15 volt power supply help Answered

I need a 15 volt power supply. is there any other circuit than using a 7815 and two batteries?

Asked by metsfan1938 7 years ago

transformerless ac to dc power supply conversion?

Input of AC supply is 24v  output wanted from in DC of 2.5amp Without using transformer. please help.

Asked by snehap22 3 years ago

I want to build a multi-voltage power supply?

I want to either build or buy a multi voltage power supply.  One that will deliver 12V to one device while simultaneously supplying 6V to another.  Any suggestions on where to go?

Asked by SpoonGouge 8 years ago

transformer less power supply?

I needed around 500mA current to run my mini project, so i decided to go through the transformer less power supply instead of normal transformer used supply.Since the other power supplies are quite bulky. But the problem occurred is, the supply doesn't supplies minimal current to run the project. Please, help me with this problem and suggest some alternatives or amendments to be made.  I have uploaded a picture of my design.

Asked by ShuvamP 3 years ago

how to build 14v,6A dc power supply?

How to build 14v,6A dc power supply?  I want to charge dc battery of 12V to run dc motars on it

Asked by sanket492 7 years ago

can I use power supply of a dead lens DVD player

Can I use power supply of a dead lens DVD player? it has 3, 5, 12 volts outs shown on the PCB...can that work as a multi-out lab power supply ?

Asked by goldenshuttle 5 years ago

how to make a 12 v regulated power supply?

I want to make a 12v power supply.the input voltage is 220v\50hertz.please guide me with full and complete construcyion and making of power supply along with the equipments and their configurations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               thankz.

Asked by hashmi43 6 years ago

how to give power supply to a speaker?

I have spekers of an old radio in working condition...but to use it as my laptop speakers i need a power supply....so what would be its voltage, current and power ratings and how could i make it??

Asked by navinn_11 7 years ago

What is does 200 mA stand for on a power supply?

I am trying to figure out the amps on a power supply. It has an input of 120v, 60 Hz, 4w. Output is 6VDC, 200mA. I just don't know what the mA is.

Asked by bbierbaum 9 years ago

i need to build a tattoo gun power supply?

I have a real tattoo gun but i dont have enough money to buy the power supply so im trying to buil one . Does anybody know how? or is it even possible to do

Asked by 9 years ago

high current adjustable power supply? Answered

I want to run my ps2 in car, Any circuit to drop 12v to 8.5V at 6amps the lm317 circuit is not powerful enough

Asked by ARJOON 5 years ago

i need a power supply

I am making chlorate's in a cell. but i need to give it about 5 volts and 1-2 amps. how would i do this cheaply?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

Will you please help me to design a power supply of 12v and 1amp with calculations for selection of right components ?

           As above mentioned i would like to have the basic knowledge regarding the designing power supply. Here i want the selection criteria for all components of power supply .I would like to have basics of the calculations or formula regarding selection of values of capacitors used in design.          Kindly help me please!!!!

Asked by Anuja Sham Londhe 5 years ago

where can I find a power supply which has a 12 volts and 3 amperes output?

I am looking for a simple circuit diagram and the name of the devices to be bought

Asked by belovebluesky 7 years ago

What to do with free power supply?

I got this in the mail today from Allied (Free Sample) http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=9210079 SO...  what should I do with it?  Any thoughts?  

Posted by RicoSPD 7 years ago

Questions on the Building the Power Supply

Does the wall wart need to be AC or DC. Also how does the potentiometer go in the circuit? I bought a 10k volume potiemter here:[http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3064080] Will this work?

Asked by jfrazi10 9 years ago

How to reduce the voltage of a laptop power supply without reducing amperage? Answered

Hi guys, I have a laptop power supply with an output of 19V, 5.6A. I want to use it to power a small stereo amplifier that needs 12V. I want to make an adapter or something that will reduce the voltage without affecting amperage for use with the small amplifier, but I also need it supplying 19V for the laptop. Is it possible to make do it this way: [19V power brick] --> [adapter/transformer] --> [amplifier]?

Asked by Tristan GianP 11 months ago

12v 20-30a power supply

Good day yall, i want to make a simple power supply to power up car amplifier, i have a transformer the trans former and is working with the kbu 606 diode, what type of regulator would be best to use and how much would i need, and if you have a diagram of something simple that can be adjusted then that would be great, thank yow

Posted by WIZZIEDEE 5 years ago

How to make a regulated power supply with 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, and 12 volts dc output?

Kindly, please give also the schematic and block diagram and the parts to be used with PCB design. Thank you very much!

Asked by ymx 5 years ago

can I use a 10k pot instead of a 5k pot in my power supply?

Its a o to 24vdc power supply . it calls for a 5k pot. want to know if i can use a 10k pot . and what will be the diffrents

Asked by mojomojo99 5 years ago

Power Suppy Answered

I need to make a 6.5 vdc - 500ma power supply I have no clue how to make it 6.5v. any help is deeply appreciated

Asked by BluTiger 7 years ago

ATX Power Supply Conversion

Hi Again, My question is when building an ATX power supply, Can you join the 12 volt leads with the 5 volts leads to make 17 volts? If not how can I get lets say 20 volts. I am going to use a DC to DC converter to make a variable power supply. I would like at least 20V in then I can adjust from 1.2 to 60 volts out. I use it now running directly off battery but would like to add it to the ATX build case. Thanks for any help again.

Posted by Shorty954 2 years ago

power supply voltage reduction 9v input to two 3v outputs

Hello all ! I'm new to instructables and I’ve found some cool and helpful information for my projects. I need a bit of help designing a power supply voltage reduction device. One that accepts 9v input and output into two 3v 5mA outputs. I want to replace the batteries in a/b Boss selector with a more reliable source of power.

Posted by testpartner 10 years ago

ATX power supply conversion

I know this is a long passed DIY. But while building a ATX Power supply I separated all the wires as stated. I then put the green and a black wire to a switch and added the 3 brown leads to the orange leads. When I plug in the unit the supply light comes on, but when I turn the green wire switch the main power LED goes out and no fan comes on. It acts like the switch is shutting the unit off.  Can anyone help. I am 60 years old and just getting into doing some bench work to pass the time. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Shorty954 2 years ago

I have a 120 >12 volt power supply and would like to be able to adjust the out-put for use in foam cutting Answered

120volt ac >12 volt dc that I would like to regulate tho output as a variable instead of  fixed 3-5-12 volt 

Asked by dogscatsand9752 1 year ago

Pinout on Delta EADP-180BB?

I have a power supply that is rated at 12V on a couple of pins (8 pin connector) but it does not seem to work. I suspect that one pin (called remote) needs to be activated, but I am not sure what would make it stay up. I have included a drawing from the power supply label.

Asked by pbraatelien 3 years ago

Power supply help?

Hi- i have an ION electronic drum kit that i got from a friend, but i somehow managed to lose the power brick. It wants 9V AC & 850mA, which for the life of me i cannot find anywhere. So, does anyone know where i can find one, or if there is something else that might work? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Samster1214 10 years ago

I would like to power a 12v dc 10amp water pump with a 120v power source...Ideas???

What could I use to do this without actually buying a $100 converter...I have read some instructables on using a pc power supply to make a bench power supply...but that seems like more than I need...any ideas???

Asked by wingrider78 8 years ago

Are there any instructables or schematics available for power supplys36vdc at 5amps with volt meters and amp meters?

I need help in schematics only in power supplys at 36vdcplus at 3amps to 5amps with meters for determining amps in any given scxhematic.

Asked by kbyrne 7 years ago

48 volt power supply

Hello everyone. i am interested in building a power supply from 0-48 volts and able to push a good amount of amps. any one have a ruff idea on how to beable to adjust the voltage and not limit my current to 2 amps i would like to puch say 15-20 amps. i can build the rectifier i have a 600v i think 30 amp bridge rectifier. just not sure on how to do the adjusting without useing a regulator chip that only pushes a few amps. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by omnacron 4 years ago

is there any way to make your own 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply?

I don't have a 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply unit. I need one for my Linksys router. Just asking if it was possible to build your own. Besides i get to learn about volt, Amps and watt , that's supposing i don't fry my self by electrocution. Can any one help my, no...! Not to electrocute my self. to make  or build my own 5vdc~ 25Amp power supply. Your expertise will be of knowledge well past on. TNX

Asked by bow21 5 years ago

SMPS to Bench Supply - Help

Hi There, I want to make a bench supply using my old SMPS. I have seen many tutorials and I've some questions which I need assistance with. My SMPS says 12 V @ 25 A, 5 V @ 10 A and so on.. In tutorials I see people soldering all the same colored wires to one output 12V, 5V, 3.3V and so on. So, if we do that and I connect a 12V device that operates @ 2A or 3A  to the 12V ouput @ 25A in SMPS that we make, will it fry my device. If so, how do we control the current to supply 12V @ 2A only. I want to make a bench supply with below specifications. Can I do that? 1. I want 2 to 3 outputs each for 12V, 5V and 3V. 2. I want to regulate the current for each such socket mentioned in clause 1 to 1A, 2A, 3A and so on.. Is that possible? If so, how any instructions? Thanks, Avinash B

Posted by goudavinash_b 10 months ago

What would you do with five 5 v 75 amp power supplies?

I have these lying around and I know they are useful, but I'm just not sure how.

Posted by iculus 9 years ago

9v battery simulation?

I want to use a lab power supply to run simple ohm's law experiments instead of using a 9v alkaline battery. One of the experiments uses a resister in series with an LED to show the effects of how a resister limits current. I can set my lab power supply to 9V but I don't know what current to set it to in order to be the equivalent of the 9V battery. Can anybody enlighten me please? I'm just getting into learning electronics.

Asked by woodyd 1 year ago

pls help about power suppy

Can anyone help me? pls give me some advice how to create 0-10volts and 3amps(fixed) output power supply... give me some tips and some schematic diagram... i need it badly in our project...

Posted by stanum887 8 years ago

I need a 300 volt DC power supply?

I have a capacitor bank I made, the problem is charging it with the camera circuit is mind numbingly slow. I need a 300-400 volt DC power supply I can make, or modify something else to put out that much. I have this big arse transformer, I figured maybe it could work to switch 120 ac to something dc, not sure where to start though. https://www.instructables.com/answers/What-can-I-do-with-this-transformer/ I have one of the little balls that have a flyback transformer, and have the electricity shooting out the middle that you can touch and mess around with (not sure what theya re called), I was wondering If I could canibalize that somehow.

Asked by XOIIO 6 years ago

Any one here have an idea as a configuration to turn on a Astec AA20790 computer power supply?

I have two ASTEC power supply, but I don't know how turn this on, I want the 12v output with my cnc printer, but in internet and youtube they don't have so much. Please, can you help me my with give me some diagram or configuration with this power supply. I try to put a resistor with com and 12v cghs something like that. But the power output stay in 0v and the fan stay too in low power. This russian guy put a cable but he doesn't say how active the output, I think is the same thing I wanted to do but doesn't turn on. https://newauctionstatic.com.ua/offer_images/2016/10/10/03/big/D/dl1oLB3EXK7/astec_aa20790_blok_pitanija_12v_14a_dlja_videokarta.jpg Thanks a lot and some kisses.

Asked by paberu 10 months ago

how to make a dc current from ac current?

I m making a power supply project which works on dc. but i don't wan't a battery, so i wanna connect it direct to ac to dc convertor i don't know how to make it :[...... Anyone who answer plzz give detail summary with a perfect diagram of the circuit

Asked by arihant 8 years ago

Power supply

Last time I tried to do my own homemade project I failed utterly, I think mostly because I had no idea what anything was (if you saw my last topic on a distortion petal, you know what I'm talking about). I decided instead to buy a book (Tab Electronics Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics by G. Randy Slone) which has projects in it, the first one being a power supply. I haven't started building it yet (waiting until I get back to the city) but I've started looking up parts. The thing is, I can't find a 4400-uF 50-WVdc capacitor anywhere! So my question is, can I just put two 2200-uF 50-WVdc capacitors in parallel to do the job of one of the 4400's? That isn't my only question, just the first which I'll ask later in this thread. Thank you (PS: Has anyone had a problem with using Chrome and entering text into these fields? I had to switch to Firefox to get it to work)

Posted by gohuskies 9 years ago

How to switch from AC power to battery power

I am putting my christmas tree on the ceiling this year. But I want to make it rotate. The only problem is to get the lights to come on I have to plug it into the wall. How would I switch the tree from using ac power to battery power?

Asked by viv664 6 years ago

What this button does?? Answered

The images are given below(one with closer look and one with outer look) i have marked one red button and i want to know what it does and it has two faces when i push it down it has 15 written on it and when i pull it down 230 is written there! Do any one have any idea?

Asked by ubdussamad 4 years ago

Building 24 VDC using three 9 v dc battery

Hi , Any circuit that I can use three 9 vdc battery to get 24 VDc output less than 1.00 amp . The power would be used for demos powering sensor that can accept 12~24 VDC.

Posted by rganap 3 years ago