truck problem? Answered

I have a 1994 ford truck with twin gas tank. The truck has had a new starter, gas relay, and battery, along with the usual oil change, spark plugs, and basic tune up. Now the truck will not start i know that it might need wiring. i need a schematic of this truck so then i can find out

Asked by dorotheabrown37 7 years ago

Need feedback, or someone who is good with vehicles?

Ok so we were driving our 2003 Ford F-250 to school and we get down the road, the truck starts reving up and then we get a little further and the truck completely shuts off and the power steering quits working, but yet we're still moving. We were late to school and the truck did this three more times after we got it started.

Asked by Rayden Stone 7 months ago

What does a C02 Progam Engine Module do? Answered

I have a Dodge 2500 5.9 Six Cylinder Diesel and have a recall on C02 Reprogam Engine Module. What did this do?

Asked by redsbear 9 years ago

I have a 1985 ford f150 p/u 5.8lt 4brrl that runs real good cold but runs real bad warmed up?

It runs great cold but when it warms up it stalls  is hard restart it has a new carb  it has a new ign, . plugs wires cap and rotor. System dosent overheat

Asked by dizzydog598r 6 years ago

I am trying to rewire my 1988 Chevy C1500 pickup..?

I have replaced switches and  attempted to strengthen connections with electrical tape to no avail; and am now determined to fix the problem from the ground up. I have no experience with automotive electrical work and would very much appreciate as much detailed help as possible. My primary goal is to rewire my rear and front lights, as well as the door locks and windows.

Asked by SoLiferous 6 years ago

My truck radio will not turn on?

When I turn my truck on the radio would come on and now it doesn't even show any lights on the radio to indicate power to it.

Asked by phillip.webb.336 3 years ago

how do i put window back on track on 1999 dodge truck , electric window?

Should there be a roller on it and where can i get them?

Asked by don cochran 1 year ago

can i install a jr racing 3ch75MHz reciver on a traxxas 2.5 revo?

I putt it on and it wouldn work

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago

Where is the pcv valve located on a 2004 Toyota Tundra?

I would like to change the pcv valve on my Toyota Tundra.

Asked by johnsonerik65 6 years ago

Getting the right battery for what i have?

Recently brought a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 with Novak Eiger Crawling ESC/Rock Star Brushed Motor Crawler System (45T). I wanted to see if anyone can help me get the best battery setup for what I have. What i plan to do with the truck is do some light to moderate crawling and some trails. Need a battery that I can run the longest between charges. LiFe, or A123. price is no issue. thanks in advance.

Asked by georgesiete 5 years ago

how do you know you esc is no good??

I have a duratax evader exp. it worked just fine then i put it away. no when you turn it on it just blinks green light. is it the esc?

Asked by JayW42 2 years ago

Where can I get a computor based automoive repair/rebuild manual for a 1995 ford f-250?

Would like to be able to view blow-ups, part #as descriptions, basic procedure steps for repair/replacing any and all parts components and accessories related to this specific vehicle.

Asked by l7lushis 8 years ago

what do you think

Every one is going "green" these days and I myself am planning on going head on the opposite direction this is what I have, let me know what you think. I am building a GMC 3/4 ton 4wd. my first priority was what motor to use. so I asked around and a family friend said he had a 2 ton grain truck that has been sitting for years and was looking to get rid of it, he said it had a big block in it. so I took it because it was a big block. it is a 366 cubic inch big block tall deck (NOT A BORED OUT 350) I figured if its good enough for a two ton truck its good enough for my 3/4 ton. I also pulled out the transmission and it is the sm 465great transmission, and my dad gave me the transfer case its the np 205 the king of transfer cases. now I need better axels all i have are the factory 12 and 14 bolt. I am sure they will do but I am looking at getting the Rockwell 2 and 1/2 ton planetary gear set. you know the axels in the duce and a halves .I have a predicted fuel mileage of three to five miles to the gallon. but I could challenge anyone to try to out pull me because I have the gearing and the power

Posted by vince 09 9 years ago

My Knex Monster Truck

What does every1 think of this??? Click for the slideshow!

Posted by AZIMUT 9 years ago

Homemade Jet Truck with 2700 HP

Jets keep getting added on to other items. Just a few days ago it was a bike and now it's a truck. This combination weighs in at 6,600 pounds with 2 occupants and still takes 8.5 seconds to hit 60 mph, but just think of the looks on other drivers' faces when you fire it up on the highway. Jet Truck

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How can I safely store my aluminum truck cap inside my shop from the cieling? ?

I wish to hang my service truck cap (200 lbs) from the cieling of my shop.I have 12' of clearance.Has anyone done this before?

Asked by kvac 9 years ago

How to make a Billboard, the size of a Ford Ranger Truck bed?

I am looking for help making a billboard in my truck bed of my 2010 Ford Ranger. Any ideas?

Asked by MrFunny13 8 years ago

Students build giant robot from old truck

Chinese students built this awesome robot sculpture for their graduation project. Almost all of the parts come from an old truck and the total budget was 300,000 yuan. The final robot is almost 32 feet tall and weighs over 8,800 lbs. Giant robot via TechEBlog

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

cj jeep to truck conversion?

I am looking to convert a 5 seat jeep to a 2 seat pickup like the scrambler.  I have a pretty good idea on how to do this but i was looking for an ideas and some help on where to find a cheep jeep for the base vehicle.  any help will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by abadfart 7 years ago

nitro cars

Hello my new hpi savage xl nitro truck has lost nearly all its power after i crashed into a tree. whats wrong and how do i fix this?

Posted by paulw1234 6 years ago

Where might I find corner protectors for a cargo truck (like U-Haul has), preferably in Utah?

I have this old cargo truck (I hope that's the right name, they're like the trucks/vans that U-Haul uses where it looks like someone took a big metal box and slapped a cab to the front) that I just bought and I'd like to fix up. I've seen other trucks like it with corner bracket things on them that protect the corners, and I'm hoping to find some after-market ones for mine. Plus I live in Utah, so I'd prefer a resource nearby (sorry, a Mom & Pop store in Japan won't do me any good). An online resource is okay too (preferably in the U.S.).

Asked by Shesu 9 years ago

Remote control Transmitter and Receiver Don't Match Commands?

I have a great Baby Truck of Radio shack that's Running very good. But now baby lost the Wireless Remote control. Which operates at 27 MHz Frequency. After losing remote I buy a remote of same channel Frequency from shop to operate my baby Truck. That's a Quad Control Transmitter. When I operate It Truck move forward only with any command back left or right. But and other RC car move absolutely perfect. What is the reason behind it please give my good suggestions to solve this issue. Thanks

Asked by Bilal Chattha 1 year ago

windmill on face of truck/bus ? Answered

The windmill on the car doesnt work as your adding more force in the opposite direction to the work done by the engine. What about using the frictional energy on the face of bigger vehicles like trucks and buses that exist already to run a small windmill. Probably charge a battery or use it effectively in some other way. I cannot see a direct negative to this except finding the way i can place a turbine without increasing the opposing force and using as much of the existing one

Asked by ShankarRam 8 years ago

Transmission swap?

Will the manual transmission off of a 4 cylinder s10 easily replace an automatic transmission on a V6 s10 of the same year?

Asked by qparker 8 years ago

Wanting to put red LEDs in the hood scoop of a truck so it looks as if the engine is "alive." Answered

I have a friend who wants to put red LEDs in the hood scoop of his truck. The truck is a Toyota Tacoma with a stock hood scoop. We want to have the system run so that the more RPM the engine experiences, the brighter the lights shine. There would be a baseline brightness (idling RPM) and a maximum brightness (4000-5000 RPM) Revving the engine would make the lights go from dim to bright and them back to dim when you let off the accelerator. What materials do we need? We don't want to make a flashlight type light with the LEDs but more of a glow. Are there certain LEDs that would be better suited for this sort of application than others? What kind of switch/wiring could we use? Many thanks -Livingstrong

Asked by Livingstrong 5 years ago

GM Universal remote extra button?

I have a GMC pickup with a 3 button remote.  I discovered that GM uses the same PCB for all its remotes, so I have a 3 button case surrounding a 4 button PCB.  I want to use the extra button to control an add-on to the truck.  Does anyone know of a way to acquire the RF receiver, what the part number is, etc, and how it would need to be wired in to allow control of external lights on the truck?  I know it would have to be wired into a relay to allow the kind of amperage I am thinking of...but what else am I missing?

Asked by spacecase544 7 years ago

What would cause every other cylinder not to fire on a big block chevy?

In my truck I have a 366 big block chevy motor and cylinders 2, 3, 5 and 8 are not getting spark and the firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2. So I am not getting spark to every other cylinder I have an H.E.I distributor. I am thinking it could be the ignition module but am not sure any help is appreciated.

Asked by vince 09 3 years ago

Need Help With Amp Instilation

I recently aquired a Infinity 311a Amp and am wanting to install it on a 1994 Chevy Silverado 2500. i can get any wiring i will need i just dont know what to start with  

Posted by torquerat 5 years ago

1999 dodge ram pick-up can't get the hood open, needs oil help

The guy i bought it from said the hood came up on him a few times, last time it busted the windshield and bent the hinges. He put 2 bolts in it to hold it down , i take the nuts off pull the latch in the cab and nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how to get it open from the outside. Thank You

Asked by don cochran 1 year ago

Making a supersize RC from small rc car? Answered

I want to replace the small  motors from a small rc car with bigger one. the problem is that the circuitry in the rc car do not provide enough current to drive bigger mortor. i know that if i use transistors or mosfets i can achieve it. but i can' go backwards then. i need a design lets me use the power output to the motors from the pcb of the rc car which will let me switch higher current.. and when current is reversed it switches the other power supply so that the motor can be reversed. sorry for english. 

Asked by ARJOON 7 years ago

RC Truck mods

Hey, I just got a new RC truck that is moddible in like 100 ways. tell me what to do with it besides bigger battery and giant wheels.

Posted by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

to pull a camper wich new truck is better ford f250 or a chevy 2500?

I need to get a new truck but the dealers never seem to know which is a better truck.

Asked by yo man 8 years ago

what are the best longboard wheels and trucks?

Ive heard that gumball wheels are good and am considering seismic trucks. any other suggestions?

Asked by 57168 7 years ago

help with truck speakers?

I bought a 2004 Nissan Titan used that had after market stereo equiptment removed before I bought it. the truck has stereo, speakers and subwoofer currently in the truck. one speaker works and the radio works, the speakers in the doors do not work in the truck but when I took them out to test them they were perfect. what could make them not work when put back in the truck?

Asked by ConnieB34 2 years ago

hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor

Hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor to help move things over long distances something similar to this without costing so much

Asked by gruda 5 years ago

Ideas and Methods for DIY Truck Topper

So in 5 months starting February I'll be getting my first vehicle. If I do get a truck, I'll be making my own topper out of wood. Now I have a reference picture but I want it out of wood just because it's more secure and looks pretty. Also because I will be making a door on the back that stands tall but can also be walked through. The first two photos is how I want to make the topper but I need methods and advice to do so. The third picture is how I want the door. I'll try to answer any question when you have them but keep in mind I don't currently own a truck, this is for 6 months down the road.

Posted by jlowery5 1 year ago

whats a good sand weathering paint? Answered

Im working on a model truck, and its going to be on  the beach. i just need a paint colour in tamiya, model masters, or testors.ive tried tamiya dark yellow, but i dont rly like it.

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago

Anyone have any experience with KEI Trucks (Mini Trucks)?

I know this isn't really an instructables-type question, but I respect the opinion of a lot of people onn here and wanted to see what people thought. I'm looking ahead to when I'm ready to get a new vehicle, since KEI trucks are street legal here, and are highly fuel efficient, I was wondering if anyone has any experience driving them on a highway? I put a lot of kms on every day, so highway travel is a must. I know they are good at low speed, but I was concerned about them maintaining say 100-110km/h (62-68mph). Can anyone give me advice on this? Wondering because price of gas here just hit $1.44/L (approx. $5.44/gallon) and its only going to go up between now and summer...

Posted by RCS82 6 years ago

knex contest

I was curious if any one was going to do a knex contest or something.                  thanx

Posted by lukas rider 6 years ago

I would like to install or have a CB radio installed in my truck Answered

But I would like to know what type of radio I should get and if that one has a bullhorn function, I have a F250 super duty turbo diesel 2005 lariat crew cab long bed

Asked by acidbass 7 years ago