My Dream Cheeky USB missile launcher stops moving up and down and won't fire the top and right ports! Help please?

 I have a Dream Cheeky® USB Missile Launcher that I just purchased "used" from an Ebay seller. Every once in a while, it will just lock up and stop moving up and down. I tried going into its gearbox to loosen up whatever may be blocking it, and it did help a little, but it will still sometimes just stop.  Also - and this is the more important situation - when I hit the fire button on my computer for it, it will start compressing air to shoot the missile, but when it shoots from the four o' clock position (the dart on the right), it will only puff it a couple of feet, and when it tries to launch the missile from the twelve o' clock position (the dart on the top), it won't shoot at all.  I really need to know pretty quickly, everyone, so please help me out on this as much as you can!   Thanks,    Win Guy

Asked by Win Guy 6 years ago

Will this GPU fit in my computer? Answered

As recently as January I've bought a new GPU for my HP Pavilion Slimline (2009). It works great (AMD Radeon 7750) however, my PC is coming up with problems here and there. If I however choose to change computers, I saw this one that has decent performance, but the GPU is terrible. It's a low profile but doesn't do well on BF3. On my current computer and GPU I'm able to run BF3 on Medium graphics perfectly no lag at all. I would guess maybe 40FPS. So my question is, if I were to buy the HPE H8 1360T desktop pc, would my AMD Radon HD 7750 GPU fit in the HPE H81360T? The Radeon came with 2 different holders for the back and I used the smaller one, but would the larger one fit? I measured it as about 4.75 inches. If it's too small, are there any custom fittings to make it fit? Would my GPU be compatible with that PC? Thanks! (Im buying it from too for about $720)

Asked by knexpert1700 4 years ago

Can this computer support Windows 7? Answered

Hey, I've been shopping for a new computer and over all of the results, the cheapest most powerful one I've found is the HP Envy H8 with a AMD 6 core processor at 3.8Ghz (4.1 max). I will put my Radeon 7750 into it too. Anyhow, here is the one I want (Hopefully it hasn't sold yet, but there are many people selling it for this price too): So my question is, if I buy the Windows 7 OEM from (Shipped and sold by Amazon), would this system be able to run it correctly? If not, could I make any adjustments to make it run correctly? Thanks! (Hoping to run Battlefield 3, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Roblox, Minecraft, Halo Combat Evolved, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Need for Speed World on it at about medium graphics with at least 30-40FPS).

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Thank You

Whoo. Thank you for joining my group.

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Thanks!? Answered

Thanks for all this great information!

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Thanks? Answered

Thanks for a Great Class, Bekathwia!!

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Thanks!!! ? Answered

Great Information!!! Thank you so much!

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Thank you

Thank you for giving me ideas to pull creativity out of the Grandkids.!!

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Thanks!!? Answered

I just write to thank you for your efforts and to congratulate you for the classes you have offered us. Sincerely, thank you very much.

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Which computer is better? Answered

Hey, I'm trying to figure out which computer I should buy. One is an HP Pavilion HPE H8 with an Intel i7 third generation quad core at 3.4Ghz. The other has an AMD FX100 Hex core processor at 3.5Ghz. It sounds like the AMD is the winner, but I just want to be sure. I plan on running games such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Saints Row 3, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed World, and about 7 or 8 other smaller games. The computer with the AMD processor has 8GB RAM and the i7 processor has 10GB, both have 1TB sata 7200rpm HDD. Which is faster? Which will run best?

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Say thank you to Instructables!

THANK YOU INSTRUCTABLES! You guys are really amazing! The website, the community, the projects, the people, you are all so awesome! I want to thank everyone at Instructables HQ and everyone who helps make Instructables such an amazing thing.  Thank you also so much for shipping the contest prizes to where we stay, It is really appreciated...a lot! This forum is open to everyone and anyone to express their thanks to in the comments section! Just go ahead and say thank you...

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how to make shuriken? thanks!?

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how to make Pickle? thanks?

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Thanks for joining the group!

Thank you everyone who joined this group and decided to help! You are free to add any sort of instructables to this group! If anyone has any questions about the instructables community just post them in this group! Thank you!

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As in PDF in Spanish ... Thanks?

Como bajo PDF en Español...Gracias As in PDF in Spanish ... Thanks

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Thank You!!

Thank you!! I got my burning questions prize pack in the mail today. the stickers are cool and the patch I like a lot. The laser etched robot was unexpected... very cool!! thanks!

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Thank You Veterans Everywhere!

I would like to take some time and thank all of the veterans that have served in any of the branches of the United States. I cannot begin to thank you guys enough for being so brave to fight for are country. It is a privilege to be writing this thanks right now. All I can say is just Thank You!!

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Thank you? Answered

Thank you, Becky, I had a lot of fun with this class. It feels good to build something physical.

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Thanks? Answered

My first two-part mold was a success!

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"Authors word of thanks To Our Sponsors!

Authors who have entered contest in the past, present, and future would like to thank our sponsors for their support. Your support has helped make this community a wonderful place to share creative ideas and unique projects. Thank You!

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What do you thank of war good bad or........? Answered

I whant to o what you thank.

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How to Thank Instructables

Ahhh...It feels good to let this out:How to Thank Instructables

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Thanks for the Robot Hoodie!

It just came in the mail. Awesome! (I've mislaid my camera, so unfortunately I can't get a super-snazzy shot of it). This will be great to wear to school. Thanks again for the hoodie!

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Just wanted to say THANKS! Answered

I learned a lot!

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What hip hop/rap song have these lyrics? Answered

I really like the song but it has,"thank ye thank ye lord i wanna thank ye" lol thanks.

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A "Thank you" to an anonymous doner...

Someone gave me a free pro membership.  Since I do not know who it was and thus cannot thank them personally on their orangeboards/PM's, I have decided to post this topic to publicly thank the person who gave it to me.  To whoever gave it to me, you know who you are, thanks a bunch.  And the timing couldn't have been better, my birthday is coming up soon lol.

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