Timing circuit - how to

Evening all, I am a NooB to electronics and instructables and would like to build a time control unit. What I am looking to do is build an auto baster for my smoker. The idea is to have a pump (ac pump or possibly a dc washer motor pump not sure yet do to the pressure needed) connected to a copper tube that  runs the length of my smoker. I want to have a time control circuit connected to the pump  where I can adjust the A) interval in which the pump is triggered B) the length of time the pump runs for. I have never done anything with electronics; well besides some radio shack kits as a kid however I do have some basic understanding. If anyone could help me or even just point me in the right direction that  would be great. Thanks,  -sunadmn

Posted by sunadmn 6 years ago

555 timing circuit?

Asked by gadget01 9 years ago

How to make an LED light up for a second or two with a button press, regardless of how long the button is pressed? Answered

I am looking to make a prop gun that just need to have a small flash for the sake of actors to know when the gun was "fired".  I was hoping there is some way to make a small analog circuit to do what I need, and that is this: I need an LED to light up for a second or two, then turn off. The lights need to turn off, regardless if the button is still being depressed or not. If the light needs to go off again, then the button would need to be release and repressed. Thanks for the time! 

Asked by DoctorWoo 1 year ago

Timing system for 2 actuators

Hello all! I have 2x 12v actuators with 2 wires. I need to have both of them (at the same time) extend all the way and stay for 30 minutes and then retract completely for 30 minutes and cycle like this. What would be the simplest way for me to go about this? Cheers!

Posted by sandman420 8 years ago

Does time of the entry matter?

Hi, Please note this is not a complain or anything of a sort but rather just a wondering, a question. I am not a total newbie here but I am also not much of an active user.  I am a busy leatherworker with no spare time for almost anything. I do love writing tutorials and helping others who want to know more about working with leather. When I write a tutorial I put my time and effort to make it really good so a person who follows it have almost none questions left. It does take a huge amount of time which usually leads to the fact that I enter a contest at the very last day/moment.   And here comes my question. Since the voting is open from the start of the contest don't those who entered in the beginning have more benefits/chances to win simply because they have entered early and so have more views/votes? I know there are those three days still open for voting after a contest is closed but this is a too short period comparing to the month or even more time available to the early birds. How does the entry time affect the selection of the finalists which from what I understand is based purely on viewers' voting? Do judges take into consideration the fact that the entry was at the last minute so could not get too many votes for the very same reason? Thank you! Era 

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Timing/warning device using Adrduino board?

Some time ago I bought some components with a view to trying to build a timer/warning device so that a boat driver can monitor session times on the water. To be honest I neither have the time or, as quickly became apparent, the expertise, to do it!! So I am posting on this forum in the hope that somebody may be interested in either taking on the project, or is able to put me in touch with someone who might. I would be happy pay a reasonable amount for somebody's time and expertise, and of course the components. Alternatively I am could trade some wakeboarding or waterski lessons for it! If just the components could be put together to make a functioning circuit, I can get the whole thing put into a suitable box. If it can be built successfully, I will actually need two. I have been told that it should not be difficult but it is certainly beyond my capabilities. I am in the UK. The device needs to have a countdown timer, with a display for the driver to see. It needs to trigger an audio and visual warning when getting close to a fifteen minute time limit and, when the time is up, to reset itself. It also needs to switch a fairly bright light which which will reflect these actions and can be seen from behind the boat . It was suggested that this could be based on an ARDUINO board. It would draw its power from the boat's 12v system. The sequence would be as follows: Timer is started by driver The digital timer display starts to countdown from 15 mins in seconds The boat driver will see from the display that the timer is running. A light bright enough to be visible to a person 20m behind the boat is illuminated so he/she also knows the timer is running. At 12 minutes, the driver gets a visual warning, maybe the display flashes, perhaps once per second. The person behind the boat also gets same warning on their light. i.e. flashing once per second. At 13 minutes 30 secs, the display flashes more rapidly and a buzzer also sounds for 10 secs. indicating to the driver that the time is almost up. The person behind the boat also gets the same warning on his light (i.e. rapid flashing) (may want to incorporate an audible warning too, loud enough for them to hear). At zero, the timer automatically resets itself to 15 minutes and restarts.  At this point the driver has the option to allow it to continue running without interruption for the next 15 minute period and so on, or he can stop the timer manually, when it will simply reset to 15 minutes and become idle until started again. N.B. A facility which allows the timings to be customized would be very useful (presumably this could be done by changing the Arduino code?) So thats it. Simples! (apparently) If you think you can help me with this and I will be delighted to hear from you. Many thanks Mike mirlyn

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How to control DC motor off and on cycles. Answered

I need to control the speed at which a pager motor is on or off. I don't need to control the motor speed, just the timing of off and on. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this? (I have some 555 timers and an Arduino Uno so either of these would be preferred methods). I've tried but failed with the 555 timer and a pot to do this.  Eventually I would like to have two pager motors cycling between off and on (pulsating effect). Thank you, -shortdiesel

Asked by shortdiesel 6 years ago

wind up timer device

Hi all can someone help me find out a way to make a wind up timer? - all it needs to do is manually wind up by hand, unwind through a series of gears slowly.....but needs to have a strength of about 2kg/cm torque. something to unwind for about 30 minutes would be perfect is there anything out there which can be used..or a simple way to make using spur gears and a coil spring? many thanks

Posted by oem_odm 8 years ago

Arduino precise timing question

I have a robot that has to turn by an exact angle. After thinking for a long time I came to an ugly solution of getting two continuous rotation servos turn the two bearing wheels in opposite direction for a particular time. I timed something like twenty full rotations and made the robot calculate the time needed for turning n degrees. However, there is some time needed to connect the servos and for them to start turning, so after about 10-20-30 robot turns the mistake runs up quite high. Does anyone have any ideas of how to calculate the 'speeding up' constant I have to add to every turn time? Quite anything is appreciated, I've been thinking for two months (but not quite intensively:)). 

Asked by gruffalo child 6 years ago

I want a seqence to start, a recorded voice to sound, timing sequence to start at the end of the voice..Can it be done?

Hi, Patrick here. I am building a scrum sled training device and hope to use an Arduino MEGA to do the thinking! Basically the idea is simple enough. I want the Processor to start a timing sequence once a start button is pushed. I want the processor to then activate a voice saying, 'Touch, Pause....Engage' Much like you hear the ref saying in professtional rugby. Once the word 'engage is said by the processor through a speaker or buzzer, a timing sequence would start, and ending when the player makes contact with the pads on the scrum sled. This conact will bge made by limit switches feediong back into the processor ending the sequence. I have attached a PDF of the sled design. Can Anyone help me with the programming!? ANY HELP at all, is very much appreciated. Thanks again, Patrick

Asked by Pabyrnes24 6 years ago

Controlling a servo with a Micro-controller?

So I decided to spend some time to make a "gimbal" in a very loose sense. Basically I was experimenting using a square wave oscillator to generate the correct PWM to have a servo rotate between 0 and 180 degrees when a tilt sensor is tripped. After some research multiple sites said having a 1ms pulse every 20ms would have it move to the 0 degree position. Great so I will make a oscillator pulses ~1ms on one side and 19ms on the other. However this does not seem to be working. I am curious if it is a fault in my math or if the tolerance on the parts I am using are just too wide to be any good. Here is a diagram of my set-up with the values a came up with. One spot that may be weak is that I just notice someone somewhere mentioned using 50Hz for the timing I just used that number when I calc my figures. Any feedback?  Also a side note is that I have been able to move the servo in one direction only and by accident ( in fact it's what inspired this project) when C1 & C2 were 2.2nF and the R1 & R2 were 10k potentiometers that I turned until something happened. Now that I am trying on purpose no results. 

Asked by Jayccob 2 years ago

Arduino code help

To the Instructables members,       I'm trying to write a program that uses a pushbutton (momentary) to turn on and off LEDs.  I have two LEDs and one button.  Basically, I want to be able to push the button to switch LEDs.  One push - one LED turns on - another push - the second LED turns on - another push - the first LED turns on - and so on.  Anyone know how to do that?  I'm sure there's a simple solution that I've missed.  Any aid would be awesome.

Posted by dudes 3 years ago

Arduino + Timing Device used in Profession Rugby

Hi, Patrick here. I am building a scrum sled training device and hope to use an Arduino MEGA to do the thinking! Basically the idea is simple enough. I want the Processor to start a timing sequence once a start button is pushed. I want the processor to then activate a voice saying, 'Touch, Pause....Engage' Much like you hear the ref saying in professtional rugby. Once the word 'engage is said by the processor through a speaker or buzzer, a timing sequence would start, and ending when the player makes contact with the pads on the scrum sled. This conact will bge made by limit switches feediong back into the processor ending the sequence. I have attached a PDF of the sled design. Can Anyone help me with the programming!? ANY HELP at all, is very much appreciated. Thanks again, Patrick

Posted by Pabyrnes24 6 years ago

How to convert IR hex codes to IR time codes for TV-B-Gone?

Hi, I was trying to add an IR code to the TV-B-Gone library since it was not able to turn off one of my TVs, so I found the code I needed/wanted to test here (http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-discrete/thread.cgi?6824) however the code formating is not the same as the formatting in the TV-B-Gone library. For example, a power code on the site is in hex: 0000 006b 0022 0002 015b 00b1 0014 0018 0014 001a 0012 0019 0013 0018 0016 0017 0014 0018 0013 0044 0013 0018 0015 0042 0014 0043 0014 0043 0014 0043 0013 0043 0015 0042 0014 0018 0014 0043 0014 001a 0012 0043 0016 0042 0013 0043 0015 0042 0014 0043 0014 0043 0016 0016 0014 0042 0014 0019 0015 0017 0014 0018 0014 0018 0014 001a 0012 0018 0014 0043 0015 061a 015b 0059 0014 0e93 but a code in the TV-B-Gone library is not: const struct powercode sonyCode PROGMEM = {   freq_to_timerval(37470), // 37.47 KHz    {{245, 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 2759},    {245, 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {123, 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 60},    {61 , 0}// end of code and I was wondering if there was a way to convert the hex codes into codes usable by the TV-B-Gone library? Any help or tips would be appreciated, thanks.

Asked by psp3601 4 years ago

Timing chain cover

I have a 97 dodge dakota and I need a new timing chain cover. On-line purchases are out of the question because I'm short on time and cash. I will be going to pick n pull to get a replacement but they currently only have years 91, 92, 93, 95, and 99. My question is this, how do i find out how similar any of these other covers are, short of driving all the way to the yard and inspecting each one. does anyone know off hand how interchangeable this piece is?

Posted by danjamesardoin 3 years ago

DIY airsoft grenade that isn't a wad of bb's duct taped to a firecracker?

 Okay, so here's what I'm thinking; an aluminum rod with holes in the sides for the bb's, the holes are a little larger than the bb's, and have a styrofoam chunk in each of them to hold the bb's in. Then a hole the size of the CO2 canister in the middle. I haven't worked out the timing mechanism yet, or even started to, but the firing mechanism would be a spring attached to a hammer with a spike on the end of it, pull the pin, hammer hits the co2 canister, boom. Any help/suggestions here?

Asked by iBurn 8 years ago

is time travel possible??? Answered

Is time travel possible???

Asked by WEBRANGER 8 years ago

Time Travel? Answered

Is time travel theoretically possible? (I just watched Minute Men) :P

Asked by joespicnictables 6 years ago

Time ? Answered

How much time do you spend in this product? any time table can share with us?

Asked by ZhenhuaC 1 year ago

How do you kill time?

What do you do when you've got time to kill?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

Working time definition? Answered

Doesn't working time refer to the amount of time you have to attach the pieces? After the working time has passed the glue will not adhere.

Asked by terryech 1 year ago

How many people on the internet at one time? Answered

Is it possible to see how many people are on the internet at a time, or on one website at a time?

Asked by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Bug: Displayed contest time left relates to user's location, not Pacific Time

On the last day of the LED contest, I noticed that the calculated "time left" was according to my local time instead of Pacific Time as described in the contest rules.

Posted by vivianshock 1 year ago

Time? Answered

About how long of boiling time for the pasta? Thank you.

Asked by Gadget93 1 year ago

real time operating system ?

Is window  a real time operating system ? If answer is no then what is meaning of " window as real time operating system I don't understand what is meaning of window as real time operating system Is window ce is different thing ?

Asked by vead 4 years ago

Bug: Closing time contests incorrect

The closing countdown is incorrect, because it looks at the local time, instead of the actuall time that the event closes.It doesn' t take into account the time zone

Posted by FriedZombie 3 months ago

Negative comment time

Greetings; just caught this on my inbox...negative  comment time?  It's counting up towards zero as time progresses.  Nothing abnormal about the destination post...

Posted by frollard 6 years ago

What is your favorite adventure time epesode.

What is your favorite adventure time episode.

Posted by Fin the human 2 years ago

How to get a part-time job?

How to get a part time job as a student/ young person

Asked by popcorn man 9 years ago

wilgubeast inveted a time machine

The time stamp on some of the forums is a bit screwed up, either that or wilgubest has left messages in the future  and traveled back in time to save Sarah Conner.

Posted by liquidhandwash 3 years ago

I enroled but when is it? what time/? Answered

Pls advice date and time of trainings

Asked by jorgedavid 1 year ago

Modern Times - one to watch.

This video is ... incredible. Watch it, then thank me. MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.  

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

why when I post comment the time it says I posted it is 3 hours earlier then the current time...any answers?

 Is www.instructables.com located indifferent time zone besides eastern?

Asked by Apple_4_life 8 years ago

Shortest poly dry time?

What is the shortest Polyurethane drying time before i can wet sand? 

Asked by ski4jesus 7 years ago

Spare Time? Answered

I need something interesting to do at my house during the summer!!!!!

Asked by Goalie1 8 years ago

Capacitors depletion time?

Building a cap with 2x 500F what would the run time be running on LEDs?

Asked by dominick.j.pezza 3 years ago

"Newest Post" time in forums are off

Yes, for this board. It is hilarious.

Posted by Sorunome 3 years ago

Place & time? Answered

Where & when are classes held?

Asked by AZhummingB 1 year ago

I havent been here for a long time...

So, What's new??

Posted by assasin 10 years ago

I spend to much time in the topics.

Apparenty, so do you. I really need to get back to looking at the actual Instructables, instead of constenty looking at topics. Time to spin the bottle.

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how much time will it last ,a throwie of 10mm with a battery of 3v?

How many hours or days will the led be "ON"? using a 10mm led with a 3v battery

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Printing Time? Answered

HiWhat is the lead time in standard printing process in term of Cubic MM, of course varies in Printer Model and Brand, so what is the lead time used on your 3D printer ?Thank you

Asked by willykong 1 year ago

time travel

I heard on the radio today that TIME TRAVEL was possible. Itll only set you back 10 trillon $. You can only go forward in time but then you can go back if they make one that can go back in time in the future. (like mysterio) ooooooo-weeeeee-oooooooo edit:better grammer and puncuation and cool sound effect.

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Erasing Time - Clock Schedule

This Trace of Time clock is a unique way of planning out your day.  Notes are written on the glass surface of the clock with a dry erase marker and are erased by the hour hand as time passes. found via make

Posted by Carleyy 7 years ago

Time Fountain

Wouldn't be cool if someone made one of these for the LED competition? I definitely do not have the LED knowledge to do this.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago