wooden toys vs plastic toys ?

Which one is a good option for kids wooden toys or plastic toys ????

Posted by Wholesaletoys 2 years ago

Why do some toy's circuits miss some components? Answered

So, i opened up some of my old toys just out of curiosity, and i noted that there were some empty places for components such as capacitors. What would happen if i added a capacitor there and why do they lack them in the first place?

Asked by aksuduud 7 years ago

wheel and axle toys?

How to make science toys on the principle of wheel and axle. 

Asked by prasanth reddy 8 years ago

Quick easy Toys? Answered

Anybody know some quick easy toys to make? Simple, with fairly cheap materials?

Asked by AshleighLm 5 years ago

What are some home made toy ideas for Ferrets?

Toys for animals in general are expensive, and ferrets will play with just about anything; what are some safe ideas for making some ferret toys to fill up their toy box?

Asked by 9 years ago

What are some good toys for gerbils?

I generally want homemade toys but anything will do. My gerbils chew everything up so im always looking for a good toy.

Asked by builderdude 9 years ago


This is where I will post available toys to mod as they are donated. Or if you have a toy you would like to donate please post a picture of it here or mail it to me. * *please contact me for shipping information.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

how to make a toy out of items lying around your house

My friends are coming round and i dont have much toys for their children to play with so please could you give me an idea on how to make toys out of house hold items 

Posted by sophiekkk 4 years ago

i want to make my own transformer toy out of plastic perhaps using mold or something?

Transformer toy from plastic i'd like a guide or something as to what i should do most action figures you got dont move

Asked by 9 years ago

how to construct a toy car with a dc motor which can operate in a four quadrant (motoring /regenerating )??

Wat should be my motor rating ? i am using choppers to operate it ? and controlling it with PWM controller ?

Asked by saleem basha 6 years ago

Toy lamp

Ryan McElhinney makes funky lamps and frames with lots of old action figures. They're all glued together in what looks like some battle royale and coated with one color for a unifying look. The results are pretty awesome. Check out the link below for more pictures. Ryan McElhinney via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago


Any ideas for homemade pet toys or treats that cost under $10.00 are welcome Here are a few examples: Hamster hammock,dog bed,cat castle,dog treats,cat teaser. Or anything else you can think of !!!

Posted by shooter129 10 years ago

Replacing a picture in a mono viewmaster toy

Disney had this line of single pictures viewmasters back in the day http://disneyatdisleelandiablog.blogspot.com/2011/11/disneylands-40th-anniversary.html   My girlfriend is a huge fan of Lion King and I  wanted to replace the picture inside with one of us.  I was curious if anyone else had attempted a similar project and could offer advice.  Thanks in advance

Asked by mrubesch 6 years ago

Wanting to make a cat toy, for two fat cats.?

Was thinking of,,,,, a shoe lace or sunglass kind of string, as the “Bait”. Want it to snap then craw back like your trout fish casting or pull back dragging on floor and a snap -out -again- W/O this arm smacking them in the head  (thinking of a hysteresis type  motor for speed and tork with short spring and stud to whip string  out about 12”.  Toy to Turn on and off with motion switch or after 2 min. of play  &  shut down, quit and turn on only by motion of them wanting to play again don.t want a presher plate switch.  Am I asking too much.? Steve6221

Asked by steve6221 7 years ago

i need to buy a couple of eletric things in low cost where should i buy them from i am from canada? Answered

I need to buy and where should buy them i need the good in low cost and i live in canada

Asked by ms10 6 years ago

Does anyone have the instruction sheet with music for Mattel's Magical Musical Thing which came out in 1978?

After several moves we lost, found, lost, &  just recently found again our Mattel's Magical Musical Thing, we unfortunately we have completely lost the instructions for it.  It uses a 9-V square battery.  It has different colored and numbered buttons on the face, both upper and lower on a blue body.  I have found the instrument on the internet but can't find the instruction booklet nor music for it. All of your help will be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much, Jean P.S. I have pix, I just need to figure out how to get them off my new phone, if you need them please let me know.

Asked by Jeany852 8 years ago

How to make a toy with spring that will make people laugh?

I need to make a science toy.It has to be funny and make people laugh.Atleast one spring has to be used.It has to be creative and durable.

Asked by jgoutham 9 years ago

how do you make a toy car?

I want to make a toy car that can be electronic and with doors and trunks that open

Asked by dmbfilms 8 years ago

Can you make the swing-boat toy shown in our Instructable?

Can you make the swing boat shown in our Vintage Toy-making Instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Vintage-Toy-Making-challenge/

Asked by Wordstothewise 3 years ago

Broken links in Toy Challenge results

Hi there, I noticed that the links for the runner-ups in the Toy Challenge are inaccurate, leading you to the wrong Instructable or to the homepage. Thanks for looking into this Lance

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

how to make a simple cat toy?

It can be a chuw toy or it can be a ball or something.

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

industrial or toy? Answered

Hi i the raspberry a good system to use industrially for computer control of motors and switches or is it more of a toy / home user device?regards A

Asked by Archibold 9 months ago

How can i build a toy farm?

I want to build a toy farm for all my tractors and machinery. i want to make sheds farm houses fields and lanes. with trees and grass

Asked by 8 years ago

how to make a motorized toy car?

I have a science class and I need to built a moving toy car that uses a motor

Asked by chienngo 8 years ago

Make one toy motor turn Two wheels? Answered

I wanted to make a small car

Asked by Chromatica 8 years ago

how do would you make a toy smoke ? Answered

I know some older toys would blow a small puff of smoke like trains and robots is there a way to do that on a small scale ?

Asked by Triclaw 3 years ago

PVC Pipe Toys

Hello, I am developing a line of toys made with PVC pipes. Take a look at these two instructables. https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Pipe-Figures/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Pipe-Dragon/

Posted by nicolaudosbrinquedos 2 years ago

JAck in the box toy

Has anyone hacked a Jack in the box? I've spent 2 hrs with paper drawing up mechanisms, but it'd be nice to see what they use for the toys without buying one. Any help? Greg

Posted by Watershed 10 years ago

Searching for the toy soldier melted bowl instructable, anyone know where it is ?

Need to find toy soldier melted into a bowl shape. Anyone know who authored this ? Where can I find it ?

Asked by triumphman 8 years ago

chew toy?

I have a very strong, large breed dog who essentially destroys nearly all store-bought chew toys in a matter of minutes.  One might say he seems to view these as child's play (puppy's play).

Asked by dhoover23 8 years ago

Very small sound generated or voice recorder under one inch for dog toy

I would like to make a dog toy using one inch PVC pipe about 8" long with end caps. Inside would be some kind of wacky sound generater or voice recorder. This would be activated by movement of the toy. The outside of the toy would be wrapped with nylon rope. Any ideas how to find the electronics to go inside the toy?

Posted by wmlaveck 1 year ago

Dougal The Dog knitted toy from TV's The Magic Roundabout

Hi Crayzee here, has anyone found a pattern for a Dougal the dog toy out of the TV Show "The Magic Roundabout" My youngest has juuuust discovered the show and loves him. Help!!!?

Asked by crayzee 9 years ago

Phun -- "Coolest science toy ever?"

Phun - the 2D physics sandbox, has been called the "Coolest science toy ever" by the folks at Bad Science.Phun is a neat little physics simulation environment with gravity rules, etc., and a very simple real-time interface. Try it!The free download is here.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

which sensor can i use for maze followin toy robot car and the circuit diagram for the motor and sensor with Arduino Answered

Which sensor can be used for a  toy robot car that can make its way out from a maze without stoping im using  dual motor gearbox and Arduino Duemilanove USB Board and the circuit diagram for the whole fuctioning of the toy robot car......please help

Asked by pavan5859 8 years ago

Soft toy/inflatable design software

Does anyone know of a way I can design my soft toy/sculpture/inflatable in 3d then print out the parts with software? Otherwise, how should I do this? Appreciate the help!

Posted by jarris 5 years ago

Arvind Gupta: Turning trash into toys for learning

Great TEDtalk where Arvind Gupta discusses simple toys that are inexpensive and yet educational.  His enthusiasm as a toy inventor just beams from the presentation. video link Description from TED: At the INK Conference, Arvind Gupta shares simple yet stunning plans for turning trash into seriously entertaining, well-designed toys that kids can build themselves -- while learning basic principles of science and design. Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and popularizer of science for kids. Creating simple toys out of trash and everyday goods, he illustrates principles of science and design in a memorably hands-on fashion. He works at the Children's Science Centre in Pune, India. He's the author of numerous books available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages, including Little Toys, Science from Scrap, and Science Skills & Thrills: The Best of Arvind Gupta. His Low-Cost Equipment for Science and Technology Eduction is available as a PDF download through UNESCO.

Posted by CrLz 5 years ago

It's a race!

Who will be the first to produce a Robot Toy instructable?Jessyratfink?GorillazMiko?Bran?Or some other Instructabler who has yet to reveal their plans?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Toy K'nex gun shoots 500ft?

COMING SOON! Toy gun that shoots 500ft. Ible and video coming soon! Be on the lookout!

Posted by Knex Lego Maniac 4 years ago

Can anyone identify this item? ?

Some German toy of some sorts with a swastika on the little bag there and its like he is running to the bathroom or something... any info on this would be great.

Asked by kmurphy22 4 years ago

Twitter powered toy grabber

Hi I work for a social media agency in the UK and am working on a project with a client that need some help on.  The idea is to create a toy grabber that is powered by tweets. Probably using a traditional fairground grabbing claw and hacking it some way using Arduino to take commands from Tweets. Does anyone think this is feasible and if so how it could work.  Also if anyone fancies taking up the challenge for a fee or just for kudos ;-) Look forward to hearing from you D

Posted by Dunkndisorderly 5 years ago

How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102855), but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy

Asked by NunchakuMan 6 years ago