Help train my dog?

My Mom is looking for help training our 5-year-old schnoodleour dog barks and won't stop when people visit or walk past our house (visitors are rewarding bad behaviour)she now barks and snaps at dogs she has previously associated withDoes anyone know anything we could try? Thanks.

Asked by threecheersfornick 9 years ago

my houndy doesn't stop barking at the mail man/womyn. ?

Anyone break their babies out of this habit?

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How do I teach my 9 mo old pomeranian to fetch? She just picks up the ball and runs away. Thanks

Posted by waterchi 9 years ago

i'm looking for dog agility jumps instructions?

I am looking for knowledge on how to build a dog agility jump out of pvc?

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How do I teach my dog to fetch? She is a 9 mo old pomeranian. She loves to play, but runs off with the ball. Thanks. Sorry no pics. Couldn't figure out how to attach one.

Posted by waterchi 9 years ago

can anyone help with a martial arts wooden (wing chun) dummy?

I have been learning about the fighting and trapping techniques of kung fu and would like a cheep alternative to the 'mok jong' wooden dummy as they are verry expensive,i could use any plans and technical details possible,thanks mike1969

Asked by mike1969 8 years ago

how do you train stick insects? about it but i know it can be done? Answered

Ive had my stick insect for a few years now and i have found no stuff on the internet

Asked by watson9194 9 years ago

How to potty train 4 yr. old Autistic boy?

He Doesnt care if he is wet! He will only pee when you take him, but NEVER on his own nor will he poo poo in potty.

Asked by ss_houston 8 years ago

How do I train for a marathon? Answered

How do I train for a marathon or half-marathon? Nutrition? Schedule? After successfully completing a marathon, what about maintenance so I can run next year's marathon?

Asked by guerrilla 8 years ago

How can i train my dog to wake me up? Answered

I have the horrible problem of not being able to be awoken by a normal alarm, and i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to train my dog to jump on me and lick my face when the alarm goes off? (my dog is the big husky, Sasha, but i like Ricardo, the puppy, as well)

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

How can I make my own scat mat?

I foster rescue cats, and have successfully trained them all to keep off of counters and shelves, until this recent batch. I can't afford the $60 and up it costs for these mats, but voice commands and squirt bottles just aren't cutting it as deterrents.

Asked by AlisonM 9 years ago

Sled dog questions? Answered

Hi im looking for someone who knows a bit about dog mushing to help me out... Im wondering if one great Pyrenees/lab mix dog would be able to pull a very heavy load??? He is about 80 to 90 percent great pyranese and is only 8 months old but when he gets to be older is his breed any good??? Also I was wondering if it would be a lost cause to try to break a 7 year old lab ino a dog sledding harness and see if they can pull together?? They are both very obedient dogs and easy to train!! 

Asked by camping crazy 4 years ago

Dog psychology: someone will know this? Answered

I know a guy who has a young bitch, she has a pattern of destroying things while he's out. Then he finds her looking guilty and she pees on the floor. He's a decent bloke, but he doesn't know how to deal with this. Any advice from dog-owners?

Asked by lemonie 7 years ago

To all people experienced in dog training, I could really use some help with this floor wetter?

I have two dogs. One is a mini poodle that behaves very well.  My other dog is an estimated 7-8-ish mostly puggy mix that we got much more recently.  She's the one we have trouble with. I don't know what her life was like before we got her because she was found wandering the desert outside of the shelter we bought her from.  I know that its likely she was well cared for because she had incredibly soft fur and pure white teeth.  However, for the first couple months of having her she was extremely skittish.  If someone entered the room she'd bolt outside. (dog door)  Over the course of a several weeks I got her to trust me.  Since then I have confirmed that while she is a bit skittish she is a very loving and good dog by the standard of she wants to please. Now for the specific problem.  She piddles on the floor, and quite often on anything cloth that has been left on the floor and most especially on anything soft in the rearmost areas of the house.  She started shortly after she arrived but seemed to stop when she got more used to the place and learned the use of the dog door.  Then she started again, just briefly, and stopped again.  She seems to have started again but with bigger puddles.  With previous dogs I always tried the traditional method of stick their nose in it swat them on the bum and take them outside to show them where they're supposed to do it and it always worked. This is much more difficult with Ellen because of her reactions.  If I grab her collar she loses her mind.  She starts by dropping to the ground, giving me deadweight, and if I don't let go immediately she starts screaming like a banshee and twisting.  She is a small dog, maybe 25 pounds, but it's all muscle.  During one attempt to show her the site of her wrongdoing she twisted hard and managed to catch and break my finger.  I hold no grudge for this but as I don't want to repeat this I am asking for advice here. Ask any questions, I'll try to answer.  I could really use some advice.

Asked by finfan7 5 years ago

How to train a dog?

Hey guys, can you tell how I could train my dog? Thanks!

Asked by TN777 5 years ago

Any ideas on making cheap slalom poles for fitness and sport training ?

Anyone have any ideas of how to make cheap slalom poles for sports training ? Must be about 1.7m high, for safety reasons I could just buy them, but at around £3 each, £40 for 12 just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about making their own.  My initial thoughts are to use 20mm pvc pipe, but not sure of what to use as a ground 'spike' ...

Asked by johmor 7 years ago

Halo 3 Matchmaking help?

Every time I try to do basic training on Halo 3, the game will find me a match, and people to play with, load to game and map, then kick me out, without a message, or lag. If it means anything I never did basic training before I "finished the fight" on normal I am an apprentince grade 2 So is it just because I beat the game, or because of something else?

Asked by Rock Soldier 9 years ago

Anyone have plans for a dog shock collar?

I checked the prices and (gasp!) couldn't believe it. I'd like to learn how to do things on my own, continue learning, but I cannot find plans to make a shock collar with remote. No need for all the bells and whistles, just 2 or 3 settings. Training is so much easier with these and doesn't hurt pooch either. Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by moreisless 8 years ago

Jedi Training Center

I live on a lake and want to put in some fun stuff for fun and training.  Free stuff is a plus...budget is $50 or so.  Must be able to take out of the water in the fall. First idea I had was to anchor some of those (closed) blue 50 gallon barrels so that people could try and stand on them and fight each other.  I haven't tested this out yet...they may be just too unstable.  I also have to figure out how to tie and anchor them to a cinder block on the bottom of the lake so they can just stay there and float.  Any ideas? Other things....log diving board....let your imagination go.  i haven't found any pics or sites on the internet on this topic, so any ideas appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by juliantrezise 8 years ago

Maglev Train using Electromagnets

I have made a simple maglev train, using Electromagnets. It uses repulsion. and everything is working....except Propulsion. How can I propel it? I can remake the project if required.

Posted by NHarmonia 5 years ago

H0 Scale Train Repair?

I have old train from Marklin Hobby 2905 set  When i turn on train PSU i can hear relay working but train doesnt move (motor doesnt work)  I have tested motor with multimeter and it beeps (coils are ok) and when i tested electromagnet it also beeps Can somebody show me how to repair it?

Asked by tutdude98 3 years ago

Train Surfing by the Train Rider

Preformed by a German known as "the trainrider". Before he died from leukemia, he enjoyed the last year of his life by surfing on trains. Included Germany's fastest Highspeed train ICE with a top speed of 330 km/h(!) No one did that before. So, there's a lot of video on the youtubes about him faking his death... It's possible someone is trying to claim the fame - or he really did fake it for a variety of reasons... In any case, it's still quite an amazing feat - but he did it, now you don't have to :p

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

Cannot down load the training file from the link.?

I have try to down load the training file. but it's show me. I am not permit to down load

Asked by yatsiew 4 months ago

How can i be more proficient in traditional karate?

Do you know of any training methods that can help me increase flexibility speed and power? Any scientifically more efficient ways to train?

Asked by 9 years ago

Has anybody ever trained a french lavender bush into an unusual form, once the bottom part has gotten woody?

We were too timid with our pruning and now, 3 years later, well... you know how they get. I'm wondering if there's an attractive way to work with it. I don't like the mindset of throwing away and replacing plants. I get attached!!! Thanks!?

Asked by sugarego 9 years ago

Does anyone have advice on potty training a dog fast?

I have a almost 1 year old dog who is a dachshund and i need help potty training him anyone know how to potty train a dog??? if you do please help.i posted a pic of him his cuteness is the only thing keeping him alive

Asked by nebih 7 years ago

2012 CNC Jamboree

Come join us for the first ever CNC Jamboree. We will be at Long lake Park Campground in Ohio on September 28th and 29th, 2012 This will be two days of hands on training, cmaping, fishing and fun with a group of skilled woodworkers and CNC hobbyists.  Check out the website for details. Please feel free to print out the attached poster and post it everywhere you think folks who would enjoy this show gather.  Woodshops, Hobby groups, schools etc. We would like to make this the best event of its kind this Fall!

Posted by mkculp 5 years ago

Non-stop Train Prototype

A train that doesn't ever stop or slow down? Sounds ridiculous (ly efficient). This design is a pretty interesting take on the concept, though liability issues and real-world feasibility will probably keep this from ever making it past the drawing board.Link

Posted by joshf 9 years ago

Model Train Track detector Updated twin-t model train track detector circuit parts list?

Model Train Track detector Does anyone know what the parts are for this updated twin-t model train track detector circuit? See Fig. 5-5 in "Easy to build Electronics Projects for Model Railroaders"I checked twice with the publisher for the missing parts list in the article but never got a reply. C1 - ?? , C2 -??, D1-D6 - ??, D7 - ?? Q1,Q2 - TIP 142 R1 - ??, R2 - ??,R3 - ?? Thanks, AB

Asked by brownart 7 years ago

Lionel Trains. How to tell what year they were made? Answered

I inherited a Lionel Train set but can't determine when it was made. The Locomotive has 027 on a Metal plate on the bottom and 2026 on the side. I'm trying to determine what they might be worth. Has several cars and a tender for the Locomotive. One car is a Baby Ruth Box Car. Has Tracks but no Transformer to test it out. Any Lionel Train buffs out there that can help?

Asked by keydogstony 9 years ago

I want to make a free-standing frame for a TRX/gymastics rings type system.

I don't think I can drill holes into my walls in my apartment to attach them to, so I thought a free-standing frame would be a good solution, but I can't find plans or prototypes anywhere! Ideas? I would be open to other ideas that didn't involve a frame, as long as they didn't require me to drill holes into walls or rely on possibly unstable studs in an old building.  I'd like something that wasn't in a door frame, but if its easy to use and put up and take down, I'm in. 

Asked by jacobshowalter 7 years ago

How do you train a dog to avoid porcupines?

One hunting group's web site publicized training workshops featuring a caged live porcupine to teach dogs to avoid porcupines. Porky quills are my biggest fear to letting a dog go off leash. I would like to know what the technique is for training a dog so that it doesn't learn the hard way to avoid porkies.

Asked by Mr_Liss 4 years ago

Extreme Multi-Use in Bangkok

When there's not much space, use it for more than one thing.Yarrrr... train video

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

A Little Detail Awareness Training For Ya

You know the drill, find the five differences. Click here for the interactive version

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Does anyone have a plan (or an idea!) on how to build a wooden ride on train?

 I have zero woodwork training (other than school) but want a new pet project.  I've found a couple of plans for toy trains, but I want something my son can sit in preferably, or on.  He's only 7 months old so I'm starting slowly... :)

Asked by cafedelish 8 years ago

How could I make a sushi train? Answered

For school, I need to pretend to be a party planner and plan a party for 8 year old boys. The theme that I chose was cars and vehicles, so my classmate came up with the idea of using a sushi train like thing to transport cupcakes around the table. Is there any way to make one? It doesn't have to be an actual sushi train. It could just be a conveyor belt, or a train set modified. But what I really want to know is the cost. Thankyou in advance! =D

Asked by piggleliggle 7 years ago

I am building a 1/6th scale working tilt train and I am want to use small air bag suspension to make it tilt on corners.

The real tilt train only tilts 5 degrees each side of level for cornering but it uses a different method of controlling the tilt which may be too difficult in 1/6th scale so that is why I was thinking of the airbags as they are also on the real train. I am also looking at putting a video camera in the loco cabs with monitors in each carriage just like the real ones.

Asked by silverknight1944 9 years ago

Vertical Measurement

These vertical measurement things ( cost upward of $350!!! Is there any way this can be made on the cheap. All help would be very appreciated. 

Posted by adamgadamg 5 years ago

Train Pets... Where to Sneeze or Vomit.

Pets, like kids, learn where to pee n poo.  Basic courtousy and hygiene. To what degree this is training, or instinct, I dont know.   Once in a blue moon, a pet vomts, coughs up hairballs, just about anywhere in the house,  or sneezes in one's face. Since these things are much less frequent, training to do em in the litter box, or into a hanky is less likely to take. Kids eventually learn where to go when nauseous, why not so with dogs, cats, etc. Any idea of how to acheive this higher level of consideration?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Kairah's Knex Train V01 [T.N.K.I.T. Entry]

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. A huge K'nex locomotive. Including whistles, seats, a passengers cabin, drivers cabin and a (moving) cloud of steam coming from the top! It uses the Trekker engine and rides on the old rollercoaster track.

Posted by Kairah 8 years ago

Dried eyes throughout the house.

Time to give the world another lesson in proper comedy. BIG TRAIN (Posted on behalf of a member still handicapped by an inability to post topics.)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

bird launcher?

I need to make a homemade bird launcher (since i cant afford 200 dollar profesh ones.) all it has to do is make anything from a coin to a bird decoy at least 5 feet in the air.... anyone know of a good ible or web site that shows how to make one?

Asked by redsuit09 8 years ago

Japan to get 217 mph train

The Shinkansen trains in Japan were already plenty speedy at 188 mph (300 kph), but now they're going to be upgraded to 217 mph (350 kph). I rode the train a few times a while ago and totally loved it. The countryside flew by as you tucked into a bento box. It was great and it was so comfortable.Here in California there's a proposition on the upcoming ballot to pass a bond so that we can have a high-speed rail that takes you from SF to LA in 2.5 hours. I don't have a lot of reasons to go to LA, but when I do it would be nice to avoid playing the airport game (everyone loses!) or the driving game (slow down for the car crashes!). To finally get a high-speed train would be a dream.Going metric would be nice, too. 350 kph sounds much better than 217 mph. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

What can I do with a train table that my kids have outgrown?

We have a train table similar to this except our drawers are on the other ends.  We no longer use it for a train table.  My kids end up piling stuff on top of it in a heap.  The green top is actually 2 long, very sturdy boards.  I saw this, but that's still basically the same thing and my youngest is a 7yo girl.  The table takes up too much space in our apartment so I would like to convert it into something smaller and more useful.  Any ideas?

Asked by maryshe 8 years ago