I need help to find a plan for a elapse time timer. The kind that will tell the time from one input and the second.?

I am setting up a race course for gravity racer.  You can not see the top or start from the bottom.  An electric clock will stop some of the arguments.  Thank you

Asked by jds311 7 years ago

Build a circuit which gives a signal for 5 seconds once in every two hours. What components would you recommend?

I need a very low power signal and i need it for a duration of 5 seconds once in every two hours. If a resistance pot could be included to vary these durations(5 seconds and two hours), that would be great. There should be one master switch to the circuit which will switch on/ switch off the circuit.

Asked by Nikhit 8 years ago

555 timers?

I was wondering if there is a difference between a ne555p timer chip and a ne555d timer chip, and if there is then what is it? if there is a difference between them, then where can i buy a ne555p timer in australia? :)

Asked by jcolefran 8 years ago

Are there any common timers that are programmable to the second? (my sprinkler timer is programmable only to the minute)

We are using a sprinkler timer to automate the opening and closing of a ball valve by linear actuator. The problem is the sprinkler timer is only programmable to the minute, so it opens, lets water flow for a minute, and then closes. This wastes water as we only need to empy the tank for 10-ish seconds. Any timers that are programmable to the second?

Asked by paulpaulpaulpaul 8 years ago

How is a 555 12V delay relay timer wired?

I purchased several simple 1-channel relay timers (single pot), followed online videos to use but I could not get them to function properly. Can anyone tell me, in clear detail, how to connect/wire them. I also purchased several other types of relay timers (double pot), much like the Vellman MK111 interval timer, these worked fine. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.                   cgc210

Asked by cgc 1 year ago

Computer parts and others

I just basically saying 555 timers, lm386, boxs of wires, computer parts like HDs and mother boards, leds, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic componets.

Posted by Kante Tech 6 years ago

I was wondering how do I connect a dimmer switch to a 24 hour programmable timer for a faux window. Answered

I was wondering how do I connect a dimmer switch to a 24 hour programmable timer for a faux window. I want it to look as real as possible. So I am looking for sunset and sunrise. Any help would be great! Thank you?

Asked by Claypoolgal 6 years ago

First I'm still a newbie at electronics. I know there are schematics for the "annoying cricket" out there.

Is there a schematic or explanation telling me how to make the device give a double chirp then silent for a seond before another double chirp, turning off in the light and then back on in the dark?

Asked by OnCrowsWings 8 years ago

How can i get a 12v motor to automatically reverse polarity or direction by a adjustable timer ???

I have a machine that i built for hunting that swims  duckdecoys back an forth that mimics a live group of ducks and would like to control it by an adjustable timer to automatically reverse the direction of the motor  instead of having to hit a switch back an forth.Heres what i need exactly a timer that is adjustable by a knob that will switch direction of motor after a certain time an adjustable speed control by knob for the motor to speed up an slow down the motor an a on/off switch to turn the system on an off if someone could help me with a parts list and a schematic of how it all goes im shure i can figure it out

Asked by frankswamper 5 years ago

Tired of dumping dehumidifier... Float switch, submersible pump, and a timer?

I have a small dehumidifier with a removable tank that has to be emptied far too often.   It has an integrated float switch in the tank that shuts down once full, but if you neglect to dump it, the basement gets way too muggy. I would like to put in a submersible pump (like this) that is activated by a simple mechanical float switch.  Once activated, I only want the pump to run for a set amount of time, in order to keep the pump from pumping all the water out and running the pump dry.  I thought about this timer, which has a minimum interval of one minute.  One to two minutes of pumping would be about right for the tank size, depending on the pump flow rate and where the float switch was set to initiate the pump. I had originally looked at a Kerick Valve float switch, but this will only let enough water drain out to lower the float and close the valve.  This will essentially just trickle out. Any ideas on this? I don't want to drill a hole in the tank and just run a drain tube... though I considered it.  Part of the reason is that I wanted to avoid just letting it trickle out.  And I also felt like I wanted to tinker just a little.  :)

Asked by jmgustin 5 years ago

Hi, Are there any known screw-in compact flouresant bulbs that will work with an electronic timer?

I have an electronic wall switch timer, I believe the brand is intermatic, if I attempted to use a compact flouresant bulb, it does'nt work properly. Is there a CFL made to work w/ my timer, or is there a special timer made to work w/ these type of bulbs? Thanks

Asked by nyman58 9 years ago

I want an alarm to go off if the freezer door is open for 5 minutes or more.?

Our freezer door keeps getting left open, so I want to install an alarm that will go off if it stays open for 5 minutes or more.  I don't just want an open door alarm, than would be annoying when loading/unloading the freezer. One that would shock the offending child would be an added bonus but not needed.

Asked by mark84gti1 6 years ago

what's going on with my LED dimmer circuit? Answered

I'm making a resin block lighting thing for my dorm room, but the lights are too bright to look directly at (and it's meant to be looked at). I decided to make a 555 dimmer circuit, and I used these plans. http://www.555-timer-circuits.com/led-dimmer.html when I built it, however, the LED stayed off. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I touched the two diodes in the circuit and noticed that the small current leaking through my skin caused the LED to blink slowly. I turned one of the diodes around, and lo and behold, the dimmer worked as expected. so what I want to know is: what was the purpose of the diodes in the original diagram? was the positioning of the diodes just an error in the design? should I run with what I have now (since it works), or do something different?

Asked by codongolev 4 years ago

Auto egg turner motor. What motor do I need for my incubator?

I built an incubator from a redundant wine cooler but the motor wasn't up to the job. I had underestimated the total load and stripped the gears in the gearbox. Can someone tell me in very basic terms what I need to change and where to look for them? Also, the top connection needs to be a ball and socket type affair (not very smooth at the moment). Where do you buy components like that? Thanks. Paul http://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=33362

Asked by toxo 8 years ago

special timer?

How do i make a timer that would have a big button to start the timer, then a touch sensor that stops it. and then where do i get a big timer clock at?

Asked by ClemensY290 8 years ago

wrist timer

Can anyone build me a wrist countdown timer? PM for details

Posted by gio_13 9 months ago

Arduino timer? Answered

How to write a count down timer program

Asked by MahK1 1 year ago

How to build electronic timer?

I would like to build a 24h timer which will operate for 1min at each iteration. For example: each day at 20:00 the timer will light a led for 1 min.

Asked by chenr2 3 years ago

555 Timer Projects

Help me find projects using a 555 timer as many as possible. The hreater the better

Posted by e=mc^2 6 years ago

Dual timer switch

Is there a commercial dual timer switch that the first timer can be set for longer duration like hourly or half hourly and then switch on another timer that run in seconds. Or is there a DIY solution? Eg. Turning on a water sprayer every 2 hours for 10 seconds. I need a timer that run from the mains.

Posted by TanJ21 22 days ago

How to make a game timer with 3 timer settings (1min, 45sec, 30sec) that will also buzz when the time is up?

I know nothing about circuitry and am trying to make this simple timer for a game idea that I want to produce. Instructions on how to build this or directions on who I could talk to about getting this mass produced would be great! I appreciate any help. 

Asked by AndrewR259 1 year ago

Need help with wires and 12 volt timer

Need some step by step help. I have a 12 volt timer  I need to know how to connect the wires. What tabs to use and how to connect to the timer. I am a novice but trying hard to figure this out. The timer is for our RV frig btw.

Asked by mphillips13 5 years ago

Electrical Timer. I need a timer for a Halloween prop.

It's a cadaver that trembles continuously. It runs on standard house current. I'd like it to tremble for only a few seconds at a time, then nothing for 10-20 seconds, then repeat.

Asked by 8 years ago

NE555n timer or NE555p timer? Answered

Please Help. I want to know if I should buy a NE555n timer or a Ne555p IC. Can I do the same things with each? Is there much difference? Thank you guys, Electronicsloser

Asked by HavocRC 5 years ago

advice about timer?

I need cheap small timer to use in my device ( voltage protector) to use in control of warranty of 3 months, this timer will connect to led and when the time is finish (3 month of real working) the led will off, this timer should calculate the time of electricity working only ( if electricity cut off the timer not calculate the time when there is no electricity)  the timer continue calculate the time of working only is case of electricity is exist. when the total time of electricity on (exist) reach 3 months the timer will cut off the power on the led so will turn off the led

Asked by rubellamarket 3 years ago

I need to make an electronic timer.

I want to use a electronic timer to set off a buzzer. LED or vibrating motor, or to ignite things, how can i do this?

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

could i use 2 555 timers instead of one 556?

There's a few projects that i wanna do but i don't have any 556 timers. but i do have tons of 555 timers

Asked by madrobot3600 7 years ago

Electronic timer circuit.

I have a 9vdc supplying 3ma constant current. I wish to switch polarity automatically every 5 minutes with a timer. How can I do that simply?

Asked by rhhince 8 years ago

is there a way i can set a timer? Answered

Ok i need a timer for my computer on my computer i need 2 alarm settings and it to be easy to use

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

I need to make a 7-12 second delay timer, how?!?

For my delay timer, i will need to be able to turn the POWER on/off and activate the timer with a button press. i only dont wanna have to turn the power on/off to reset it. So, i'd have a power switch, and a timer activate/reactivate button. It will activate a reed relay. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by sci4me 8 years ago

Using a microwave oven's timer as the mains timer switch?

I have a timer switch from an old dead microwave oven. Can I use it as the mains timer switch? If yes, how do I connect it. The timer looks exactly like what is shown in the following picture: http://hackadaycom.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/mads-microwave-teardown1.jpg (The picture was not taken by me. It is from an article on useful things that can be harvested from  dead microwave oven.) Also, if possible, please mention the functions of various pins or give a link to an explanation.

Asked by raftor 4 years ago

How to make a timer switch? Answered

I want to make a timer circuit for my aquarium light so it  stays on for  12 hours and off for 12 hours. Can anyone provide a circuit diagram?

Asked by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 4 years ago

How to connect limit switch, motor & timer?

Hi..can anyone help me how to connect limit switch, dc motor & timer?..i want the motor stop & the timer is on when the limit switch is touched..after the timer is off the motor automatically on again..can anyone help me?

Asked by MuhammadI304 2 months ago

Timed Shocker, or Shocker w/ a Timer

I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a shocker hooked up to a timer? Or at least how to hook up a timer to a shocker? If anyone can show me how to hook a good, strong shocker to an electronic timer, i'd be grateful. I already have a timer and i can post pics of it's insides if anyone wants a look, it's the one i plan to use. I was hoping to rig it up to the world's smallest shocker. Thanks in advance.

Posted by DeletedUser 9 years ago

How to Make an Electronic Timer? Answered

I need to make a circuit for an electronic timer. It should have an ONtime= 23hrs50mins and an OFFtime=10mins. I was thinking of using an Arduino/Arduino standalone connected to a relay for this project. Any Ideas do share

Asked by Jonathanrjpereira 3 years ago

How to wire a Screaming monkey to a timer? Answered

I have a few cheap countdown timers I  bought off of ebay. I want to wire one to a Screaming Monkey so I hear the Monkey scream instead of the normal beeping.

Asked by trek988 6 years ago

Timer in Visual Studio 2008 Answered

I need to create a timer in visual studio 2008. I want to have a Console.WriteLine("words"); and then a timer that delays for about one second before it prints the next Console.WriteLine("words"); Can anyone help me?

Asked by Jedrokivich 7 years ago

555/551 timers 55* Same or Different?

Hello! I'm interested in knowing what timers are the same as the basic 555? Is a 551 the same thing? I am also looking for equavalent Timers that operate in the same way, and have almost identical pinout thanks!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

Timer to flip light switch?

I need a timer that will mechanically operate a wall switch for a light. I've seen a device years ago for sale in the various "gadget" catalogs that did exactly this. It attached to the trim plate around the light switch using the 2 trim plate screws. A battery powered digital timer operated a mechanical slide to operate the wall switch. I can't find this device anywhere now. I know there are many electronic timers that replace the wall switch and have timer capability, most do not work with compact flourescent lights. I'd really like to find a timer for sale or get some ideas on a simple way to make such a device. Thanks for any help. Scott

Posted by tscottme 9 years ago

Meditation Timer

I'd like to modify a simple egg timer for meditation.  My current timer makes loud harsh staccato beeps.  I'd really like a timer that made something that sounds like a long slow deep bell when the time is up. I have no idea how to do this but I'm guessing someone does and can do it for less than the $100 ones they sell in the glossy Buddhist catalogs.  Any help would be great mattcadorette@hotmail.com

Posted by mcadorette 8 years ago