TV Remote Project? Answered

I've got an old TV remote. I'm pretty sure it works, though I no longer have the TV. It doesn't work with my new(er) tv. I really don't want to throw out this remote....any ideas for something I could do with it?

Asked by dkop1 6 years ago

Best and Worst Television Show of All Time?

I saw the other forums and I decided to create this one. What do you think is the best show of all time? What do you think is the worst show of all time? Why?

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago

i have sony tv kdl32bx300 how can i get internet to mi tv?

I have sony tv  kdl32bx300 how can i get internet to mi tv?

Asked by zzahran 6 years ago

i want to watch my cable tv on two tv in different rooms without using two cable boxes, how do i do so?

I have a cable box connected to one tv I want it connected wireless to another in another room

Asked by kparsram 9 years ago


I am deciding what size tv would be best for my bedroom for playing video games and watching movies on my ps3 from day to day ; around $200-$400

Posted by Caveman477 9 years ago



Asked by 9 years ago

how to install a tv on a lath and plaster wall?

I was wanting to install my tv on my wall but i have a lath and plaster wall so i need to know the best way since it is a plasma and is quite heavy

Asked by 9 years ago

how to solve samsung full hdmi led tv isuue?

My tv sumsung model UA 32F5500ARXZN  led full hdmi  gives trouble. it's blinking /flashing. audio & vedio is good. how to fix blinking issue?

Asked by ks vani 3 years ago

how do you take apart a 48" projection TV?

Have 48" projection TV trying to get into room (will fit thru the door but having trouble maneuvering because of wall in hallway, any ideas??? NEED HELP,PLEASE.

Asked by CAROL168 9 years ago

What to do with a broken tv

First of all Im new to the site, and if this is somehow in the wrong place im sorry. But as my first plan of action, I have a TV that started smoking, I wanna do something with it, besides a fish tank, anyone have any ideas for me?

Posted by crazed rhetoric 8 years ago

A samsung TV LE40R86BD after changing the capasitors still flashing .What to do ?

I have a samsung TV LE40R86BD which have no start only flashing.I tried as discribed on your home page and chage the four capasitors but it still flashing (the capasitors were defective)?

Asked by rehadi 5 years ago

how can i watch live tv on my itouch or Computer? Answered

 i dont know if its possible or not but if you can help great

Asked by mac.maniac77 8 years ago

Create a motorized rotating TV

Hey all,  I am trying to create a TV mount that can switch from horizontal to vertical at the click of a button but I really have no idea where to start. Is there a way I can motorize this mount? 

Posted by TylerL62 1 year ago

Sony LCD Projection TV with pink bloches on the screen?

I have a Sony KDK-50WE655 LCD TV . I just replaced the lamp in it , and had noticed pink bloches on the screen before and after I replaced it. There is a lens behind the lamp . Would cleaning that lens help ? Other ideas please.  Thanks

Asked by skeeterIV 8 years ago

can I make my norcent or nec pc monitor into flat-ish TV

How can I make my norcent pc monitor into a flat-ish TV, aside from buying a composite to vga converter. Already have a Pc to tv converter? is there any way to hack the converter or Huffff...the actually lcd screen?

Asked by jimboa2020red 6 years ago

My family's Samsung TV keeps on coming up with random purple dots?

Please help. I don't know if we should call the repair shop but I don't want it to end up like my teacher's projecter.

Asked by hmfoster 6 years ago

how do i clean flat tv screen?

I have been afraid to put any thing on the screen to clean it. but i think it needs a cleaner used on it . please let me know what to do.  thank you very much . shirley

Asked by lou1622 6 years ago

i have a curtis mathes older tv i need to find the code so i can use my universal rca remote?

I also need some help in how to do the steps in getting it to work please and thank you

Asked by sonya85 5 years ago

how do I watch tv on my laptop using AT&T's mobile device for internet connectivity on my laptop?

Looks like I can get AT&T as broadband provider for my laptop. It would be great if I could also watch tv on my laptop..this way I would not need comcast. Help with software, if any that is needed, also discuss compatibility of any software with AT&T's mobile device

Asked by 9 years ago

How to test an analog tv screen ?

I have a vega 542 TV that I recently purchased at a flea market . I took the outer cover off to find a mass of circuits, all labelled in Russian that I have no idea what they do. This small tv has an analog screen which I have no idea how to test. When I connect a power supply that is 3 v lower than recommend and was rewarded with a burst of static from the speaker and a high pitch hum from the circuits but a completely black screen. If you do anything that can help me get this working I'll be very pleased.

Asked by csimpkins2 3 years ago

I can use a reg. ant. for my tv through my dig. convt. box to get clear channels?

I was stealing cable for a while until I applied for the police department and they told me to disconnect it.  Now I received a free digital converter box from my mother.  I stumbled upon while looking for "how to make an antenna".  Is it true you can receive clear reception for regular channels and possibly HD tv?

Asked by carrilloson 8 years ago

Help with LCD screen fault

I have an unusual fault on my Goodmans LCD TV. When first switched on the TV screen appears with multi coloured squares covering the whole viewing area, occasionally vertical stripes appear instead. this will persist for around 20-30 mins after which the disturbance fades into the background and normal vision returns without further problems. Any ideas please... could the panel be at fault.

Asked by appolo 9 years ago

Why did Kid Nation stop?

Asked by kman09 7 years ago

I have a problem with my LG LCD tv when cold it will stay on for about 20 mins then goes into stand by.

When you switch it on again it will flicker as the AV channel appears then goes back into stand by has anyone encountered this before, I think it might need a new SSB or PSUs but dont know how to check for this, Idont think it is the screen because i have disconnected it and it still does the same thing, any help would be great because its big and i dont want to skip it. Thanks

Asked by 8Bizzle 8 years ago


I came across a CATV CONVERTER Jerrold 550 model # DP7113 and when i tried to hook it up to my TV i got a blue screen . channel 4 was the only channel that was  somewhat visible . if anyone can please give me some basic instructions  i would appreciate it very much thank you   

Asked by rottieowner90 7 years ago

I have a 32" Sylvania TV that the picture went all black. Does anyone know how to fix it?

It is a 32" Sylvania and it started getting dark a while back and kept getting darker and darker to where it is all black screen now but the sound still works. Does anyone out there know how or what I can do to fix it on my own as I'm not able to take it in to get it fixed. I am hoping it is a part that I can just replace so it would be a great help if someone could help me. Thanks to all who can help. Model # 6432TD 2003 year Model If you need more info please ask. big and heavy old style. I think it has a tube but I'm not sure. It looks like an over sized monitor.

Asked by madrasi 8 years ago

what is the basic steps to built a dvb-h station ?

(it's nessesary much more for me help me please) thanks i prepair to master about this subject and in my country we don't have any supports about it

Asked by modar saleh 8 years ago

is there a way to turn your flat computer monitor into a tv without a cable box? Answered

I have a dell flat screen monitor and i wanted to turn it into a TV to hang on the wall, but the olny problem is that i don't know how. and i also don't want to spend a lot of money. is there anyone who can help me?

Asked by ctm53 8 years ago

i want to build a phono audio splitter can someone help me please?

I am looking to bulid a audio splitter box to use with my tv, ipod and laptop. that will be capable of transmiting sound singals out to a headset a suraound sound system and another speaker. i have designed a diagram but need some help. please my someone help me?

Asked by acollin1 6 years ago

Portable TV

(I hope this is the right place to ask this) I have a question on what I would need to add a TV screen to my TV Radio. It picks up the sound for TV, but how can I tap into that and add a screen?

Posted by popit 10 years ago

I can´t turn on mi TV Answered

Someone stolen my tv remote, wich it has a "lock key", that´s the problem I can´t use another universal remote, and the tv is useless

Asked by antagonico 9 years ago

how to connect game consuls to a smart tv

I have a samsung led smart tv and want to connect games consuls to it, can this be done?

Posted by Joe Revie 2 years ago

playing old games on my new tv

I have a saga megadrive an atari 2600 and a snes and a nice digital tv but when i put the tv on analog i cant seem to find any of the consoles any clue how to get them to work?

Asked by nonamesleft 7 years ago