how do you get mold off suede?

White ordinary mold on suede boots.

Asked by pallex 8 years ago

How do you add leather sent to men's cologne? Answered

 I saw a cologne, Vertical, by Victoria's Secret, and saw one of the ingredients was suede, how do you add 'sued' to a cologne. Preferably using Kiteman's method.   

Asked by JohnJY 8 years ago

Best thread for stitching and sewing leather? Answered

It has been recommended by many leather experts to use a strong thread for stitching or sewing leather. Would someone please inform me of the right or best thread to use? Thank you very much!

Asked by blkhawk 5 years ago

how to clean suede? Answered

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Asked by ekflet 1 year ago

Suede dyeing? Answered

Hi I was making a set of juggling balls and I wanted them to be the primary colors (Red, yellow, and blue) I have the blue and I have already made the first ball. But, I cannot find a sheet of red or yellow suede that is the same as the kind that I already have. There is a couple sheets of the same leather at tandy, but they are an off white. Would I be able to dye that red or yellow?

Asked by Ian Scheele 1 year ago

Wanting to dye orange-wheat work boots black but not sure what material they're made of

They look like knock off Timberlands or those typical construction work boots. They're not a brand I've heard of (ShoeVibe "Tan Fly Ankle Boot") so I'm having a hard time even finding the manufacturer online and only finding out of stock retail options. It's definitely not leather and it doesn't appear to be faux suede. The description on a site I found said "man made" upper and lining. I'm basically just wondering if I could use black shoe polish to dye them or if I need to actually dig deeper into this material thing and get shoe dye.

Asked by aywowww 1 year ago

How to clean microfiber couch?

My couch and ottoman are both a light brown microfiber/faux suede fabric. I need to know an effective method of how to spot clean this fabric without damaging it.

Asked by 8 years ago

I need some Info on loading a leather strop...

I just bought a Razor Renew Long Leather Sharpening Strop, Should I load the suede side or the smooth side? And should I load the entire side or just part?

Asked by James S6428 5 months ago

Dyeing sheepskin boots? any alternatives to conventiona suede dye?

I have a pair of bearpaw(?) sheepskin boots, that really need colouring..they are filthy and don't clean well. i want to dye them black. What kinds of dye can be used, apart from the $$$regular suede dyes? fibre reactive dyes? dyes for wool? hair dye?..i know you can use koolaid to dye wool (protein fibres) but they need to be boiled..i don't think my boots would be too happy being boiled. the dye needs to keep the sheepskin soft and supple, not transfer to my feet..or wash off in the rain.. Any ideas?

Asked by edel 6 years ago

Alphabet Soup You Can Wear

The magic of laser cutting has been shown once again, this time with these alphabetical or numerical scarves. While they look like they are made out of paper, they are actually micro fiber suede. This could be the start of a new fashion trend...Link via core 77

Posted by joshf 9 years ago

looking for leather embelishments?

I am making cuff bracelets, where you wrap the leather or suede around the raw brass cuff.  however, before wrapping the leather, i sew on embelishments.  I have been unsuccessful in finding such large embelishments.  Conchos won't work because the metal on the bottom won't stick to the brass cuff.  any suggestions for website to check out?  i have been hitting dead ends for over a month.

Asked by azbijou 5 years ago

Waterproofing a leather hat?

My day-to-day hat is a leather fedora. Most of the time, it's great, but it does leak through the crown if I'm out in heavy rain for more than, say, 30-45 minutes. This isn't normally a huge problem, since I'm not often out in heavy rain that long that often, but it is a problem on a wet camp, when I'm outdoors all day. Unfortunately, I can't polish it, as the finish is matt, borderline suede. Any ideas, folks?

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago