How do I transfer electricity into a vacuum?

I have been working on a gravity generator and need one question answering to complete my designs. I need to know how to transfer electrons into a vacuum. I know how to keep them there by the use of powerful electro magnets, i just need to be able to transfer them from something solid to the vacuum.

Asked by jasonmackinnon 9 years ago

How to make an image transfer from a Xerox

Does anyone know how to do this? I've searched the internet to find a tutorial on how but I can't find any :(

Posted by rudified 8 years ago

If a material is heated from the one side (100C), does it require the same amount of cooling (-100C) to get it cold?

If a material is heated from the one side and it takes 10min to transfer the energy to the other side, how long will it take to get the material cool to it's original temperature? (10min?) Does it depend on heating versus cooling. in other words, if it is heated at 100degrees, do you need to cool it at -100degrees to equal the time it takes to enter versus the time it takes to exit?

Asked by deadend_designs 9 years ago

Temperature rate of rise on unexposed side of material with resistance R?

If a material with a thermal resistance R is exposed to an elevated temperature, how do you calculate the temperature of the unexposed side as a function of time?

Asked by agingengineer 8 years ago

What is the best method to determine the minimum surface area to conduct electricity through a metal conductor?

I have a piece of steel that I am looking to have ~12VDC applied to it.  My goal is to have the voltage driven power supply, send ~12VDC and 2W of power to the piece of steel through a point-contact system (the piece of steel touching the power supply terminal). My question is, what is the best way to determine the minimum surface area of the piece of steel at the point of contact?

Asked by ThompsonGenie 5 years ago

What is the most efficient way to transfer motion? Answered

What is the most efficient way to transfer lateral movement to vertical movement via a ramp. The following curve is equal on both sides of the apex, if that is the correct term.  Is this the best way to transfer the movement to strait vertical or should something else such as a long start to the incline and then a sudden shoot up.

Asked by 7 years ago

How Can I Selectively Transfer iPhone KIK Data on Mac?

I have an iPhone which install KIK on it, my boys share their photos with me. I want to transfer these treasure photos to Mac, is there any good product you can introduce? 

Asked by KateScott 1 year ago

Just curious if there is a way to transfer an ipod hard drive (classic gen) from one ipod to another?

Im talking about the physical hard drive itself and not just the contents.

Asked by napalm7 8 years ago

how do i transfer my ipod music library from my old laptop to my new one?

I have bought a new laptop and cant work out how to transfer my ipod music library to my new one, can anyone help?

Asked by simonfreak 8 years ago

how to calculate heat transfer rate through a heat pipe ?

Objective: maintain a temperature of water feed into an equipment to be ( 0C-20C). he surrounding temp is about -15 C in Winter and 40 C in summer. I would consider the soil as a heat sync. Any equation to calculate the amount of heat the heat pipe can transfer or  be dissipated  ? Thanks !!

Asked by sultan86 5 years ago

Advice needed! how transfer designs to fibreglass sculpture

Hi I have a design submission to decorate/paint a 3 foot high fibreglass Rabbit! I want to create a pattern similiar to a wallpaper flock pattern but I don't really want  to do it all by hand. I thought I could design my pattern and create a decal, transfer, (acrylic image transfer is something I am hearing and reading about) and apply it to the rabbit. Any tips or suggestions would be great. P

Posted by aluapartx 3 years ago

Can you use microwave transmitters and recievers to wirelessly transfer energy? Can it replace copper cables.

2nd wireless energy transfer question.Please note: The 1st question which contains more background opens up the topic of using lasers as conductors of electricity, found here

Asked by mikedu 8 years ago

How to put quote on wall

My sister would like to put a quote on her kitchen wall.  I have thought of stencil/paint, but having not done that before, not sure how kindergarten that would look.  Seems I read something one time about printing with computer onto overhead transparencies, then using that to transfer.  But, I cannot remember where I read that, how you actually do the transfer (rub?), and how it is "sealed" after the transfer.  Any suggestions would be wonderful, thanks!  Also, would some processes not work well for a room which may be humid?

Asked by grammatjr 8 years ago

Can we use a Laser as a wireless conductor of electricity?

Wireless energy transfer question. Please note: I added a 2nd question here ( the emphasis now is if Microwaves can transmit energy as a 2nd option to replace copper cables in energy distribution):

Asked by mikedu 8 years ago

Created Instructable Draft and want to transfer author credit

A fellow member was working on a project he was talking to me about. I encouraged him to write it up as an instructable but he's still in the thick of it. I created an instructable draft outlining his project adding links he'd sent me. The text is all pretty much directly from our conversations and I just wanted to help him get started since his work should really be out there. I've added him as a collaborator on the project, so he can edit it but I want to give him full control to publish it and show up as the author since I figure he'll be taking over at this point. Is there a way to do this?

Posted by dathomar 2 years ago

How to get pictures Off of trac-phone... into computer?

I bought a Trac-Phone.  I snapped some pictures.  I cant figure how to download off of the camera into the computer.  I know how to do it using a camera with SD card... or connecting cord to a CAMERA.... but this Trac-Phone (slider kind made by Samsung).... only comes with a CHARGER cord.  Not a picture-download cord.  Do I need a special download cord?  HELP! (and thanks).

Asked by framistan 8 years ago

Who can transfer this Wikihow article to Instructables?

How to grow fish intensively(aquaculture) Thanks so much.

Posted by otivaeey 8 years ago

how to do toner transfer for PCB?

Hello. what must i do, to do toner trnasfer, in order to print a circuit on a PCB? i mean the most straight way. what papepr should i use, and what kind of print?? thanks!!

Asked by settra 4 years ago

Room heat transfer?

Greetings all, I live in a solar powered house which is heated by a single log burning stove which is situated in the main living area. Is it possible for me to transfer heat to the colder rooms by simply putting ducting between the top sections of the adjoining walls (seeing that hot air travels to cold areas - in theory!) or will I have to use a fan? I am trying to use as little power as possible or ideally non at all. Has anyone got any experience of this or know of any suitable solutions? Many thanks in advance.

Asked by peachvw 6 years ago

Pro Patches Not Transferred

I received a Pro membership for being featured, so I was using that for the 6 months or however long it was supposed to last. I waited for it to expire so I could renew my regular paid membership, which I just did. However, none of my patches transferred, I only had the 15 that I was supposed to get for the one year membership I just paid for. Before I had at least 20, so I should have about 35 now. This same thing happened before when I waited for my paid one to expire in order to use the one that I won, I had to contact Instructables to get them back. Is there a way I can get all of them back again, and maybe change it so that you still have the patches even when the membership expires?

Posted by dark sponge 7 years ago

How do i access a micro sd card on a tablet?

I have a Samsung galaxy tablet 2 and i resently got a micro sd card so i could take photos with my digital camera and put the sd card into the tablet so i could get the photos off of them but i dont know how to directly access the cards content on my tablet.

Asked by monsterlego 4 years ago

Sending email from wifi-enabled Arduino via Raspberry Pi?

I want to put instrumentation on a number of appliances and systems around the house by using wifi-enabled Arduinos. The Arduinos would send me notifications of status changes by texting my cell phone. In order to do this, I need to be able to send email from the Arduinos. I would prefer to use raw (command line) SMTP, but I'd prefer to avoid encryption to keep it simple. This brings up the problem of sending my email login password in the clear, which I also don't want to do. So, it occurred to me that I could set up a raspberry pi as a local mail server, send unencrypted mail to it, and have it forward encrypted mail to my email account. However, so far in my reading it seems that I have to have a domain name for the server to be able to set it up. But I don't want incoming mail at all, which would be the reason for setting up a domain. Is there a way to set up an outbound-only, domain-free mail transfer agent on a Raspberry Pi? Or is there a better way altogether? Thanks

Asked by TheGear 2 years ago

Is there a way to transfer Word 2003 to my new computer?

I absolutely hate the Word 2007 that's on my new computer. It lacks half of the features that I used in the older version. I NEED File, Edit, Tools, etc.. buttons. Is there a way to transfer my old program?

Asked by JamesRPatrick 7 years ago

Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat?

Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat?

Asked by 9 years ago

How can I transfer an image onto a wine bottle? Answered

I want to hand engrave a wine bottle with my Dremel but can't seem to find a way to transfer an image onto it. I don't want to go the stencil and chemical etching route. I haven't been successful sliding the print of the image inside the bottle and doing it that way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Nos4ah2 8 years ago

8mm film to dvd? Ideas?

Has anyone found a way to transfer 8 or 16mm film to dvd? It can be done by shooting a video of the projected image and using video to dvd software, or just use a dvd recorder. But, is there a way to mod an old antique projector to transfer it to a dvd recorder? Sending the 20 or so films that I'd like to save to a professional would cost a fortune.

Asked by tandem25 9 years ago

Is there a way to have the TI-84 Display an image while uploading a file?

For example, if you are uploading an application, can you have the TI-84 display Something like "Uploading"?

Asked by Ha4xor4life 8 years ago

Why dont they use alcohol in closed system steam engines? Other than safety?

By closed system i mean constant mass of working fluid.  i.e. no steam leaving system, like an air conditioner. My point is that alcohol has a lower boiling point that water, (some kinds can boil from the heat of your hand!). SO other than the safety problem of alcohol being flamable, alcohol could operate with a lower heat input than water.    With the addition of a cold resivoir, the closed system alcohol steam engine could work right? Or why not use a refridgerant gas in a closed system steam engine cycle,? >Which would effectively absorb the heat input any ideas? addition*  I mean for use in any steam engine with a closed loop cycle, like the Rankin cycle

Asked by MechEngineerMike 8 years ago

Can I use regular printer paper to transfer my design to my copper clad board? And if not, Why?

Im making a printed circuit board for a 555 timer ic and im wondering if using regular printer paper for the toner transfer will make a difference in the quality of the board.

Asked by newwarhammer2 6 years ago

Can I use regular printer paper to transfer my design to my copper clad board? And if not, Why?

Im making a printed circuit board for a 555 timer ic and im wondering if using regular printer paper for the toner transfer will make a difference in the quality of the board.

Posted by newwarhammer2 6 years ago

PSP Umd transfer: POSSIBLE?!?!?

I had this great idea for transfering UMDs to a PSP Go. If you have custom firmware on your PSP you can download UMDs to a memory stick, and from there put them on the computer, right? Starting to make sense? Maybe you could then download the game to a PSP Go!! I'm not sure if its possible, though. Does someone have any idea if it could work?

Asked by Adum24 8 years ago

I need help transferring from old laptop to new lap top files old laptop can't go to internet card went out.?

I need to tranfer my data files and pics from old laptop to new laptop

Asked by fossilnut 7 years ago

USB reader for gameboy

Hello! Have you ever needed to transfer a file on one of your USB drives to a second usb drive and dont always have a computer on hand? Sucks doesn't it.. I have an idea to build two usb ports into some kind of device with a screen so that you could transfer files. However this would require a skilled programmer and I am not that. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It would be cool to incorporate a gameboy and perhaps make the gameboy into a MP3 player as well. Just sayin: it would be nice if things like kindles or ipads had usb ports! (thats for any apple employees who may be reading this lol) -cwix09

Posted by cwix09 6 years ago

Any Ideas On how To (As quickly as possible)Transfer 15GB Of files from one (The Old)Pc to another?

Not to Mention That My Old PC Has like 15KB Left On the HDD,And ITs HDD Has Vitally important files that i need. It Has XP Installed,And The New PC(Referred to In the title as "Another")Has Windows XP/Windows7 Installed. Cd's Would Be wasteful,Even the largest Thumb Drive that i have can Be 1/4 of what i have to transfer,My Largest Thumb drive is 2GB. I Have No other Hardrives,Nor Space for any more either,I Already Have One(40GB,Contains 15+GB Of Important data),A Partition On it(The Partition Came on it when i got the PC,Its 2GB,Not To Mention It Contains 1GB oF important stuff) And a 3GB One(Came from a Windows95 PC,I was Desparate And Contains 1+Gb Of Important data). Any Ideas On How to do it,Quickly? Also,My Budget is $0,Yeah,Fresh out of money,As Usual.

Asked by ReCreate 9 years ago

USB reader for gameboy

Does anyone know how to program? It would be cool to install a USB port into a gameboy cartridge so that the gameboy could read the files and/or play music on it. You would also need to put that code/program onto that GB cartridge. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to speak up! :D -cwix09 also see my related post

Posted by cwix09 6 years ago

How do I print on latex sheets?

I am a latex clothing designer and I want to make prints on the latex sheeting.All latex sheets are just in one colour (from white to black,) and I want for example a tiger print on it or a print of stripes or a checkerboard etc. The same question but than to texture the latex. Ofcourse the printed ink should not be erased when it is wet, so it should be waterproof, smudgeproof etc. I have some pictures attached as an example.

Asked by Eendje 6 years ago

How to transfer video from flip camera to usb hdd or flash drive without a pc.? Answered

I am thinking of buying a flip ultra hd camera but the 8GB seems small. As im going on holiday soon i wont have access to a pc. Is there any way I can transfer the video to a usb hdd or flash drive without the pc? Can anyone help?

Asked by jackintheskyline 8 years ago

Different ipod/itunes music transfer

So, i just got a new ipod touch from a friend and need some help with something. I setup a new itunes account on my laptop and regestered my ipod touch to it. I've since downloaded a bunch of apps and now im looking to put my music on it.  Now here is the problem; all my music is on my old ipod mini. That ipod is regestered to a different itunes account on my home computer. Now i don't want to restore my new ipod touch because iv got a lot of apps on it but i don't want to have to download all my songs again either. I was wondering wether it is possible to transfer thoes music files from my old ipod to my new one. If anyone knows how or if this is possible please help me out. Thanks,        Flamethrower1010

Posted by flamethrower1010 8 years ago

Is there a way to access a desktop hard drive from a laptop using an ethernet cable? Answered

There's been an error on the computer and I need to install XP again. I can run the computer enough to perform basic tasks, including transferring files. So I wanted to know if there was a way to get the files on to my laptop using an ethernet cable.

Asked by Ausm 8 years ago

Will this cable allow me to play my laptop screen on my plasma Television? Answered

Asked by Chromatica 8 years ago

Printing/Painting onto a cylinder (specifically, a drum stick)

Sooooo... I'm planning on making a very nice pretty etc etc pair of drum sticks for a friend who is a serious drummer and among other things I'd like to do to make them individual is getting a design on them - be this by staining, printing, stamping or whatever (I'm not sure how it's done professionally and I feel paint would quickly come off... :/) So, dearest Instructablers, does anyone have any guidance as to how to do this? Cheers!

Posted by macmaniac 7 years ago

Transfer pattern? Answered

How can you transfer a pattern to dark fabric such as denim? A light box doesn't work with this

Asked by VeronicaC46 9 months ago

GMAW transfer modes.? Answered

Can you give a brief technical description of the three transfer modes in GMAW welding?

Asked by wordofmetatron 1 year ago

transfering alot of files between other HDDs

Hey, i have 2 HDDs in my computer one has the OS and alot of other files but the 2nd HDD also has files(about 56GBs) and i would like to switch to the newer one and it has more space i was going to rar all the files i could and put them on the smaller HDD then once i have the larger one with windows on it i would transfer them to the larger one but that would take a long time and i would have to re install everything is there any way around that?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago