on. I've seen ones that will do a sound for each button with multiple buttons, but that's not really what I want. One button, multiple sounds, and it cycles through them. Thanks.

Asked by Dustin Cox 4 years ago

Sound activated switch problem with relay Help!?

I bought a kit of electronic sound activated switch but the relay just turns of and on constantly. The power supply is 12v 500ma. i tried a power adapter 15v 1.2a from my router and it work but i cant find to buy one like that. Can i maybe put another relay to solve the problem or anything else? Here is scheme and parts. http://www.flickr.com/photos/54844690@N03/ Sorry for bad English Thanks.

Asked by acakostic 7 years ago

Motion sensor that will play a sound?

I need to create something for a class project. Basically I need something that will "scream" (play a pre-recorded sound) whenever someone gets close to it. I have almost no experience with making things like these. I imagine I will need a motion sensor of some kind and a set of speakers? What else would I need? What are some next steps? My friend told me something called an arduino might help me.

Asked by fullthrottle800 6 years ago