Has anyone hacked one of those talking Happy Meal Toys?

Having a small child, I am left with a bunch of happy meal toys that have pre-recorded messages in them. I was wondering how difficult it would be to "Recycle/Retask" them by hacking them and recording my own message on them. I am thinking that this little Shrek toy would be much more fun in a cube at work if it had a more adult message on it, and perhaps it was triggered with a simple photocell motion sensor... Is anyone familiar with how these thing are programmed? or if there is a way to re-record the message?

Posted by bethehammer 10 years ago

Energy to matter?

                One of my friends recently talked to me.  The first thing he said was, "Energy to matter."  He said it in the way he talks when we're planning on building something dangerous, unlikely to work, and quite possibly FBI watchlist-worthy. Though I know it's been looked into before, this got me thinking:  does anyone have any ideas on practical applications of the equivalency between energy and matter?  (aside from the atomic bomb--e.g.  Fabricators that carry hundreds of products' worth of materials in a small, energy-dense source, like a battery?)

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

Hello Subscribers

I noticed today that I have 55 subscribers. Some of you I know personally and some of you I have talked to enough times on this website to feel like I do, but most of you I never met before. I am just wondering why you subscribed to me? Who you are? What do you like? Have you been using this website for a while? What do you do with yourself? What country are you in?Let's talk!(I figured I would post this as a forum topic because you would all see this as an update.)

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

Nobody has talked about this point (that I could find). Does this homemade laundry soap fade your colored clothing?

The reason I ask because I stopped buying the 'cheap' detergent long ago because it faded my colored clothing. I know there is commercials dedicated to this; "wash after wash, the clothes still look new and the color hasn't faded!" Can anyone noticed that their dark clothes are faded and they have worn out quicker????????? This is the only reason I am afraid to try this money saving tip!! thanks :}?

Asked by 9 years ago

Long time no talk

Hey guys, or whoever is reading this and even slightly cares.  I haven't made a gun in a really long time, and I haven't really responded to the last 300-400 comments.  Now that it's the holiday break, I'm going to have a lot more spare time.  So this is what I feel like doing, making a new gun.  I want your ideas for it, because I'm really not that creative..  So what do you guys want me to make? Also add me on Xbox Live; TH3 BR0WN B0Y.  The "0's" are zeros.

Posted by MotaBoi 7 years ago

New K'nex Idea

So i was on KI chat and ooda and mepain and stuff were talking about making a gun called the fustercluck and with a drill on it and he was talking about rotatiing turrrets and then i had an idea to making 2 turrets on a swivel so when the first turret is empty the second one will tweist wround and start working. The gun is a tr by the way. here is a shitty pic: i has bad grammar at half 11.

Posted by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

Guide for N00bs

Add what all n00bs should know before talking to anyone or even going out into the public, sunlight... Or the rock they came from. 'also programing language and formally called: broken english... engrish

Posted by RelyNupon 10 years ago

can a taser re start a heart? Answered

I was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart

Asked by theatre_tech_guru 8 years ago

should I or should I not?? Answered

Well the end of the school year is coming up and well the 8th grader I liked we haven't talked in weeks but we talked on Friday because that was the day of the talent show and I was in it and well he kinda mess up my words when I was singing cause he kept smiling and well it made me blush but any way he kept looking at me the hole talent show so after school I went to talk to him and I wanted to give him a kiss in the cheek but I was to nervous so I didn't but like he was taller my lips kinda ended up in his neck and like 8th graders  graduate earlier they come out earlier sooo in the last day I thought of giving him a kiss but am afraid that I may be way to shy and embarrassed to actually do it but I need answers should I kiss him or not before he moves away to highschool?

Asked by juice vega 3 years ago

Prayer Requests

Prayer, the dictionary defines prayer as A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. I recently went on a missions trip with my dad to Nicaragua and every night my mom would call and talk to me and my dad, I really enjoyed  being talked to and I caught myself thinking ,God enjoys being talked to way more than i do ,though he already knew what your going say and do before you were born.  Prayer is not a quick fix, or a click your heels three times, Prayer works, it wont always be yes. What kind of Father would he be if when his children asked for something, he said yes all the time. If you have Prayer requests for you or someone else, if its a private matter, just say you would like to be prayed for,and me and the prayer team will do our best to pray for you.

Posted by Dakota Joel 5 years ago


Hi there! Dr Richtofen and i where just talking and we where talking about full auto knex so i showed him my old idea we talked and we are near a prototype! we are still drawing and stuff but, we are near it! stay tuned for more!!!! we will keep the prototyp secret, so no one can steal it! now(yes i know, on a forum pro's and cons? haha!) pro's it will be FULL AUTO!!!! so no more anoying pull, fire, pull fire, just one pull back for 1 mag!(if we succeed!) it will be the first one i mean, FULL AUTO! it will add more realism to the guns! you will never have to reload slow again! cons it's a prototyp the power will be slowly killed... we didn't figer out how to make it work we need to find a good gun for it

Posted by Kona-chan 4 years ago

how to download from a flash drive to my music?

I have a flash drive with some talking books on it. How do I download it to my music so I can get it to i-tunes.

Asked by 9 years ago

how do you find people on here and add contacs

I want to add a contacs so i can talk to my friends but i dont know how to thoe

Posted by how to add a contact 6 years ago

Is it possible to make a wall outlet intercom system?

I have seen many systems where you plug some boxes in the wall, and you can talk. Is it possible for me to make something like that myself?

Asked by newtons_eple 9 years ago

Fire, pyrokinesis/ telekinesis

Hi everyone if you like fire or belive in controling fire here is the place! So just talk about a cool fire trick or how to control fire thanks !

Posted by pyro=fire 7 years ago

Website bug

I was idling on this page: https://www.instructables.com/id/Use-ssh-to-talk-with-your-Raspberry-Pi/  When chrome automatically re-routed to this page, no interaction, no new tab or window: https://aerizconvergenciadigital.com/5961483452812/363975c60f5c3dced50072fc456408f1/8992e8e71c6b9ea1bff3724b05754a1d.html Dodgy advertisers?

Posted by GregA69 1 year ago

USA : Real recession or exaggeration ?

Because the world's economy is highly tied to the USA's economy, we're currently very worried about the current smoldering economical crisis in USA. While some specialists say this crisis will be solved quickly, some others are already talking about recession with negative repercussions over the rest of the world ... The simple devaluation of the US dollar already has various negative effects on the EU economy. So what would happen to the whole world if the economy of USA was in recession ? I'd be curious to read your ideas, sentiments and opinions about this crisis. Is this a real crisis ? Is talking about recession exaggerated ?

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago

K'Nex at the Web2.0 conference

Hey there.I'm sitting at the Web2.0 expo in downtown SF, eating lunch with one hand and typing with the other. There are lots of smart nerdy people here, and when I've properly woken up I'll probably talk to more of them. If you're at the conference and reading this, come find me and I'll give you a robot sticker!The fun part: I'm going to present a quick talk at the evening session about the K'Nex guns here on Instructables! Most of the people here are too old to have grown up with K'Nex, but they'll think it's really cool. I'll update this evening to let you know how it went.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Advice please

Okay i'm gonna do a couple of things i don't do often: 1)i posting a forum 2)the real point of this forum, i need advice. okay this is what i need advice about There is a girl at school whom i kinda like. i don't get often to talk to her. but i have her as a friend on facebook. only time i have hung out with her is at lunch our lunch table, which had a half a bazillion people at it sometimes. other times it was just a few of us and we never really talked then, a little but not much. advice please?

Posted by flyingcheesearmy 10 years ago

My DIY site got interviewed on the survial podcast tommorow

My DIY disaster preparedness project site is the subject of tomorrows interview on the Suvivalpodcast.com radio show.  We are going to talk about the DIY mindset, how DIY'ers keep on track, problems and benefits of DIY, as well as talk about diy lessons I learned from inmates when I worked in the corrections field. I think it will be interested to those who DIY, or are interested in disaster preparedness.  my site is tngun.com, and the show is survivalpodcast.com the show will be on at 11 central, but you can also get it on iTunes, or download it from the site.

Posted by tngun 5 years ago

Talk like Shakepeare day!

Thursday has been declared Talk like Shakespeare day! We don't know exactly when he was born, but we're calling April 23 close enough! Readeth the proclaimationeth. Refuse to speak in any tongues save ye olde english Thursday, and force your friends to do the same! Here are 10 quick tips on how to talk like Billy from http://talklikeshakespeare.org/:1 Instead of you, say thou. Instead of y'all, say thee. (This one will be hard for me! :D )2 Rhymed couplets are all the rage.3 Men are Sirrah, ladies are Mistress, and your friends are all called Cousin.4 Instead of cursing, try calling your tormenters jackanapes or canker-blossoms or poisonous bunch-back'd toads.5 Don't waste time saying "it," just use the letter "t" ('tis, t'will, I'll do't).6 Verse for lovers, prose for ruffians, songs for clowns.7 When in doubt, add the letters "eth" to the end of verbs (he runneth, he trippeth, he falleth).8 To add weight to your opinions, try starting them with methinks, mayhaps, in sooth or wherefore.9 When wooing ladies: try comparing her to a summer's day. If that fails, say "Get thee to a nunnery!"10 When wooing lads: try dressing up like a man. If that fails, throw him in the Tower, banish his friends and claim the throne.

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

scale modeling

This is a simple forum for all of the website users that do scale modeling. I know that not that many website users do, but at least there's somewhere now that the few people can use to talk about painting, techniques, or anything to do with models.

Posted by the poodleo 7 years ago

Super Smash Bros!

Hey guys, I made this fourm topic for you guys(and me) to talk about smash bros!  And I can't wait for the new 3ds/wii u versions!  So, chat away!

Posted by nancyjohns 3 years ago

Contest prize lost in transit?

I won a contest two months ago, and received two shipment notifications (suggesting the prize was split into two parcels?). One parcel arrived shortly after, the other is still missing. Who do I talk to?

Posted by xGrape 3 years ago

Without Internet? Answered

I'm looking to run a radio-controlled N-gauge model railway. An ESP-12 bareboard is small enough to fit in these tiny models and I would like them to be able to 'talk' to each other and to other line-side equipment is thia possible?

Asked by Denis B-J 8 months ago

need help please

I am trying to build an art piece that is a book, and when you "pet" the book, it will make a sound. Can anyone talk me through how to make this happen? If so, please make it step by step for dummies. thanks!!!! J

Posted by jennkhosh 9 years ago

Does anyone think they could make an instructable on making a hidden desk

Here is an example if what im talking about: http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/best-today-photos-27.jpg?w=500&h=1627

Asked by TheCrow6650 7 years ago

Geriatric help?

Listen, y'all---that reset password thing is HARD!  I'm OLD!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  Turned out it was my SCREEN NAME I had wrong...Can't y'all talk DOWN to me like the little girl at the grocery store does?  GAH!

Asked by romanreb 3 years ago

Ajleeces rock of the day.

Just to giving a little motivation to all the knexperts(yes jollex I am talking to you) a chance to do something different.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM 14th Novemberhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-AYAv0IoWI 15th November

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

Education in 2008

This is a video I did as part of an advertising campaign for Education in '08, which is running on Instructables in the few weeks left before the election. You might have seen the video and ad running here, but if not, here it is. They simply asked me to "talk about education."

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

My time at Instructables HQ...

.. was boring. There was nothing to do, Eric talked to much, they were so lazy... Eric wouldn't even let me see the laser cutter! ....... YEAH RIGHT! Instructables HQ was one of the best days of MY LIFE! It was so awesome. I got to laser engrave my phone and Flip Video camera, I got to take pictures with Eric, Christy. I met and talked to Tim Anderson, I met and talked to Patrik as well. They gave me like two HUGE sheets of the rectangle robot stickers, and the circle ones. That's about 350 stickers. I got to check out the tower, Christy gave me and my brother each shirts from last years 2007 Halloween contest. It was so awesome. Everything will be in detail with images and stuff in my Slideshow that will probably be posted today. So you guys will just have to wait. I will post a comment on this that says "It's up!" and then you can check it out if you like.

Posted by GorillazMiko 10 years ago

Got caught by my friend(girl)’s mum in the middle of the night in the society clubhouse. how do i deal with her mum? Answered

Got caught meeting up with a very good friend of mine. She’s 17 and i’m 20 and we get along very well but the thing is she has a curfew whereas i don’t. she snuck out to meet me at 12:00 in the night and we were talking (just talking) in the society clubhouse when her mum suddenly appeared. she exclaimed at the late hour and she asked me my name (which i told her) and she said she recognized me and that she would be talking to my dad (i still live with my parents). later on my friend texted me that she’d gotten yelled at but she told her mum not to call my dad and not to make this a big issue. is it advisable to apologize to her mum or let it lie low for a while? any suggestions would be welcome. 

Asked by karangecko 4 years ago

Can we request an instructable? Helmet Intercom?

So i was wondering if anyone could create an instructable to make a helmet intercom system. I recently bought quads and its hard to hear eachother screaming at the top of our lungs. I know there are kits you can buy that fit two-way radios with Push-to-talk options, but I was hoping I could just make it considering the kits are EXTREMELY overpriced. I was thinking of buying a 4 pair of cobra walkie talkies and would need an easy to craft earphone, microphone and push to talk button that would plug into the walkie. Thanks!

Posted by fabes253 5 years ago

Web 2.0 Expo Ignite Talk: Budding engineers design, build, and share their rubberband-powered creations on Instructables

On Sunday, April 15th at the Web 2.0 Expo Ignite session, Christy gave a great 5-minute talk titled "K'Nex Guns: Open-Source Hardware on Instructables: Everyone wants open-source hardware, but how do we get there? A group of K'Nex gun-building kids has actually done it on Instructables; I'll explain how." It was fun, people liked it, and she was asked to give it again today during the Wednesday Keynote presentations of the Web 2.0 Expo.In light of tragic events at Virgina Tech, we wanted to reaffirm our message and ensure that no one mistakes it as glorifying violence. The community that has formed around rubberband-powered K'Nex guns is a positive community. They are using their energy to build, document, collaborate, and share their ideas. They help, support, and encourage each other. They innovate on each others designs, and are meticulous about sharing the credit. These are great qualities we respect and encourage. So, we ask you to look beyond the surface and past the rubberband-powered guns to what's beneath. The users' gun fascination will fade with age, but the underlying positive qualities instilled by this community will not. The skills they're building here are exactly those required for a successful engineer, and for a responsible, mature member of the innovation community. We're against violence, but for innovation and design and creativity.One of the chief reasons we started Instructables was because we saw a community growing and thriving around open-source designs for kitesurfing. The K'Nex community is very similar and grew organically, so we wanted to highlight it and share our insight into it. Check out the slides from Christy's talk, here in the attached PDF, and links to some of the things mentioned:The longer user-innovation talk that this talk is based on.KILLERK's K'NEX GUNtoulvus's Making 3d knex models using mlcadmepain's knex tripwire, huge knex crossbow, and XW30K 8-1/2 cm shot ShifleMost Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestoodalumps's Knex Machine GunTrainman 2000's The VORTEXInnovative Knex Guns groupNo guns K'Nex groupThe K'Nex projects are impressive and inspiring, but Instructables is the platform for for a wide variety of great projects and ideas. Check out some of the other projects on our site: We have other great communities building around bikes, boat building, homemade gifts, micro-controllers, recipes, recycled materials, and many more. Join in, learn something, and share your knowledge with the community. Enjoy your time here on Instructables.Added: Thanks to Fumi Yamazaki for letting me link to her video, which includes a brief hello to her Japanese audience (taken at the end of the conference) then a little bit of my talk

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

How does one-pulse circuitry work? Answered

Forgive my ignorance on the actual name of these circuits. The circuits I am talking about are those that receive one momentary signal, and then perform a whole series of tasks, without the use of a microcontroller. Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 9 years ago

Trying to repair micronta 22-164

I have a micronta talking multi meter 22-164 and after I put fresh batteries in it it keeps saying replace batteries. I found out other people have the same problem. 

Posted by tim4 4 years ago

The Coolest Bands of All Time.(This also includes Indie Bands(Bands thats nobody's heard.))

I created this simple to list and talk about The coolest bands in the world. I'll start off 1.L70ECT- I am Murloc

Posted by JohnJY 9 years ago

how do l know ?

There is this guy and he is 15 and i am 14 and i don't know if he likes me and i don' t  talk to him vary much because i am to shy what do i do?

Asked by taytay1998 5 years ago

helpin myself out

I'm a 15 year old who really needs to talk to someone' who will listen....i want to know how to be happy when every thing around you is crappy or just not working for you....please someone help find myself..!

Posted by h3lpl3ss 10 years ago

what is a simple way to make an cooling mechanism?

I want to make a simple cooling mechanism(not talking about a fan here) which is simple to build, as little mechanical(moving) parts as possible, i don't have a huge budget...

Asked by lieuwe 8 years ago

How to do the "talking lights" of the "Night Rider"? i think the real name is "vumeter"

Well, i don't understand the diagrams, i'd like some pictures or a "step by step" guide. Sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina. Thanks in advance

Asked by ernii 8 years ago

Diference between CNC and 3D Machine? Answered

What's the difference, talking about difficulty, between a CNC using a drill or a 3D printer? I want to built a CNC but I'm not sure if it's really dificult to use do 3D sculpting with a CNC. Great Lessons!! Thank you.

Asked by JuanMejia 1 year ago

A photoshop pen

Hi Lately while working in PS I noticed that I needed a way to freehand with a pen but couldn't afford a professional one.I was wondering if there was a way to make one on the cheap.This is what I'm talking about.https://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-Picture-Frame/?ALLSTEPS

Posted by Commando Bunny 9 years ago

Magnetic or IR dog door

Does anyone know if it is possible to DIY a "smart" pet door? Something like this is what I'm talking about. Basically, I want to let the dog come and go as she pleases whilst keeping the cat inside. Thanks!

Posted by rday 9 years ago

Call of duty friend codes.

Here are my friend codes for both modern warfare 1 and black ops on the wii. modern warfare 1: 512752389309 black ops: 148672766085 also, talk about whatever you like about the games on this page!

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

Floppy disk identifying help!?

Well I bought a floppy disk called 3D TETRIS a week ago and I cannot find anything on the internet that talks about it. If anyone knows anything about it can they tell me. Thank you.

Asked by nattyclem 6 years ago