Creating a temporary EMP device

I'm new in this site. Anyhow, I want to create a EMP that can temporary disable electronic devices. I read some articles that producing one can  permanently destroy any electronic devices when activated.  I don't know if its real in the Dark Knight Rises where Bruce used a device to disable the cameras or even the lights and vehicles in the tunnel but I want one. The purpose of its creation is for killing some time and having experience in making one. Technically, I found a way to make a step by step temporary EMP however it does not show much like how much power produce or some voltage adjuster when you want to increase or decrease its potential.  In such case, if i happened to make one, how can I determine the radius of its effects? Does the voltage produce counts to determine its radius?

Posted by DianS1 3 years ago

Would this EMP cause temporary or permanent damage?

I am thinking of making this EMP. Would this EMP cause a temporary damage? Or Permanent? And if someone can find out the blast radius, that'd be great.

Posted by ArcAngelZz 5 years ago

Possibility of making temporary hair colouring?

Hello there, I've always wanted to dye my hair grey but didn't want to go through the hassle and the possible hair damage of bleaching.  I came across someone selling chalk sticks for temporary hair colouring and was wondering if a cheaper, liquid version could be made to cover all the hair instead of a small part. My initial idea was to use calcium carbonate and grey food colouring with maybe a little bit of talcum powder which will then be mixed with some water so it can be applied easier. These are the ingredients in the colouring I want to use: glycerol, propylene glycol, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, vegetable carbon  Is there anything here I should be concerned about? As I'm going for a grey colour I was also looking at using a small amount of activated charcoal or some other skin safe fine black powder. Is this the best way or are there better alternatives? Advice will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.  

Posted by egrayton 2 years ago

I believe my inability to subscribe is only temporary....

EditedWithin 2 days, I should have the funds, and be able to mess about with PP to see if I can use that, otherwise...(I will try to confirm my PP account). . . Edit #2Grrr, to avoid any extra fees, I have transferred the amount into a PayPal account, so in 3-5 days, it will be available to make payment for 2 years. *sigh* another 3 day wait....ALSO, thanks everyone for confirming that I have not yet lost my mind or have started to imagine things. :-)

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Temporary Car window Tint

How can optically clear(not hazy) window tint be applied such that it can be removed at night?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Why did Instructables text get smaller?

I noticed how all of the text on this website is smaller.  Why?  It is harder to read, and does not look as nice.  Is this only temporary?

Asked by TheChemiker 8 years ago

Why is my Windows 7 64-Bit stuck on the welcome screen for 20 minutes then signs me in to a temporary account?? Answered

I have looked everywhere for solutions.  Could it possibly have to do with the fact that I just installed Drop Box on it?  Thanks in advance for your answers.

Asked by drmjj55 7 years ago

Temporary computer feezes? Answered

We have an old computer that we used forever and it has everything on it.  We are now experiancing a serious issue.  It has a small Nvidia graphics card, 2 hard drives, one SATA, one that other big cord.  I just dusted it and checked for improper cooling, but it is fine.  I let it idle for a while and here is what happens. I have Task Manager running with the performance tab up.  It freezes for exactly five secconds, and the hard drive stops.  Then it runs for exactly five seconds again.  Each time it has a CPU spike which every time shows as 84%, no RAM change is seen.  Any idea's, we can't get the wifi to work for some reason so I can't get any programs for it I don't think, unless maybe I can flash-drive it.  Anyway, it seems very odd that it is exactly 5 second's every time.   One other thing, we had this uniblue registry booster thing come on and it kept asking us to buys stuff, and we never had a problem before that.

Asked by 6 years ago

Need a cutting table design.

I need a cutting table in my sewing room which is really a small bedroom. I have two single beds in the room and need to be able to put up a table that will stradle one of the beds. I need to take it apart and store the parts under the bed if someone comes to stay. And of course it needs to be easy to make and inexpensive. Come on guys I have seen how clever you are, get your thinking caps on.

Posted by Celticangel 5 years ago

Temporary Log Off?

Hello, It seems that every time I try to view this (and ONLY this) instructable, my account is temporarily logged off, leaving me unable to comment, rate, or even favorite the post. (and it's a great share too, just what I was looking for!) I've notified the author of this as well, who also seems to be having trouble with their image tags. Could anybody please look into this? I'd hate for such a useful post to die in obscurity. Thank you... -rhoddity [link]

Posted by rhoddity 7 years ago

hang fabric to hide a wall?

I want to drape out the walls in my living room to hide them for a party...don't want to damage my walls or ceiling. Is there some sort of pole situation that can be please

Asked by luvmibug 6 years ago

Temporary gluing? Answered

What is a good way to temporarily glue stencils etc in place?

Asked by vinstruct3 10 months ago

temporary video projector bulb fix

has anyone ever had a bulb go out on you while using your video projector and not had money to fix it i came across a way to temporary to fix it but i dont know if it will work for all projectors so im getting peoples opinion on if i should put this up as an instructable. please let me know what you think

Posted by kane89 8 years ago

In a temporary rental. How can I connect laptop to high speed internet ?

Local ISP requires 1 yr. contract. Area is rural so wireless card is no good. Rental has cable so I'm willing to be illegal if necessary.

Asked by drewfish 9 years ago

Solar Section? Answered

What happened to the "Solar" section of the Instructables site? I haven't been a member long. Was it just a temporary?

Asked by DELETED_explosionist 7 years ago

How can I improve the proformance and appearance of my 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer ES without voiding the dealer warranty?

Im looking to improve the appearance, performance, handleing, horsepower, torque and the "get up and go" factor. I cannot make a permenent modification (or one that cant be removed without showing little signs of it) because that would void my dealer bumper to bumper and/or powertrain warranties. I do know things can be done without voiding the warranties that would give me some results, however I dont know what they are. I also cant afford major upgrades due to lack of money. please tell me what, if anything, I can do to put the "street car" edge on my own car

Asked by fastcar123 6 years ago

How to make a batch file that temporary changes the system date?

Hi, Im looking to make a batch file that will change the system date back to the 1st march 2007, open up a program and then revert it back after say 10 seconds. Would anyone be able to help me on this? Thanks in advance, Mat

Asked by spinna22 9 years ago

How do you build a temporary horse and cheap....?

I have a lot of room to build... and I need to do this by tomorrow, also cheap! Oh and I am stuck in this little town with only a Walmart.... So hope that helps...Also I don't have any fences at all... Just open field.

Asked by SammieSpaz.... 7 years ago


Hi i paid for pro, i tried 2 computers, it wont let me download anything..  I only paid the pro for a certain model and it says it's temp unavaliable can some admin please check up i paid to get the 7ft gundam

Posted by koconnell 4 years ago

Double email alerts

Getting two email alerts for each comment. Something wrong, or just a temporary glitch during an upgrade?

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 9 years ago

Room Dividers and Other Space Sharing Devices

There are few instructables about residential space dividers.  These might permit folks to live more comfortably and economically. They could be temporary as well as permanent . Could they rolll up to the ceiling ? Could they be flat against a permanent  wall until needed ? How important is acustic l privacy ?  Beauty ?  Fire resistance and safety ? If there are people who have thought about these issues or who have solved a space sharing problem, with some device or other, please post them. They are of no immediate concern to me or mine, but who knows in the future ?

Posted by Wilmette 5 years ago

Lightweight sturdy material for temporary pergola?

Hey all-- I'm looking to build a pergola for one-time use at a wedding reception. It will need to be lightweight and sturdy enough to last one night. Also needs to be assembled quickly (ie precut and slide pieces together). The design is less of an issue, but I need help coming up with a good, light, relatively inexpensive material to build it out of. Any suggestions? Thanks

Posted by TheUnholyTaco 7 years ago

Temporary Absence

Just so you know, Family Kite will be away from, well, the time of this post until Sunday evening (UK time). I may not post while away, as we are staying in a motel that charges £5 an hour for the internet... But, when we return, we should posses new skillz. (Oh, and I went to the first Dorkbot Anglia last night - very cool, but no time to tell it now.  Other iblers were there, maybe they will tell.)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Need help with temporary wall construction

Can anyone shed some light on how this is built ? It looks like 2 8ftx4ft plywood panels sandwiched together with some 2x4s and a hinge on the back. I am trying to find out how to sandwich the sheets together so it looks seamless like the image below. Thanks in advance.

Posted by svioletta 5 years ago

Using a mac as a temporary proxy?

Hi, I live in the UK and I'm off on holiday soon. I'll be leaving my mac here, and using a friend's laptop when I'm there. I'd quite like to be able watch BBc iPlayer (which only works if you're in the uk). Is it possible to use my mac as a proxy and if so how would I go about it? This would presumably be better than a free proxy site in terms of reliability and speed. Thanks in advance for any help, Happy christmas!

Asked by alexhalford 5 years ago

My new Orange Board

This is my temporary Orange Board. Whatever you want to post on my Orange Board should go here until my OB starts working.

Posted by knexsniper1 8 years ago

Random explore choice not working...

I've cleared my browser and emptied the cache and when I choose Explore->Random off of the menu it tells me it can't find any instructables. Is this temporary?

Posted by nimitz 9 years ago

download PDF ...Gone?

Has the option to download Instructables in PDF format been removed or changed?  I cannot seem to find this option on any of the 'structables pages today.  Please, please tell me this is a temporary glitch!

Posted by Denger 5 years ago

Plexiglass Temporary Window

Hi folks.   I'm designing a vent that will vent outside using a vent inside a plexiglass window.  I don't know how to mount the sheet inside my chosen window.  It's a modern window that has a screw type mechanism that takes the window away.  I took the screen out, which just clips in, and expect to do something similar for the plexiglass item. I looked at some of the hardware available at Home Depot and couldn't find anything that would make this thing work.   If anybody has any ideas, that would be great.   Some pics

Posted by BeeRich 7 years ago

The leds are getting hot. Help.? Answered

I made this led array as a temporary solution to electricity outage but the leds get quite hot. Is that normal? Is there any better way to make such an array? I have attached pictures. The resistor is 100ohm.

Asked by Shariq92 6 years ago

Can i connect input to GND ? Answered

Hello, i have a little amp based on this layout : My question is : when i need to temporary disable the input, can i connect "IN" to GND ? Thanks for advance!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

Google Earth: How to open facing a chosen destination? Answered

Google earth opens with the globe turning to face the USA. I would prefer changing this to Europe, or when on vacation, to face my temporary location.  Is this possible?

Asked by BobS 7 years ago

No more author names?

I have noticed that the author's names are not attatched to the posts anymore, i.e. -"My Post" By:Tinker83- in the intro. is this going to be a permanent fixture or is it something temporary? it's not a huge problem, but its kind of nice to just look up and see who wrote it.

Posted by Tinker83 9 years ago

My internal wireless connection on Compaq Presario V5000 laptop somehow stopped working. ?

It also lost its Linksys connection but I reinstalled that.I may have deleted something when I deleted temporary files etc. Any suggestions?

Asked by 9 years ago

How do I sound proof a room? Answered

I am trying to record audio and I get an echo and the occasional sound of a car driving by. Is there a quick and temporary way to sound proof a small area for recording once every few weeks?

Asked by ChippMarshal 4 years ago

Zune Pass

Has anyone found out a way to perminantly keep all of your temporary files from the "zune pass" program, or at least a way to burn them to disk so you can rip them back on a little while later? thoughts and ideas on how one would do this, post here please.

Posted by snipegoat 9 years ago

Any ideas on how to fold newspaper to make temporary pots for germinating seeds?

Currently I take 4 sheets of newspaper about 8" x 8" lay them flat and place a drinking glass in the middle of the paper and "wrap" the glass and secure with tape.

Asked by glittergirl6 9 years ago

About v-gouge? Answered

I do not have a v-gouge tool. I used instead a linocut tool. It's far to be the same and I did not go to deep, but was a temporary solution. What do you say about that? And how deep we may affect the material? 50% or less?

Asked by Suzana 1 1 year ago

How to recover AutoCAD DWG file ? Answered

Tried to recover bak file, but there is no bak file in temporary files. AutoCAD didn’t recover the file itself. The version is 2014. There migt be some error occurred in saving process. Don’t know any solutions. Please help me to repair this file.

Asked by thomashubba19 3 years ago

Problems with PDF

I'm having problems downloading PDF's. When I click PDF in the second link, the page opens on a new tab reloading the second link's page effectively looping. Since I have just 'upgraded' to Adobe ver 9.1I had wanted to know if this is a temporary site problem or just me.

Posted by Karroo Oakey 8 years ago

Worn bushings on a kona coiler mtb

Hi, i was wandering of anyone would know of a good quick fix/ temporary fix for the worn seatstay bushes nearest the rear wheel dropouts just above the dropouts? There is some side-to-side play in them. Thanks

Asked by Georgeloow 6 years ago

how to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009? Answered

How to restore DWG file in AutoCad 2009? Bakup didn't manage to be made. in temporary folders it isn't present. I tried by AutoCad program restore file. but autocad couldn't restore this file. Advise me still options, please!

Asked by magnusjohannesson3 3 years ago

Can I seal a hole in my tooth myself with this? DIY Dentistry, can it be done?  Or perhaps maybe even a temporary fix?

Asked by Nando_Kommando 7 years ago

I had a lot of apps installed on my temporary hdd for my custom pc. With a new hdd I try to open them and get an error

The error I get is "This app can't run on your pc. to find a version for your pc check your product provider". This is extremely weird because I had the apps runing on the same cpu. The only difference is that now I have a different hdd. The apps I would use but now can't are productivity apps like Sony Vegas Pro 13, Elgato Game Capture HD, and many other productivity apps. I'm running on Windows 10 with an Intel i5 4690k with 16 gb of gddr3 ram on a esrock z97 killer series motherboard. Please help.

Asked by Aethleidp 2 years ago