how do you make ear gauges?

I am trying to make custom plugs for my stretched ears. i was wondering if woods are okay to use and also what kind of paint to use to decorate them with also.

Asked by 9 years ago

How can I stretch my leather chaps?

I have some beautiful made-to-measure leather chaps, but they are too tight around the knee, which makes getting in the saddle difficult. Any ideas about how stretch them?

Asked by Angela Elliott 9 years ago


I would like to know how can I build a WHOLE BODY VIBRATION Board or platform. The unit is basically a small board where you stand and do exercise on it. The vibrator element looks like a compressor and has a variable vibration patterns for different therapies. normally are used by athletes to improve the effectiveness of their workout. They are also prescribed for elderly people that suffers osteoporosis (it has proven to improve the bone density just by standing on it).

Posted by jogarcej 9 years ago

does sugru stretch?

Does sugru stretch after it dries?

Posted by wizgirl 7 years ago

Stretching printed item? Answered

The scan I want to make is a truncated model of a real locomotive. Can the program stretch the item photographed?

Asked by jockelleis 1 year ago

What are the best yoga postures to stretch your back and neck?

Due to continuous discomfort in the cervical, I am looking for the maximum possible variety of asanas or stretching exercises of the back and neck.

Asked by David Cánovas 1 year ago

Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe (6 pedaled model)9 adults and 2 children? Answered

I have a Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe (6 pedaled model)9 adults and 2 children that I would like to add Electric pedal assistance along with adding a 7 speed gearing system with Rolling Brake The problems I'm finding because I prefer not to work with the International Surrey Company

Asked by corey.vlasak 3 years ago

How to sew stretch fabric without a serger?

There are quite a few sewing projects that I want to try, but they all use stretch fabric, which I've never worked with before. We have a sewing machine with about 10/12 stitch options but I don't think it can take double needles. Would a zig zag stitch work? Or would I need to use something else as well?

Asked by tang6567 6 years ago

rubber bands; Stretchy not stretchy? Answered

Assuming we are using the same amount of both, is it better to use small rubber bands that stretch to there fullest on the length of the gun or thick rubber bands that stretch over the full length of the gun?

Asked by Wafflicious 9 years ago

Would a forklift motor be overkill for a (stretched) 49cc quad bike conversion?

I Have a childrens 49cc quad bike that I'm stretching to 6 feet long, and converting into a 'party quad' with a sound sytem and lights (which will be removable). Will a (big) forklift motor running on 12-24v be overkill for it? Or should I 'accquire' the motor and try it out? And if I do get the motor, where would I find a relay/solenoid powerful enough?

Asked by joeofloath 9 years ago

Stretch lighted columns for a wedding? Answered

Does anyone know an easy/inexpencive way to make some stretch lighted columns? I would like to make a few for the backdrop of my wedding, but not sure of a good way to go about doing it. And they are way to expencive to go and buy. The ones I like can be seen at would like if at all possiable them to have the ability to collapse down for easy transport and storage. Thank you in advance for any help!

Asked by czintx 8 years ago

How do I attach shirred material to regular stretch material?

I have a pre-shirred material that I want to use for the bust part of the dress, and a different stretch material that I would like to use for the bottom portion of the dress.  What is the easiest and best way to attach the two?

Asked by angelkat80 7 years ago

What paint will work on latex sheeting for garments?

I want to paint on latex clothing both in detail and simple designs. What paints and mediums will work with the thicknesses of latex to stretch with the garment? Prepping the surface with what formula to get the best bond between paint and latex? Will the thickness of the latex matter?

Asked by dawnhopper 2 years ago

Conductive Fabric or thread that is stretchy? Answered

Hi! Just wondering if you know of a fabric or thread that could stretch but still work in the circuit.Thanks!Nancy

Asked by Nancy4c 1 year ago

Is it possible to build an "Inversion Table" at home? (CHEAPLY)?

Inversion tables are used to stretch the spine by hanging upside down by your ankles

Asked by tobydude53 8 years ago

Sewing Machine feet? Answered

One thing I'd add to this is the use of a walking foot will help a LOT with controlling stretched-out seams in spandex, if you find you're having trouble with that.

Asked by KatDee 1 year ago

Loop formed? Answered

I have been having some trouble with the last stitch of the first row. It has been forming a gigantic loop when I transfer the stitch from the left needle to the right needle. I asked this person about it and she said that it is because I am stretching the yarn too much but when I tried again without stretching it the same problem occured. Do you have any idea of what I could be doing wrong?

Asked by caramello1 10 months ago

Best glue for fixing yarn to a balloon? Answered

I want to securely attach yarn to a latex balloon (stretched but not fully inflated). Ideally I'd soak the yarn in the glue. Suggestions?

Asked by makendo 1 year ago

make a frame for frameless backpack

I have an eastpack 60lt and stuff always pile up in the bottom; what can I use that is light and keeps the backpack straight and stretched?

Asked by 8 years ago


The bassist of my band quit, and now my I have to be the bassist and vocalist at the same time. I'm pretty good at playing the bass, but I can't seem to stretch my fingers out that long.... Anybody have any idea on how to increase finger-stretching capabilities? Any advice would be appreciated.... Oh and I can't sing properly if I'm playing an instrument, so any advice on how to sing while playing a guitar/bass would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Camisado 8 years ago

is it possible to make an "inversion table" at home, cheaply?

An "inversion table" is one that you can lay on and tip yourself upside down to let your spine stretch.

Asked by tobydude 8 years ago

How to prevent aching legs after Weights, basketball, falling, etc.? Answered

My legs ache, bad, i can barely walk, i need a remedy to prevent this, i stretch before i lift except for yesterday when i was just playing basketball, but that's the only time they have hurt since i have started lifting.

Asked by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

i need to make a trigger for a project it is made of 2 pieces of wood?

It uses 1in wood balls and i have a cd spindle top holding the ball. Also it use stretch cords

Asked by kreal069 8 years ago

Thank you? Answered

Sooooo here it is... almost done....but....... It's slightly too small. I'm sure it'll stretch in time... But gotta make sure to do the right one the exact same way. ❤❤❤❤❤ love these classes so much!! Thank you!

Asked by JaquelineV 8 months ago

Knit Illuminated Hoodie

This knit hoodie designed by Paula Kassenaar in has LEDs inside the edge of the hood. Their brightness can be changed by stretching the hoodie. Very cool! Skôn: Knit Illuminated Hoodie via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

bow strings - paracord ?

Just wandering what people think about using a few strands of paracord core as a bow string (wrapped at the nocking point flemish style)  anyone tried it, will it stretch to much?

Asked by milamber 6 years ago

How To Get What You Want

Holy Lo, it's the Mecca of All Things Soft-Tech. Stretch sensors. Knit stretch sensors. Soldering conductive thread. Soldering conductive fabric (why hadn't I thought of that yet?). Fabric switches. Workshops, workshops, workshops! Solar tshirts, piano tshirts, fabric sensors, and, gobs of INSTRUCTABLES from user Plusea and mikamika. WooHoo!Check out stuff you know, stuff you don't know, and stuff you never thought about all in one easy place! How to Get What You Want.Go!Now!Thanks Hannah and Mika!

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

i need a stretchable strong string like material (textile) -any ideas?

String needs to be able to stretch over 50 feet and be able to hold enough tension to not sag. Know it will probably be a synthetic material, but not sure what would work best?

Asked by whmchale 8 years ago

Refreshing for every Lesson

Ok, this happened to me on the lastest Google Chrome version on a WINDOWS 10. ..And an Amazon Kindle Fire's Silk browser! The following captures/page were: and

Posted by Bantman 1 year ago

How can I make a wire frame paper lantern?

Does any one know how to make a lantern with a wire frame. Additionally does any one know how to stretch the paper over a complex frame?

Asked by puregoldner 7 years ago

Klutz rubber band power contest I wonder if a rubber band vibrating is considered 'powered'. Answered

I have some musical ideas with elastics as vibrating strings . can i use plastic stretching strings as 'rubber' substitute? Then the contest would interest me .

Asked by mistic 9 years ago

Detect a touch to the threads

Hello. I have a lot of threads stretched vertically. I want to detect the touch them. So that you can then play them like a guitar for example). What is the easiest way to do it (detect touch, not to make a guitar)? What kind of sensors could you recommend for that?

Posted by oleinv 5 years ago

user interface CAM tool selection? Answered

One more question...more related to the UI of FusionIs there a way to show the full description of a tool? The Choose Tools UI shows a description that fits in a given column.. if a description of a tool is wider then the column it ends with .... Hovering over the selection doesn't display a full text, nor is it possible for me to stretch the column width....Is there a trick to do this?

Asked by PaulB453 1 year ago

Are there any powerful, reliable slingshot guns that dont require many parts

I tried making the final stand by knex Greek but I don't have enough yellow connectors or green rods to make it. I don't have any rubber bands that stretch far either

Asked by I.E. 5 years ago

Whats the best height for a spring pole lathe? Answered

 Ive been interested in building a spring pole lathe and have noticed many are about 8 feet tall. Im planning on using a bungee cord as the spring so as long as theres room for the spring to stretch would 6 feet work as well. Thanks

Asked by imthatguy1125 8 years ago