star wars

Are there any othere star wars helmate instructables? good one like the bobba fet helmate

Asked by jerico420 8 years ago

Star Trek

Star Trek is awesome. Star trek isn't only for geeks. It's a great TV show. Actually, shows. If you like Star Trek, I have a question, what star trek doctor would you want to treat you?

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

star trek question

What was the episode where they were under mind control

Asked by spockck 8 years ago

Fav. Star Trek Aliens

Who or what is your fav non human on all Star Trek?  I prefere The Borg And Mr. Neelix

Posted by Mirime 8 years ago

is star wars a trademark or a copyright?

I have been asked if star wars was a trademark or a copyright by someone else and i said i dont know

Asked by HannahN11 2 years ago

Star Rating?

How do you set up your instructable so that viewers can rate it?

Asked by annerjx 5 years ago

Is there anything hidden in the star ratings?

In the comments on my instructable, two people said they rated it 5/5 stars. In the info tab, the stars report 2 ratings but only 3.25 stars. How is this possible?Here is the instructable: for your time!Mikey

Posted by Mikey D 9 years ago

Death Star

I was thinking, what do you guys think about a instructable in how to build a Death Star out of household/everyday objects? FOR GUITAR LOVERS CHECK OUT MY GROUP GUITAR TIPS

Posted by Wario 10 years ago

Star rating going backwards help

Please fix I had about 5 friends who gave me five stars And each time they voted my rating would go down. I now have 1.88,please fix and if you can put My instructable at the correct number of star and rating. Thanks very much!!

Posted by vader119 8 years ago

Star wars X-wing vs. Tie fighter help

Hi, I'm trying to run the game on windows vista 32 bit and It wont load and I need help!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by builderkidj 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to make a good quality throwing star??

How to make one that the materials are easy to get, and that if you throw it into a tree that it won't just break??

Asked by Emoshi41 8 years ago

All about Star LEDs? Answered

I have been interested in electronics for a long time and I know many of the basics. I would like to get started with Star LEDs, but there is not much info on the internet. Here are some things I would like to know: 1. Driver to power LED - what purpose does it serve/necessary? 2. LED lenses 3. Heatsinks 4. Power supply              -Battery              -Resistors - Hooked up in parallel? 5. Any other useful info I need to know to get started with these LEDs.

Asked by UgniusR 6 years ago

Support Star by buying a t-shirt

Star needs help covering her court fees for the "hoax device" that she was wearing. You can either send her money by paypal directly or you can buy a shirt and $5 of the proceeds will go to Star.If your order is over $15, you can get $5 off by using this coupon: SPREADSHIRT3000Since the lightweight shirts are cheaper, I bumped the price up a bit so you could use the coupon for one shirt. You save money and another $1 goes to Star.Let me know if there are other shirt styles that you want. Or you can design your own shirt by clicking the "Create and Sell a t-shirt with this design" button. Be aware that it may not look so hot on a colored shirt since it's a digital transfer. click here to donate directly click here to see the shirts

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Star wars fans look here!

This is it, the most durable knex lightsaber ever imagined. Each piece doubles up the next creating a blade that will not bend nor break, even with high speed collision. The hilt (figure 2) is also quite detailed considering this is made with knex. The only con to this is that the blade doesn't retract. If you like what you see then tell me. I will make it an instructable if asked.

Posted by osi 8 years ago

The Blaster rifle request!

Hey can somebody make an E-11 Blaster Rifle (a StormTrooper's Gun) and could you post it?

Posted by SonicX 22 8 years ago

how do you do the vulcan nerve pinch?

Is it even real and how do you do it

Asked by 007towelie 9 years ago

Demon Shadow-Windmill Shuriken

Hmm.... I have seen all these shurikens on Instructables, but none of them have pleased me. I think it would be cool if someone made the windmill shuriken....

Posted by PineapplebobTheGreat 10 years ago

Who is Luke's REAL father? See details before you answer, PLEASE... Answered

OK, so when Anakin meets back up with Padme, he's been gone for ~1 year, right?  Problem.   Padme is pregnant, but hasn't delivered yet.  Logically, that means that Anakin is not actually the father.  Right so far? So who is Luke's real father?  Some random guy?  If we believe that the Force is a power that everyone has that must be cultivated, his father can be pretty much anyone.  If we believe the medichlorion count interpretation of the Force, however, he would have to have a powerful Jedi as a father.  Yoda has been Padme's protector, right?  I don't think I'll follow this logic any further.

Asked by emperos 7 years ago

Star Wars Cupcakes

Mmm... Star Wars cupcakes. What else is there to say, really?Star Wars Cupcakes

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Star Trek: Online

 Is anyone here participating in the Star Trek Online beta?

Posted by TyMan210 8 years ago

Star Trek Instructables.

Post any ideas for a 'ible related to Star Trek, and i will try to make it.

Posted by TyMan210 8 years ago

Star Wars - General Grievous

General Grievous from Star Wars-Revenge of the Sith :)  

Posted by Harakir 6 years ago

Are there any 5 star instructables? Answered

The highest rated I've seen is 4.57

Asked by The One and Only 8 years ago

fiber optic star field without attic?

Is there a way to make a fiber optic star ceiling without an attic??

Asked by tim13211 8 years ago

Star Wars cupcakes

Flickr user lclllc makes some detailed cupcakes with pop culture themes. This Star Wars one is excellent, but check out the photostream for many more great cupcakes and cakes. lclllc's photostream via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

Star Wars Uncut wins an Emmy

Star Wars Uncut used the power of thousands of fans to recreate the original Star Wars, 15 seconds at a time. All of the clips have been gathered together at the website, but the soundtrack is being held up by legal issues. Still, that didn't stop the creator, Casey Pugh, from winning an Emmy for it. An Emmy! It hasn't aired, but since it was made for broadcast it was considered eligible. Congratulations to Pugh and all the folks who contributed! Star Wars Uncut — Emmy Winner

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

Star Wars goes all classical

Digital imagery website worth1000 is running a Star Wars contest where entries must start as classical works of art, with a Star Wars theme edited in.It's well worth a look.(As an aside, I am still suffering the bug that won't let me post threads in the normal way - I had to post this in the feedback forums, then edit the classifications)

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

SMD IC Star LED Flasher Kit

Here's a kit that pays homage to someone we all know and love...

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Help me with Star Trek costume

I've been searching the web but I can find anything on making star trek costumes. What comes up are mostly sties to purchase costume or prop and stuff. Anyone know a good site were I could get some useful info??

Posted by Mr. TiKi 10 years ago

Looking for pictures of Star Trek computers

 I am looking for pictures of computers from the original Star Trek series. So far I haven't had much luck at finding any except for pictures of M5. I've hunted  using Google images  using every key word I can think of if you could help me out to be much appreciated.

Posted by Lord_Drogoth 8 years ago

My Shirt is Design of the Month

So the shirt I designed for Star was chosen as the design of the month over at! design of the month - October

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Star Rating System Implemented

Instructables can now be rated on a 5-star rating scale. So instead of saying that you like an Instructable, you can now say just how much you like it! Some fancy mathematical formulas were used to convert the previous ratings to the new scale, providing the scores that you see now. These formulas will be getting tweaked as we get some kinks out of the system and fine tune the results, but all of the new ratings will be saved for more accurate results in the future. So for now, go out and use the stars to more accurately rate new and older Instructables! More ratings will help fine tune future searches and encourage more people to post better Instructables.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

what I can do to recreate the Star Trek Yoyager (DS9) uniform any ideas?

I just bought the Star Trek Yoyager badge from Think Geek (so I can use it for my DS9 cosplay for Free Comic Book Day) I've thought getting a long sleeved red polo and dye that to be the look of Voyager/DS9 and use my badge and put that on to complete the look with my own hand crafted Captain rank pin,and I was thinking to make the collar on the polo grey and I just get a grey shirt to blend it in. Any ideas I could make this uniform I would love to make for cosplay, I could find the uniform itself premade but I'll love to make it my own with little or no money.

Posted by SuperScourge 3 years ago

Star (stasterisk) arrested at Logan airport for bomb scare

A 19 year old female M.I.T. student was arrested at gunpoint after entering Boston's Logan International Airport with what authorities claim was "a fake bomb" strapped to her chest, according to wire reports. The device is said to have been some kind of computer circuit board with Play-Doh and wires attached, strapped over her black hoodie. Link to AP report on her arrest.The young woman is identified as Star Simpson, shown in the image above left, and she is a sophomore from Hawaii. She has a user account on Instructables. Boingboing story Star's Instructables pageUPDATE: CNN videoUPDATE 2: Pic addedUPDATE 3: Canida's response added to BoingBoing, and a call for geek-protection sticker designs!UPDATE 4: Simpson pleaded not guilty to a charge of possessing a hoax device at her arraignment in East Boston District Court Friday afternoon. She was released on $750 bail and ordered to stay away from Logan Airport.Simpson could face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. WBZTV storyUPDATE 5: We had a quick chat with Star! She's doing fine, and after dodging packs of media she's finally getting back to work on her problem sets. There's still school, you know. Of course, they've impounded her sweatshirt, so she's got to do something else for the career fair.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Unable to rate some Instructables

I noticed that I am unable to rate some Instructables, some of mine included. The rating feature is missing. I wonder if there is a reason for that.

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

Search box gone odd

The search box has gone peculiar on the SciFi contest prize page. See top-right corner of screen grab. FireFox, Windows XP

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

There's a shower coming.

From my inbox:The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday, August 12th. The best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday morning when forecasters expect 50 to 100 meteors per hour. Get away from city lights if you can; plan a camping trip! The darker the sky, the more meteors you will see. The source of the Perseids is Comet Swift-Tuttle, which has littered the August portion of Earth's orbit with space dust. The dusty zone is broad and Earth is already in its outskirts. As a result, even before the peak on August 12th, you may see some "early Perseids" streaking across the night sky. Photos of these early arrivals will be featured in the days ahead on as part of our full coverage of the Perseid meteor shower.Being on holiday, I will be spending most of the shower either under city lights or in the wettest (and hence cloudiest) part of Britain, and unable to lay out large tarpaulins to catch rainwater.So, I won't be able to go fishing, or get time out to watch them. I wonder - will you?EDIT: I have, as predicted seen nothing. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain ...

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Star Wars T-Shirts

Some of these are really cool, others just interesting:202 Star Wars T-ShirtsL

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

Star Mine

Well, I made a star mine today,video taped it, and wanted to see what people think.So:

Posted by John Smith 11 years ago

How do you rate knex guns?

How do you rate knex guns.I rate it on this system (the stars are what i give or take from the base rating of a gun for that part):Gun build- 1 starlooks- .5 starsrange- 1 starFunction- 2 starsother opinions- .5 starsIf its a block trigger, It gets 0.5 stars, and it goes up from there (up to 3 stars)what is your rating system?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

2: i finally selected the star inner edges...but? Answered

:) great, I selected and chamfer the star edges however, they seem to look a bit weird on some of the star points: see image:

Asked by ZedarT 1 year ago

Star-Wars fans

Here a group for all you Star wars fans out there Tell anything you want post your pictures, drawings anything And tell us what you thing star-wars 7 is going to be like  You can write anything about anything star-wars Have fun  Thanks Bapt

Posted by bapt 5 years ago

How to make glowing nights stars in your ceiling? Answered

i have seen some ceiling that gives glows stars like effect. Would be good to learn it over here?

Asked by uloveonce 8 years ago

star wars battlefront 2 trainors/hacks?

Does anyone know of any trainors and/or hacks that i could use

Asked by miiwii3 8 years ago

Rating stars often load incorrectly

Oftentimes the 5 rate-able stars do not load, so I find myself refreshing the page several times before I can using the rating system. Is this intentional or a bug? Thank you for your patience

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

cool door?

Help me reproduce this door here look

Asked by tinker234 7 years ago