How To Download SD card from camera to LG 8.3 LTE Tablet?

I have a digital camera with an SD card and can't get the pictures to download onto the tablet. When I connect the camera, it takes the table to the photo gallery but no option to download. I also tried the file manager and can't navigate to get the software to give me the option to download the pictures from the camera.  THe SD card is full size and doesn't have the option of removing the smaller card and inserting directly into the tablet.

Asked by KimKettelhodt 4 years ago

Can I combine a Wacom tablet with a samsung tablet?

I have a wacom drawing pad and I was wondering if its possible to hook it up to a regular samsung galaxy tab 2 somehow.

Asked by monsterlego 4 years ago

Android, connect laptop to tablet?

I would like to manage my tablet via my laptop, at present it doesn't see anything except photos.

Asked by bigbbubble 6 years ago

How to make home-made wifi-web-tablet ?

How to make home-made wifi-web-tablet ? I have every opportunity...:)but I do not know...

Asked by aperon 9 years ago

MY Tablets backlight went out!

My tablets backlight just went out i have a stylistic st5020d , does anyone know how i oculd fix it? im out of ideas

Posted by Noblevagrant 10 years ago

Using a Tablet like a Cintiq

I have done some searching around and can't for the life of me find out if anybody has done this or how to even go about starting. Basically I have a MBP that's super powerful, and an old Motion Computing 12' tablet that's...not.  I'd love to just plug in my tablet to my MBP and use my tablet like I would a Cintiq.  Is this even possible? 

Posted by bobsbarricades 8 years ago

How do I open my Nextbook Aries 8 tablet?


Asked by apcast 1 year ago

Motorized tablet

Hi I want to put my nexus 7 into my car but i need to access to my factory radio behind my tablet. So i think about making motorized panel like this : But i don't understand how make that ? What kind of motors  ? Actuator ? Thank !

Posted by Hydr0 5 years ago

Can most drawing tablets hook up to a samsung tablet?

Can drawing tablets from walmartvhook up to a regulwr samsung tablet?

Asked by AmayiaR 7 months ago

arduino and android tablet question

 i want to buy a tablet, was on the verge of the ipad 2''i ,but saw that android is making nice with arduino. costco has the xoom wifi at a decent price, any suggestions or should i just get tthe ipad2 for now and maybe a cheap archos android 2.1 for arduino projects, or unlocked android on t mobile freqs, now that i think they have  data prepay cards. ideas.

Asked by escapefromyonkers 7 years ago

how can i make a drawing tablet and pen for pc from a optical or laser mouse?

Ive been trying to figure out a way to make a graphics tablet with a pen for photo shop& gimp using either an optical mouse or a laser mouse . think i just about have it figured out . i would just like to have some input to see what you guys think

Asked by mr.gray 9 years ago

i need to make a case for a tablet, i though of abs plastic, or carbon fiber, any sugestion would be good, thanks?

I´m trying to make a tablet out of a old laptop, going to put a touchscreen, so keyboard won't be needed, so i just have to mod the current case or make a new one, the laptop is a siemens fujitsu amilo pro v2000, i also don't need the cd reader. i´ll need to plug a usb touchscreen, but the connections part is all set up, so the problem now is the case and the os, any help will be apreciated, if the project takes off, i´ll make my first instructable, help please, and forgive my english please, i'm portuguese

Asked by Ormazd 9 years ago

Graphics Tablet Handwriting Recognition?

Hi, I have just recieved a Tust slimline design TB-5300, I have set it up, really easily, and I was wondering about hand writing recognition. I went to: Control panel> Date, Time, language and regional> regional and language> Languages> Details> Add. And it was not possible to select handwriting recognition. So I went My computer> add or remove programs> Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003> change> add or remove features> selected "Choose advanced"> Next> Office shared features> Alternative User Input> Handwriting> Run from my computer> update. It came with the computer so I didn't have to insert a disk. I still can't select "handwriting recognition. Please help, Nutrition Man AKA Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Why doesn't my blackberry playbook connect to the internet through our wifi?

My son bought me a blackberry tablet for Christmas.He set it up for me and since then I have wiped all the information off and he refuses to reconnect it for me. I'm at a loss can anyone help or suggest a website for trouble shooting problems. I've tried different ways to reconnect but no luck. I can't remember my password and I've tried entering the router pin they display. It just won't reconnect.We have a wireless router and I know it will not connect if the blue ray isn't on. I thought it would be easier then this. 

Asked by p0llyw0lly 5 years ago

LCD Tablet Idea: NEED HELP!

Hey all, first time posting on this forum. I'm a skilled computer builder/all around good handyman with pretty much anything, and last night, i had a laptop laying around, so I decided to dismantle it. So cool, I took apart my first laptop, that was fun- but what to do now? Well, I mean, who doesn't want one of these? I mean, honestly, that would probably be the greatest thing I could ever own. Alas, I have a basic, $100 tablet from Genius. It's fine for my needs, although, probably not as accurate as some of the $300+ ones from Wacom, but I liked this one. It's very thin, and quite large (almost 14 inches diagonally). Anyway, if you haven't figured out where i'm going, I'll inform you. After disassembling every component of the display (which i believe was my mistake) and I put the guts of my tablet behind the last layer of the screen, closed it all back up, and wrote on it, and it worked fine as a tablet, but when I tried to hook it back up to the laptop and boot it, to see if the display worked, it booted once, didn't display anything, shut itself down, and that was the end of that. Now, I did a terrible job dismantling my first laptop, so I'm gonna make sure I do a good job with the next one, but I need to know what you guys think, if you could save me any troubles that I might face along the way, please help me! lol, also, I will update this with pics as I go through the process. Sorry, this post is just a culmination of ideas, and not so much a logical text.EDIT: I was kinda trying to combine THIS and THISSECOND EDIT: I came across another laptop, this one even older. I think I decided it's going to be a lot easier (and more practical) to do it with a LCD PC display, and not a laptop. Regardless, here is where I am right now, and I have a few questions:Can I take the actual screen apart? I did with the last one, so I know what the insides look like, I just don't know if I shoulda done that. Anyway, like I said, or I might not have, the tablet behind the screen works. I put it in as the very last layer inside the casing, before the final thin sheet of white plastic that is taped to t he back, and it worked just fine. I would like to do that again, but what must I do to ensure that the screen will work again? If you don't have the answers I seek, please refer me to a good forum that I can become a member of and get some good solid advice, because the internet does not have much information on this subject, I guess not many people try this?

Posted by sangwich 10 years ago

How to install the Instructable app on a tablet?

When using a tablet, the Instructables app is not available in the Google Play store. Is there a way to install it on a tablet?

Posted by d ata 10 months ago

diy tablet

Hello all i was wondering if anyone knows if i can use the monitor and digitizer in an android tablet on a Intel atom moboard? basically I'm wanting to turn my 10" android tablet into a windows tablet with capacitive touch.

Posted by skullkeeper80 5 years ago

tablet pc

What would it take to install a tablet pc screen onto a regular laptop? or what would it take to convert a tablet pc screen to a usb tablet ? (maybe a dvi port to display on it and a usb to allow for the input from the screen?)

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

Tablet PC Cintiq

I was just wondering if its possible to connect a Tablet PC to a desktop to make it like a cintiq.

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

Cintiq/Lcd Tablet

Is it possible to make a replacement screen for a tablet pc to be a cintiq-like external display tablet? I've seen replacement screens available on eBay as well as tablets that are missing components like hdd, keyboard, ram, etc which could be used to obtain said screen. This would not be a stand-alone device like a tablet, but a second display for either a desktop or a laptop that would function as a screen and tablet for input, a cintiq clone. Thanks

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

Can i use an old tablet to do a tablet pc?

I've been looking info about somehow making a tablet pc with an old tablet(iview 760tpc) and a laptop that hats a broke screen(mini laptop vaio vpcm120al) but i haven't found any usefull information. Any one know if its somwhow possible? Sorry for my bad english

Asked by Diegoestrada 3 years ago

Tablet as a field monitor?

Have anyone come across a tablet that would have a HDMI input? Or a hack to make one? I mean there are lots of 10" monitors but none of them have a screen as good as a cheap tablet.

Posted by DainiusG 2 years ago

Apple Tablet

So what's everybody heard about it? think it'll just be a large ipod touch or could it replace my laptop?

Posted by wuguwa 8 years ago

Old tablet PC into wacom like external

So I have a old, half broken Acer tablet PC. (C314xmi, to be specific)My new asus laptop gets here in a few days, and I know I'm going to miss the tablet functionality. I was looking at WACOM external tablets, and saw they made ones that are LCD screens. But they're like $1000, for something pretty small compared to my 15" tablet. So I was wondering, can I take the screen off my tablet and turn it into an external monitor that I can also use as a tablet?So I was wondering if anyone has heard of someone doing this, done it themselves, or has any other info that might help me with my new summer project.And since you can find old tablets on ebay for like 300-400, this would be a cheap alternative to Wacom setups.Thanks!

Posted by jaXak 10 years ago

Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Hi guys, My name is Joseph, and I am a student at the University of Maryland, studying management and marketing.  I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a company I could contact that uses single punch tablet press machines. My focus is on entrepreneurship and I have been working on designing a spherical tablet for flavoring water. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Joseph

Posted by dudeguy91 5 years ago

How to add Instructable to Collection on Tablet App?

I have recently installed the app on my tablet and for some reason I can't find any way of adding an Instructable to a collection. The only way round I've found is to favourite it, then go to my laptop and open it up and add to collection from there, which is a mad way to do things! Can anyone shed any light on this please? Many Thanks!

Asked by TinkerJohn 1 year ago

problem using instructables on tablet and cell phone

 Hi ,        Im having a problem using the instructables app and web page on my cell and tablet. Once i sign in  and go to the top right corner and click my picture for the drop down to go to my page of instructables or anything actually , It clicks on the   Tech shop tab instead like it by passes or doesnt see  the drop down choices ?

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 5 years ago

How to make a light graphic tablet?

Hi, im new here. I saw that this site has a lot to offer, but i cant find anything that can help me. What i want to make is a light graphics tablet ( not a PC tablet).  Stylus is used for drawing, and only one color can be used (black or something else, depends on background).  I dont want it to be software dependable, because you can only write on with stylus and erase what you've drawn with a button/rag/something third. Thanks for help in advance P.S. : Something like this but without all software!

Asked by mkereta 6 years ago

How do I make custom tablet nibs?

Back in October, I purchased a Genius EasyPen tablet. It only came with one tablet pen nib. It has lasted quite a bit, I guess, but I have noticed it is starting to reach its end. I have tried to buy some tablet nibs from the Genius website, but I couldn't purchase them for some reason. I guess the website's down or something, but I really can't wait much longer. I use my tablet quite a bit, so it would be a HUGE problem if I couldn't use it because I couldn't find nibs, so I thought I would make them. I heard you can make them out of toothpicks, but I don't know how to do it properly. Does one have a tutorial, especially focused around Genius pens? I would be forever grateful if someone would help me!!

Asked by AwesomeKitten123 4 years ago

Cloud Tablet for Education

I am a teacher and have seen a great deal of technology in education. Unfortunately most of the time it is poorly executed. The latest trend is tablets. I see schools getting iPad and I have to wonder if there is not a cheaper solution. One where we make tablets affordable and easy to use. I am not saying that the iPad is not an excellent tool, but it is very expensive and most of the teachers I work with would be lost with how to use it effectively. I think that the platform is excellent and that the iPad is the best you can get in its area. I would like to explore how a cloud based tablet would work in education. I know that with cloud computing you can use hardware that costs less with no problem. I have looked into Joli OS as a possible operating system for such a tablet, but I am an English teacher. I need help. Someone or several someones who can help me wrap my brain around the best way to do this. I have no experience in programming. I am very familiar with computers, but the learning curve with what I want to do it steep. I am looking for a partner to explore this idea. Failing that I would like some advice.

Posted by ehudwill 6 years ago

Mobile phone screen

Hello,I'm wondering if I could connect any kind of lcd touchscreen on my broken galaxy s5neo mobile phone?Basically to turn it into a some kind of a tablet.Thank you for answers

Asked by magdalenic.zlatko1 4 months ago

Tablet with dead battery: buy a new battery or create a dummy battery?

Hi guys, I have an android tablet with a dead battery so it won't turn on (it hangs on boot screen). Like cellphones and smartphone, if I use the tablet with the wall adapter and without the battery won't start. The battery is a 3.7 v, 22.2 Wh (6Ah) type, it's dimensions are 0.45 x 11.3 x 10.5 mm. So I have a choice: I can buy a new battery or create a dummy battery. I've searched ebay, amazon and other site but unluckily seems that I can't find a replacement battery (or find a seller that can ship a similar battery to italy). In the other hand, I don't know how to create a dummy battery. Can you help me with finding a replacement battery or teaching me how to create the dummy battery? Thanks in advance :)

Posted by FabrizioT 3 years ago

What should I buy to make a tablet?

I'm trying to build a tablet, I'm planning on making the case out of wood. I want to be anywhere from 10"-13". The tablet needs a usb port for plugging in a controller or mouse, a Hdmi port for plugging into a tv, a way to charge it, Wifi, memory need to be run by a sd card for weight and size, ram 4-8Gbs and bluetooth. I don't now what motherboard to get and where to buy a touch screen. I also want to be able to install any OS I want. I was thinking about getting a Raspberry pi but it wont allow me to install just any OS and the memory was too low. I also don't know what kind of wood I should buy for the case I want it to look cool, I'm also going to burn a logo on the back of the case.

Asked by MP4 imitation 4 years ago

A plan to build my own firm on tablet-pc's

Hi,i am viplove from india. i belong to a middle-class family. i am an final year engineering student. i am really planning to build my own firm on tablet-pc's. i dont have any idea from where to start and what to do,i only have a plan in my mind. from where all the materials should be organised?? from where i bring money?? and how much this overall planning of mine will cost?? so,can i get some help from you in clearing by doubts????

Asked by viplove12391 5 years ago

I just got a tablet! (Updated w/ my first drawing!)

Hooray! Happiness and Joy!Because of an....eventful.....(some awkward situations happened) achievement of mine, my parents bought me a tablet! It's a Genius G-Pen 450. So far, its been`awesome. I can't wait to use it in GIMP. I am currently making a drawing (Which I rarely, rarely do at home, I only draw at school) to try and color it.Just thought I'd share my happiness.And I won't talk about the achievement, because it's a bit too personal, and basically dangerous on teh internets, its academic related and its important.(UPDATE!:)My first drawing can be found here Please visit it! I would very much like the pageviews!!!! (Besides, it looks much better there). Feel free to add me on DeviantART if you'd like....

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Using a tablet with a mini-HMDI ? Answered

How would I be able to make this more portable with a tablet as a screen?

Asked by LoganB22 1 year ago

Battery of Playbook? How to save it? Answered

Just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook from Bell Canada...very satisfied with the multitask...I use it for chatting, surfing and video watching. That's why I had to recharge it every day! Do you have any tips to save the battery? thanks!?

Asked by hectintin 7 years ago

Disk image for Fujitsu stylistic 3500 HD? Any one got one?

I have the afforementioned device and the OS has been wiped it would seem that the easiest method of getting an OS back on it would be to get a clone image of an HD from another one and swap it. But these devices are old and hard to find people with that disk image.

Asked by Nate_MF 7 years ago


It malfunctioned, it shortly registered with the blue light, it intermittently went out shortly after when vista was on. is it an electronic fault? got the latest patches but it doesn't even register as it tells me it has malfunctioned, tempted to pull it apart and look at the wiring particularly the usb part. any advice would be the best, thanks for reading

Asked by 8 years ago

New life for an IR keyboard?

So i have an old Palm infrared keyboard that works with two AAA batteries and i was thinking, what's the easiest approach to use it with my Nexus 7?, somehow re-wire it to USB? Use an arduino as a bridge in some way? An IR sensor adapter for the nexus and some software i don't know? any suggestions, or someone wants to give it a try? Oh BTW hi! i'm a noob on the forums but i love the site.

Posted by jcarlos10 5 years ago

What to do with a HP tc1100?

Hi all, I have an old HP tc1100 whose motherboard/graphics has pretty much given up the ghost, but it seems like there must be something better to do with it out than toss it in the trash. I was thinking about pulling it apart and mounting my iPad where the current screen is, and trying to replace the keypad with with a bluetooth keyboard, then maybe steampunk it a bit.. Do you have any other ideas that may be a bit more interesting? Bear in mind, I am not wanting to salvage the computer for working bits (unless it would be feasible, but from people I have spoken to, I would say that fixing it is beyond the question), so any creative ideas most welcome. Will do something similar to this i-ble if I can't think of anything else.. I haven't posted an instructable on here before (despite being a member for two years), so this may well be my first :)

Posted by revolushn 7 years ago

Tablet PC into a wacom for desktop computer

Guess i ain't the first to ask this. But is there anyway to connect a Tablet PC to a desktop computer via usb or firewire, and use it as a Wacom tablet for drawing and writing? Any software or adapters to do this? Thanks!

Posted by dimension_55 8 years ago

Run of Android Tablet and Laptop without Battery

Whether it is possible to run  Android Tablet and Laptop with AC Adapter only after removal of battery

Posted by kghosh47 6 months ago

Ipad or Tablet

What do you think is better ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1 give reason

Posted by bigryanj 5 years ago

blackberry tablet

Help! Is there a blackberry book for dumbies? I swiped all the information off my blackberry and can't get it to reconnect. Where is the best place to find troubleshooting problems for a  blackberry tablet or an easy to understand video?

Posted by p0llyw0lly 5 years ago

Tablet PC into a regular tablet/ screen tablet? Is it possible?

I owned a tablet PC - fujitsu T4010D and after a while, I had to stop using it - as I've gotten it USED, and I stepped on it as well (lol I'm a klutz, yeah..) it began being a danger to use.  Between the previous ans current issues, it would spark, etc. etc. A few months later my main tablet, my intuos3 died on me so I have no tablet at all.  So I then thought - would it be possible to convert the digitizer and everything in the tablet PC and simply turn it into either: A:  A screen tablet (like the Cintiq) that would work with another computer or... B: Simply a regular tablet for another computer With option A, I'd assume there would be the annoying process of getting a digitizer (unless it can be utilized from the current laptop) and everything.  I asked that a while back and I was told it's sort of not worth it for making another screen. With option B... I really don't know if there's any way of doing it. Overall, having a screen tablet that uses Wacom's technology is nice, without the $2000 price tag it holds.  In the case of having a general tablet, if it can be done without spending $600-$1000 I'd like to try my hand at it... ...Is this even possible, though?

Asked by anthonyloprimo 7 years ago

Making a solar powered charger for a tablet

What will I need for a solar powered charger for a tablet and how will I make it

Asked by Ryanjessica 2 years ago