how to build a tesla radio? Answered

I need to make tesla radio as a fun project.

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

tesla death ray and tower?

Can any one explain me working of tesla tower for wireless electricity transfer and his magnifing transmitter  and also how tesla death ray work????

Asked by mihir.sahu.355 3 years ago

Tesla's patents?

I've done some searching on the net and other references, to no avail. Are his inventions public domain? If not, who owns/controls them?

Asked by IS777 6 years ago

dose spark will produce through tesla coil using 6v DC battery?

Dose spark will produce through tesla coil using 6v DC battery..............if possible can we use it as insect killer???

Asked by rachit59 8 years ago

how to make tesla coil by home scrap the esiest way?

How to make tesla coil by home scrap the esiest way........i just want to kill small incects.......should it work like zapper?

Asked by rachit59 8 years ago

tesla coil help

I need help with my solid state tesla coil. i need links to a free sample of either FQP17N40 or ntp12n50 or 2SK3068 as well as the ultra fast diode MUR1560 i appreciate your help

Posted by tech-king 9 years ago

Tesla Coil Wedding Cake Topper?

My fiancé and I are going to embrace our geekiness at our wedding...he has already built a medium sized Tesla Coil and thought it would be cool to have a small tesla coil as a wedding cake topper. Does anyone know if this is possible without burning the joint down or some other disaster? Any help with some plans  or other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

Asked by rampaige 6 years ago

I am a Pro member but Cannot download PDF ?

I am a Pro member. I log in and do a search for MINI TESLA COIL. I go to the one I need.  yet when I click on the PDF download. it asks me to log in again. Seems to be in this loop. O cannot actually get the PDf. Any ideas??

Asked by sparkynz 4 years ago

started school

Going to be an electrical engineer I like high voltage but here my latest experiment any body know a better way to make a capacitor

Posted by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

building a tesla coil

Is there any way to build a tesla coil?

Posted by cris1133 10 years ago

tesla coil resonance

How do i get a tesla coil to resonate

Posted by science kid 7 years ago

Tesla Coil

Can someone PLEASE make an instructable on making a tesla coil that shoots sparks???

Posted by MisterHankie 9 years ago

tesla coil wire

What Gauge. Wire would you use to make a 2 foot tesla

Posted by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

Would this Tesla Coil work? Answered

I am wondering if this DC powered Tesla Coil will work.

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

Tesla Coils

Is there an easer way to make a homemade Teslacoil? Thanks

Posted by spc301 10 years ago

can you ground a tesla coil into an outlet? Answered

I need to know because i am building a tesla coil#

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

Tesla coil? Answered

What gauge wire do I use for my secondary coil

Asked by wiccakingkamui 4 years ago

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? differences ?

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? what are the differences ?

Asked by 8 years ago

how to make fluorescent light glow with tesla coil from 3 metre distance?

Hi so i've watched a lot of youtube videos on how to glow fluorescent light using tesla coil but the problem is that i want to increase the distance between the fluorescent light and the tesla coil to 3 metre

Asked by OmarB8 2 years ago

Small tesla coil? Answered

5000volt neon transformer too many capacitors? Should I just wait tell I can make bigger coil

Asked by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

How can i make a tesla coil powered from a battery?

I want to make a tesla coil that is powered from a battery and need help figuring out what type of battery to use.

Asked by UbuntuNinja 8 years ago

Does anyone know how a Tesla magnifier works?

I am considering making a Tesla magnifier once I've finished my Tesla coil. I know allot of details about its operation conditions but do not understand how the voltage gets stepped up in the extra coil, can anyone explain it?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

can i use fly back transformer for Tesla coil?or which transformer you suggest which can be found easily and cheap?

I love Tesla coils its very initial level of me ...i have just started

Asked by sara rarara 6 years ago

can a tesla coil be rectified with a huge diode? Answered

I found a few hv diode (1 Mega Volt) and some around 240 kv, but the question that I asked myself was if I could get  DC current from a Tesla coil by rectifying it with a proper HV diode. Is it possible???

Asked by arenavles 8 years ago

Tesla coil power supply?

My Tesla coil is 3 inches wide, 14 inches tall and it has 900 turns of 28 AWG wire. I need to know what kind of power supply will be necessary to power it, car ignition coils only give me 3 inch sparks to a ground.

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a good book on the subject of basic homemade tesla coil design?

I need a book that is geared towards people who do not have any experience in the field of tesla coils.

Asked by UbuntuNinja 8 years ago

tesla tubine to power variable firing rate minigun

The tesla CD turbine instructable if that could be made inside a steel cylinder and with sheet steel discs in place of the CDs could it not be used (with high pressure air) to coax a hyper rate of fire from a minigun maybe using a gas cylinder from a paintball gun (thickened to with stand about 300 psi) 

Posted by Nicholai 8 years ago

if you run out of wire on a tesla coils secondary coil can you just solder on a slightly larger wire? Answered

I am making a mini tesla coil and i ran out of wire for the secondary coil and i'm wondering if its possible to just take a slightly thicker piece of wire and solder it on and keep going

Asked by josh1324 8 years ago

Tesla coil what am I doing wrong? Answered

Simple question 5000 volt transformer  30 m.a.  shout circuit  two liquid salt water jar caps with coiled copper internally

Asked by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

Tesla Turbine Bike

I was curious if anyone has created an air compressed tesla turbine bike. Using a 4500 , maybe even 2 4500 carbon fiber tanks. Something along the lines of this instructable Just curious if anyone has tried this, sort of thing and if it was plausible, and how long the tanks would last or if there was some other design such as directly hooking up to the gears.

Posted by thatsgreat2345 9 years ago

I want to build my first Tesla coil...need some advice about the caps

What size caps should I use in my Tesla coil...I have access to 24 and 48 uF that are used in street lights...this is my first coil and I am using a 15 kv nst..any help would be awesome

Asked by linetrician 8 years ago

Can high current be derived from a Tesla Coil's output being ran through a magnetic field ? Answered

I'm trying to devise a way to run my household with a Tesla Coil to supply all the power I need using a negligible amount of input from the power company. I'd like to go "All Electric", without the consequence of an outrageous cooling and heating bill.

Asked by spiceyweasel 9 years ago

Tesla coil music?

So, I have noticed that music can be played with a tesla coil.  I originally thought it could be done just by using a plasma speaker as the input for the primary coil, but now that I have realized this won't work because of a spark gap and capacitors I am stumped.  Will using an inductor (i think that is right) which allows current to pass sixty times in one second yield a 60Hz pitch?

Asked by 7 years ago

Can I use #14 solid copper with THHN insulation as my winding wire for the secondary on a Tesla Coil?

I have a roll (500 feet) of #14 solid wire with THHN insulation and would like to use it as my secondary winding on a Tesla Coil for a school project.

Asked by mbrown1465 5 years ago

Tesla Coil Workshop

Instructables member Phenoptix put me onto a fun event this weekend - two chaps from the Extreme Electronics (Derek and Dave) website led an informal workshop on how to build a classic Tesla coil, from power supply through to topload and breakout. They also brought along a few of their toys to demonstrate what they were talking about, and I grabbed a few (shaky) videos. Thanks to Derek & Dave, it was a grand night, and thanks to the "Lone Scout" for the supply of coffee.

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Tesla coil output? Answered

Ok I'm experimenting with tops and linear transformers for therapeutic effect these seem to be the best combo so far could some aproximate what kind of signal is being out put with a step up linear transformer 4:1 and does it just feel good to me and disruptive to telecommunication it doesn't interfere with wifi

Asked by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

First Tesla Coil Answered

I purchased a small tesla coil kit online.  The kit is working but I need help improving it. Instead of having the typical primary and secondary windings with a toroid on top it has the driver circuit pulse a 50k transformer producing a 1 inch spark.  I'm wondering can the output of the transformer be connect to a typical primary windings and secondary windings with a toroid on top? I have a link below to the schematic. Also if this works would you recommend 1000 or 2000 turns on the secondary and how many on the primary?  30 or 36 gauge for the secondary? Link to schematic Here is a link to the tesla coil  picture. Thanks for your help.

Asked by mpatti75 4 years ago

does any one know if can you charge a phone or ipod with a tesla coil?

I was just woundering since a tesla coil is like a wireless energy transfer could it be used for charging a phone or ipod or kinda like puting a magnet next to your phone!! THANKS been woundering for a while!!!

Asked by teslasrule 7 years ago

Better design? Answered

Jar capacitor with 5000v xmfr

Asked by wiccakingkamui 4 years ago

Is it possible to make something similar to a tesla coil out of a plasma lamp? Answered

I have seen a lot of "plasma lamps" in stores, and was wondering if there was anything cool that could be done with them.

Asked by Higgs Boson 6 years ago

Resonating my tesla coil? Answered

I have heard a little about resonating a tesla coil and wan't to make sure that it is going to before I spend money for my primary (copper is expensive).  My secondary has about 1400 turns of wire.  I am going to be using a bucket capacitor like The Geek Group on youtube built, and a 60 Hz high voltage transformer.  My primary will hopefully be 1/4 inch, and I wan't to know how many turns I need and if I can do a funnel looking shape like this one Tesla Coil.  One other thing is that my tesla coil is 30 inches tall, so does my primary need to get closer to the top to work.  I think I got all of the primaries and secondaries right, I know which is which, but sometimes I swap the words.  It would be a great help if you answered my question.

Asked by 7 years ago