speaker problem?

Hai, umax speaker board is problem.i have  25w speaker and 10w speakers 2nos  any Idea to work on sony w700b led tv pls tell me the solution.or how to use 3.5mm jack on this speakers. 

Asked by heartbeat1502 4 years ago

weatherproof motorcycle speakers and amp?

How do I make powered, weatherproof motorcycle speakers?

Asked by 9 years ago

Portable speaker?

I have a 12v battery and a radio head unit along with 2 JBL speakers that are 70w rms 210w peak and 4 ohms  will this work if connected up?

Asked by Jackyboy95 4 years ago


  I have a pair of tv speaker that are 16 ohms and 11 w, and I wanted to turn them into wireless bluetooth speaker kind of similar to this one. (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bluetooth-Speaker-PartyBar/) . I was wondering what kind of amplifier, bluetooth module and battery would I need. these are the speakers I have- http://www.ebay.com/itm/378G110A567YAK-TELEVISION-.. I am a noob in these kind of project so, detailed explanation would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Rafi321 1 year ago

How to make a speaker works by flash memory?

I would like to be the answers about how to make a speaker works by flash memory, and be by electronic circuits with a summary of the principle of work.. and thanks

Asked by Mezo mezo 3 years ago

How to supply power to self made speakers?

I am experienced with playing with earphones once attached 2 pair of ear phone together' i saw a speaker thought of connecting it to comp.and did so by simply soldering it with jack but realised that energy coming is too low as compared to power of speaker so I want to add a power source but dont know where to how to connect it help me Extra power may be supplied from usb or any battry in future planning to add some more speakers

Asked by Atul009 4 years ago

Are there any instructables on making speakers?

I mean the actual speaker, not the enclosure because I've seen plenty of those. I mean the part that produces the actual sound. I've seen one that shows how to make a low quality one out of a paper cup and stuff, but not one how to make a good quality one.

Asked by metalshiflet 3 years ago

information Answered

Sir i've made speaker but it is not working yet what can i do to improve its working?

Asked by shani12345 2 years ago

I need your help with a computer speaker amp

Hey guys, I need your help with troubleshooting a problem that I have with a pair of amped speakers that I purchased at a yard sale ($1.00!). They are Koss SX50 computer speakers, and when I turn the switch to turn the amp on; everything goes dead. There are two speakers; each powered by 2 C-Cell batteries. This is how they were powered when they were in their Koss enclosure. I disassembled them to get rid of the ugly case. Now, this morning instead of using a coin cell, I connected two C-cells to the speakers. This gave a little bit of sound to the left speaker. However, as soon as I hit the amp switch to on - all the sound turned off.Here is a link to my gallery of photos of the circuit - I do not have in the picture the second speaker with the other 3V source: http://img132.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img2265c.jpgIn the picture you will see the two-female jacks that connect to the other speaker.I tested each speaker with the batteries hooked up and I don't get any reading of voltage. This is with the amp turned on and off.Thanks folks

Posted by Brennn10 8 years ago

is there a way to produce a subwoofer kind of effect from my old pc speakers..how can i modify it?

I have a small set pc speakers thats and parents wont allow me to buy 5.1 subwoofer.......i hate it when my speakers dont give out the bass effect of a song ... is there anything i can do ..plz suggest .

Asked by anandenayak 9 years ago

How to make a mini stereo speaker louder?

Hi, I bought a mini stereo speaker to connect to ipod and phone etc. but it isn't very loud. How can i make it louder?  I opened it, theres 2 speaker magnet with 8ohm .25W, and just the wire that connects them in series. If i were to add in a battery in series would that help? Or should i make an amplifier? or adding resistors in parallel? This is just for fun and understand the circuit more!!  Thanks to anyone who can help!

Asked by electronicfun 4 years ago

Diagnose 2.1 Speaker Subwoofer Problem?

I picked up this 2.1 Edifier M3300 Speaker set at the Goodwill cheap. The Right RCA connection doesn't produce any sound except for a buzz. The left connection is fine. I check the speakers and they both work when plugged into the Left connection.  How do I figure out how what is wrong? Could the amp be broken or just the connector? I don't mind just 1 channel, but if I could fix it, I would like to try. If it's too complicated, I'll just leave it alone.

Asked by phillyj 7 years ago

What to do with an old radio SPEAKER

Hi, I've got a speaker from my butchered old radio. I took its whole part, including wires that it connects, then I told myself why not make my self my personal speaker where I can play it in bluetooth or in drive. But I don't have and materials. What's the missing piece?  I think i am missing this: Bluetooth module Usb Port ON/OFF switch volume module(some kind) yes i need a rechargeable battery some kind of chip board (arduino i think) Am I correct?

Posted by MikoT7 1 year ago

How to add a sub woofer to my stereo?

I want to add a sub woofer to my stereo system. The sub woofer is one made from spare parts. It consists of a twelve inch speaker wired directly to binding posts. My problem is that my amplifier only has four binding posts, these are a positive and negative for the left speakers and a positive and negative for the right speakers. I am not sure where to patch in my sub woofer. Thanks for any help

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

is ther a detailed wiring for the DIY Bluetooth Speaker (PartyBar)?

I would like a more detailed wiring so i can finish the project  Thank you 

Asked by glemoie 3 years ago

how do i connect two pc speaker to create one?

Hi everybody, that's the first time i ask a question here so forgive me if i write something wrong. So, as the title says, i have a project in my mind: i recently found two trust speakers for pc (a bit old, one has about 4 years, the other a bit more). Unfortunately their "chassis" are broken, so i was thinking about creare one bigger system, with the two system link together. One has 2 speaker (if i read correct they are 4 ohm and 5 watt) and the other one has 4 speaker but i don't know ohm and watt because I have not completely dismantled it. I'm quite ignorant about electronics and similar things, but i have all the tool for doing it. But if you tell me it's not possible i stop immediately. I hope you answer me, goodbye. And sorry for my bad english, i'm italian...

Asked by TrigliC 2 years ago

Plasma Speaker

I've made a plasma speaker

Posted by geo bruce 7 years ago

speaker repair?

 How do you repair a slight tear to a speaker?

Asked by macranston 8 years ago

iPod nano 1st gen built in speaker

Anyone add a built in speaker to an ipod nano 1st gen? Pop off the back. Cut a hole for a speaker. Do some wiring to connect the speaker?

Posted by gregdove 9 years ago

speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Resistors on the Bluetooth speaker!! Answered

I wanted to know why the resistors were used on the Bluetooth speaker and if I need them,  what size are they? 

Asked by LASOUND 3 years ago

Outdoor Halloween MP3 Motion Speaker

Does anyone know where I can find an easy DIY MP3 Motion Speaker for Halloween instruction kit? Or find a cheap loud speaker at stores?

Posted by dmurillo3 3 years ago

Speaker Help

I am trying to take an old "portable" speakers (which is rather large), remove the speakers, solder on heaphones, and make a new more portable version. I did all that. But the sound coming from the speaker is so soft I can hardly hear it and it is choppy. Before I removed the speakers, it worked very well and loud. How can I make it louder?

Posted by Soileau 10 years ago

Punctured speaker dust cover (bubble)

I punctured the dust cover (the centermost part of the speaker that looks like half of a ball) of a Sonance Visual Performance VP65 speaker.  The puncture is about 1/4 inch in diameter and did not touch any of the internal parts. Can this be repaired?  Will it affect the performance of the speaker?

Posted by edieppa2 5 years ago

What can i do with an old speaker?

Hi every body i have just dismatled a old computer speaker and now have a broken PCB but a perfectly healthy speaker can i make something useful with it, i really want to make a speaker 4 my mp3 player but i dont know if it will work as the speaker's power source was on the PCB any help please

Posted by mayney93 10 years ago

How do you add a headphone jack to a speaker?

I want to take a speaker from a toy that has a speaker, and add a headphone jack to it so I can play my Zune on it for portable use.

Posted by Caveman477 10 years ago

Building 2 speakers and linking them to a home cinema amplifier, need some help

1. For one speaker I'm linking 1 8 Ohm 8 Watt and 1 8 Ohm 5 Watt speakers, should I link them in series or parallel? 2. Do the speakers need any additional amplifiers?

Asked by ElectroHops 8 years ago

Portable speaker

Hi, I need some help building a portable speaker with a td3116 2x50, 1x100 amp. II want details on how to build a 24v rechargable battery for my project...

Asked by VassilisT 1 year ago

can anyone give me a schematic of 2 speakers with LED's that sync with the music ? Answered

I want to make a speaker box with LED's that sync with the music and of course with speakers i already have an amplifier i just want to put some LED's that sync with the music

Asked by tobyscool 7 years ago

Polarity on speakers? Answered

I have about a dozen little 4-8 ohm speakers out of toys and alarm clocks. I noticed that while most of them have no markings, one of them has a little plus and minus polarity markers on it. Does polarity matter on cheap speakers, and if so, why?

Asked by Michael_Bell 6 years ago

Nedd help with a speaker mod

Hey i'm fairly new to this whole DIY thing and I need some help on how to modify some speakers to i have. I want to make them portable ipod speakers but i am not enitrely sure what i will need, they are 2 seperate, 4.5" 5v speakers. It is possble to make them portable? and if so how? Your help is much appreciated.

Posted by jumper985 8 years ago

would it be possible that i just change the speaker driver on an existing bluetooth speaker? Answered

I am planning on giving a bluetooth speaker for my friend's birthday present. However, I do not have high knowledge about circuit boards and connecting the amplifiers/bluetooth module together. So i am planning on buying a bluetooth speaker and disassemble it. After that I am planning on making my own casing and change the speaker driver with mine. So would it be possible to just change the speaker driver inside the bluetooth speaker without changing anything else? It would be great if this get answered fast. Thank you.

Asked by danchoi 3 years ago

how can i build LOUD speakers for my iphone?

I dont care how much volts/ohms . i just wanted to have a loud speaker for my phone. i have some big old speakers around here and i just wanted to use them instead of throwing it 

Asked by nmoraga 6 years ago

Need help hooking up a speaker

I made a mistake when ordering some speakers for a project and ended up with specialty marine speakers. They only came with the speakers themselves and some red/black wires that plug into the back. They're still good so I'd like to get them set up but I have no idea how and no experience with wiring electronics. Can somebody help me figure out how to convert these into regular speakers with a wall plug and audio jack? As for the specs: 200w peak power and 4 ohm impedance. Any help appreciated.

Posted by Ronmarru 6 years ago

How do i rig a simple mic to a speaker.?

This year I'm making my own Halloween costume and the head piece I'm making will not have a good voice projection through the mask. I just want to put a mic on the inside and incorporate a small speaker on the outside.?

Asked by numunk 7 years ago

Crystal Speakers? Answered

I'm planning on building myself (or modifying my existing one) to create the ultimate workspace and among the several features I have planned (usb hub etc) I have one particularly tricky one, I'd like to integrate the desk with a speaker system but massive drivers wont cut it on such a small surface area. I had recently seen a speaker system that uses glass or crystal vibrating to create amazing sound, I was wondering how I'd shape such crystals and if anyone has any general ideas on the design of the speaker system  ? 

Asked by Douglerful 7 years ago

iHome ID3 speaker repairable?

Hi, I need some help with a speaker I tried repairing last summer. It's the left speaker of a fairly new iHome ID3 which was purchased by management for my workplace as a gift for me and my coworkers to enjoy. Well, it got moved around a lot and eventually someone dropped it. Once we realized the left speaker wasn't working I took it apart for a closer look and discovered the center of the left speaker had popped out, but still appeared intact. I thought it would be simple, I just sanded and glued it back in place, then re-soldered it. However, there is now a problem that has become progressively worse. When playing music the lower frequencies cause a 'farting' sound similar to if the diaphragm were damaged, but that part appears intact. Also, when I touch the speaker diaphragm while music is playing the damaged speaker is vibrating only half as much as the fully functioning speaker. Can anyone please help me fix this or diagnose the problem?

Posted by ljossul 5 years ago

Plasma sub woofer?

Can a plasma speaker be configuredf to be able to generate realy deep base?

Asked by jcmcf57 6 years ago

My psp(2000) right speaker isnt working properly Answered

It rustles when i play music theres no dust in there anybody know how i can fix it ?

Asked by la-main 8 years ago

Add Internal battery to Craig Bluetooth speaker?

I have a Craig CHT913 Bluetooth speaker that must be plugged in to operate. I have a picture of the min board attached and was wondering if someone can tell me if the two solder points labeled '3.7v' and 'GND' are for a backup battery? how can I test to ensure that this is what it is for without ruining the board?

Asked by shad626 2 years ago

How can i connect LED to my speakers, to beat with the music??? :)))?

What should i do?? I don't know which wire with which to connect?? :)) Can u tell me?? :))) Thanks :))

Asked by kamenkoo 7 years ago

DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long.  The things you need:  -copper wire -av cables -box without the lid -magnet from a speaker -av cables -stereo to connect to the av cable -tape to put you copper on the box

Posted by Emilie Kunkel 6 years ago

is there any way to hook a small speaker to a blue tooth headset?

I wanna make a bluetooth headset have a speakr phone instead of going to a small ear bud please help i need help asap

Asked by Pinion Props 6 years ago

Creating a "dome" of sound using speaker phase?

Ok so, I want to install some kickass speakers into my pergola, but I don't want to annoy my neighbours with unwanted bass at 3 in the morning. Is it possible to place out of phase subs hidden around the pergola (a fair distance away) to cancel out the bass frequencies and create a sort of "dome" of sound?

Asked by cooper.wolfden 2 years ago

help with building a backpack speaker system for mp3 player from old speakers?

I have two speakers from one of those big radio players, each run at 80 watts. id like to have some help with building the system fit for a standard backpack and have two available power options(battery and wall). would like to know how to set it up so that it also has a small amp to bost the volume so the noise is loud enough to hear in a medium sized room.

Asked by elfato 9 years ago

how do i troubleshoot a faulty woofer on an AR-4 speaker?

I have a pair of vintage AR-4 speakers but one of the woofers is not working. Any ideas on how I might diagnose and repair the problem?

Asked by xtian5 9 years ago

Need a small amp for unpowered speakers (that are to be plugged into the TV).

I've got a TV with left and right audio out and unpowered speakers. I would like to plug into the audio outs but I need a very simple amp to power the speakers. Any ideas on where to get/build a cheap amp? Bonus points if it fits in an Altoid tin. I did find a 10W stereo amp kit over at the Electronic Goldmine for $24. I was hoping to possibly do it even cheaper. I don't want to end up with any remotes, etc for the amp. So simple is better.

Asked by smasumur 8 years ago

are there any micro speaker.. by micro i mean like 5/32 of an inch big..they need to be decently loud?

I am working on a very slim bluetooth watch and i need extremely small loud speakers.even smaller than an ear buds diameter

Asked by Pinion Props 6 years ago